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  1. Yeah.. My mistake. I meant FL300. The cabin pressure altitude goes up to about 10,400 @ 30,000 feet. If I manually lower it the diff pressure goes into the red zone at like 5.9psi. IDK... It seems this always occurs with Carendao.... This is like the third release (at least) where they have not got this right...
  2. I have been flying this aircraft for about a week now and but never took it to the ceiling of FL30 before today.. At about 29,300 ft I get the "Cabin Alt 10000" in the CAS. I know in the real a/c this will maintain a specific sub-10,000 foot cabin at FL30. Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone know where the XML coding is for this? I am sure its a minor edit...
  3. Very nice.... Good work.. The defaults skins left alot to be desired. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for looking into this.... If I recall in past GTN retrofits by Bert, he did modify the PFD files to see the glidslope. I use his mod in the CJ and it is there on GPS approaches loaded in to the GTN. I will send him a PM to ask if there is something in particular... I am not the best in xml but perhaps Bert can shed some light......?
  5. Correct. I do not get the GS in the PFD next to the altitude tape when I load an appr in the GTN. For example - load the GPS LPV appr RWY 1R KTPA. FLy the approach. The localizer is displayed in the PFD but the GS never displays. In the above pic did you load the appr in the GTN? I do not have the extension packs.
  6. Thanks Chobber... great mod.. One question... I don't seem to be getting a glideslope on any approach. Is any experiencing this? I tried multiple at KTPA.... I know the airport so I know when I am on glideslope so I hit APPR and it did work....but no visual glidslope on the PFD....
  7. Bert - Is the Avidyne just black (off) with your disable or is the entire gauge gone? I was wondering if we could put in those rxp blank panels in place of the Avidyne?
  8. How do I get the GTN750 into the VC? LMAO Cant fly without this gauge now...
  9. I don't think its right to demand someone in our community make a mod for you...... However... I was not going to purchase this thing but I really prefer the bigger body King Airs..... I agree though that I cant use this thing without the GTN..... I think Bert made a mod for the C90...I am wondering if we could use or adapt those mod files on this aircraft.......???? I know Bert is not interested in modding this release but maybe he could chime in on the possibility of using some of his C90 files on this one? I think collectively we could all figure it out... I have been too spoiled by the GTN and cannot sim without it. I literally changed the game for me.
  10. I will check my emails as well. I'm pretty sure I have his email...
  11. Ain't this the truth. I think we all owe Bert..... I will wait the the GTN shoe horning....
  12. Im gonna try this tonight... thanks for the idea Bert. Ill let you know.
  13. What am I doing wrong... I can t get the lower GTN to work.... I get a blank screen. I went through the GTN Config and enabled unit 2.... I changed the panel cfg as mentioned in this thread for both gauges... I did get an error msg on flight start up stating I cannot use two GPS from different companies? I have never seen an error msg like this before... Any ides? Thanks
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