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  1. I have installed ZL levels above 18 in my current setup. Will AutoOrtho overwrite them with lower resolution data ? Or select to dislpay the higher resolution that is already there ? What do you mean by pre generate tiles ?
  2. I already have ortho4xp scenery set up manually in XP11 with some extra like some airports MisterX _library OpenSceneryX R2_library The_Handy_Objects_Library SE_lib. If I try AutoOrtho will things get messed up because of my current stuff ? How would AutoOrtho compare to Ortho4XP ?
  3. But there was no HABBS3 option to select so I took HABBS7. And yes I selected rwy 06L
  4. That tutorial was called sample flight
  5. First post is both about CYZD-KEWR and CYZD-CYUL. I have problem in both of them. IGVUD is it. If IGVID is correct why did it not got there when I selected the STAR HABBS7 ? I did not enter it manually.
  6. Yes this is the tutor flight I was talking about. When I select the STAR HABBS7 something seem to get weird. After HABBS my FMS shows MIGLO REDOO IGWUD EPMOK ARVIE and then HABBS again and after that XULTA
  7. Yes and I think I tried that but ended up with a very strange flight plan. Or maybe it was HABBS6. Now it is HABBS7. Could have changed after Navigraph update
  8. I did so but then I encountered problem since there are no HABBS3 STAR to select
  9. I have the Majestic Dash Q400 pilot edition in P3D5.4. I have found two tutorials for it. One called sample flight and one Simulated Delivery and Advanced Tutorial Flight CYZD – KEWR. My problem is with programming the FMS. Waypoints and airways don't exist to be selected in the FMS. One example in the sample flight I should enter a waypoint called OO but there are none in the vicinity of where I fly. In the second advanced tutorial I am supposed to select an airway called V252 going from YYZ and according to the tutorial there should be a list of airways to choose from. But for me the FMS states there are none going from YYZ. First I started a subscription of Navigraph and updated my FMS data where the Q400 was listed. But after that the same problem. And when I open navigraph charts and look at YYZ I see no airway passing that point and none which name starta with a letter V. Instead they start with letter Q. This makes no sense to me. How to finish tese tutorials ?
  10. You mean buy (buy upgrade) well I did. Now I have some study to do
  11. So you have both P3D4.5 and P3D5.4 and experience about the same performance in both of them with the Q400 ? Does 4.5 have advantages over 5.4 and if so which ? Should not the latest version be best ? (I don't have 4.5)
  12. Well P3D4.5 is different than P3D5.4. The PRO version is different from the PILOT edition. If I understand things correctly I would first need to upgrade to 64 bit PILOT and then from 64 bit PILOT to 64 bit PRO which would be rather expensive. Regarding fps needed I have fps locked at 30 in P3D
  13. Since I own the Pilot 32 bit version of this plane for FSX and I can upgrade it to the 64 bit version for a modest cost. Also I have actually never used it so I though lets use it but in P3D5.4. One slight concern is how will it perform on my system (5800X3D 4770Ti 32 Gb RAM) ? For now I have flown A2A planes in P3D5.4 and I suspect the Q400 might be more demanding on the system. I have a lot of ORBX scenery and Active Sky. Also I fly in VR with a HP Reverb G2. Does it work well in VR ?
  14. If I pick up RSF it has to be when it's on sale which it isn't now. And I will pick either RSF or ASCA but not both. And I do have Active Sky but not ASCA so I must have purchased only one of them. Regarding the differences between them I notice a couple of things (apart from price) from their product description, 1) ASCA is said to only be partially compatible with EA. To fully use it you need to completely turn off EA 2) RSF is bigger regarding HD size (20 Gb vs 2 Gb) suggesting RSF has more content
  15. First I already have Active Sky and I fly in VR. The questions that come to my mind is. What are the differences between ASCA and RSF ? Well I see one difference. ASCA is a little bit less expensive than RSF. So is RSF a little bit better ? Since I already have Active Sky does that mean ASCA has advantage since it might work better together with Active Sky ?
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