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  1. Tired of scanning 20 pages of a thread to get to the answer PLEASE be comprehensive al
  2. I am suspecting its the AI traffic plugin I am using the FSTL Will attempt to verify later today
  3. Flying approach or departure, regardless of ac, I get terrible sim performance ... maybe 1 fps Its not even a built up area. YBTL Anybody able to ascertain this? Or explain it?
  4. This seemed to work for me... I had 4 duplicates of each of those listed, deleted them all and saved file HINT when looking into opening a file inside the subfolder called etc set the lower right filetype to all files
  5. Yup, I get a lot od CTD lately, dont they check their own software before throwing in our faces like some gift from the gods? But lately, all day today, I cannot spawn the situation and have to use task manager to shut down the hung MSFS
  6. Been happening all the time since the last BETA update for SU12 and WU 12 New Zealand That is IF it loads the situation at all....
  7. No sound from engines, tried PMDG 737 and Longitude Quiet as can be, Tries sound tab...changes sound destinations....nothing BUT the "No Takeoff" annunciation was loud and clear when i opened the throttles
  8. Since I installed Win 11 I have had less crashes, but will get the occasional "on final" disapearance.
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