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  1. Looking good! Do the same for the tires, anti glare shield, de-icing boots and those on the props.
  2. Gman5250 over at SOH is the guy you want to contact about bare metal for P3Dv.4. A true artist when it comes to textures and modeling of aircraft. Bare metal example of a C-46 textures he did... http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/109766-Broken-Software-Two-Strikes-and-Counting?p=1131716&viewfull=1#post1131716 True glass for a B-26K only in P3Dv.4, something Gman5250 added. http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/108139-SOH-A-26-Invader-the-story-continues?p=1131202&viewfull=1#post1131202 I use FSX-SE for test only, don't have X-Plane 11 and P3Dv.4.
  3. Now the Dagor engine can do self reflection which is used in War Thunder. Example the tail surface showing self reflection. Currently P3D doesn't do this, and not sure if X-Plane 11 does this either. Someday I suppose.
  4. If you want to convert MJ C-47 with P3D DR, try this... P3D Dynamic Reflections This is an older pic of a beta MDL using DR that Manfred let me test. I've upgraded to using Photoshop 6, use to use Paint.NET program. This pic is an new Beta MDL from Manfred to added more detail to the model. ETA is unknown since Jan Visser is currently working on he C-47. FSX-SE
  5. C123

    This one was in the works.. not seen any updates lately. Browse thru this forum for more pics. P3D Fairchild C-123
  6. Antonov An2

    I remember when I did the sounds for Manfred's C-47 and reports of it being to loud (cockpit)... well it's suppose to be loud...LOL! Mostly due to pilots wearing headphones it was to loud. It was a simple fix by reducing the volume in the sound.cfg file. Would be nice to have that option like A2A uses when you virtually plug in headphones. Good videos Alan, going strip the sounds from them for my encyclopedia of sounds. Look at MilViz Otter, beautiful sounding radial engine in that aircraft! Also, does the Aerosoft An-2 uses the [combustion] format or the [prop] format? The Otter uses the [prop] format which I'm modding the C-47 sounds to. Never liked the engine sounds going to idle while still maintaining airspeed.
  7. Antonov An2

    Shorty stacks does sound different than the trumpet exhaust seen in this video that gives it a deeper tone. Hows the sounds on the SibWings version? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tli5NG4HBsQ Beautiful silver bird... deeper sounds... love the radial sounds. Starting at 10:38, listen how loud it gets when the window is opened... close at 11:40.
  8. Something to do on Thanksgiving Day! Photoshop fun that is!!! Some area I'm working on...
  9. Some like it real

    Ok, that make sense. You can tell its P3D by the clouds.
  10. Some like it real

    Very nice pic... except for one thing... what's that in the upper right corner?
  11. Photoshop fun!!!

    I think Monty wouldn't like that since this is his VIP aircraft. The aircrew and ground crew would hand polish the VIP aircraft and take great pride in doing so. Although I would add some exhaust soot and oil stains. Article from the "The Royal Air Force Review" October 1948 Vol. 4 No. 3 of "The Royal Air Force Review" On the ground, as in the air, the same high standards are the rule, and the crews are among the Air Force's best tradesmen. They are particularly proud of their aircraft and the hand-polishing is just an outward manifestation of the pride. It may be wearying work, polishing the entire fabric of an aircraft with metal polish and a handful of rag, but it is done by hand because machine buffing would gradually thin down the heads of the aluminum rivets. And, when there are not enough ground crew to do the work, the aircrews themselves take time off from their training and lend a hand. The results: a No. 24 Squadron aircraft stands out on the airfield like an "export only" job... But exterior glitter is not the only thing that makes them exceptional. Many are "special" inside as well.The Chief of Air Staff Dakota is said to be one of the world's most luxurious aircraft. Its floors are carpeted, its fuselage paneled in walnut and lined overhead with cream pigskin. Its soft amber interior lights are built-in and have push-button switches for each. Five swiveling armchairs upholstered in brown leather, two settees which can be converted into bunks for night flying, and two small cream leather-covered stools complete the seating accommodation. A Concealed radio set provides soft music (the engines are barely audible in the main cabin) and an altimeter, airspeed indicator and clock over the door. As for Field Marshal Montgomery's aircraft, he designed the interior himself with the same workmanship and finish as described above, but has neither bunks nor galley. He rarely sleeps or takes meals in the air, but spends most of his time reading and writing.
  12. Bilbao to Barcelona, Spain

    Love mountain scenery in these pics!!! One of my favorite mountain areas I like to fly is France VFR Corse (Corsica)! France VFR makes some great scenery.
  13. More skin enhancements... panel lines, hazing, metal warping, and scratches effected by lighting.
  14. Thumbs up on these pics!!!