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  1. I think that is extremely unlikely given the enthusiasm for the tech you will find on other forums where the consensus is that it is a "gamechanger" for flight sims (at least for those that support it). The issue is not so much having 120 fps instead of 60 fps but never dropping below 60 fps regardless of a flight sim's demands. Bruce
  2. Yes a big negative for P3D compared to the other sim. I guess another symptom of a frozen in time simulator. Bruce
  3. I recently switched to a 55 inch TV with a VA panel and while I am appreciating the deep black levels this type of screen is notable for sitting about 3 feet from such a large display throws up the drop off in image quality/contrast at the edges that VA panels are also noted for. Not really an issue flying in daylight but quite pronounced when flying at night - you only see deep black night skies at the centre of the screen. Maybe this would not be much not a problem with a smaller display but it certainly is with a 55 inch VA TV screen when sitting at a normal PC monitor distance. Bruce
  4. Have they fixed the permanent icy winter with real time weather at Milford Sound? Bruce
  5. Not for me I see no point at all in an avionics downgrade in an aircraft like the TBM - but good lick to those who do I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to the Duke. Bruce
  6. Yes great news I was hoping //42 would come to MSFS. Bruce
  7. It would seem so. I'm a happy simmer if my FPS never drops below 30 FPS. Now I do concede 60 FPS is desirable but not essential and as for 100 plus FPS in a flight sim what is the point? Bruce
  8. One of the issues i have with using the default Asobo external models is that for some aircraft if you create custom external cameras you see modelling anomalies. These anomalies are not visible with the default external views but are can very obvious if you create your own especially with the Caravan. Then there is the lack of opening doors etc that most developers include in their aircraft models. If Black Square are going to stay in this business they should move on and create their own models which presumably they. doing with the Duke. Bruce
  9. Hmmm. If I ever get this it wont be until the MSFS2020 release when hopefully the wrinkles this thread is throwing up are dealt with. Bruce
  10. Back in the day 20 fps was the default refresh rate for FSX. If you got above that you were good to go. Then it became 30 fps with some arguing that 24 fps was the holy grail as it is what hollywood has been using for nearly 100 years. Now 60 fps seems to have replaced 30 fps and many are also extolling the virture of 100 plus fps that can be achieved with any system fitted with a 4000 series GPU and FG. Myself I am still delighted if fps never dips below 30 anything higher is a bonus. I have three screens one refreshes at 30 hertz another at 60 hertz and the third at 144 hertz and I can't see any difference. Bruce
  11. Well I am very pleased for those who love this bird but there are so many vintage aircraft in MSFS2020 I just wished they had given the same treatment to an a GA aircraft you can buy today with modern avionics. But I am clearly in the minority. Bruce
  12. No difference here but I am very main frame limited 9900KF/3800ti so surprises. Bruce
  13. Well bother I have come across this thread a bit too late as I just pulled the trigger on the TDS 750nxi and there are some observations here that might have made me hesitate. For example I can see how the PMS unit is the more evolving product developing as the sim changes that could make it the better choice for simmers as opposed to real world pilots. However, what pushed over the edge was the updated Garmin database and the fact that I have not updated my Navigraph data since December 2022 so both datasets should be quite similar. If I had gone with the PMS unit now I would also have got a Navigraph Charts/Navdata subscription but will put that on hold until after MSFS2024 is released. Over time that will save me the cost of the TDS 750 and at some future point I might also get the PMS 750. Bruce
  14. I have had both Aivliasoft EFB LNM for many years. But honestly LNM does everything that Aivliasoft EFB does and it is free. Bruce
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