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  1. Bernard- Are you saying you do not get rotational pitch problems with the 787? I would be most interested to lean how?
  2. Hey Ryan- what's with the RV-8 canopy... is there a way to make that more visible/realistic... doesn't look like Perspex atm... perhaps that's a SWS materials choice? Love and appreciate your work- as ever. C
  3. I must confess as a FeelThere LGA owner, the MK version looks far better… I really need to wait when a developer releases, and see if a more tenured developer tackles the subject… but I often cannot resist… and I’m not alone… I have enough 3rd party airports where I need to start being very picky with my FS $,,, if we did that collectively, it would force a shift in lower quality releases being forced out first to capture waiting cash.
  4. I have two recurring issues after Block 2 (I fly Lbs.) 1) My TLA indicated vs. HW positions do not marry past 1.01. 2) My AOC Final Loadsheet MACZFW is always different from the EFB MACZFW I have reached out to support several times without resolution. I would be happy if I knew these issues are being tracked and worked on, or if I am the only one suffering from these two points, and therefore the issue is firmly behind the tray table.... are there others with this fate? Ta! C
  5. Agreed- in fairness the -10 is better… the shorter moment arm shatters the rotational characteristics… hopefully there will be a concrete solution.
  6. Can it be installed on a networked machine like prior versions?
  7. Wouldn't this be a nice place to fly into with an UPDATED TWOTTER?
  8. Thanks Matt! That was something I particularly appreciated in PFPX… good to know.
  9. Any word from SWS about the Kodiak 100's update?
  10. There are several points of FDE behavior where I cannot reconcile the current flight model to what I know about the 100. Engine simulation and handling is also a bit dodgy. It would be brilliant to have a fully reflective 100 in Sim.
  11. I really would like them to finish the 100….
  12. I got my PPL in a Traumahawk Bob… still harbor a bit of affection for her… but you did not want a departure stall in her for sure! C
  13. In fairness, RSW is better…. At JAX buildings are just hideous, and taxi lines/lighting have major issues…
  14. Howard- I'm afraid you're spot on mate. Ah well.... has anyone been able to contact Fly2High directly? Their airports do not even show up in the Initial Flight Screen unless you search for them- no star like other aftermarket.... yuck.
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