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  1. Dear Friend, thank you so much, that was the trick, now is updating normally
  2. Hello friends, please need your advise. Trying to update to SU15 Beta but i get An Error Code and not possible to update. Error Code Ox87e00196 Please Help
  3. Any support please? Why the Fenix app does not auto start when I load the aircraft for a flight? Thank you
  4. XBox App Log In Issue aand Press Any Key to continue for MSFS2020 IS BEEN FIXED by the Latest Windows Update
  5. Anyone for advice how to replace the cockpit views for this new A320neo?
  6. Any possibility of a fix to the issue yet or we will continue with the PowerShell command s?
  7. Abennett, god bless you man, yes, yes, yes, its working,
  8. This is exactly what I’m suffering since yesterday, any solution in the horizon?
  9. Tried everything, any possible solution and still nothing is solved. Xbox app needs ti be signed in and unfortunately simulator not able to start. Press any button to start. Let’s go screen continues to show.
  10. Exactly the same issue as you described, no way to get it work.
  11. Hi need your advice please. How to uninstall and reinstall MSFS without loosing my install add on. Or an easy way and avoid spending days to reinstall. Thank You
  12. Please anyone can support? I load Flight Simulator, on the screen comes the, Press any key to Continue, then the Xbox window shows Welcome back and my name, a green LETS GO I press it but still shows again Press any button to Start. Please Advise
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