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  1. GSX is more of a visual thing. The only operational value it has is the pushback really. You either love it or hate it. I personally have it and enjoy it.
  2. Just that it doesn't perform as well as I thought it would (which is true). I bought it 6 months ago.
  3. I just started a chat with them and they set up a return label for me. As simple as that.
  4. Amazon are refunding me the full amount I paid for my 3090Ti and I am purchasing the 4090. I simply cannot wait to experience frame generation. From the videos I have watched and the posts I have read, FG is a game changer!
  5. I uninstalled over 17GB of files the other day from MSFS such as the landing challenges and aircraft and liveries I will never use.
  6. I got my RTX 3090Ti in October 2022 and wish I hadn't. I am going to purchase a 4080 in a few weeks, as reading this thread has concreted my realization to the error I made in purchasing the 3090Ti. Will Amazon (purchased from Zotac) allow a return and refund after 6 months?
  7. The DC6 is a good long haul airliner, the A310, AN225, 737 BBJ to name a few.
  8. Since turning off Photogrammetry I haven't had any performance issues.
  9. Will they scream as much as the B52 does today? I guess not.
  10. I have noticed that with both default and payware sceneries of Fairbanks Alaska that when looking east towards Fairbanks town/city that there is a sudden short drop in fps by about 20 to 30 fps causing a major stutter fest which lasts for only a few seconds. I don't have any Fairbanks city mods installed, I only have Orbx Alaska Mesh. Has anyone else noticed this?
  11. I found this https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/dlss-2-5-1-in-flight-sim/571306/17
  12. How do you get DLSS swapper to detect MSFS installation? I have it installed via the MS store.
  13. Yes I have noticed that traffic especially air traffic causes slow downs after a certain amount of time. Instead of FStraffic I think I will just use FSLTL as static traffic to populate airports.
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