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  1. same here I unenrolled, expecting some gigabytes of updating but I think 312 MB thats it nothing in content manager to update
  2. the only thing progressive about VR in these updates is my disappointment and i rarely fly in MSFS2020 any longer
  3. Mine regularly CTD's on final leg if I dare touch any button on the AP, like when I want to disarm AP, seems to disarm everything and CTD
  4. after the store's 1+ G update there were none from the sim itself as I had an alternate packages path, which otherwise would have had to be reinstalled of 131G ouch
  5. Yup it eventually showed and was a 1+ GB download sourced from within the windows store
  6. I managed to leave the beta through previews insider XBox But no update yet
  7. When I load up MSFS 2020 I get info that it is 1.23.12 which I think, is the latest build as updated even though I did not get the update today as most have
  8. I was hoping there would be an update for us, I am still having crashes on approach in VC as soon as I get to 100 feet AGL it stops follwing GS and crashes into terrain if I dont catch it in time
  9. Being in BETA I already had 1.23.12 installed so nothing to update here
  10. True as it is supposed to be a "flight" sim not a "season" sim that said, immersion helps
  11. ya i am so maybe its that just odd, not a game crasher
  12. Just finished a flawless flight KORD_CYYC, weather changes enroute very well executed for a simuation Progressive sunset more realistic than before this beta So looking good except..... ....at these large airports, there are about 4 airborne airliners than crisscross the sky art intervals and at speeds that must be aroun 500 knots at low altitudes and higher ..... ODD indeed
  13. I did two full short flights in Michigan with weather. Very smooth and nice First impression = top notch Hoping it continues
  14. I also have not been able to capture the ils for a month now And the sim somethimes just crashes when I turn the AP off to do a manual approach...convenient solution?
  15. True, by toying with us they think this is makes it seem more of a game
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