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  1. I fear that the part about great performance will not end up true. I have no doubt that the real system requirments will be close to the stated ideal one.
  2. When can we expect the release candidate to be available. How many more betas to expect ? Also do I understand it correctly in thinking that Vulcan is pure software ? Or do we need some special video card ?
  3. I wonder what will happen after MSFS2020 is released ? Will there be a new MSFS2022 and then MSFS2024 with new insane hardware requirements. Like earlier MSFS releases ? Or will it be more like Office 365 ?
  4. After reinstalling this camera add on I can't display the camera position control panel. Alt tab show that the panel is opened but it can't be displayed. I think I remember from the first time I installed EZdok 3 that the problem is because the window is opened outside the desktop !!? And we need in some way move the window into view on the desktop. But I am unable to find out how even after google search and trying all kind of keys. Annoying since EZDok is pretty useless for me now. Does anyone happen to know how to solve this ?
  5. Actually the more info I see about FS2020 the less likely it seem that we will not like it. I mean the scenery is comparable with ORBX and they announce all kind of new features. My only concern is that it might require a computer I don't have and a new video card not being sufficient (now I have 4770K @4.5 GHz 16 Gb RAM GTX970 4Gb videocard)
  6. I have noticed that I am not able to file the plan. If I just say ready to copy I am told that we don't have a plan filed for you. If I say ready to copy VFR clearance I am asked for the destination. So the problem seem to be that the plan is not actually filed. I tried another nearby airport and got the same result. But another bigger airport very far away got filed but I am not interested in making a plan to that airport
  7. Just tried again with my flight plan and copy paste here from P2A Cessna Delta Lima Lima Ready to Copy VFR Clearance; Cessna Delta Lima Lima Say again request with destination airport. so it does not work with my flight and it seem impossible for the program to hear the word 'to' instead it think it is 'two'
  8. And this does not work (like it used to) since if I do this ATC asks me to repeat with destination
  9. I file a VFR flight plan between two airports AYTK to AYOY. Then when I use the usual ready to copy VFR clearance ATC tells me to repeat with destination. Why ? I have not needed to do that before. When I try to do so P2A don't hear what I say which is Cessna Delta Lima Lima ready to copy VFR clearance to Alpha Yankee Oscar Yankee mainly alpha get interpreted very strange and to something completely different and to recognized as two What can I do ?
  10. I have always heard that it should be avoided to fill all RAM slots
  11. I suppose it depends on which settings and add on you use. I use ORBX scenery and my GTX 970 struggles a bit here. But I must admit I have decent performance with my current system that is with FSX SE and P3D 2.5 Xplane 11 and DCS. And I understand that P3D V4 requires more of the hardware than 2.5
  12. Because where I live there are no good 32 Gb option for sale. Se this https://www.dustinhome.se/group/hardvara/datorkomponenter/ram-minnen/dimm-ddr-3/?totalramcapacity=32 either they are lower speed than I have now and or there are four modules which I understand is a bad thing. Or they get very expensive. Also I have fairly recently invested money for 16 Gb for my current mobo. For hardware there seem to be three main choices for now 1) Get a 2070 and then it may be a problem to wait since these cards seem to soon be out and not sold anymor 2) A 2070 Super 3) Wait to see if a future 3070 is an option. But I suspect they will be significantly more expensive
  13. What you say seem logical. I might point out here my source for the need of a whole new system for MSFS2020. It is Nick in the Flight 1 hardware forum in my thread about the need for a new video card for P3D V4. He seem very knowledged and unlikely to be wrong to a greater extent.
  14. Not according to https://www.prepar3d.com/support/refundpolicy/ it is only 14 days
  15. Could only find one sold where I live (demo) and at a significantly higher price than for those I considered
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