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  1. I have done all these suggestions and still no airport buildings
  2. guess you have to be an early riser to see those
  3. Changelog: ASP3D - P3Dv5 Compatibility Updates - Documentation updated (first draft, now ready for review and feedback) - Fixed precipitation issue with ambient precipitation rate for v5 - Attempted fix for P3Dv5 CTD / crash issues including crash triggered by higher-latitude areas above 53N with EA mode off - Attempted fix for stability / crash issues in v4 - Attempted a fix for external radar related CTD ("range change") in some cases - Attempted a fix for cloud model issues and/or missing .cld files in some cases - Attempted a fix regarding textures and clouds and potential interference from default or other add-on content - Attempted fix for intermittent strange sky coloring issue in both v4 and v5 - Fixed an issue with overcast patterns in detailed radar when using ASCA overcast - Fixed cloud base/thickness discrepancy issues in some cases - Fixed an issue related to in-cloud detection - Fixed runway selection issue, now using Navigraph runway data vs. simulator scenery runway data - Fixed an issue that could prevent cloud movement with the wind (in v4) - Attempted fix for German character handling issue within e-mail addresses causing login error - Adjusted New user registration form for more intuitive security question selection process - Fixed problem with survey form scrollbar not showing - UI Adjustments - Updated survey for separate beta #3 trigger and response tracking - Change from single shortcut to 2 shortcuts, one for each P3D version variant (v4) or (v5), to quickly startup in the appropriate mode without need for choosing version - Version question will still be asked on first run - Made -simVersion command line argument non-case-sensitive - Fixed window size/position/dock status not saved/recalled properly issue - Enabled additional verbose logging for identifying and tracking various reported issues NOTE: ASCA SP3 OPEN BETA Build has been updated to B7446. All ASP3D+ASCA users should update to this new build available from our downloads page at https://hifisimtech.com/downloads ASCA - Updated auto simulator/path name handling when ASP3D client overrides path (a normal behavior when ASP3D is running) - previously the path name text prefix was shown, now it should properly show "ASP3D+P3Dv4" or "ASP3D+P3Dv5" accordingly. - Updated theme definition text in Global Automatic and Full Dynamics so that AS16/ASP4/ASP3D required is shown instead of AS16 required - [051820] Adjusted handling of texture files in attempt to avoid interference by other add-ons - [052120] Changed handling for restoral and category de-selection in options screen, when using ASP3D, for proper deactivation of ASCA content using the P3D add-on folder specification - [052120] Updated documentation for ASP3D use
  4. ASP3D beta 3 posted Its up lets see if its improved
  5. likely to get better response here https://orbxsystems.com/forum/
  6. thanks for the update I almost bought that toy For now I am enjoying flights with Real Air Duke well set up for V5 install at no extra costs. with ORBX Base and Open LC for NA I am really enjoying V5. ASP3D works fine for me with these short flights, but anything over 220 nm the weather is not reproduced anymore
  7. did you attempt to add the path to the dll on the add-on xml for it in the V5 add-ons folder? Did you try to put the navigraph folder inside the root v5? You can get an xml editor from guru3d (or some other freEware site)
  8. Got them highway lights back by turning off all UTX scenery files, and then renaming the terrain cfg file to terrainoff forcing its rebuild
  9. Tried that a few times I may uninstall all and get open LC NA, drop UTX altogether which is not v5 supported and i had to edit the ini files to direct it to v5
  10. I had to re-enter today. At first I thought I was accepting NDA agreements and was thrilled, but after doing the follow up survey I recalled the questions. DISAPPOINTMENT is the word. Also, I upgraded my RAM to 32 GB (was 16) and the new dxdiag is not the same Maybe that computer upgrade is what triggered the re-entry of questionnaire? BTW the upgrade to 32 GB is WORTH IT> Especially if using ORBX regions, I was using Virtual RAM before, now i get stutter free flights, and constant higher fps
  11. I had UTXUSA23 installed using the product.ini hack I then installed Global Base ORBX, and buildings HD by them Fantastic daytime scenery but at night tho i do get street lights i do not get highway lights I tried configuring lights with ORBX central but configurator seems to only go for p3D-4x, not 5 Anybody?
  12. don't copy and paste uninstall client then the rest reinstall on SSD drive
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