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  1. Happenned to moi ittoo I now always use FSUIPC 7 freeware version only to start up MSFS
  2. I made it a routine to tap my key for VR, click on screen with mouse, tap OUT of VR, click on screen, re-enter VR. Mouse works, annoying but works for moi
  3. Go to the VR section for assignments and type in the command you are looking for in the search box and it will then magically appear as a listed target thence assignable. Also a prayer to JC* helps with expectation anxiety relief is also explained in the help documentation on page 450001309 of book 2901563 part 559
  4. I have a 24G VRAM 3090 and 64G RAM I thought the fov was 200 not 170
  5. Is the new PIMAX 8K S with 200 POV with 2x 3840 x 2160 resolutions usable in MSFS 2020 ? Aslo what diff between the KDMAS SMAS and DMAS versions of the Pimax 8X?
  6. I emphasize this cause it can literally take a few minutes for the box to appear
  7. Also check your device manager and uncheck last page where it says turn off device to save power. Ancient software twinking technology. AND I think you have to go into the installed C:/SWsetup folder and click on the app, same goes for previous update if not done. Does do something too....so maybe needed. There is a document maybe I should read it before giving this advice? Yup you have to be patient with it to show up on screen too
  8. It says check back "here" …. Do they mean AVSIM or FSInsider
  9. Seems CYTZ is not in the Aerosoft CRJ database?
  10. Yeah like the Mars orbiter that was partially built in metric , some in US standard. And when they met they argued
  11. There are AMD MB s that are not compliant to the USB requirements of the G2 Guess some have bought PCIe USB 3 cards
  12. AP engaged after yaw damper turned on (middle pedestal) and sufficient null zones added to yoke/ I landed on a non-ILS RW so dunno yet, heard of some problems but have been having those ever since I got MSFS
  13. Stellar in VR Like a "new car smell" feeling Everything seems clearer now, comfortable with largess May have a few bugs that I have not encountered yet....Glad I bought it
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