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  1. Are you all seeing some pixelation or blockiness to the truesky clouds even at ultra settings, not seeing much difference from medium, high to ultra setting. Worse when approaching the cloud at same altitude, they do appear less blocky when looking down on top of them though.
  2. Hello, I updated to and now the responsiveness of the application has slowed way down. In import a flight plan maybe 5 to 10 seconds, in at least a minute or i get a "not responding" message in the import window at top. Also, other areas like searching for way point or sid or star takes much longer and i also get a "not responding" message until it finally loads. I did install latest navigraph update. Anyone seen this issue? Thanks, Bruce
  3. Has happened to me twice over the last 6 flights with the Hawker, something is turning the fuel (HP Cocks) off without reason to my knowledge. I'm still looking for root cause as well. Bruce
  4. Hello, really enjoyed the trial version and decided to purchase, still learning, however, really increased the immersion factor for me. Is there a preferred way to ask for a deviation around weather while en-route? Is this even an option? Thanks, Bruce Looks like i posted this in the bug forum instead of the users forum,sorry
  5. I noticed that the over speed indicator on the Hawker MFD does not show/indicate properly where the standby horizon does. At flight levels the standby horizon over speed starts to go off right at the mach .80 whereas the MFD still shows room, as much as 30 to 40 knots, before seeing the red line over speed indicator appear. Was curious if others are experiencing same thing. Thanks Bruce
  6. I had significant vsync issues with the 388.00 driver and my 1080TI, I went back to 387.92. Not sure if I'm going to try 388.13 or not.
  7. I have applied V2 mod as well and like you the altitude and vs knobs do not work in VC, however, the knobs light up and you can turn them etc. Interestingly, I can use my VRinsight panel to adjust ALT and VS so I do have a work around. Bruce
  8. I don't know if it is just my 6700K but I also see that P3D uses core 0 at almost 100% after starting up. To resolve this, I go into task manager and set P3D to use just cores 2 and 3 for about 5 or 10 seconds and switch back to all cores and from there on out all my CPU cores are well balanced, no more hogging of core 0. Bruce
  9. Hi, if you have the Descent Briefing turned on under the sound options try turning that off, I had similar random TOD crashes and this fixed it for me. Bruce
  10. Hello, does anyone know why with HDR on under P3D the landing lights on the 737NGX look just fine from both VC and outside, however, with HDR off the landing lights look low resolution or "washed out". I prefer to fly without HDR on but the lights look so much more realistic with it on. Bruce
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