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  1. peppy197

    P3D 4.1

    one suggestion, may or may not work.... Make sure your scenery layer is prior to the FTX global vector do this from within an open p3d second suggestion; do a (ctrl-F) search in the folder for ORBX Global Vector to see if there are files for LFPG remove these and put them outside the scenery folder in standby, you may need to replace any ...CVX ones if you get trees on the tarmac
  2. peppy197

    Ultimate Traffic Live current status?

    I am not happy with UTlive at the moment but have hope for its future based on past reputations of Flight1 products. Lots of planes sitting doing nothing, in Europe anyways. I am back to only using Traffic360 after uninstalling UTlive30
  3. I am still in 4.0 and have not had too many problems Is it worth updating or should I spare myself some anguish?
  4. peppy197

    Carenado Fifth Batch Released

    must be an isolated event, I cannot see how carenado would not notice the fires...
  5. peppy197

    Help!!! P3D v4 doesn't start anymore!

    Ive had some success with deleting the file SceneryStatus.bin from the folder C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 forcing a rebuild of the scenery cache Works but you have to do it before most P3D launches
  6. peppy197

    Pilot2ATC vs Pro-ATC X

    ok thanks I will request a refund from Paypal with good intentions.
  7. peppy197

    Pilot2ATC vs Pro-ATC X

    PayPal will refund if I request. Just waiting ..........impatiently While I have your undivided attention, will the format for the files from work in ProAtc/X ?
  8. peppy197

    Pilot2ATC vs Pro-ATC X

    I purchased RealATC almost 2 days ago and although I got an immediate PayPal receipt, I am still waiting for the link I emailed this first adee given for R Zimmerman from his own site; it was returned as non-existent (?) I emailed the second addee given; no reply for the past hour Anybody know why? Should I cancel payment?
  9. peppy197

    P3D v4 Doesent Start at all

    try deleting the file SceneryStatus.bin from Program Data before initiating P3DV4 forcing a reconstruction of the scenery data base. If it works youll have to do it each time before running P3DV4
  10. peppy197

    Can't adjust fuel quantity in P3Dv3

    That's the way at the Flying Club in real life, always depart with a full tank, always
  11. peppy197

    Can't adjust fuel quantity in P3Dv3

    I would think that since only A2A does that then it is an error with A2A
  12. peppy197

    Can't adjust fuel quantity in P3Dv3

    Odd shot: try reloading the aircraft vehicle, that should fill the tanks?
  13. peppy197

    No more OOM now its Bragging Rights

    Not if your a...smooooth sailor"
  14. peppy197

    No more OOM now its Bragging Rights

    Also, its 4K monitor with an old 4790 i7 and an R290 4G videocard, not the top of the line, but 17 was my lower fps, it went up to 23 at times, so steady at 17+ is fine with me on a 4K with my antiquity and most sliders fully right The post was meant to show RAM loads not fps, that was on by err Loading the default scene form a fresh install it is way over 100 fps, I load it all on
  15. No more OOM now its Bragging Rights After landing at FSDT's KJFK_V2 with Aerosofts' ManhattanX in the view I topped 12+ Gig RAM though that is likely less than 9 gigs RAM for P3DV4