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  1. when i login tonight I was reading omewhere els about Assist, Piloting section Take and landing Going to try turn those off and what ver I can see. I fly a C-150 and C172. Though autopilot on This is driving me crazy Harder to use his sim than to fly the real ones
  2. Starting to use the sim\ Having so many problems. First I changed User interface back legacy Now I can click better when trying to use the Garmin 550 in the C-172 Now my problem is Trim I have assigned it to my ch flight Yoke buttons. Whn i trimm nose down or up is see trim wheel move. Then a few seconds later trim moves on its own back to say take-off anywhere I am on ground in flight Thought autopilot was on nope That there wee assigned somewhere else Nope Flaps\ I start sim and what ever plane I choose C-150 or C-172 flaps always set to first notch I put them up a few seconds later they go back to first notch I put them full down they go back to first notch
  3. Thank you I see it now Will download the missing. I guess when they announce a new update Its not automatic that is installs you have to get it Love the sim, but the UI is driving me nuts Miss the FS9 UI Also is there a file that keeps all the control setting for the yoke and throttle quadrants. I like to back things up
  4. Just looking at Content Manager Is list World Updates VI (Germany,Austria..) I know there are a few more tat have been release? What do I do to get them Also I see a bunch of contents that have FS logo says by Asobo Studio. Is that standard?
  5. I agree A remote tablet capability for the MCDU sould be great If FBW has it now then can do it also
  6. OK Will go just to actual developrs sites Thanks
  7. Just asking 'Market Place' I think its an option in MSFS2020 How does that work?
  8. can you explain this 'Market Place'
  9. Looking to purchase Linate airport made by Jetstream Also I see its listed to purchase from Simarket I guess Simarket is a distributor for the product? So best to buy directly from developer (Jeststream) ???
  10. The more people mail in I think the better chance to have them develop this feature
  11. Emailed Fenix. Now remote cdu, is this a different software
  12. Emailed them also. They acknodlged it then closed the tick
  13. That would make that pachakge complete in my opnion
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