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  1. TuFun

    Why the FSX Engine Has Been So Robust

    Just installed FSX-SE with ORBX... forgotten how terrible it looks and that's with max settings. I've been spoiled by eye candy games! 😳
  2. TuFun

    Stearman from Golden Age Sim is winner

    Crop duster version is my favorite so much so I paint a modern nostalgia version with bling!
  3. Would like to see if DX12 or Vulkan would make a difference if implemented correctly. I ran it thru 3D Mark API test with a 9600K/1060 system. Now if I could get scores like this with DX12 or Vulkan in a future version of P3D
  4. TuFun

    Name the movie...

    Don't forget Telly Savalas (pilot). The lollypop man if you know what I mean! Elliott Gould was the reporter. The aircraft didn't have a front seat since it was a cropduster in this scene.
  5. You do realize that the professional side does want these advancements and they pay big money to get them as soon it's available. I'm looking forward to the new graphics engine in 2019! If it breaks compatibility so be it! I'm for it. .
  6. With free shipping... that's a bargain!!! 😁 I had a feeling you would pick these up. Looking forward to your impressions.
  7. I agree, much better in the looks department. My older case didn't matter no window, but the new case does. Intrigued by this model... next generation NF-A12x25 120mm fans. NH-U12 series CPU cooler, which will use two of the new fans in a push/pull dual fan configuration as well as a heatsink with 7 heatpipes and 37% more surface area. The new NH-U12 series cooler is currently scheduled for release in late 2018 or early 2019.
  8. Boy, that thing is ugly, but it works! Nice board though... have the z390 Pro myself.
  9. This statement pretty much put me off on EZCA. From the developer... CP is a clone of V1, though it is well developed today. It has always been and will remain a clone.
  10. And possibly a new chipset/motherboard may be in order. Oh, no will not except z390 boards! /s
  11. Thank you. Much appreciate taking the time to explain PBR! -TeD
  12. TuFun

    Do not click!

    Dam😋 near perfect! Beautiful shot! The only thing that gave it away was the shadow on the wing otherwise excellent.
  13. TuFun

    Playing around with PBR in 4.4

    Kevin how much more is involved in applying PBR materials to P3Dv4.4 models? Referring to this comments... PBR materials
  14. TuFun

    Playing around with PBR in 4.4

    Sure does make a difference. Never liked how the spinner/prop doesn't look right at the root. Like the props are detached.
  15. Wondering if there will be any improvements when the i9-9900KF CPU without the iGPU are released? Maybe cheaper? Also looks like an RTX Titan in the works. i9-9900KF