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  1. If you have P3D V3 configured correctly, and I mean down to the smallest detail, it's great. I manage my add-ons, use PTA Tool, Nividia Inspector settings as will as manage my scenery library for each flight. I have a ton of add-ons including PMDG, most of Orbyx Base,Vector,Trees and North America/Alaska Open LC along with over 50 add on airports. I also have PercipitFX and Rex Texture Direct. You don't usually have any OOM's as long as your sim is Configured and Managed Correctly. I will move to V4 but not until FSUIPC V5 and Spad.Next comes available. Most don't understand that most add-ons will not even work as you NEED them to without FSUIPC or SPAD.NEXT if you have a lot of hardware add-ons. Ultimately It's up to what your willing to gain and then lose in your sim while the transition period occurs. Sooner or Later P3D V4 will be used by all of us. Look at my video below and watch my preview video of my channel. It is P3D V3.4 with all my add-ons configured. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuxVAnIUz-OlmKDAXinbfLQ
  2. I was wondering if any of you have heard if other websites/product stores like Simmarktet,Just Flight and FlightSim Store will actively put the new installers that are for P3D V4 in our store accounts as they come out? Seems like we may have to re-purchase a lot of content. P3D V3 is wonderful as long as you have it configured right even with add-ons. So I don't think I will upgrade if I'm going to be missing my add-ons.
  3. Thanks, I'm mid flight now and everything seems to be looking great! Cheers!
  4. KNOSSOS, here is the preset I have been using. I also noticed that the runways at night are a gray color. [PTA VERSION] Preset format=2 [PRESET COMMENTS] Comment=adam_pta21_11 - http://www.nzfsim.org/index.php?dsp=PTA~^#=======================================~^#For PTA version 2.10 : NOT compatible with previous/older versions.~^#~^#** Optimised for use with P3D HDR enabled:~^#Brightness: 0.65~^#Bloom: 0.35~^#Saturation: 0.85~^#(These values are set automatically in the "Tweak main config" section.)~^#~^#** Note: PTA HDR & Post-processing settings only apply when P3D HDR is active.~^#~^#Changes from adam_pta21_10~^#===================~^#NB: As all PTA tweaks are inter-dependent, please make sure you set your P3D HDR to the values (above).~^#~^#* Aircraft lighting/Ambient sunlight reduced from 1.10 to 0.90.~^#* Specular lighting enabled (and set low: 0.40) to cure JF Hunter - deepened the shadows slightly. Not split.~^#* [LIGHTING_TERRAIN_SATURATION] SaturateRatio=1.05 (was OFF)~^#* [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_ATMO_HAZE] Turned blue down a bit Blue=0.86 (was 0.93).~^#* [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_SKY_SATURATION] Turned saturation down a bit SaturateRatio=1.23 (was 1.25).~^#* [WATER_WAVESIZE] SizeRatio=4 (was 1). SmoothRatio=2 (was 7) ~^#* [WATER_WATER_SATURATION] Turned saturation down a fair bit SaturateRatio=0.65 (was 0.82).~^#* [POSTPROCESS_SHADER LiftGammaGain] Was OFF. Re-enabled to tone down the blue a fraction.~^# Lift (Shadows) RGB Gamma (Mid) RGB Gain (Highlights) RGB DayNight~^# 1.00 1.00 0.98 1.00 1.00 0.97 1.00 1.00 0.99 4~^#* [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Vibrance] Turn down blue a tiny bit.~^# Level RGB DayNight~^# 0.26 0.98 0.99 0.89 4 (was 0.98 0.99 0.98 4)~^#~^#Sky/cloud textures~^#============~^#These can *hugely* impact the overall tone, saturation and colouring of the scene.~^#My testing textures are relatively neutral - and are a fixed day set.~^#~^#REX Sky textures: Dawn: 22 Chill | Day: 14 Fair | Dusk 03 Dust.~^#FEX cloud theme: When logged into the FEX server, look for "Adam P3dv3 PTA 20-08", author Adam Banks.