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  1. I wanted to take a moment to thank @Bert Pieke for his hand-holding as I took my first tentative steps with GA glass. I usually faff around with CDUs and MCDUs and always fly raw-data in GA. With a little extra time at hand, and with Bert's not-inconsiderable assistance, I am now flighting my RA and A2A aircraft with the GTN750. So far so good, I just flew my first coupled GPS approach with the 750 and I'm amazed at how much readily available information and guidance is present- both laterally and vertically. I'm very happy with the decision to go RealityXP, and remain obliged to Bert. C
  2. I was not hoping for raw emotion, just a clear understanding of the differences betwixt the two. For me, hearing @Bert Pieke had decided on RealityXP was sufficient to solidify my decision. As of yesterday, I am a RealityXP owner. Now, I’m off to integrate that version in a couple of RealAir aircraft. Ta- C
  3. Ta Bert- done. Will probably check in with you for some integration tips if you can stand it 🙂 C
  4. @Bert Pieke is there an annual update or something that can be purchased to keep it relatively updated? Which version have you done all your mod work for/ which version do you use? Ta- C
  5. How does one keep Navdata updated for the units? I no longer maintain a RL Garmin subscription. C
  6. I have resisted the temptation to get any GA glass, but lately I have been considering the idea. AIRAC navdata updating via Navigraph is important to me, as well as easy integration into various panels. Would you please consider advising me of your choice, and more importantly, why you decided to pick one against the other? @Bert Pieke, if you stumble by this posting, I'd be obliged mate. Ta- C
  7. Yes! Mea Culpa, it is indeed NickBe I was referring to- a wonderful asset for the platform and for Marniftarr (I may have butchered that as well) who suffered from a language barrier issue, prior to a Nick joining. Thanks for straightening that out. C
  8. I own both, and fly every flight with EZDOK- have since leaving Active Camera 🙂. Together with FSUIPC, LINDA and ASP3D + ASCA it accompanies me on every flight in every aircraft. Either will get the job done, but for me, perhaps the familiarity gives EZCA the edge. Additionally I like that it has always been stand alone, though I hear that CP now does not need a connection to the server constantly. I also feel my performance suffered less with EZCA, but again I hear CP has made progress. The best thing about EZDOK is NickN who posts here often. He is the English speaking voice for Marinftarr and has totally transformed the EZDOK customer service experience. He is helpful, thoughtful and persistent about making it right for the customer. BZ! Look at some videos and make your choice- you won't go horribly wrong with either, but for me it's EZCA. Best- C
  9. I'm a fan... well done and performs quite nicely.
  10. Bode- I don’t turn green often, but a 1934 OM will do it- wow! C PS- Thanks for the DC 3 review Chock!
  11. Ok, no worries. I included a note in my last Paypal donation a week ago. Ta- C
  12. She’s an absolute gem, and the FDE is by Alex Metzger. Add Ted’s rivets and PBR and she’ll have you thinking about Rangoon in the rain. Come to think of it a Singapore Sling at the Raffle’s Bar doesn’t sound half bad. C
  13. I sent Guenter a note about this, but didn't hear back so I thought I'd ask here. The NGXu module is SUPERB! There is 2 way functionality between the MCP and the a/c and there is perfect rotational acceleration and no lag of digits- just BRILLIANT! Could this ability be applied to the remainder of the PMDG product line please? The 744 module especially is a bit problematic, requiring rolling of the knobs back and forth to sync with the a/c correctly. Also, the functions transfer only one way, so that if the ALT is changed in the VC, then you have to twiddle the knob on the MCP to get a sync. As I said- the NGXu module is perfection itself. Thanks for any consideration- C
  14. You both are amongst my very favorite Avsim members and I am so glad to see civility back at the forefront. The NGXu is a totally different a/c from the NGX. It is everything I hoped the NGX would be, and is yet evolving. I am fully confident it provides a very decent ROI. The current offer to protect your expenditure for the coming simulation is also very decent. That said, only an individual can decide how and where to spend their hard earned $. If unsure, the next few weeks will provide ample information for one to make an informed decision before the deadline expires. I for one, think she’s the bees knees. Best- C
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