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  1. Yeah, I hope there's something I can do in the aircraft.cfg to make it follow that line without getting too far from it. Thank you
  2. Hello. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. When fsx planes are guided by default gps they follow the path line but sometimes they go past the line and reincorporate later. Can I make them follow the path reducing that space? (no worries about bank angle) thank you!
  3. Ohhh the new texture of Avianca is perfect... Thanks for the time that you used for do them
  4. Oh sorry for my bad ortography in the english, i mean that if can you do the last repaint but, the future real AVIANCA 787 will use Turbines Rolls Royce ( RR), if you can change the paint, thanks
  5. Oh men, your paints are the best, but can yu make the lkast repaint of avianca, this is other 787, but with the style of aerosim.
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