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  1. Same here...really frustrating. I hope the SU10 release isn't as buggy. Was working just fine up until now.
  2. Unplayable now after this update. Have tried three times now and CTD each time; twice at start up and once at the departure airport. The last time I got an error that my graphics card malfunctioned possibly due to overclocking...which it isn't. So annoying. Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I love Skyvector for the US. Sadly, the default weather program for MSFS is terrible at generating clouds for me. I'm currently flying from KMQI-KOFP in the Caravan. ZERO clouds using MSFS despite the METARS in both MSFS and Syvector showing partly cloudy. Switch over to REX (had to revert to SU9 recently to use) and clouds are there. It's not the same though....MSFS, when working, generates the overall active weather environment more accurately. IMHO. Did the same flight yesterday but in reverse. Used the default MSFS weather and everything looked great. Cloud depiction was spot-on. I wish I could make even an ounce of sense of this.
  4. Thank you for the confirmation. It's been a big improvement, especially for the CRT displays.
  5. I'll ask again...appreciate anyone who can verify I'm doing this correctly. I'm experimenting with my 1080p monitor. Should I be using the upscaled (in my case 1440) resolution setting in MSFS as well? Thus making the monitor and MSFS be at the same setting? I tried Render Scaling at the 1080p setting (in my case 75) and it looked really good. I actually tried Render Scaling at 100 (1440) and it looked even better.
  6. Experimenting with my 1080p monitor. Question: You're also using the upscaled (in my case 1440) setting in MSFS as well, correct? That way the monitor and MSFS are at the same setting? Then you're putting Render Scaling at the 1080p setting (in my case 75)? I actually tried Render Scaling at 100 (1440) and it looked amazing...most of the glass cockpit jaggies are gone.
  7. No idea what you're referring to. Is this a setting in NVidia Control Panel? I've only ever used NVidia Inspector in the past (FS9 & FSX) but I'm simply experimenting within MSFS at the moment. The only thing I see similar to what you're referencing is a DLAA setting in MSFS.
  8. I'm admittedly not very bright when it comes to this stuff. How does your description work if Render Scale is set to 150 and MSFS set to 1080p on a native 1080p monitor? Trying to wrap my head around this stuff.
  9. I've read the same thing in other places but others say it's best to buy a 4K monitor...and they seem to run more expensive than TVs. Maybe something to do with refresh rates? Maybe I need to do more research. I love how MSFS runs at 30fps...buttery smooth. I'd just like to eliminate panel jaggy/shimmer.
  10. I've set the Render Scaling to 150 and the values (numbers) on the CRT screens have an odd shimmer/jaggy visual effect when there's movement of the camera. But...the overall performance is better than at 200. It sounds like I may just need to upgrade my monitor to 1440p to effectively eliminate this visual effect.
  11. My choices are maxed out at the native 1080p resolution of my current monitor.
  12. I reverted back to SU9 because REX wouldn't work in SU10 (my default cloud generation in Live Weather still only works 50% of the time). So...DLSS isn't an option at this point for me. I tried it in SU10 Beta but hated the way it would blur certain instrument values; airspeed, altitude, torque, etc.
  13. Same situation. I'm running a 1080p monitor with MSFS at 1080p (1980x1080 - 60 hz). AA is set to TAA. Texture Resolution - Ultra V-sync on Frame Rate locked at 30fps DX11 Anisotropic - 16X Texture Supersampling - 8x8 I'm not using any outside graphics tool like Nvidia Inspector...I did with FS9 and FSX
  14. In order to avoid "jaggyness" on my G1000 (non analog) panels I've had to max out my Render Scaling setting. I tried DLSS in SU10 and the jaggies are gone.....but didn't care much for the washed out appearance or the way airspeed, altitude, Torque, etc. values would blur as they changed. I realize setting Render Scaling at 200 creates a significant performance hit and was curious if anyone else has experienced this and has a solution other than what I've done. I have an i7-11700 and a GTX3070. Currently using my old FS9/FSX monitor (1080p @ 60hz). Running most settings at Ultra/High locked at 30fps and V-Sync on to get rid of tearing. Thanks!
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