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  1. If you already have the UK2000 version of EGLL that apparently works in P3D5 is it worth investing in one of the others? Bruce
  2. With the hazy atmospherics you get when flying a commercial airliner at FL350 (with EA on) there is not a great deal of difference between P3D and MS2020 when it comes to visuals. So with a paucity of high quality airliners in MSFS2020 and quality airliners in P3D I have yet to master that is where I spend most of my time. However if and when and P3D is upgraded to version 6 and we are all asked to fork out something north of $250 (in AUD) for a professional licence I guess my loyalty and that of others will be tested. Bruce
  3. Wow I come back after a day and this tread is onto its second page! The snow looks very pretty but totally unrealistic. I am banging on about this because Milford Sound is such an iconic New Zealand destination. It should be displayed in MSFS2020 in all its green (and often rainy) splendour. Maybe this will get fixed if Microsoft includes NZ in a world update like they did for nearby Australia. Bruce
  4. I note that with live weather there is still permanent snow at NZMF (Milford Sound New Zealand) unchanged for the past 6 months at least. Is this such a hard thing to fix? For the record the current weather at Milford according to the NZ Met Service is plus 17 deg C, no rain (I know hard to believe) and partly cloudy! Bruceb
  5. Well Qantas the airline livery I use 90% of the time (in P3D) only operates the 800 series but thank you for that clarification. Bruce
  6. As I have no interest in the 737-700 only the 737-800 and possibly the 737-900 I take it I will need to wait for some unknown period after the 700 is released before these variants are available - I am assuming PMDG is planning to release them as it would be a major let down to be stuck with just the 737-700 after all this hype. Bruce
  7. Well I seem to be in the majority here with EA on Volumetric clouds off. The thing that finally put me off volumetric clouds was the repeating grid pattern you can get when flying over solid overcast. I like the look of VC solid overcast just not the grid patterns. Although I don't like the excessive haze you get with EA the terrain colouration is more realistic and at least the haze makes it less obvious you are (in most instances) flying over landclass. At altitude the overall look is similar to MS2020 but with more haze. The strange performance hit I was getting with VC off seems to have been fixed after a graphics driver update to the latest version. Bruce
  8. OK the problem seems to have been a layering issue fixed by using the Lorby addon organiser. Thanks all for your suggestions. Bruce
  9. Has anyone managed to get P3D5, Orbx's NZ North Island, Flightbeam NZWN and GSX to happily co exist? What I have found is that disabling all the files as recommended by Flightbeam if you have Orbx NZNI installed causes GSX to complain that it can't find ADE_FTX_NZWN_P3D.bgl and fails to load. If I enable this file there is a large cliff along the eastern perimeter of the airport. The only solution that allows me to have FB NZWN and GSX working together is to uninstall Orbx NZNI. While things don't look that much different in the immediate vicinity of the airport without Orbx NZNI, things are significantly degraded elsewhere on the north island. These all used to work together - at least in P3D4.5. Fortunately we will soon have FB NZWN in MSFS2020 and hopefully in the not to distant future the PMDG NGX as well. At that point I guess it will be the end of P3D in NZ for me. But in the meantime I would like to have things working in P3D like they used to. Thank you. Bruce
  10. UTL1 works fine in P3D5 without the generics but you need the xml from P3D4. I put UTL2 in the bin over a year ago. Bruce
  11. If photoreal is your thing just move on to FS2020 and you will have the whole world in photoreal and if you are lucky photogrammetry as well. Unfortunately I am a fan of the PMDG and FSLabs stuff so I am stuck with P3D and largely landclass scenery - for now. Bruce
  12. Missing a lot of Australian airports including my local one YMER Merimbula and YMRY Moruya on the NSW Far South Coast - both airports are serviced by regional airlines so not particularly minor. Merimbula's runway is 5200 feet long is also used regularly by the military and in a pinch could handle a 737. YMER.was the first addon I downloaded from for MSFS2020 flightsim.to 18 months ago. It is still there. Bruce
  13. Thanks Steve for that explanation. Bruce
  14. Thanks Ray that is what I normally do. Bruce
  15. Vsync not enabled but at 4K with high settings. Non OC 9900KF cpu but with turbo boost runs at 4800 ghz most of the time. I have had it OC'd as high as 5.2 ghz but the consensus seems to be that OC is best avoided with MSFS2020. Not worth the hassle to OC just for P3D. I normally have vsync enabled so I try to adjust settings so as not to go below 30 fps - the refresh rate of my Sony TV. A while back I swapped out my 8086K for a 9900KF that I have had in my collection of bits. This gave me two more physical cores and on benchmarks a big performance boost at least with HT on but this never translated to P3D. It does run cooler though which I was not expecting but I guess that could be due to a getting more effective thermal connection at installation. I would like to run P3D5 with just the 2D clouds but oddly on my system there does appear to be a performance cost if I do so. I do think that the "look and feel" of P3D5 has changed as we have moved from 5.0 through 5.1, 5.2 and now 5.3. The performance boost I saw on moving from 4.5 to 5.0 doesn't seem to be there now even allowing for the slightly lower clock speed my cpu now runs at.- perhaps offset by other "enhancements" .But most users seem to like the latest version so it seems I am the odd one out. I am unapologetic in my enthusiasm for MSFS2020 but I am also a fan of high end commercial aircraft from the major developers and apart from the PMDG 737 they aren't coming to the new sim any time soon. So I will be using P3D for some time and will have to get it working for me as best I can. Bruce
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