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  1. If VF made a throttle that had reversers and the ability to configure the throttle for aircraft type such as GA to a Boeing etc then I would be getting one, but as far as I know they don't. If I cant get my hands on a GF-TQ6 then I most likely will get the VF throttle as I have their Yoko + and its outstanding, their customer support is top quality too!
  2. I am looking at the market for a new throttle since the honeycomb throttle won't be available until atleast September at the earliest I had a look around and found the GoFlight TQ6 Advanced, its perfect and just want I need but their website states that with executive order No.20-12 in place they have closed their doors temporarily. My friend in Oregon has told me that executive order No.20-12 has not been in place for almost a year. Any ideas when/if GoFlight will be opening up again?
  3. Setting the mesh res to 10m from 1m seems to do the trick! After further research into the topic the last few days I came to the decision that it may just not be an issue with the scenery itself but rather P3D, well this pretty much confirmed my suspicions. Atleast after a couple of circuits for 06 on the ILS I haven't experienced any crash into the terrain. Thank you all for your help and tips, now to get back to running Cargolux ops...
  4. I have ignore crashes and damage selected and crash tolerance is on easy or 0%. The issue is ofcourse still there.
  5. Just before the piano keys on the ILS for runway 06 at Justsim ELLX V2 in P3D V4.5 HF3 I am experiencing an invisible wall which causes any aircraft to just slam into the ground. Crash detection is turned off and I am not experiencing this at any other airports apart from ELLX. I have tested both the PMDG 747-400/-8 and 777 all hitting the same invisible wall at the same spot. Any ideas or fix would be appreciated. I wish Justsim had a support forum or email so that they could be made aware of it (if it has anything to do with the scenery).
  6. Windows 10 updated the other day and all was fine until today. I had installed an updated Realtek sound driver yesterday, but after having issues with no sound I restored the computer to a state before I had updated. I get onto my computer today and it just won't boot into Windows. My motherboards Q-Code is AA but it isn't booting to Windows it is stuck on the Asus Republic Of Gamers logo screen or the screen is just black. Attempting the troubleshooting method in the advanced options I am hitting a brick wall as I cannot click on anything. When I click on say Command Prompt it is just high lighted in white and nothing else happens. I have never had such issues before and this is a new build. Any ideas what is causing such an issue and do I have to reset the PC in order to regain control? I would also like to point out that I cannot boot into Safe Mode either. Specs are below
  7. Thank you, that has fixed the issue for me.
  8. I have already started a topic in the FlyTampa forum, but its like a barren desert over there so I thought my best bet is to get some support here from someone who may have had the same issue I am having currently. I am running P3D V4.5 latest version, Orbx Vector there is no EHAM in the config section for elevation. EHAM is giving me some elevation issues where the aircraft is laying below the addon textures but sat on the default runway underneath. I cannot understand what is causing the issue so any help would be greatly appreciated. https://imgur.com/a/ZE2nCtZ
  9. A friend of mine has created this new project that integrates the A320 FBW mod to physical hardware, a bit more about it below. What is OPENA3XX? OPENA3XX is an ambitious project for all Airbus flight simmers. The project started a couple of weeks ago to build a home affordable Airbus cockpit made of open source tools, hardware, and software. Real Airbus pilots is also consulting to the look & feel, behaviour and functionality! At this point, our goal is to have a DIY cockpit integrated fully with the A320 Flybywire mod in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. When will OPENA3XX will be launched? It's still early days to mention a target date. OPENA3XX is an ongoing development, and we already made some excellent progress end-to-end from hardware to the software integration point of view. The plan is to start releasing more updates regularly. How much will it cost? It's very hard at this point to determine any costs. Our goal is to create a solution without paying thousands of euros. All hardware and software will be open-source under GNU General Public License v3.0, and it will be free for everyone. Architecture Our target architecture is to have all modular cockpit components working with IoT technologies using several Raspberry PI Zeros. What are we working on right now? We started working on the MCDU integrated physically (All switches) with the Flybywire mod in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. We have our basic prototype ready, but now we are in the process to create 3d designs which can be 3D printed at home and integrated with our custom boards open to everyone. More updates soon! https://github.com/opena3xx (please note that this is in early stages of development, more updates will be published in the coming days/weeks.) Discord link https://discord.com/invite/9VwbFJw4
  10. The only thing I dont like about the 208 is that its very difficult to get the thing to turn with the rudder pedals. I have the MFG rudder pedals and all other aircraft turn very well, but the 208 takes some careful guidance and a lot more use of the toe brakes - heck the mig 21 in DCS is easier to taxi than the 208!
  11. I had to restart the sim about five times as after it downloaded a few hundred kb's it just wouldn't go any further. I got it in the end eventually.
  12. For the past few hours my update has been stuck on the fs-base-cgl-0.1.30.fspatch.002 - I just thought my internet was being slow or the servers were packed, but that appears not to be the case. Is anyone else having the same issue?
  13. For me the premium deluxe is good value in my opinion. Its good to have the 172 classic amongst other aircraft. The airliners however - they don't fly good at all. They're very hard to fly in terms of how "sticky" the controls feel, moving my yoko + full right/left, up/down barely does anything, regardless of what speed I am doing! I wish they made the premium deluxe aircraft files available so that the mod community can work on improving the aircraft, as they have already done some great work on the 152 and G1000.
  14. Its ok, I am downloading a 3.38GB file from the marketplace within MSFS 2020 which is Premium Deluxe. I guess it had to be released first...
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