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  1. If you are using the Navigraph installer the scan for add on's did not automatically find any Carenado product. Click on Add on Mappings - Add - select Carenado in the drop down list - then select your simulator version from the drop down list. In my P3D V4 main folder it created a Carenado Navigraph folder. You can verify the nav data cycle in the G1000 MFD AUX group and within the Carenado Navigraph folder there is a sub folder with a text file indicating the update cycle number.
  2. Accept his emails to you wanting your $$$$ " I notice you have not purchased anything ..." regular as always.
  3. One time when I was doing the auto freight phase of my career I was napping on a couch about 2AM and awoken by a FSDO inspector and he wanted to check everything from dispatch paperwork, aircraft log to fire extinguisher date tags. Twice in the corporate world but just a licence and medical check and asked if part 91 or 135 operation, and also by a customs and immigration inspector.That guy was notorious in the Boston area, I had seen him grill a crew about customs paper work once before and sure as heck about a year later we got the same guy and he was very thorough including a request to see license and a current medical certificates.
  4. Before the knowledge questions were made public many years ago we just studied with the FAA publications, FAR's, AIM. Everything you need to know was there.The testing areas were located in the local GADO (FSDO) office with glass walls and usually an inspector occasionally observing the testing area. My how things have changed, you walked in with pencil, paper, E6B, a plotter and what was between your ears.
  5. In your Paypal account click on the vendor charge and you should see an option to manage payments. It will open a new window with the option to cancel the recurring payment.
  6. A tubeliner has a very large antenna as opposed to a typical 12" size for smaller aircraft and the antenna size and power output mean everything. Modern radars can detect turbulence and some do integrate the capability to detect electrical activity. The stormscope was a relatively inexpensive device and would supplement the limitations of a general aviation class radar. If you are old enough to remember, an ADF needle will point to an electrical discharge (lightning). Nexrad in the cockpit, weather data up links were not available to us. It is a completely different world to fly in today with the digital technology and equipment available.
  7. I would disagree with the comment, I used the Stormscope for over twenty years in corporate flight op's and found it to be a very reliable thunderstorm detection device. A limitation of a weather radar is the fact in heavy precipitation the signal is attenuated and will not display an accurate indication of what you are flying into. A Stormscope when used in conjunction with a weather radar can help distinguish between an active TRW cell to avoid, or identify an area of a heavy rainfall on a radar display that is safe to fly through.It is a very good device if you understand how to use it.
  8. Along with timed a approach from a hold, DF steers from a FSS (when a FSS was located about every where) and the occasional request from an approach control asking if you could accept an ASR approach for controller training. Any PPL I trained did a DF steer and all instrument students did a least one ASR approach partial panel. My one and only timed approach from a hold for the ILS at KLAN in the non radar days and I was in the stack with brand new rating. Maybe out dated but they all got you where you needed to be.
  9. There is no auto throttle on a Learjet 25, the IAS mode when engaged is strictly a function of pitch control to maintain the desired speed.The pilot will manually establish the desired IAS for climb then engage the IAS mode, the pilot will have to manually set sufficient thrust to maintain that performance. I would never use V/S for a climb, it is used for enroute descent and accomplished the same way as previously described. On another note the performance chart EPR number is used to set thrust for takeoff to achieve the published performance numbers for takeoff distance , climb gradient requirements etc. We would typically use 98% for enroute climb. I can positively state you would not be able to reach FL450 in a five minute climb from takeoff. It is a flight simulation, and no way can replicate actual real world performance numbers.
  10. Cliff Robertson played "The Pilot" a 1980 film about an airline pilot with an alcohol addiction.
  11. They use an on board nuclear power source, this reference from the Jet Propulsion laboratory: https://voyager.jpl.nasa.gov/mission/spacecraft/
  12. I read that yesterday and am amazed the two Voyagers are still functioning and calling home on a regular basis.
  13. Prior to retirement my final aviation years were spent as a simulator instructor and TCE for a large training center organization.I worked in an entry level jet program targeting entrepreneurial types transitioning to their own personal jet that would be operated single pilot.Needless to say the skill level of many of these individuals was poor in many cases and substantial extra time had to be spent in basic hand flown instrument procedure training.Today's training environment focuses on the technology and use of sophisticated avionics and automation but has minimal emphasis on basic flight and instrument skills without the use of those systems. It is that 1% possibility of automation failure where the pilot must revert to basic navigation procedure and flight skills. I was amazed how many applicants could not perform basic instrument procedures without the use of GPS guidance or relied on a moving map for primary situation awareness.The technology today certainly eases the workload as compared to a former era but I will never regret the training and experience acquired from using now outdated systems because you had the skills to fall back on if the flat screens go blank.
  14. It would great to have an update for runways in P3D to match real world airports.I am finding as the years go by more runways have been moved, re numbered or new ones constructed that exist in updated data bases but not in the base scenery.
  15. "I noticed you have not purchased yada, yada, yada..." What a piece of work.
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