~^#~^#Adamski_NZ~^#www.nzfsim.org~^#22 March 2017. [MISCELLANEOUS_MAINCFGTWEAK] IsActive=0 Patch=5B47524150484943535D0D0A4844523D310D0A4844525F4252494748544E4553533D302E3635303030300D0A4844525F53415455524154494F4E3D302E3835303030300D0A4844525F424C4F4F4D5F4D41474E49545544453D302E3335303030300D0A54455353454C4C4154494F4E3D310D0A4C414E44494E475F4C49474854533D310D0A4441574E5F4455534B5F534D4F4F5448494E473D310D0A [CLOUDS_CLOUD_BRIGHTNESS_TWILIGHT] IsActive=1 [CLOUDS_CIRRUS_BRIGHTNESS_TWILIGHT] IsActive=1 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_SHADOWS_SIZE] IsActive=1 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_SIZE] IsActive=0 CloudSizeHCoeff=0.5 CloudSizeVCoeff=0.5 [CLOUDS_POPCORN_MODIFICATOR] IsActive=1 CloudDistanceFactor=0.0000000010 CloudOpacity=(clamp(0.10 + 0.20 * cb_Altitude/2000, 0.1, 0.3)) [CLOUDS_CLOUD_ALTERNATE_LIGHTING] IsActive=0 [CLOUDS_CLOUDS_LIGHTING_TUNING] IsActive=1 CloudLightFactor=0.78 CloudSaturateFactor=0.32 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_SATURATION] IsActive=1 ShadeFactor=0.75 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_VOLUME] IsActive=1 ScatteringFactor=0.5 LightingFactor=0.50 NoPattern=1 [CLOUDS_CIRRUS_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=1.00 LightingRatio=1.25 [CLOUDS_CLOUD_SHADOWS_DEPTH] IsActive=1 FDepthFactor=0.05 [LIGHTING_TERRAIN_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SunDiffuseCoeff=1.39 SunAmbientCoeff=0.75 MoonDiffuseCoeff=1.10 MoonAmbientCoeff=1.00 [LIGHTING_AUTOGEN_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SunDiffuseCoeff=1.19 SunAmbientCoeff=0.67 MoonDiffuseCoeff=1.60 MoonAmbientCoeff=1.40 [LIGHTING_AIRCRAFT_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SunDiffuseCoeff=1.00 SunAmbientCoeff=0.90 MoonDiffuseCoeff=1.30 MoonAmbientCoeff=1.30 SaturateRatio=1.00 VCOnly=0 [LIGHTING_BOOST_EMISSIVELANDCLASS] IsActive=1 BoostRatio=1.6 SaturateRatio=1.65 [LIGHTING_TERRAIN_SATURATION] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=1.05 [LIGHTING_AUTOGEN_EMISSIVE] IsActive=1 LightsRatio=3.5 AutogenRatio=1.0 SmoothTransition=1 [LIGHTING_SPECULAR_LIGHTING] IsActive=1 SpecularRatio=0.40 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_RAYLEIGH_SCATTERING] IsActive=1 DensityCorrection=1 ExcludeClouds=0 Power=3.20 Density=0.0000000035 Green=0.060 Blue=0.180 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_ATMO_HAZE] IsActive=1 Power=1.15 Distance=0.00000000009 DensityCorrection=1 Red=1.02 Green=0.95 Blue=0.86 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_CLOUDS_FOG_TUNING] IsActive=1 FogFactor=0.8 [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_SKY_FOG_TUNING] IsActive=1 FogFactor=(saturate(1.0 - cb_Altitude/1438)) [ATMOSPHERE & FOG_SKY_SATURATION] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=1.23 [WATER_FSXREFLECTION] IsActive=0 [WATER_WATERSURFACE] IsActive=1 ReflectionCoeff=(clamp(0.35 - 0.30 * cb_Altitude/700, 0.05, 0.35)) RefractionCoeff=(clamp(0.90 - 0.30 * cb_Altitude/304, 0.6, 0.9)) GranularityCoeff=2.00 SpecularBlend=0.90 FresnelAngle=0.25 [WATER_WAVESPEED] IsActive=0 SpeedRatio=1.0 [WATER_WAVESIZE] IsActive=1 SizeRatio=4 SmoothRatio=2 [WATER_WATER_SATURATION] IsActive=1 SaturateRatio=0.65 [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRADAPTATION] IsActive=1 [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRTONEMAP] IsActive=0 [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRCONTRAST] IsActive=1 Coeff=0.75 [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_HDRTONE] IsActive=0 Red=1.00 Green=1.03 Blue=1.03 [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_FXAA_TUNING] IsActive=0 Preset=15 Sharpness=0.50 - lower limit (sharper) Contrast=0.125 - high quality Edge=0.0625 - high quality (faster) [HDR & POST-PROCESSING_POSTPROCESS] IsActive=1 NoHDR=0 [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Sepia] IsActive=0 Index=0 Params=436F6C6F72546F6E65583D312E33300D0A436F6C6F72546F6E65593D312E33300D0A436F6C6F72546F6E655A3D322E30300D0A47726579506F7765723D302E30370D0A5365706961506F7765723D302E37350D0A4461794E696768745573653D320D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Curves] IsActive=0 Index=1 Params=4375727665735F6D6F64653D300D0A4375727665735F636F6E74726173743D302E36350D0A4375727665735F666F726D756C613D350D0A4461794E696768745573653D300D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Levels] IsActive=0 Index=2 Params=4C6576656C735F626C61636B5F706F696E743D31360D0A4C6576656C735F77686974655F706F696E743D3233350D0A4461794E696768745573653D300D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER LiftGammaGain] IsActive=1 Index=3 