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  1. This isn’t just normal flight characteristics I’m talking about Wilco has had this problem before, 1,000 Fpm descent speed brakes almost fully out and the speed tape doesn’t move, supposedly at idle thrust, also descending through dense air below 10,000 doesn’t change anything, I have to wait until I get to final approach altitude before I can really get the speed down, however I don’t have a ton of time flying it so it could be the FMGC still trying to hold a certain descent speed parameter even though I’ve taken manual control of the speed, no I have not messed with air files only .cfg for lights and such, I will study up on it
  2. So ironically also the aircraft has a real problem slowing on descent so honestly I wouldn’t mind changing the idle thrust on the ground and in the air, got any ideas on the best way to do that?
  3. I’m confused? Are you you saying it can easily be done? There’s nothing with tire friction in the .cfg? Thanks everyone for your responses
  4. Hey, Anyone know a way to change certain aircraft from moving as soon as you take off the parking brake? The Wilco A319 Vol.1 for FSXSE is particularly bad, the thing just runs off as soon as brakes are released and you have to brake almost constantly to maintain 20knts
  5. @Bjoern yes thank you...for some reason the jetways have the coordinates of the crg door or at least the wrong coordinates
  6. @Bjoern hey do you remember ever seeing Jetways lining up to the cargo door on the erj 145? And if so do you know how to fix it?
  7. word not allowed I’m sorry I didn’t realize it was prepar3d so I’m not sure if it’ll work the same
  8. Still on the problem or did you get it figured out?
  9. Are you still listening? Lol I can’t see the year
  10. Hi all, So I’m working on improving the FeelThere ERJ-145LR V2 on FEX-SE and one of the things I needed to fix was The well known problem on the steam release ERJ of no exterior lights. I’ve gotten mostly everything done but one thing I would like to change is the “size” or brightness of the strobes. I actually used the Carenado PC-12 strobes because they look better than the default ones IMO, at first I couldn’t get them to flash they were just solid on, but at least when they were solid on they looked great, fixed that by copying some of the effects from the default strobe but now they seem smaller and less bright, go figure similar to the default strobes. So anyways point of the matter does anyone know what controls the size/bloom/brightness of the strobes in the effects file? Thank you in advance
  11. @Bjoern YUP!!!! definitely just did something wrong first time around trying to put in your VC panel light fix, because now it works beautifully!!!! Thank you very much Bjoern! You’re a genius and I love you for it!!!
  12. @Ricardo41 hey just wondering were you Viewing it in mobile mode or full website, I’m sure your already aware but I couldn’t see Bjoern’s Jpgs on my phone but on the desktop I could see them......and the VC cockpit looks great
  13. @Bjoern yes thank you, that’s where I got the idea to use the fx_default lights...I’m still working on getting those PC12 strobes to work right but then I want to use your VC dome light fix and get rid of the ugly splash effect on the panel...I’ll go over your “read me” again, thank you
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