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  1. What I miss is alla fs2004 Was option to display (flight analysis) see your track etc. Then you where able to reposition aircraft and continue from there It was great to practice ILS approaches over and over and it actually see how much you were off on loc and glideslope
  2. reading about polypot seemed hard to do. Im using the fsx solution. Just loke to know when msfs2024 comes out would that still work and still like to get polypot for a few hardware I have like the mcp-pro which is oartially working and the efis
  3. Anyboy have any comment on the way some people including myself to use FSX in Goflight.config and to fool MS2020 se see goflight hardware Do you think this will for in MS2024 release
  4. It would have been nice to add feature to have the MCDU displayed on a tablet for easy input alla FTW
  5. So Kickstarter was to have people commit to the units correct? So do the actually have the units or are they still in research and development stage
  6. With this product do we need to use other products to make it inferface?

    I have a bunch of goflight hardware and kept reading you need this, that program buttons


  7. Looks interesting If you guys have signed up, keep us posted what they are doing
  8. makes it so easy I was thinking of getting the B737 for the boing aircraft but then I think I have to get something called Remote CDU and run another app on the computer Oh well
  9. Would be nice if most of the developers for aircraft would put biult in the ability to send the MCDU or CDU to be shown say on a tablet Instead of getting third party software to do that. Love FBW option in developer mode to have that now Much easier to fly the bigger jet Anybody agree
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