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  1. shamrockflyer

    Rattle old standby altimeter with ISFD

    Out of interest - do you have any sound immersion packs installed for the NGX?
  2. shamrockflyer

    P3D V4.3 CTD

    Upon receiving my first ntdll ctd in several months today I updated necessary drivers and windows, after doing so - I have come across a ctd I haven't seen before. I can load into P3D just fine, set up a flight and load it no problem, but as soon as the aircraft is 100% loaded the textures cease to load leaving my flightdeck black and some surrounding areas black also. If I pan around the aircraft for a few seconds the sim will freeze and after about 10 seconds of being in the freeze P3D will CTD. There is no crash log in event viewer. I thought it might have been the 747 immersion pack for the PMDG 747, however - after disabling that I still get the CTD. Deleting the P3D.cfg file and allowing it to rebuild to default values does not help either.
  3. shamrockflyer


    The texture file for the chewbacca is in the vc texture folder I think in the 747-8 folder inside of Simobjects - Airplanes.
  4. shamrockflyer

    Bugs disappearing?

    While the bug splatter is a nice addition - I too think its a bit unrealistic with the quick disappearing bugs once airborne. Take this video for example - you can clearly see bug splatters on the windshield, maybe adding subtle bug splatter effects that remain while in-flight and or create a streak when using the wipers to try and clear it. Its a small feature, but if you're adding it - you want to do it right! Take FSL and their A319 with windshield bugs for example...
  5. shamrockflyer


    I know Kyle lives closer to Dulles than a lot of us here do so that is why I was referring him to go to his local airport. Anyway - I appreciate the feedback, and yes it would seem that not all aircraft are the same, although all videos in which I have watched with the -8 are different to that of the PMDG -8. Anyhow...the admin(s) may lock this post as to avoid any potential future "arguments". Thank you.
  6. shamrockflyer


    Jim - thank you for your professional calm approach to this topic, I appreciate your feedback and I am satisfied with your explanation. As I have said before - I was only pointing out my point of view.
  7. shamrockflyer


    There was really no need for the explanation. I wasn't trying to go anywhere with this post, I was only letting my point of view out.
  8. shamrockflyer


    Then don't bother wasting your time commenting or even looking at this post and move on......
  9. shamrockflyer


    I provided sources for evidence - YouTube and your local airport, its not that hard to look up a video of a 748 on takeoff is it?! 🤨
  10. shamrockflyer


    I don't have any video editing skills, or else I'd put together a video with the PMDG strobes and RW strobes side by side to prove that the timings aren't correct. For those of you that feel such things aren't important then why are bugs on the windshield so big of a deal then? The evidence is clearly there, but you come across as reluctant to point out that yes the timings in your simulation of the 748 for the strobe lights are incorrect, as you do with many similar posts on this forum with evidence or not.
  11. shamrockflyer


    I wasn't suggesting that you have in anyway incorrectly modelled the strobe lights, I was just suggesting a potential timing difference with the strobe lights as opposed to rw aircraft. I just have an eye for detail and like to satisfy my curiosity.
  12. shamrockflyer


    Go to your local airport and watch a -8 on arrival or departure, look at videos on youtube of many other airlines.....
  13. shamrockflyer


    But still - this doesn't answer my question as to why the strobe lights are illuminated for much longer with the PMDG -8 as to the real world -8.
  14. shamrockflyer


    As the title suggests - there is something I have noticed from watching videos of the -8 and flying the -8 in the sim. That is strobe light timings. The PMDG -8 strobe lights appear to be 1 to 2 seconds longer in duration of the flash than to that of the real aircraft. Anybody else think of this also?
  15. shamrockflyer

    [20SEP18] Where in the world is RSR & the PMDG 747-8?

    All I'm going to say is - "Approaching minimums"