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  1. An airline Captain answered your questions here 😉
  2. Particularly fond of the last line in your Signature Jose! 🙂 C
  3. FWIW I flew TPA-CLT AAND HAD A CTD after touchdown at CLT. Flew back CLT-TPA no issue. I have flown this prior flight prior to the update dozens of times without issue- but for one time I’m staying a non-reporter. If it happens again I will file a ticket. C
  4. I am always impressed that Aamir takes the time to read and answer these threads. I for one am enjoying Fifi’s time at finishing school. I am confident that when she appears in her new pumps and choker- she’ll be lovely. Bring on that flap 3 FM fix and I can wait patiently.
  5. Rob- Aim for the TDZ- the white rectangles past the Piano Keys. Enjoy Fifi! C
  6. I don’t think the API is for Wx Radar…. rather for NEXRAD. I too would love accurate Wx depictions, but we are still working on accurate Wx…
  7. Rob- Get Fifi.. she's lovely now, and will be stunning in her new patent pumps and pearls. Promise! C
  8. So what is the GPS solution for those wanting comprehensive and accurate AIRAC data with modern unit functionality. I’m not opposed to payware… thanks!
  9. I believe we are 5-7 years out from VR being an acceptable solution to my current 65" 4k monitor. 180+ FOV at 4K is not currently attainable and until then I shall wait. I fully accept that there are others who are very happy with current VR offerings, it's just not for me... yet.
  10. I too own it but use the Asobo version… enough said. C
  11. Much appreciated Aamir… very much looking forward to Fif’s new patent pumps and pearl choker! Ta- C
  12. It’s not even real… she has her hands on the yoke and is just holding on. Incredible what rubbish people create for “views”.
  13. It’s awfully nice of you to share your thoughts. I was more hoping that Fenix would share some of theirs, but again thanks.
  14. I agree Bob, no issue with your option #2. I’m just looking forward to seeing what they have accomplished and hoping for a small update. I would never be uncivilized, but polite queries could also have the positive effect of telling the developers that excitement is not waning. C
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