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  1. Yes Jose- so do I- they are good value for the $
  2. Circling back- well worth the price of admission….
  3. Exactly what I was hoping top hear... done! I never did quite get over the ImagineSim KATL experience... Ta!
  4. NOTHING- hence the question... worth the $6 or wait for another developer....?
  5. Apologies- a search did not turn up anything substantive (recent updates etc.). At this price it's hard to ignore- https://orbxdirect.com/product/feelthere-klax-msfs but should I wait for one of the other scenery developers...? Ta!
  6. AvSim sometimes is unfathomable to me. Why bother comparing an altruistic and incredible effort from a freeware team working on a NEO to that of an incredible effort from a pay ware team working on a CEO? Both parties have produced incredible products that bring educational joy to the flight simmer. One is new to the arena, and has done a superlative job for a very reasonable price. The other has been with us since the very start, and has done a superlative job for free. Why can we not just be grateful and supportive to both endeavors? I love this site and visit frequently, however, sometimes the nausea evoked is frustrating. I look forward to BOTH continuing robust development. I am grateful to BOTH for their communication and cooperation with the FS community. Kudos to FBW and Fenix- they have BOTH done Fifi proud.
  7. Great news Jose! I love SRQ and fly out of there often as all I have is default TPA at the moment. A good/great TPA would be brilliant. You made my day! C
  8. It looks awesome! Away from the Sim for a week but will get it on my return- thanks for the tip! I certainly can understand and appreciate your view. C
  9. @DJJose Jose- I would respectfully say that all I have seen of KBOI has been underwhelming. I would go further to say I have been surprised by the recent quality of a few Orbx releases… unlike my prior experiences in P3D. They used to stun… now… I will agree the standard has been raised, but like all commercial developers entering the MSFS arena- they must up their game or resort to being a very convenient distribution channel for others. If they were freeware I would wholeheartedly endorse your position mate and keep my big mouth shut. 🙂 C
  10. @Nyxx Dave- what a thorough walk through- brilliant! The ideal flow for someone making their acquaintance with Fifi, really well thought out and done mate! Your efforts will be appreciated by countless newcomers and veterans alike. Ta! C
  11. This is an important “toaster” hub and I will look forward to a review or two before purchasing. Aerosoft have been hit or miss for me and I’d like to see some opinions on this one.
  12. It’s a bit noisy here (unusual for AvSim) but I can unreservedly say I’m very impressed with Fenix and their A320. It’s an incredible representation of Fifi and great value for my $$. All the above is my personal opinion only, and you know what they say about opinions…. but after reading some posts, I felt obliged to offer it. @Aamir and his entire team have been gracious and helpful and I remain obliged. C
  13. I am loathe to run yet one more program and hope that Fenix will bring us an iP MCDU like they have done with the EFB. It is simply BRILLIANT. I have been told they are discussing it without any promises made… cross your fingers… I am!
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