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  1. For me I have experienced the A2A Comanche cockpit not only to be dark but completely black with VR. After that once there was an error message saying Your VR device has reported this error VRCompositorErrorsTextureusedunsupportedformat any one recognize this ? It seem the update solve some problems and creates new
  2. The Deluxe version lists these additional planes Cessna 172 Skyhawk Baron G58 Are these planes steam gauges or Glass Cockpit ? Are there any other content like for example lessons for them (like we have in FSX) ?
  3. It seem the cancellation is already made see https://www.gamepressure.com/games/space-shuttle-mission-simulator-2/za25b1 I remember when they said it was expected to be released at Christmas hinting that it was almost finished. So why could they not finish it?
  4. And in what way is it done better ? In what way does its helicopter behave more realistic ?
  5. So in what way is it more realistic than what we can get in DCS XP11 P3D ?
  6. I am surprised over this praise after reading the reviews on Steam. Even real Helicopter pilot who has flown the R22 says it is unrealistic
  7. No I have not done so yet I first want all confusion to be clearly settled
  8. I was that member and sure it is complicated. I went to Microsoft webpage and found MSFS in the store. It says I have 20% discount with my Game Pass subscription. And below I see two MSFS pictures above which is written, In this package Microsoft Flight Simulator and Digital ownership. If I click on any of these pictures I see the full price being stated . From inside XBox Game Pass it is stated included in Game Pass and then not available and after that choose version to buy which gives the option to choose between Deluxe or Premium deluxe at discounted prices If I click buy on the discounted option I am told that I can't apply for a refund and there is nothing mentioned about digital ownership
  9. Surely MSFS is sold in three different versions at different prices. All including the full standard sim. In my game pass subscription the prices clearly show this. Deluxe more expensive than Standard and Premium Deluxe more expensive than Deluxe.
  10. Do you mean that you would need to buy two titles of MSFS the Standard + Deluxe in order to use Deluxe after ending the subscription ?? Why on earth would anyone do that ? Neither this makes any sense.
  11. Exactly this question did I ask in phone call to Microsoft support. First I was told that it was like you are experiencing here that if you leave Game Pass you can't use your purchased title any more. Since this makes no sense at all I made another call and asked the same question. And this time I was told that I should be able to use a purchased title even after ending the Game pass subscription, which is the only thing that makes sense. What kind of nonsense is going on here ? In such case there are of course absolutely no reason to why we should purchase a game.
  12. I found something called ReShadeforUWP which was supposed to work with the store version. After running the only executable found in that archive ReshadeforUWP.exe I got confused. Two options a button to choose program to run among which were not MSFS. Another button to first start the program which I did and then press a button. No selecting a ini file. After doing this I had a terrible disturbing sound with MSFS and the green roads were still there.
  13. I can't use that. I am supposed to choose FlightSimulator.exe with ReShade (run as administrator) but that gives the message that the file can't be accessed by the system
  14. What could the problem be with using it ? If there are any is it not just to remove it ?
  15. But I don't have this problem in XP11 with Ortho generated scenery which also use Bing.
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