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  1. I remember my FSX days when the autopilot would fail flying the CS757 and send you nose first into the ground every single flight.
  2. MVelasquez

    V4.1 is out

  3. MVelasquez

    SODE, Another Process Is Still Running

    I'm having the same issue. I uninstalled and installed again SODE, but that did not work. Any other solution?
  4. Yes it fixed it for me. The steps jimcarrel posted is what I did.
  5. I had this same issue and simply reran the p3d installer and clicked repair.
  6. MVelasquez

    Long freeze when saving flight

    I had a similar issue and I simply updated to the latest fsuipc version and the problem went away.
  7. MVelasquez

    Flying with live traffic!

    Hi Nico, I managed to find a 737-800 model that works now and got rid of the one I originally used and all is well now. Thanks.
  8. MVelasquez

    Flying with live traffic!

    One issue that has popped up. I have been trying to get my 737-800 models to show up when I connect, but I keep getting the message that they cannot be created when traffic starts to pop up.The models are in my AI_liveries list and is in the PSXseecon folder. I made sure the info in the [fltsim] section were included, but that did not help. Any solutions?
  9. MVelasquez

    Flying with live traffic!

    Nvm, I fixed it. I needed to add the model section in the aircraft.cfg.
  10. MVelasquez

    Flying with live traffic!

    Anybody have ai models for Republic, Mesa, and Skywest that work in P3D? I've been trying to use the models made by AI Malcontent, but I keep getting ai models appearing with black textures.
  11. MVelasquez

    'Big news' incoming at AirDailyX today

    Could be Innsbruck. The developer mentioned he will be showing some screenshots later today.
  12. What is worse is when you get the contact me message during take off roll!!