Params=5247425F4C696674583D312E30300D0A5247425F4C696674593D312E30300D0A5247425F4C6966745A3D302E39380D0A5247425F47616D6D61583D312E30300D0A5247425F47616D6D61593D312E30300D0A5247425F47616D6D615A3D302E39370D0A5247425F4761696E583D312E30300D0A5247425F4761696E593D312E30300D0A5247425F4761696E5A3D302E39390D0A4461794E696768745573653D340D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Technicolor] IsActive=0 Index=4 Params=546563686E69416D6F756E743D302E34300D0A546563686E69506F7765723D342E30300D0A7265644E65676174697665416D6F756E743D302E38380D0A677265656E4E65676174697665416D6F756E743D302E38380D0A626C75654E65676174697665416D6F756E743D302E38380D0A4461794E696768745573653D300D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Vibrance] IsActive=1 Index=5 Params=56696272616E63653D302E32360D0A56696272616E63655F5247425F62616C616E6365583D302E39380D0A56696272616E63655F5247425F62616C616E6365593D302E39390D0A56696272616E63655F5247425F62616C616E63655A3D302E38390D0A4461794E696768745573653D340D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER DPX] IsActive=0 Index=6 Params=5265643D382E300D0A477265656E3D382E300D0A426C75653D382E300D0A436F6C6F7247616D6D613D322E350D0A44505853617475726174696F6E3D332E300D0A526564433D302E33360D0A477265656E433D302E33360D0A426C7565433D302E33340D0A426C656E643D302E32300D0A4461794E696768745573653D300D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER Tonemap] IsActive=1 Index=7 Params=47616D6D613D302E38300D0A4578706F737572653D302E35350D0A53617475726174696F6E3D302E300D0A426C656163683D302E300D0A4465666F673D302E300D0A466F67436F6C6F72583D302E300D0A466F67436F6C6F72593D302E300D0A466F67436F6C6F725A3D322E35350D0A4461794E696768745573653D300D0A [POSTPROCESS_SHADER LumaSharpen] IsActive=0 Index=8 Params=53686172705F737472656E6774683D302E36350D0A53686172705F636C616D703D302E3033350D0A5061747465726E3D320D0A4F66667365745F626961733D312E300D0A4461794E696768745573653D300D0A [MISCELLANEOUS_CUSTOM_TWEAKER] IsActive=1 TweaksCount=4 [CUSTOM_TWEAK0] IsActive=0 Index=0 Name=MoonlightTone Shader=GPUTerrain.fx OldPattern=0909636F6E737420666C6F617433206D6F6F6E44696666757365203D2063625F6D4C69676874735B4D4F4F4E5F4C494748545D2E6D446966667573652E78797A3B0D0A0909636F6E737420666C6F617433206D6F6F6E416D6269656E74203D2063625F6D4C69676874735B4D4F4F4E5F4C494748545D2E6D416D6269656E742E78797A3B NewPattern=636F6E737420666C6F617433206D6F6F6E44696666757365203D2063625F6D4C69676874735B4D4F4F4E5F4C494748545D2E6D446966667573652E78797A202B2063625F6D4461794E69676874496E746572706F6C616E74202A20666C6F617433282D302E30342C202D302E30342C20302E3031293B0D0A636F6E737420666C6F617433206D6F6F6E416D6269656E74203D2063625F6D4C69676874735B4D4F4F4E5F4C494748545D2E6D416D6269656E742E78797A202B2063625F6D4461794E69676874496E746572706F6C616E74202A20666C6F617433282D302E30342C202D302E30342C20302E3031293B [CUSTOM_TWEAK1] IsActive=0 Index=1 Name=MoonToneForObjects Shader=General.fx OldPattern=636F6E737420666C6F617433206D6F6F6E44696666757365203D2063625F6D4C69676874735B4D4F4F4E5F4C494748545D2E6D446966667573652E78797A3B NewPattern=666C6F617433206D6F6F6E44696666757365203D2063625F6D4C69676874735B4D4F4F4E5F4C494748545D2E6D446966667573652E78797A3B0D0A696620282863625F6D4F626A6563745479706520213D20313929202626202863625F6D4F626A6563745479706520213D203129290D0A20206D6F6F6E44696666757365202B3D2063625F6D4461794E69676874496E746572706F6C616E74202A20666C6F617433282D302E30342C202D302E30342C20302E3031293B0D0A [CUSTOM_TWEAK2] IsActive=1 Index=2 Name=AutogenNightDesaturation Shader=General.fx OldPattern=2F2F204170706C7920495220696620616374697665 NewPattern=2369662021646566696E6564285348445F41444449544956455F454D4953534956454D4150292026262021646566696E6564285348445F424C454E4445445F454D4953534956454D4150292026262021646566696E6564285348445F4D554C5449504C595F454D4953534956454D4150290D0A202020696620282863625F6D4F626A6563745479706520213D202875696E74293129202626202863625F6D4F626A6563745479706520213D202875696E7429313929202626202863625F6D4F626A6563745479706520213D202875696E74293029290D0A2020202020202020202063436F6C6F722E726762203D207361747572617465286C65727028646F742863436F6C6F722E7267622C20666C6F61743328302E323939662C20302E333837662C20302E3135346629292C2063436F6C6F722E7267622C202831202D2063625F6D4461794E69676874496E746572706F6C616E742929293B0D0A23656E6469660D0A2F2F204170706C7920495220696620616374697665 [CUSTOM_TWEAK3] IsActive=1 Index=3 Name=TerrainNightSaturation Shader=GPUTerrain.fx OldPattern=46696E616C436F6C6F72203D20666C6F6174342846696E616C4C69676874696E672C2066416C706861293B NewPattern=46696E616C436F6C6F72203D20666C6F6174342846696E616C4C69676874696E672C2066416C706861293B0D0A69662028456D697373697665436F6C6F722E67203D3D2030292046696E616C436F6C6F722E726762203D207361747572617465286C65727028646F742846696E616C436F6C6F722E7267622C20666C6F61743328302E323939662C20302E353837662C20302E3131346629292C2046696E616C436F6C6F722E7267622C2028312E3038202D2063625F6D4461794E69676874496E746572706F6C616E742929293B
