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  1. cavaricooper

    PMDG and RNAV

    Now THAT was a worthwhile posting! Bravo Zulu- I spilled my morning coffee! 🙂 C
  2. cavaricooper

    Metal makes me happy

    Brilliant! (get it?) 😉 C
  3. cavaricooper

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    As I am an aging, overweight, middle-aged, middle-class male, I am happy to wait patiently with excited enthusiasm. Whenever Sean (or Rob) release anything, including a "flying box-O-donuts", I will buy it, and it will give me YEARS (maybe like previously DECADES) of superb enjoyment. Immediate gratification and supreme entitlement seem to be societal norms- I however still consider them anathemas. We seem to be devolving as a species, and these 4 pages should serve as proof. C
  4. cavaricooper

    Alitalia WIP

    Mike- Did you see THAT??? From Jan- that's encouragement indeed... there are very few in his league! C
  5. cavaricooper

    Alitalia WIP

    Always good to see yet another -6. Tante bella cosa! C
  6. cavaricooper

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    He is a high-quality individual, and I’m sure is working as quickly as he can to release the product. After all he does not start his revenue stream until people can purchase, and that is the reason for all the effort. Despite the occasional lapse of silence, (which I’m confident can be explained by the demands of real life), he has always supported his customers, and will no doubt continue to do so. In the end, I often remind myself this is a hobby which I engage in to relax, and that patience is a virtue.... I have and will continue to buy everything that either and or both of The Duo produce. C
  7. cavaricooper

    Chase Plane and PMDG

    I was glad to see Nick here. I have used EZCA since having to switch away from Active Camera (for those who can remember THAT). It has been an invaluable part of my simming and I look forward to Camera 3 with great anticipation. I have no plans to fly anything without EZCA (even when I occasionally add TrackIR). C
  8. cavaricooper

    There's actually a major PFPX update coming!

    Dean- I own FS Build, Danur's FOC and also have a Simbrief login. As my heart belongs to the 744, and I am fortunate enough to have access to Stephen Bell's superb 747 profiles, I invariably revert to PFPX. IMHO, it is everything those bits of software eventually wanted to be. When someone like Steve Bell or Doug Snow works their magic- it is unsurpassed- period. C
  9. cavaricooper

    There's actually a major PFPX update coming!

    Pete's comments reflect how customizable and accurate PFPX really is. I have always maintained that with a carefully created PFPX profile it is entirely possible (not permissible) to flight plan an actual 747-436 to the far reaches of the globe and arrive with appropriate fuel remaining. I appreciate the ways PFPX can be tailored to MY desires. SimBrief is a wonderful and free option, but my choice remains PFPX. It is always GREAT to have a choice. I too look forward to PFPX's evolution. C
  10. cavaricooper

    Twin Turboprop (Not Carenado)

  11. I know Sean happens by here occasionally... any word? Ta- C
  12. cavaricooper

    Some impressions from my ferry flight

    Lovely Matthias, thanks for sharing! One of my favorite airframes, and one I keep hoping we will soon revisit. She is very good, and with a few things worked on would be superlative... I remain optimistic. Always good to see there are a few of us who don't mind oil on our jeans 🙂 C
  13. cavaricooper

    ASA710- A Nostalgic Flight Southbound

    Gary- I will pray for ceiling and visibility at minimums- that circling DME arc is a lovely and I don't want you to miss out! Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. I have yet to dabble in VR, waiting for the 4K glasses.... C
  14. cavaricooper

    ASA710- A Nostalgic Flight Southbound

    Santa Cruz Beach just up ahead.... .. and here we are in Monterrey, nestled amongst the 601s, G-Vs and a few regionals... I wonder if they'll mind AeroShell on the asphalt overnight? 😉 C
  15. cavaricooper

    ASA710- A Nostalgic Flight Southbound

    Flying over the Orbx World in the teens and sub tens... has definite advantages... BEAUTIFUL! When's the last time someone saw this through prop blur? C