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  1. For such a complex environment and the details that have been added, I think the performance looks outstanding. Frame rate doesn't seem to bounce by ten or twenty fps and is a pretty stable frame rate throughout. Asobo have done well to optimise the sim and I assume it will be even better with the release candidate. All that being said - my 4770K and 16GB of ram with a 1070 (8GB) meet well above the minimum spec needed to play. I will be building a new system in November though, putting in a 10900K, 64GB RAM two 2tb SSD's with one being an M.2 drive and the best 30xx series nvidia card I can get my hands on.
  2. Yoko Plus with MFG rudder pedals. Waiting on the Honeycomb throttle so using the slider throttle on my Logitech Attack 3 joystick instead, but thats alright as I will be flying GA for the next few months anyway.
  3. Considering that the previews we have seen are most likely from the alpha build, we cant judge what the sim looks like from these previews. The sim is now in Beta and I am sure many of those issues have been reviewed and fixed by now. The release build will be different again and I'm sure asobo have quite a list of new features and fixes up their sleeve that even the beta testers don't know about. A little over 2 weeks away and we will be able to see if these issues are still present and if they are then I am 100% sure that Asobo will take care of them. I believe this topic is premature as you cannot base a final product off of an alpha build.
  4. Do you have access to the MSFS forum? Try logging in as your question will not be answered on Avsim due to the NDA...
  5. I wonder how seaplanes will react to the physics of the water? From the looks of several different videos the sea is dynamic and reacts accordingly to the weather presented. Asobo/Microsoft have a real gem on their hands if they wanted to move beyond just flight simulation. There is currently no ship sim on the market that has been developed within the last five years. I know V-Step have come back but that project is on hold until next year. MS could really make good use of the world they created. This time next month we will all be glued to our computers once again to enjoy the world that has been so well created by Asobo. I really cannot wait!
  6. If you expect something to be perfect, then you're living in an alternate universe and you need to come back down to earth. Some people will forever be the same, expecting a lot more than what is humanely capable in a video game. The leaks for me have lifted my excitement as the feature episodes and weekly updates were starting to bore me. What is needed is a long gameplay footage of the simulator in action, showing most of what it can do and where it stands today. I personally think and I know a lot more think so too, that the beta should have been an open beta - to showcase the world of MSFS 2020 to everybody without the need for closed doors, inevitable leaks (because there's nothing to lose) and relative lack of hype in regards for the new simulator. I hope Asobo/MS stick to their word and allow all of us who have signed up for the alpha/beta given access to the beta.
  7. I saw a leak last night of a night landing and eventhough there were blurry boxes and the quality wasn't crisp, the level of detail was outstanding. From the city lights illuminating the clouds, to the crimson crescent moon low on the horizon. One thing that struck my attention though was the real time reflections on the cockpit glass from the screens in the cockpit. With every move of the G1000 display, it was moving in parallel on the glass. Less than a month now and we will all be experiencing a new world and a new era in flight simulation. I haven't been this excited since FSX was due for release, of course we all know how quickly our excitement faded when it was installed...I know for certain though, that MSFS 2020 will live up to our expectations and even greater.
  8. It would be great if BAW donated the three retro jets G-BYGC - G-BNLY & G-CIVB to Duxford Air Museum or similar in the UK. They are three gorgeous liveries and it would be a shame to see them being broken up for scrap!
  9. Take it as you may. It was just an idea and I am in no way being salty!
  10. To give those of us a chance of getting in who singed up only a couple of weeks ago in the latest "recruitment" phase - It would be great if Asobo created a new program where everyone must sign up for the Beta program, and that those already in the Alpha don't get automatic transfer to the Beta. Just an idea, but it would bring many the chance of getting into the Beta before release that haven't already tried the sim. Or they could just invite everyone all at once instead of 30 or so a week...
  11. How does one know if an area is covered or not? Is there a list?
  12. I spent over an hour trying to get the insider hub working the other night, before I nearly gave up I did some googling and found that you need Xbox game pass or something similar (not at my computer right now) - anyway, after installing said program I managed to login to the Insider Hub, ofcourse without any MSFS 2020 notifications 😞
  13. I believe the Cessna Citation comes standard in the sim but it hasn't been previewed much if at all. I think I only saw it in one of the previews.
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