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  1. Had no additional models integrated into V2. To get V1 working in P3Dv5 I simply copied over the v1 addon.xml from my P3dv4 install into the P3Dv5 addons. I am completely unfussed about having real world schedules just want airports to have at least some AI activity. Bruceb
  2. I have had zero success with the AIG stuff - I gave it a good try but couldn't get any sense out of it. Now back to UT Live v1 after ongoing frustration with v2. Also use the Orbx ai when on P3D v4.5. Bruceb
  3. Hi they have been as low as 2800 AUD but any in stock are now going for 3300 AUD - which is a bit steep for me. Bruceb
  4. They seem to be readily available in Australia but not much choice of brand - similar to the 3090. Different story for the cheaper cards though. Bruceb
  5. I asked the same question a while back in this thread - but so far no responses. Maybe flight simmers just aren't using this card which I guess is kind of an answer. Bruceb
  6. Stopped using TrackIR when EZCA came along. It always gave me eyestrain and these days I just use a common set of controller buttons across all aircraft for cockpit views etc. This works well for me. TrackIR is one of the more expensive addons I have purchased over the years but it now sits unused on my simming desk. Bruceb
  7. I have tried EA but to my eyes it looks absolutely terrible particularly clouds. Based on comments above I must have missed something - any suggestions appreciated. Bruceb
  8. I fly in 4K so anything with less than the 11 gb vram I have on my 1080ti is a non starter. That means very limited options at present - may just have to wait things out until we have PMDG and DX12 in MSFS when the need for a new GPU wili become quite pressing. I would consider a 6900Xt if there was more data on how it performs in MSFS and P3Dv5 but understandably this is hard to come by. Also I have always had nvidia cards in the past so I am a bit cautious about crossing the street to try AMD but can't bring myself to pay the asking price for a 3090. Bruceb
  9. What is the consensus on the 6900XT? It is becoming available in limited quantity in Australia along with the 3090 but up to 1000 AUD cheaper than the nvidia offering. Thanks Bruceb
  10. I guess it's a mesh problem but is so in your face when taking off from NZMF - if it has been "improved" then not by much. Bruceb
  11. Yes that is the message I have been getting. However I am attracted to having most of the GPU heat being dumped outside the case and there being two instead of three eight pin power sockets. While I have a large case and air input through 2 case fans plus the AIO radiator there is only one exhaust fan so having another would be a plus. It would be nice to know just how noisier these blower GPUs are. Bruceb
  12. I note that this card is marketed as OEM any reason why this should be a purchase issue? Thanks. Bruceb
  13. Great stuff but a pity that Mitre Peak is so poorly depicted in MS2020 compared to P3D (at least with Orbx NZSI). Rather spoils the experience having been to Milford Sound in real life a lot in real life. Bruceb
  14. I have had this multiple instances of P3D (4&5) and other apps including MSFS and LittleNavmap issue for some time - many months at least. Still happens even after a hard PC shutdown and disconnecting the power lead. My work around is to monitor Task Manager on startup and delete second process instances but I would very much like a permanent fix. Bruceb
  15. Thank you but could you explain further as I am not sure how this assists. Bruceb
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