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  1. Have tried rebooting, reinstalling, deleted both mobiflight folders, and cleared out my registry...same error message. Sent the log....thanks!
  2. Sent the Log text. I'm not sure how to attach a jpeg file to a DM...any help is appreciated.
  3. Have reinstalled 3 times but this version just doesn't seem to work for me...oh well. I'll just manually change the TLOD if things slow down.
  4. Anyone else getting a permanent TLOD: 0 OLOD: 0 displayed in the box in version 3.6? Previous versions worked but this one doesn't seem to change the values as I fly.
  5. That was it! I thought I'd exited, when in reality, it was still running in the background.
  6. Sorry if this has been addressed earlier but I'm not finding this issue in my searches... Has anyone experienced the Sim Values parameters not changing at all while flying? Mine are pegged at AGL= 0, FPM: 120 Trend: Cruise. As a result, my preset TLOD and OLOD values never change from the ones on the ground. All three Connection Status parameters are green....
  7. Thanks. As a matter of fact I did have an old improvement mod in the community folder. I removed it and went on another test flight. Now the RPMs are at 2500.
  8. Doing a test flight now. My RPMs are stuck at 2700-2715 regardless of the power setting. This results in a constant RPM warning. Any ideas?
  9. Anyone else getting all kinds of odd electrical/hydraulic/Icing faults after SU13? If I load the ATR and choose "Ready for Taxi" there are a litany of faults that I can't seem to get rid of. This was never an issue prior to me updating this morning. It's as if the Generators aren't working...only way to eliminate the errors is to keep the External power on.
  10. So do only RTX 4XXX cards get the additional DLSS options?
  11. Installed the latest version. Switched to DLSS/Quality in MSFS....not seeing any difference in the blurry panel or an increase in FPS. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or my RTX3070 is the issue. I don't see an option within the MSFS graphics page to incorporate DLAA with DLSS. I was under the impression this worked with all RTX cards...I'm feeling a bit lost here, lol. Now I'm getting 1/2 the FPS in TAA...ugh. I think I royally screwed something up.
  12. searching this brings up a ton of different links. Is there an "official" (i.e. known/safe) link to this? Thanks!
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