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  1. jfri

    Problem with A2A Piper Cherokee 180

    See if this works https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ao8G1zqCjqI5hDLVpo5xJXU7JR_m
  2. jfri

    Problem with A2A Piper Cherokee 180

    Wait. I do have corresponding two lines with entry for A2A_Piper_Cherokee but there is nothing to select except Edit Aircraft Module
  3. jfri

    Problem with A2A Piper Cherokee 180

    It highlights one line (have never seen two lines being highlighted) where I can read Battery On as I have assigned it then alsp to the left Battery Off for the switch being turned off. I don't understand what you mean by _on and _off function. I select among options available under default FSX.
  4. jfri

    Problem with A2A Piper Cherokee 180

    The button I use is a two way switch on the throttle quadrant (EAC off arm) and it didn't work changing it toggle battery. Also this does not make sense to me. The avionics master switch is also an two way on off switch it it works in both position. Set it to on position switch on the Avionics and set it back to off switches it off. The same apply fot the battery in the C182. So why is it different in the Piper ?
  5. I am unable to program buttons to many switches in this plane. I try to assign a button on my TM Hotas Warthog. In LINDA 3.03 for example I press a button which is detected by LINDA then I select the function Battery On for this button. But it does not work. The battery (master) is not affected by the programmed button. The same apply to many other functions (but not all) although for example Avionics on did work with the programmed button. I don't have this problem with for example the A2A C182 (FSX SE). This problem occur in both FSX SE and P3D 2.5
  6. Did so and now the flaps did work as intended. But an inconvenience was that I had reassign my axis again
  7. That have already come to my mind. And actually I did have such settings in FSUIPC and also in the FSX control settings. So I removed them and to my surprise the problem did not go away.
  8. Debug was not enabled. Sent you a new fsuipc log file. Now tried with the Aerosoft Beaver but with FSX default set in LINDA. On this plane with many flap positions I clearly see the flaps extend or retract two steps for each button press
  9. First I would like to point out that I have tried with default planes also. And sometimes things have worked as intended and sometimes the problem is there both with default planes and the A2A C182. And it's not dependent on which plane I use. I don't understand what is different. Also during your deeper suggestion things indeed worked this time. Can you see what is different at this compared to earlier
  10. I tried your suggestion with changing to Set FSX Control and in addition to that upgraded LINDA and FSUIPC. No change
  11. 1 LINDA 2.8.4 2 A2a_C182 3 FSX SE 4 A2A C182 for example 5 Assigning buttons to flap incr and decr 6 Flaps change in two steps
  12. No I dont use the Warthogs own software
  13. I assign the functions LIB: Default FSX flight controls flaps incr and decr on a TM Hotas Warthog.
  14. My problem is that the keys I assign to increment and decrement flaps results in the flaps changing two steps instead of one. What could it be ?
  15. jfri

    Why I bought FSW

    What 25 dollar ? When I find this on steam the price listed is 25 Euro