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  1. I load Track IR after the aircraft has been fully loaded into the sim. It brings up the crosshairs and once they've gone, Track IR does its stuff and you can look around the cockpit.
  2. May I ask if you have contacted MKS as well as reporting it here?
  3. Hi Donka, That is correct as PSA - they were a major early operator of the BAe146-200. They operated the -100 during their initial operations such as crew training. Best regards, Peter
  4. Dear All May I ask if anyone knows where I can get the Pacific Southwest livery for the BAe146-200? Best regards, Peter Keenan
  5. May I ask how you make a new profile for the drone camera?
  6. The ailerons and elevators are unpainted in order to maintain the correct aerodynamic balance.
  7. Hi Martyn, I just noticed one error concerning the hydraulic system. When you run the DC pump, the pressure is not indicated on the yellow system hydraulic pressure gauge. This is because the DC pump does not supply the main Yellow hydraulic system, only the brake system and the emergency gear down. There is a non-return valve which prevents the DC pump from pressurising the the main Yellow system. The way to check if the DC pump is running properly is with the Yellow brake system gauge. You run the DC pump until 3000 psi is indicated for both LH and RH brakes with the Brake system selected to the Yellow park brake selection. Just enjoying watching the videos so far - can't wait to fly the PSA BAe146-200 in the Californian skies (hopefully someone will make this livery soon). Best regards, Peter
  8. Just a minor comment - in the features list, it states "Simulated brake accumulators supplied via the hydraulic power sources (yellow or green)". Just to be clear, there is no dedicated brake accumulator in the Green system - it is there to supplement the flow from the hydraulic pumps under peak flow conditions, for example, when starting up the standby generator. There is no main system accumulator in Yellow system as the flow demands are not that high. The brake accumulator has three functions: 1. To provide pressure to the brakes when the aircraft is parked and the hydraulic system is powered off/ 2. In the event of the loss of Green and main Yellow systems, it provides anti-skid flow in addition to the flow generated by the DC pump. 3. For some operators, it provides a means to retract the airstairs when there is no hydraulic power available. I was in charge of the BAe146 hydraulic system when I worked at Hatfield. Best regards, Peter Keenan
  9. Dear All, It has re-appeared. After any attempts, I launched explorer and then clicked on the FS9 icon and it was there. I can only think that the reason why this occurred was that I might have shut down FS9 without closing explorer first. Best regards, Peter
  10. Hi Chris, Thanks for getting back to me. I tried that - didn't work - I have the map but the explorer doesn't work and at different airports. I've not touched the AI aircraft or updated any flight plans or installed any scenery for some time. Best regards, Peter
  11. Hi Ray, I understand this but it's time to move on. Best regards, Peter
  12. Dear All, Since yesterday, the Explorer function in the Traffic Toolbox has decided not to work, but the map does work. I've re-installed it but it refuses to work - when I click on it, I get the usual blue circle and then nothing. May I ask if anybody else has had this problem and how did you fix it? Best regards, Peter Keenan
  13. Hi Ray, I've dumped Norton. I'll struggle on with FS9 without these addons. Ultimately, Ill be only running MSFS when all of my FS9 aircraft are available. Thank you for your support. I remember your name way back in the days when FS9 was the flight simulator! Best regards, Peter
  14. Hi Ray, Yes, I'm running it with Admin privileges. It seems that Norton has corrupted some registers elsewhere because I get the same thing happen when I try to uninstall my Level-D 767 by running the downloaded exe that contains the 767 (the one I purchased from with the red-plane icon), i.e. I click the icon and nothing happens. Best regards, Peter
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