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  1. The api.dll indicates something is not compatible with an application. We are seeing this more in P3DV4.2 because it is 64 bit and developers have not fully upgraded their products for complete compatibility. I have seen it mostly with an incompatibility with one of the modules loaded in one of the two dll.xml's. FSUIPC can cause it too if not updated to be compatible with P3DV4.2.
  2. Jim Young

    Clean Install P3Dv4 CTD

    You did a clean install of P3DV4.2. That's good but when you installed an addon that is not compatible with 64 bit applications, then you get the api.dll error. Look at your two dll.xml's (if you have installed addons) and check to make sure they are referencing a 64 bit module and not a 32 bit module. The CMeteoxml.dll is the most common issue. I have mine disabled and my api.dll errors went away.
  3. Jim Young

    Excellent Response by FSLabs

    We are now in the process of arguing with a staff member and that will not be allowed so this topic is locked. Making personal attacks against anyone, true or untrue, is a rant and you are only trolling for others to comment and perhaps disagree with you and then the topic goes South fast. This kind of conduct is not allow at AVSIM. Our membership deserves better as they really do not want to hear about your rants and your personal hatred for someone.
  4. Jim Young

    REX Environment Force

    I have no problems with members intelligently and respectfully discussing the pros and cons of ABC product but, when the conversation changes from the OP, then that's when the topic needs to be watched closely and perhaps locked. This topic was about the REX Environment Force and, as a reminder, the OP stated, "Not sure if this is a shader utility , a weather utility or a texture utility, but it sounds like its all of them combined." That has turned from an intelligent discussion about REX Environment Force to a total bashing of the company by many and the pros and cons of other products developed by REX. If we cannot keep it on topic instead of rants and accolades of REX's other products, then I have no choice but to close this and split the off-topic discussions to new topics. Thank you for your cooperation.
  5. As the AVSIM Terms of Service states, AVSIM's "goal is to provide an educational and entertainment resource for people with similar interests and a community that is fun to be part of by users from around the world". 😎 The term 'necropost' has been around for some time but some still... well, necropost - https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Necroposting
  6. Jim Young

    Ai planes

    Welcome to AVSIM! Your post is a little confusing. If you have language issues, AVSIM has International Forums. What is the name of the AI package? Perhaps best to uninstall the AI package and try reinstalling.
  7. Necroposting on AVSIM is not allowed. This was split from an old topic with the same topic title. If you have a problem, please review the AVSIM CTD Guide and let us know if you are showing any faulting modules in AppCrashView or the Event Viewer. If so, post the faulting module name here.
  8. If it is to a default airport, then it should not happen. If it is to an addon airport then you should know that the airport was not installed properly or not compatible with DX10.
  9. Jim Young

    Dalton Highway South Alaska

    Hi Rick, Be careful admitting to owning the i7 8086. There are many naysayers because the CPU is similar to the cheaper i7 8700K. I got it so I do not have to try to overclock my system to 5.0GHz. It's the first CPU ever made that does this and it is history making for sure!! Good luck with your build! Just got off the golf course and it was 88 degrees Fahrenheit, Real Feel 96 degrees when we finished. But I'm trying to lose a lot of weight anyway. Fortunately my group starts out playing at 7 am every day and we finish by 9:30 or 10. Best regards, Jim
  10. Jim Young

    New build for P3D

    When I run P3D, all cores are active. How do you make it run on just one core? Thanks for your help!
  11. Autogen is being rendered constantly. If you use it for 30 minutes, probably little or no difference with FPS. But for flights longer than that, then it may take a toll on performance depending on where you are located. If you want a great view of the Manhattan Skyline, how about purchasing a "great view of the Manhattan Skyline and dump Autogen. Drzewiecki New York X has a cheap and fantastic addon that will do that. In regards to ENVTEX, I have always stated, P3D/FSX runs great with fantastic FPS anywhere in the world until you start adding the eye-candy addons. If those eye-candy addons do not work for your computer, then, IMHO, you need to upgrade or lower your settings dramatically which will ruin the effects of the fantastic eye-candy, eye-popping, awesome flight simulation addons that provide a lot of immersion into your flights. I did. But Rob and many others are the experts in getting the best performance out of your flight simulation experience with and CPU no matter how many addons you have so hopefully he can find a solution for your issues.
  12. Jim Young

    Dalton Highway South Alaska

    I would begin here Rick - http://return.mistymoorings.com/
  13. Jim Young

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Still on the fence after all of this? I do understand the desire to go for the European models if you are European though. I'm loyal to my area of the world and I favor Boeing and have flown mostly in Boeing aircraft. The 787 is unique though in that it is a new model. It is also a matter of cost. Many of us in flight simulation can afford expensive thing and the Boeing is expensive for sure and everyone wants total perfection when it comes to expensive things. Fully understand!
  14. As I stated above, I have all of my terrain settings at max except for mesh and that is at 5m. As I stated, autogen affects fps. Get rid of it. Not realistic at FL100 and above. Most commercial airports will have great scenery surrounding the airport which you can look at while landing.