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  1. I would prefer to be in spirit form than being in the current organic form.
  2. Did you notice in the world video a character in the clouds with big open happy expression at 32:40 and at 33:00 closer view?
  3. That cloud does not approve giving the finger! 😁
  4. I reenlisted in 82 and decided to by a new car. Price was $8,000+ for a RS 5.0 for 48 months which I payed off in 32. It is still in my driveway. Drove it for 37 years daily until I retired. Parts are cheap, insurance, and I can work on it which I'm replacing the water pump and while I'm at it replacing the timing chain.
  5. I don't own a cell, don't need one, don't care for one... now that's live changing... for some!
  6. The loud noises caused the ground crews that worked on the plane to vomit and have seizures. What aircraft is it?
  7. One of my favorites CS 707 and the CS 727. Military was their CS B-52. Check this out 727 Cargo still flying... Flying 46 Years Old Boeing 727
  8. Sulfur batteries...
  9. This maybe the answer to EV's to unlimited travel?!
  10. I remember this freeware aircraft when it first came out many years ago and is still flown in my world to this day. One of the reasons to keep P3D around. https://www.flickr.com/photos/77366292@N03/albums/72157715730152408
  11. We got the beat... I didn' see that...
  12. I watch this thinking the furry friend would jump in and grab the ball, but this happened...
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