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  1. That may very well be true but if you need it for only in cockpit camera views it is business as usual for me in V5.4
  2. My predefined in cockpit camera views work just as before in V5.4. When ChasePlane loads a message appears stating Smooth Zoom and Static Cameras are disabled and they are working on a compatibility fix. It's been like what, three days since LM dumps the update? I will cut ChasePlane some slack on this one.
  3. I will look at the ADE option, might be worth the while to make a suggestion on the Navigraph forum for P3D.
  4. Still using my V5.3 but most likely would wait for a subsequent V6.x based on past experience. I am sure within 24 hours the inevitable early bird YouTube review will be out. One area I would like to see LM address is an periodic update of the nav and airport data similar to what FSAerodata provided in the pre V5 versions. I would pay for that service, nothing worse than having a current chart subscription in a sim using an old database.
  5. Let's see, V3 $200, V4 $200, V5 $200, unless this dreamed about V6 is a free to all who recognized they were not a 70 year old student count me out.
  6. Having purchased P3D V3, V4 and V5 at $200 for each release none have frankly been worth it for what you get out of the box. I have spent a lot of additional dollars for ORBX, PMDG, Active Sky, etc. along with numerous other airport addons to improve the P3D visual experience. I picked up XP11 for a change of pace and at $59 it was worth it even in the plain vanilla format. If P3D V6 were to be released tomorrow it would have to be a completely new evolutional experience and not just another patch of the existing platform to justify another $200 purchase price. LM does not need the civilian consumer market going forward and that is good in the fact other developers such as DCS World, X-Plane and MSFS have the opportunity to develop new products with new ideas and thrive in the consumer marketplace. I appreciate the fact LM improved on the old Flight Simulator product and have countless hours on it with no regrets.
  7. Is it a nuisance yes, but not enough for me to stop using ChasePlane. Active Sky requires a login to use with every session, my financial accounts require additional text code or email verification to login now. Too many unscrupulous people in the world today, I cannot fault developers for protecting their livelihood.
  8. The definition of condescending: Having or showing a feeling of patronizing superiority. Agreement or disagreement is good for a discussion, however everyone's input should be welcome here.
  9. If XP12 were to be released tomorrow I would purchase it over another version of P3D. Having purchased V3, V4, and V5, progress has occurred at an absolute snail's pace. I was so frustrated with the 5.3 release with stuttering with the CTD issue I purchased and installed XP11 for a breath of fresh air. V5.3 runs well after the latest HF but my enthusiasm for P3D has waned. When you purchase a professional version of the software you expect it to be fully tested before being released. Would anyone buy financial, word processing, photo imaging software etc. and expect to get under the hood and mess with things like "affinity mask settings" or .config whatever to make it work on your system. In any other form of commercial consumer software this would never be tolerated. I don't mean to rain on the parade, but each version release brings the same old story.
  10. That's strange because after reading this thread my FS Realtime install is functioning as it always has. Initiated a flight in V5.2 to check and it is showing correct UTC and local DST offset with no startup issue. I recently did a complete, clean install of P3D V5.2 with latest HF and all other addon's, sim connect etc. The developer may or may not be around but it still functions in the latest V5.2.
  11. I have not seen any issues with the A2A C172 in 5.3 HF2, you may want to confirm all your control axis assignments are correct including all connected control input devices like rudders pedals, joystick or yoke etc.
  12. I was looking for the Milviz B55 update for V5 but it was not available to vendor sites like Just Flight. If you contact Milviz support with your vendor purchase number they will add it to your forum support account for download. Works just fine in V5.3. Can anyone confirm if the C310 Redux will work with the V4 install redirect method? And is it with or without the ORBX rain and true glass?
  13. Remember to set the traffic sliders in the sim to your desired traffic level. Also check in the P3D Scenery\World\Scenery folder that the file TrafficAircraft.bgl has been renamed to disable it. You will see a mix of TG and default aircraft in the sim if it has not been modified. I think the latest version of the TG installer does this automatically.
  14. I did a full install of 5.3 when released, then reverted back to 5.2 after two days of stuttering. Very frustrated to the point where I purchased XP11 for a breath of fresh air and was impressed with the performance increase using Vulkan and program interface over the current P3D installation. Frankly unless there are significant improvements down the road for P3D (I have been a user since V3) I am more interested in what XP12 may have to offer at the moment. Not giving up on P3D but based on the progress of development in the eight years of my use it has me looking at the alternatives.
  15. Like the man said, it's about the shortest flight in the world. Why would anyone in their right mind go through a two hour show time for the flight, which will probably be cancelled anyway because some crew is sick. Or you might get in a fist fight over wearing a mask and they will lose your baggage anyway. Let alone you could drive to the destination in your car in one hour. I think I would stick to the puddle jumper if I had the choice..
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