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  1. Look who does the bulk of the process! To further complicate things, the production of minerals like lithium, cobalt, and rare earths is highly concentrated. Just three countries account for more than 75% of all those mined today. Currently, 70% of cobalt comes from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and 60% of rare earth minerals come from China. The mineral-processing industry is even more concentrated than that, with China refining 90% of rare earth elements. Green Energy
  2. When I retired a few years ago I stopped using them. I have no service but by law the phone must have 911 active. I don't miss it one bit. Rather spend the money on something else.
  3. Wow, flew the C-182 right from the factory in 1971 2300 hrs flight time .
  4. Tracking... Freed and moving up the Suez!
  5. Natures Camouflage maybe since mom can hide the little ducklings.
  6. It's going to be interesting whether climate or global bankruptcy or another nasty pandemic will do us in. I can tell it's not going well from all the Huskies that are in dog jail here.
  7. http://www.flightsimhq.com/forums/forum/3-off-topic/
  8. All is ok... 2020 just don't quit. A2A Aerostar
  9. Maybe someday that poo will poo poo our existence!
  10. After listening to their conversations before flight, my gut feeling as with the ladies would be to stay on the ground on this flight.
  11. Europe’s top aviation regulator said he’s satisfied that changes to Boeing Co.’s 737 Max have made the plane safe enough to return to the region’s skies before 2020 is out, even as a further upgrade his agency demanded won’t be ready for up to two years. Boeing 737 Max Deemed Safe
  12. Not going back to Cali... to expensive... staying in Texas, better homes for cheaper price! 😁
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