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  1. I keep hoping Asobo will concentrate on getting a base sim that is stable and efficient, with elemental simulation elements rendered appropriately (Weather, terrain and textures and airframe aerodynamics) BEFORE adding new feature sets that are mostly just more unfinished fluff. Im not one of their bean counters, but I’m still hoping…
  2. Ryan- that is the best news I've heard about MSFS yet. The pockets there are certainly deep enough to demand fidelity.
  3. ... and today's HF is supposed to address some issues in re. Wx as well... off to fly, fingers x'ed!
  4. Jim- Respectfully, I must disagree. The weather I encounter often does not reflect NOAA METAR (or even Metoblue's website Wx for that matter). I would agree with the fact that when GFS data matches aloft- it is acceptable. With the internet- there is no excuse for not pulling flight path METAR data every few minutes, and importing GFS data at the start of each flight and once an hour, that way when the modeled forecast changes, the Wx aloft will as well- and not be 11 hours off. This sim does so many things well, and quite a few not so well. I keep hoping (against hope) that Asobo will work towards patching the holes in this leaking ship- BEFORE hoisting additional sail. Hope springs eternal. Best- C
  5. This is one of MSFS’ primary shortcomings. As long as it does not depict real weather accurately, including winds aloft, it cannot really be a whole world simulation. They are part and parcel of any location. Asobo continues to dogmatically keep this bit closed off… so we are left in limbo. Metoblue is a RW aviation resource, but Asobo’s implementation is currently rubbish. Fingers x’ed! C
  6. Tony, Ed et al- May I just say Rob has his plate full at the moment, and would you please accept that? He is an enormous talent for our community, and no one more than I wishes he were able to return to active development. He cannot at this time. It is my fervent hope that will change.... Best- C
  7. Glad you're enjoying it- it is BRILLIANT, but anything he (and Sean) ever produced is!
  8. .. who will then ask mum and dad for the pretty folding beach chair at Xmas...
  9. It’s the only $100+ program I’ve ever bought that comes without a manual.... hopefully MS will rectify that one day.
  10. So are you happy with 48G Vic? Did you try smaller and larger? How did you finally arrive at 48G? More than all that, where on earth did you find a 3090? I’ve been looking since November and can’t find one at retail pricing... Ta- C
  11. Have we settled on an optimal size for the rolling cache?
  12. Isn't it nice that there's a place for everyone... reminds me of the Bose vs. Bang arguments...
  13. Jean-Luc- Voted for both, thanks. It is such a basic issue I hope others consider adding their voice. C
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