  5. Hi all, MY PTA CFG is working just fine except for one minor issue. I noticed when I'm departing or arriving that the city lights and autogen ground lighting father from me are not lit up. As I fly they come into play the closer I get. Before my PTA ini that was loaded it did not have this issue. Does anyone know what section in the PTA presets that I would edit to fix this from happening. This is annoying because when in bigger cities the ground lighting is showing up then disapearing keeping me from enjoying the scenery. Thanks in advance!
  6. Mother F! You are right! My friend Mike told me he tried to do that via a youtube video like two weeks ago. Since then he has not had access to my PC because bluntly put, I ended up with like 10 Trojans! I assure you I am a paying customer and always will be! Is there any way we can fix this issue So I can activate my 777-300?
  7. When using Google Chrome I cannot get into your website at all. While using the Internet I can get to these forums at least. But when I try to login using the IE, it tells me that the remote resource will not allow access. I'm confused.
  8. Sidney Kyle Thomas is my full name. I was trying to activate my 777-300 when I realized this issue. I cannot login to get my Activation key emailed to me.
  9. I've been having a major issue and have looked on youtube and google for possible fixes without any luck! I can look at the main PMDG website and its products, forums etc... But When I go to login I get this message! This site can’t be reached www.precisionmanuals.com refused to connect. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy and the firewall ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED ________________________________ I have checked my proxy and firewall setting using google chrome and I have also checked my network firewall setting and tried to fix it. No help! I hope someone here has had this issue or knows how to fix it! Thanks for the help in advance!
  10. Just letting you guys know I fixed the problem. If you have spad next or saitek panels you have to use them and match your actions that your taking with the mouse inside the flightdeck. This is a pilot error not a PMDG error if you hear of it again. Thanks guys.
  11. Bert how did you fix your problem? It did occur right after I raised my gear. I have all the saitek panels, and I use them with Spad.next but I also have FSUIPC. pedrotrindade And Idk what it would have to do with the mixture axis. Please Enlighten me. Kyle Rodgers it sounds like Bert may know how to fix this???
  12. Hello all, I attempted a flight earlier in the 777 from KMIA to KJFK and when I got about 500 feet above ground during departure the aircraft shut down. I lost all power,controls and electrical power? It is not happening with any other aircraft, Airbus or NGX. Can anyone tell me of this is something that can be fixed using the 777 FMC in the maintenance section or is there something I am personally screwing up?? Thanks in advance.
  13. Hey guys, I've read forums that date back years. My autopilot system in the 737 NGX will not activate correctly or stay on. Things I've tried --I've checked and checked my trim! --I've checked and cleared all failures in MCDU --I've Checked my settings and FSUIPC settings --I've reinstalled the NGX When I active the auto pilot only on CDM A or B will activate when of course usually both will activate and stay on once I'm well into my flight. That is not the case now and it didn't recently start happening. I do use Spad next for all of my exterior hardware so I am trying to look and see if that is the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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