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  1. shamrockflyer

    PMDG 747-8 EFB Charts

    A Navigraph subscription is better than a Netflix subscription.... In other words, its a MUST for any flight sim enthusiast that wishes to simulate the latest charts and AIRAC cycles.
  2. Is the 'million pound' MTOW simulated? You know - the record Boeing set in the Mojave a couple years back with the 748F...
  3. The pin is / should be located within the "bull horns" on the shaft rod, if there is a metal pin sticking out just make sure either you push it back in or hammer it in so that it doesn't catch on any parts which it did in mine. I am sorry I do not have any pictures of the inside of mine and I can't disassemble the yoke right now, thus don't have any intentions to do so ever again.
  4. I wasn't aware of the sticking issues with GoFlight, however - after writing my previous post I decided firmly on Yoko. As per the Yoko - does it have any deadzones? and what is the life expectancy of the bungie cord system in which Yoko uses?
  5. Although lubrication may be an issue with your yoke...last night I disassembled my Saitek Pro Flight Yoke only to discover the pin which keeps the right and left axis centred was sticking out causing the pitch axis to stick when moving the yoke a certain way. Therefore today I continued my work and hammered that pin back into place, removed the pitch axis springs and used the rubber band mod method, it is so far working great and I no longer have any issues with sticking as much as I used to. I did use vaseline to lubricate the shaft and rod. This is just a temporary solution until I eventually replace my near decade old Saitek yoke with Yoko the yoke, which I cannot wait for!
  6. shamrockflyer

    747-8 Stream. Now

    Damn! If Matt has it, it must be close! Can't wait guys...make sure you "ruin" my weekend... 😉
  7. shamrockflyer

    Log in

    To answer this question - your FSX purchases of the 737, 747, 777 plus expansion packs are not compatible with P3D, therefore will have to be re-purchased. With this I do not understand why you aren't seeing the password reset option, as it is right there underneath the security feature... 'Forgot your password? Click here to reset your password.'
  8. shamrockflyer

    PMDG RainMaker preview

    The less bugs the better 😉
  9. shamrockflyer

    Rain Effect

    It hasn't been implemented into the sim yet. The first aircraft to have it I believe is the 748 which is so close I can hear it 'atleast I think I can 😉' Hopefully other products within the range will get updated not too soon after the 748 release.
  10. shamrockflyer

    I need Help

    Before you trying anything else, can you set up a flight with the 747, then go into your FMC - PMDG SETUP> <OPTIONS <SIMULATION page 2/10 CTL INPUT WITH AP ON if disabled select Enable then test from there, if the AP still disconnects then I can help you no further, but if that does fix your issue, then maybe your controls need calibrating within Windows or FSUIPC?
  11. shamrockflyer

    Strange artifacts dynamic lighting P3D v4.3

    They offered no fix, I don't think they even consider this an issue on their side. If LM don't investigate this further, then I wouldn't expect a fix for several months. Atleast it has been brought to their attention though.
  12. shamrockflyer

    Rudder Pedals Disconnecting

    I think I may have fixed the issue by switching out the cable. Since doing so I have no longer had any disconnection issues and the events section in device manager for the pedals is displaying a healthy log. I will repost here in the coming days if the issue has risen again, lets hope not! Thanks for your suggestions both Frank and Rob! Regards, Ciarán
  13. shamrockflyer

    Rudder Pedals Disconnecting

    I have gone through that step and it hasn't resolved the issue. Since the pedals connect to the computer using a standard printer cable, I will try my printer cable and see if that sorts it, if not then more troubleshooting is in order.
  14. shamrockflyer

    Rudder Pedals Disconnecting

    The pedals are MFG Rudder Pedals. All windows updates are the latest and all drivers are latest.
  15. Just to start this off - I have contacted the manufacturer (MFG) about this issue. I have also gone through all necessary steps in order to solve this issue but none have worked such as USB power management etc. As for the issue - when starting P3D V4.3 or sometimes when halfway through a flight my MFG rudder pedals will disconnect and reconnect and vise versa continuously which eventually causes an ntdll ctd with P3D. Is there any reason why my pedals should be disconnecting? I have tried connecting the usb cable into the computer & external usb ports without a fix.