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  1. Did so and now the flaps did work as intended. But an inconvenience was that I had reassign my axis again
  2. That have already come to my mind. And actually I did have such settings in FSUIPC and also in the FSX control settings. So I removed them and to my surprise the problem did not go away.
  3. Debug was not enabled. Sent you a new fsuipc log file. Now tried with the Aerosoft Beaver but with FSX default set in LINDA. On this plane with many flap positions I clearly see the flaps extend or retract two steps for each button press
  4. First I would like to point out that I have tried with default planes also. And sometimes things have worked as intended and sometimes the problem is there both with default planes and the A2A C182. And it's not dependent on which plane I use. I don't understand what is different. Also during your deeper suggestion things indeed worked this time. Can you see what is different at this compared to earlier
  5. I tried your suggestion with changing to Set FSX Control and in addition to that upgraded LINDA and FSUIPC. No change
  6. 1 LINDA 2.8.4 2 A2a_C182 3 FSX SE 4 A2A C182 for example 5 Assigning buttons to flap incr and decr 6 Flaps change in two steps
  7. No I dont use the Warthogs own software
  8. I assign the functions LIB: Default FSX flight controls flaps incr and decr on a TM Hotas Warthog.
  9. My problem is that the keys I assign to increment and decrement flaps results in the flaps changing two steps instead of one. What could it be ?
  10. jfri

    Why I bought FSW

    What 25 dollar ? When I find this on steam the price listed is 25 Euro
  11. What about A2A ? Could their planes not be considered similar quality GA ? Jan Friberg
  12. I have just bought the Dornier 27 for FSX. I have a problem with its throttle quadrant. I can't assign any axes to mixture and propeller levers. It wont work. I use FSUIPC for this and select axis assignment and assign my control levers to throttle mixture and prop pitch. Everything seem normal and as expected in FSUIPC and this works fine in other planes. So this is a problem with the Dornier software and not with my controllers. In the Dornier VC I only see the throttle lever move but not mixture and prop pitch. Another odd thing. When placing the mouse cursor over the lever I get tool tip saying throttle but not for mixture and prop.
  13. I don't think I can fly my V1 Lancair anymore. It feels so wrong and stupid to fly a plane for which an significantly improved update was made.
  14. The screw mountings for instruments does not sound like a big issue. Regarding pressurization, does a real Lancair have that. Is it an option or does all have it. Hypoxia model that I would like to have. I don't quite understand why we could not have been given a last chance to buy from them and simply stating that it is under the term that they can't give support and no further upgrades are being made.
  15. I have the original Lancair Legacy and never upgraded to V2. As the title says I would like to know what features was implemented in upgrade to V2 ?