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  1. Yes and rightly so as we have a new model and everyone should be using this new model especially with the air mass simulation as well, looking forward to what PMDG et al come up with
  2. No i get that its just the old FSX flight model is still available and developers could get lazy and just slam anything in there
  3. No thank you, why would you want to use FSX planes in a brand new physics engine with improved flight dynamics. I wish in a way ASOBO would delete this option as if you want backwards compatible platform then go buy Prepar3d they pride themselves on being backwards compatible and look how different that platform is, the physics are not great.
  4. Thank you then that is great news, my comment about the name was that if it was official then it would have the official title in the picture that was all.
  5. Hate to burst your bubble guys but the Simulator is Microsoft Flight Simulator NOT Microsoft flight simulator 2020. I think its fake news and photoshopped.
  6. If Microsoft haven't said anything we can assume no for the moment, we just buy the sim everything else is free. My only speculation is about post launch charts but again nothing official has been mentioned this is purely my opinion.
  7. Hi Guys, I hope not that would be not great, I personally don't want the FSX flight model included as an option, Developers can get lazy and just give us a new plane for example but charge us the same and have a lousy flight model "on rails" No thank you! If this is next generation then make everyone use (including developers) the new flight model. ASOBO have put a lot of work into it so we should use it. Please ASOBO consider NOT including the FSX flight model, people including Third Parties only hacked it to make something half decent anyway. I mean its like over 13 years old time to move on. Prepar3d is hampered in my opinion by being backwards compatible and does not have the tech of MSFS. Aerosoft thankfully have confirmed they will be using all of the new features (no porting) of the new sim so I hope that others follow suit! Kind regards Duncan
  8. Yes but when you are paying a lot of money, surely big bugs should be ironed out before release, some people are still seeing issues with bridges in the videos which we know is hard to do. Service packs are fine to add content and fix bugs but hope that this is not another Prepar3d V5 (released way too early) scenario!
  9. Hi Microsoft/Asobo, I hope you get to read this or indeed things get passed on. So on the insider with the latest development roadmap it outlines in July more Partnership Releases in addition to the ones we have, also it mentions Mid July a preview into August/September?? It mentions September yet you are releasing it mid August? The timelines have slipped a little although nothing drastic so was just wondering is this really retail ready??? I think the Closed Beta had really confused a few people in terms of testing etc.. And feel maybe it is now being rushed out the door. Are there features missing?? Kind regards Duncan Odgers
  10. Maybr your email outlining the projects you created would help via that email, which to me indicates something separate from the Alpha
  11. Check out the main Flight Simulator page, thats what I am quoting
  12. 27th onwards second builds go out along with SDK for certain developers and also via the email addresses you already responded to
  13. Dont fret the "Unfinished" SDK doesnt get released until next week and then people like yourself can provide feedback.
  14. Yes lots to do, remember its only Alpha build, you can make out the buildings on the left of St Barts but they are swamped by trees. They will clear this up.
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