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  1. I believe the Cessna Citation comes standard in the sim but it hasn't been previewed much if at all. I think I only saw it in one of the previews.
  2. I only signed up a couple of weeks back so my chance of getting in before release is very slim! I wish they would just invite everyone all at once and give those of us that have been in the FS community for over 20 years the chance to experience MSFS 2020 before it hits the shelves.
  3. Seeing this makes me a little concerned for MSFS 2020. I know its off topic, but how will this sort of issue be dealt with in MSFS as I'm sure the level of detail will increase over time with addon aircraft. Are Asobo using DX12 in MSFS2020 or not?
  4. Look at page 36 of the Avsim CTD guide.
  5. Turn off cloud shadows in V4 before doing a comparison. Cloud shadows are notorious for significantly decreasing performance atleast on my side they are so no wonder performance is much better in V5 without the cloud shadows enabled.
  6. Are Skyline ever going to address the performance issues with the scenery? I have much more stable fps at Aerosofts London Heathrow with AI traffic than I do with an empty CVG when looking towards the terminal area. Also the lack of use of the 'new' ramp over at DHL in the afcad, it doesn't exist but does in the scenery. There are still so many issues with this scenery and until Skyline get their act together and make our money's worth then I will regret my purchase of CVG.
  7. I do run AI but not from any of the sources that you run. I use flightplans from AIG and their OCI program. I don't have any other issues, other than that of around Calais.
  8. I came across an issue with the ntdll.dll CTD last night when trying to fly this route - EGLL DET1K DET KOK FERDI REMBA LNO LNO1M EHBK The CTD happens between FERDI and REMBA or just over Calais. Its a strange one as the exception code is 0xc0000374 which points to a heap corruption, but I don't have any issues anywhere else in the world apart from over Calais. I did the flight in the PMDG 747-400. If anyone can try out this flight and see if the issue occurs for you I would appreciate it.
  9. Ok, here you go https://www.dropbox.com/s/1y4bxe8lt9ef1yg/UGCX Log.zip?dl=0
  10. Not sure how to attach a zip file onto Avsim, I know I've been a member for nearly a decade but I still don't know 🙄
  11. Its not continuing to push, the tug disconnects, I release parking brakes and start moving - what ever direction the nose was pointed for pushback for example: pushing the nose right the aircraft will slowly shift towards the right once I start to taxi without the tug connected, if I start the sim and taxi around for a bit the aircrafts position is fine, it stays centre with my pedals, but after using UGCX the issue starts and doesn't stop.
  12. Ok I have done some more tests with the pushback and the same issue still occurs with either using computer generated pushback route or user selected route. The issue occurs with the PMDG 747 400 and -8 as well as the 777, likely happening with all aircraft but I don't have the time to test. I will try a reinstall of UGCX and see if that fixes the issue, but I have my doubts.
  13. Q: Hmmm, hard to say... did you create a "PUSHBACK POINT"? Maybe you put the waypoints too close together? Without seeing what you created, it's hard to guess... maybe take a screen shot. But try making your waypoints further apart. A: I could be making waypoints a bit too close together, will test it out later with wider gaps between waypoints and report back if the issue repeats. Q: Not totally sure I follow. So after the pushback, you're immediately doing a tow? A: No. Upon arrival, or upon startup. For example - earlier I started up the PMDG 747 on the holding point for runway 09 at MIA, called for a tow and the three guys just stood there with a tow bar on its own with no tug to be seen. The same thing can happen at random times when requesting a tow or pushback. Q: Does that happen every time? You can reproduce consistently? Never saw that in testing. So I just googled it. A: Now that you have posted that link, I will have to do some more research into it, as you said that you haven't seen it in testing, it could well be another product such as SODE causing the CTD.
  14. To start off I must say I am very impressed with UGCX, its more than I expected and makes a great change hearing human voices. With that said - this is the reason I am posting: Upon pushback completion (custom route selection not computer generated) whether being pushed tail right nose left or opposite, what ever way the nose is pushed upon taxi the aircraft will slightly continue to that direction, as if the rudder pedals aren't calibrated yet they are and the aircrafts flight controls are perfectly centred. Another thing is disappearing pushback tugs on selecting tow, during pushback the tug doesn't disappear. Last but not least is a dreaded CTD, the CTD occurs when requesting a marshaller at a gate, closing the menu but then re-opening the menu and deciding on a different gate, the sim will crash with a SimObjectAnimatinModule64.dll error.
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