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  1. Just to say that I am holding back on acquiring the Fenix A320 until the Block 2 is published as the aircraft I fly for my virtual airlines uses the IAE engines. Having said that the video is amazing and we are so fortunate to have developers like Fenix who go the extra mile for us. I can wait for it to be published as it will take as long as it takes to produce this fantastic add-on..
  2. Dear All, On my system, the PMDG EFB only operates on the 737-800 pax version. It's not available on the 737-700 or the 800 freighter. Am I missing something? Best regards, Peter
  3. Radar Contact was my go to ATC engine in FS9. However, Norton Security managed to make it unable to run. Until BATC comes out, I will continue to use the VFR flight following even when I fly IFR in airliners. It's unrealistic but I still get some ATC as I only fly for fun, so I'm not after the ultimate in realism.
  4. I never look at my frame rates. So long as the experience is smooth with only a few stutters (my rig is 7 years old after all), I don't care about the frame rates.
  5. Thank you for your reply. As I wrote, it's only a guess. Like everybody else, I have no firm idea! We wait until Robert Randazzo tells us. It would be great if he did a Lockheed Constellation/Starliner - one can only hope!
  6. Why not ask Plan-G on their support forum?
  7. I thought that this was a discussion about the A350 rather than an "expert discussion" on the failings of the A380. I'm looking forward to the A350 immensely as I am for the A380 and the soon to be released A300. MSFS just keeps getting better and better.
  8. I seem to be living in an alternative world. I think that the PMDG 737 is fantastic and the new tablet is great, particularly with the new update.
  9. Dear All, The recent announcement by Horizon Simulations in MSAddons.co concerning their upcoming 747-8F mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator seems to have slipped under the radar. As someone who flies for virtual cargo airlines, this is great news and I hope that it will come soon. Best regards, Peter
  10. I would highly recommend LittleNavMap. It produces flight plans that can be directly imported into MSFS. I use it all of the time and is very simple to use and has many features.
  11. That's what I did, thank you. I found the bad file and MSFS now runs properly again.
  12. I hàve now found that I have a bad file in my community folder. I'm currently tracking it down. Best regards, Peter
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