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  1. Outstanding work as always! Very much looking forward to it.
  2. Will MS/Asobo ever open up the weather system to be fully used by third parties? I'd like to see Active Sky for MSFS, it was great with P3D and never had any issues with it!
  3. I wish they'd update EIKY to add parking bays you can select from the menu, as currently there are none and you have to start from the runway.
  4. I haven't had any issues whatsoever today and I am flying right now. The only issue thus far is sudden wind changes throwing my aircraft around like a rag doll - I wish they'd fix that!
  5. It seems as if the southern part of Alaska is the only part affected by this issue. I flew to Anaktuvuk Pass from Fairbanks in the DC6 the other day and didn't encounter snow apart from the snow capped mountains. The same cant be said for Juneau, a few weeks ago I flew to Juneau with the OAT of +18C which is well above freezing the area was covered in snow. I hope this issue is addressed as it ruins the immersion.
  6. An absolute no from me, but for those of you that have got it - I hope you thoroughly enjoy it! Looking forward to the -800 now that the -600 is out of the way.
  7. I was using an opacity of 50% for the terrain mask.
  8. That was the issue. Thanks for pointing that out as I would never had guessed.
  9. Does anybody have an issue with big squares appearing on the north side of the runway where there should be water? I am not on my computer right now so cannot post pictures, but its as if parts of the water have been replaced with land.
  10. I have been using toolbar pushback since the Fenix was released and haven't had a single issue with it. Some say it causes a memory leak and performance loss after many hours, but that is a problem with MSFS and not the toolbar pushback as the performance loss after many hours happens with or without the toolbar pushback installed. I just hope Asobo fix the performance loss in SU10 or SU11 as it really affects the enjoyment one gets out of MSFS after a certain amount of hour spent in the sim.
  11. Hopefully not too long now until the 800 releases. The EFB is much needed!
  12. Now with the AN225 destroyed, can anyone tell me why an A380 cannot be converted to a freighter config so that it can specialise in the type of freight the 225 could handle?
  13. Its a good practice to shop around to find the best deals. Sometimes depending on the airport you can save around 5 quid or more by just looking elsewhere. I personally have more payware airports in MSFS than I ever did in P3D. I think the main reason behind that is the price. On Average an addon is much cheaper for MSFS than it is for P3D, sales aren't hard to come by either, with Orbx running several throughout the year - it sure is easy to get that airport you've had your eye on for some time at a significant discount, if only you can hold out for the sales. Freeware content is the best I have ever seen it for a Microsoft flight simulator. I think MSFS's freeware is giving X-Plane's freeware a run for its "money".
  14. Is there anyway that you can turn of the toilet flushing effect at or below 10,300 feet? Its a bit unrealstic hearing the toilet flush on final approach.
  15. I dont have the time to go through this post to see if the issue I am having has been mentioned so I will just proceed. When in flight in any aircraft, when I try to zoom in or out, FSR is blocking me from doing so. Upon closing FSR I am able to zoom again. This only happens when in the flightdeck and I cannot move the zoom slider from within the camera menu in the toolbar.
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