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  1. When doing an IFR flight using default ATC it seem to make sense until I get close to my destination airport, It seem I myself must ask for vectors for every turn needed and then it directs me on a long roundtrip around the airport. I am not told by ATC to turn to a new heading unless I ask for vectors myself. Also my destination was EHLE which has a ILS approach to runway 5 and I was using live weather. Rwy 5 would be with a headwind. But instead I am assigned to land on rwy 23. When I explicitely asked for ILS rwy 5 I was told to follow vectors to ILS rwy 5 and then circle to land on 23.
  2. That link does not work Well that was temporary now it works
  3. But from my understanding neither P3D or MSFS or XP simulates this temperature effect. I have read somewhere a post from a real pilot who irl took off in a very high temperature and it was very difficult. In the flightsim not so at all. I did myself some tests with take off in different temperatures and noticed no difference.
  4. My experience is the opposite. Buying from MP turned out to be less expensive. For example I have discovered that buying the Milviz C310 directly from Milviz costed me about $6 more than if I would have purchased it from the MP
  5. After this update my content manager is broken. It never finish to load. What to do ?
  6. And that is being less expensive. For example I have just purchased FS Acadamy navigation from the MP it it costed me 230 SEK. First I tried buying it from Just Flight but then it would cost 270 SEK being more expensive even if I take into account the JF points I get. I have also seen that the Milviz C310 cost 400 SEK on the MP. I bought it directly from Milviz and it cost me 460 SEK. Why is it like this ?
  7. I still would like to have an option with steam gauges. Is there a chance we can get it ? I mean there exist real Stings with steam gauges now ? I wonder what would it cost in real life to upgrade a steam cockpit to a glass cockpit ? Expensive I Think. I understand that in real life a glass cockpit would offer higher security. But in the sim it is a nightmare to use the knobs with a mouse instead of just reaching the hand and turn them. Also a glass cockpit is harder on performance than a steam one. So steam gauges could be an advantage for not so powerful system. Regarding being hit by IMC condition. Is not an ultralight like the Sting VFR only, where you are supposed to make sure you don't get into bad weather ?
  8. One thing that strikes me is that these systems will only support DDR5 which of course means higher prices.
  9. Are there any reasons to stay away from Market Place ? Does it matter if we buy a product there are from external source ?
  10. I have looked at the manual and a couple of things caught my attention 1) The panel has a weather radar but that is not functional. How realistic is that ? Is there hope that it might be implemented later ? 2) The trim buttons on the yoke is not functional. Really not realistic. How do we control trim on this plane ?
  11. I have the C310 and my impression is that it offer deeper simulation than what we we are used to with other payware planes. After reading this thread I have started to consider getting also the C414. What I have noticed is Many consider it slightly better then the C310 and that is while it is still a beta version. They state a price which is said to be introductory so the price will rise later ? Under features they list three panel options. From that I get the impression that this plane does not have an no GPS option. Is that so or have I misunderstood something ?
  12. Where I live I see prices around $1000 for a 3070Ti which is the first model to show significant more power than my 2070 Super. And still it only have 8 Gb VRAM. If I want more than 8 Gb the card to select is 3080 or 3090. The latter has prices of over $2000. Then it is doubtful that I could use my old 750W PSU
  13. Of course we look at it. A VFR flight is about precisely that and even a IFR flight sometimes has the need to look at it for example during landing.
  14. They say that they are trying to get it compatible with ortho scenery That leads me to ask do we need ortho scenery ? I have made some for XP11 and it is very much work to create it but necessary since default scenery is very bad. Then I wonder what about compatibility with our old XP11 planes ? Will we be able to use them in XP12 ?
  15. I think I remember from earlier new series releases that the prices do not drop on the old series. And the prices of a new GPU is far above what I can consider.
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