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  1. I have a i7 4790k and 1060 6gb graphics and all works well as long as you have a good Internet connection and dont want ultra settings but are happy with high and medium settings
  2. Agreed airliners sadly need some more work especially on the Autopilot side and the 747 still climbs and descends at random.
  3. I found with the pitch and roll especially knocking down my sensitivity to - 30 a world of difference. Like you Rob it was almost impossible to control and lots of issues with handling GA aircraft. When i changed the sensitivity it is now as I would expect amd handles great. UI needs a bit of work.
  4. Guys can anyone help, I had to do a reinstall of windows 10 and trying to install my X55 again but the Next button is greyed out?! I know there was something I had to do last time to get it to work but cannot remember. Can you help Kind regards Duncan Odgers
  5. Hey Bonchie thanks for your comments during this exciting time, just wondering the latest build at present is 1.7.12 is that the version you have or something else?
  6. I hope the community is pumped, as ASOBO and Microsoft read this daily and as we get ready for launch i wanted to mention a few things. 1) Sydney Harbour Bridge and The Great Wall of China is missing from what we can tell so far from the preview build, two iconic landmarks are missing out of the box from the sim. With all the tech and satellite data i thought this might be included. 2) ATC this has improved in the preview build from what i can tell, in an early video the SIDS and STARS were read out letter by letter so SUGRO was read out letter by letter which was painful and now its improved and wr can hear complete words being mentioned so SUGRO for example is said as is no more painful letter by letter, good job guys. Please keep improving ATC and hope you have fixed the legacy bug of vectoring an aircraft in and it going closer then further away. Still some improvement to be done but good initial stuff. Duncan Odgers
  7. Yes and rightly so as we have a new model and everyone should be using this new model especially with the air mass simulation as well, looking forward to what PMDG et al come up with
  8. No i get that its just the old FSX flight model is still available and developers could get lazy and just slam anything in there
  9. No thank you, why would you want to use FSX planes in a brand new physics engine with improved flight dynamics. I wish in a way ASOBO would delete this option as if you want backwards compatible platform then go buy Prepar3d they pride themselves on being backwards compatible and look how different that platform is, the physics are not great.
  10. Thank you then that is great news, my comment about the name was that if it was official then it would have the official title in the picture that was all.
  11. Hate to burst your bubble guys but the Simulator is Microsoft Flight Simulator NOT Microsoft flight simulator 2020. I think its fake news and photoshopped.
  12. If Microsoft haven't said anything we can assume no for the moment, we just buy the sim everything else is free. My only speculation is about post launch charts but again nothing official has been mentioned this is purely my opinion.
  13. Hi Guys, I hope not that would be not great, I personally don't want the FSX flight model included as an option, Developers can get lazy and just give us a new plane for example but charge us the same and have a lousy flight model "on rails" No thank you! If this is next generation then make everyone use (including developers) the new flight model. ASOBO have put a lot of work into it so we should use it. Please ASOBO consider NOT including the FSX flight model, people including Third Parties only hacked it to make something half decent anyway. I mean its like over 13 years old time to move on. Prepar3d is hampered in my opinion by being backwards compatible and does not have the tech of MSFS. Aerosoft thankfully have confirmed they will be using all of the new features (no porting) of the new sim so I hope that others follow suit! Kind regards Duncan
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