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  1. Ryan, Here's a trailer showing all variants in the full package. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdvXSGCnacs&t=2s Haven't pulled the trigger, but they seemed to have spent a lot of time on the visual aspects.
  2. A triumph Jevon!!! Simply a triumph... Installation went without a hitch, swapped in the RXP GTN's and with a very limited flight all seems to be as advertised. Many thanks for putting this together. Its quite "Phenomenal". I'll be back if anything comes up with more robust testing. Skyscraper
  3. Phenomenal work on the Phenom. Looking forward to it. Still fly the heck out of the CJ2+

    Brett Linker


    1. Novej757


      That's awesome to hear Brett I hope you'll love the Phenom even more.... I do 👀


  4. Technical manuals can be a little obtuse... :Big Grin: Selective use of air ignition is required for all: takeoffs landings and also for: windmilling airstarts (to attempt an engine restart in flight if there is a flameout but the fan is still turning due to airflow).It may also be used continuously when flying in heavy precipitation icing conditions turbulent air. It should be used only when necessary to avoid excessive igniter plug erosion so shut it of in normal flight. The igniter is analogous to the spark plug in a car except that in a jet engine it can be shut off as fuel combustion is continuous once started. So switch it on whenever their is a chance for a flameout (water ingestion, ice ingestion, heavy turbulence) or when a flameout would be a really bad thing (takeoff and landing) or when you have a flameout in flight. These are the general conditions for use. Google "Lear 35A checklist" and you should find some more procedural detail until Scott sorts out a better one. I believe there are operating manuals available as well if you have trouble sleeping. I use one from Avialogs. That being said I am no pilot (just play one on the computer) so hopefully someone more knowledgeable might chime in with better info.
  5. Frem the FlightSafety Training Manual: SELECTIVE MODE Selective ignition is controlled by two-position switch.es labeled "AIR tGN L" and "AtR IGN R" (Figure 7-11) located on the center switch panel. When the switch is at AIR IGN position, the igniters wm operate continuously. lgnition power is supplied by the L and R AIR lGN circuit breakers on the left and right essential buses, respectively. Selective use of air ignition is required for all takeoffs and landings, and also for windmilling airstarts. It may be used continuously when flying in heavy precipitation, icing conditions, or turbulent air. There is no duty cycle established on the system; however, it should be used only when necessary to avoid excessive igniter plug erosion. INDICATION An amber light (Figure 7-11 and Appendix located above each AIR IGN switch will be on whenever power is being supplied to the associated jgnition exciter. The ignjtion lights (if on) will dim if the NAV LTS switch, located on the right switch panel, is on.
  6. Was there with my wife yesterday from dawn patrol, mass ascension, chainsaw carving, twilight glow and fireworks. We saw later on the TV highlights that the winds were favorable for splash and go's in the Rio Grande for some. Perfect weather, perfect winds and a perfect day. Definitely something to put on the bucket list for the discriminating aviation buff. Runs all week with the competitions beginning Monday
  7. Thanks again Dean, I do all my "flying" over MegaScenery and Robert usually does get the kinks out, once he is aware of them. "It's a hobby" so I don't sweat the small stuff. B)
  8. Thanks for looking into this Dean, I sent an email into customer support (Robert) on the authorization issue yesterday. I usually get a response from him in a few days. I also can confirm the missing swath of tiles in the southern 1/3 of the state reported by JensNJ66 further up in this thread. Seams to be a gap in the installation files as JensNJ66 noted. Brett
  9. Hi Manny, this is regarding a fresh install of the spanking new Utah v3. The v3 stuff requires online or offline authorization of the first file installed. Utah seems to require authorization for several of the 19 files. Rather than authorizing the first file and heading outside for a swim, you have to babysit the installation, trying this man's soul and apparently Jim's as well. Just have to remind myself sometimes - It's a hobby...
  10. No Jim, not a flash issue I had the same behavior for Utah as you. Had to type in the activation for the first 15 files. Then "smooth" sailing for the last 4 - Pretty tedious indeed. Sent an email to Robert to find out what's up. Usually I get a response - we'll see. Seems to be a some glitch on each state recently. The southwest is my neck of the woods so I'm enjoying these updates, but perhaps I need to wait a few weeks after release to avoid some frustration.
  11. Purported to have a Bendix King KFC-225 on their site which doesn't seem right. Good news is it seems to actually be fitted with a KAP-140 which is more appropriate pre GFC700. The included docs are for the KFC-225... Which is I guess is par for the Carenado/Alabeo course where the limit always seems to to be the lower portion of the sky :blink: Handsome bird though. Always appreciated the design. I'm sure I'll get my $35 worth of use.
  12. I'll give that a try, might impact the performance of this glorified abacus that I run with
  13. Lucas, Good deal, glad you have it working. The issue I have with the JS4100 is some pixel "crawling" (for want of a better description) around some of the instrument bezels that regardless of Hi or Normal cockpit resolution, no amount of anti-aliasing will fix. We had a long forum discussion years ago when it came out. I fly that plane mainly as copilot as the issue was less on that side and the FMS is closer (but now the weather radar is further away :mad: . I might of hangered it, but other than that one issue it's wonderful piece of work by PMDG.
  14. Lucas Looking at your panel.cfg the only thing I see is that it looks like you are using the normal resolution panel while I'm using the high definition setting. Not sure if that is a problem, but you might try changing that in the PMDG_BAe_JS4100_ConfigManager. You'll have to copy back your "gauge06" line into [VCockpit02]. As always save a backup of you panel.cfg before changing this in ConfigManager This will also have the effect of giving you a nice clean panel,cfg as I see a reference to something called XGauge defined as a 2dD pop-up that I don't have. Not sure if that is a problem, but it is always good to get back to a fresh panel.cfg when trying to troubleshoot. In any case, good to hear the gauge is working now. I'm sure you're close to getting this working.
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