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  1. Same here in Australia where a 2080ti can sell for something well north of 2000 AUD (ouch!).
  2. Certainly agree with that - in fact I have been running FSX/P3D at UHD with “sensible settings” using a 980ti for a couple of years. Before that it was a 770 (with FSX) IMHO the gpu requirements for 4K are greatly exaggerated. Bruceb
  3. Thank you cloud shadows an obvious point when you think about it but a point of difference with FSX that I have been overlooking. Bruceb
  4. Why? Despite sold overcast and raining with external view my aircraft looks like it is bathed in full sunlight.
  5. Is this bug a 4.4 thing? Because with 4.3 and and earlier I never had a Device Hung error but having just installed 4.4 (client only because I have a system rebuild planned) I have had my first - at KSEA at the gate about to push back seemed to be precipitated by changing to an external view (EZDOCK). Reset the scenario with the same settings and addons P3D4.4, LittleNav, AS, GSX2, EZDOK and the usual hi end Pacific NW scenery/airports but couldn't reproduce the error and my flight to KSFO proceeded without incident. However if this keeps happening it is back to 4.3. My current system is 4770 @ 4.4/980ti based. Bruceb
  6. brucewtb

    Looks like F1 GTN 750 is updated for 4.4

    How do do that? Thanks Bruceb OK figured it out - looks like a full reinstall.
  7. Do the issues raised in this thread apply to other vendors stuff sold through FSS in particular not being able to reinstall/validate because the FSS validation server has turned into a pumpkin? Eg HiFi, Carenado, REX etc. I do note that REX at least have offered assistance but what about others? Bruceb
  8. All ASUS boards up to the Maximus XI Formula seem to have the same VRM - hence the fuss. Bruceb
  9. Well I was about to place an order for a Maximus XI hero plus a 1080ti and a 8086K as all the fuss of a couple of weeks ago seemed to have died down but this video certainly throws the cat among the pigeons again. It's a concern as it seems all the ROG boards have the same (?4 phase) VRM. Not sure where to go from here as there is a lot about the ASUS boards I like but have just submitted my order less the Hero as the other parts are becoming harder to come by in Australia (esp the 1080ti). Going to have to do a lot more research to find the right board. Bruceb
  10. 60 hz but you can reset this - although you may have to use displayPort. It used to run P3D just fine but these days I only use the 40 inch monitor for ancillary FS stuff and for more general PC work. I have it set up as a split screen for this use. P3D is run on my other screen the Sony 49 inch TV. As a side note I would never use a large UHD TV for general PC use - even with chroma 4:4:4. So if one screen is the only option get a large monitor IMHO. Bruceb
  11. In Australia you can get a Phillips 43 inch UHD monitor for about 750 AUD. I have the previous version which is 40 inch - it has its quirks like no swivel or vertical adjustment and doesn’t like being woken up from sleep mode. But overall still quite happy with it. These days it is my secondary screen as I run P3D on a Sony 49 inch UHD TV. Bruceb
  12. Thanks for the links. Hardware Unboxed seem to have opened something of a Pandora’s Box (no pun intended). Unsure what to make of it all with so many conflicting opinions. Was about to order a Hero now not so sure. bruceb
  13. Interesting video from Hardware Unboxed suggesting that the Asus Maximus XI Hero had too weak VRM for the 9900K ( and presumably the 9700K) at only 4 phase. Very odd as this is not a cheap board. Hardware Unboxed also suggest that this is the reason some reviewers are reporting much lower temps and power consumption when testing with 4 phase MBs - they are throttling the 9900K so it runs at a much lower frequency. Thoughts anyone? bruceb
  14. Deleted - previous content posted in error. bruceb
  15. Having RMA’d an 8086K cpu a couple of months ago I would have egg on my face if I went back and reordered it. It seems my retailer has sold the one I sent back but are expecting more stock soon. I will postpone wrist slashing until I see real world non ES testing of the 9900K/9700K preferably with P3D but not looking good. Bruceb