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  1. Jim Young

    who stole the plane

    Yes, that's correct as verified earlier by this video -
  2. The only lubricant I would recommend is WD-40. It fixes everything!
  3. The AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide will provide tweaks to your fsx.cfg and graphic card settings and discusses the various tweaks beginning on page 5. There are no tweaks to speed up texture loading other than lowering your settings in both the fsx.cfg and display driver settings. FSX/Acceleration (or FSX-SE) has DX10 Preview technology that might help as it has been proven to provide better performance by 10%. You should also get the DX10 Fixer which has many more tweaks that might help you.
  4. Jim Young

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    I did. There was a Richard Russell who submitted files to our AVSIM Library but his ReadMe indicates he lives in England. Most members use an alias so impossible to know if he's a member.
  5. Jim Young

    How to contact PC Aviator

    Developers need to move into the 21st Century in regards to software technology. You are the owner of their product and they need a way to let you know their product has been updated. Telling you to go back to the store is not an option. PMDG has with their Ops Center. PointSoft has with the ProATC/X. Dreamteam and FlightBean too. Then maybe we can get rid of these topics where the posters do everything they can to make it rough for a store owner if they don't respond to them immediately. If I were a store owner, I would demand this. Why should I take the heat when a software developer didn't do his job. He's in business to sell his products and most demand owners of their products activate their license on their server. Like PointSoft calling home when you start up ProATC/X and asking if there's an update and then giving you the option to update now or later and even checking your program to make sure the latest NAV and AIRAC data have been properly imported. I also like developers who send me e-mails with links to the updated product. But, telling me to go back to Wal-Mart, er, I mean PC Aviator and getting a fix for 'their' product is a non-starter. I would avoid those developers as much as possible and I'm glad some of them were mentioned above! Store owners, be it PC Aviator, Aerosoft, FlightSimStore, PCPilot, FlightOne, etc., are part of the flight simulation community. Most have been long time members of our community. They serve the community in different ways. Members help members when someone has a problem. Store owners obviously want to help software developers sell their products. I am positive store owners do not want to offend their customers but they can not make everyone happy. This topic represents just a few disgruntled customers who demand more from our community than others. I'm a happy customer. I recently had a problem with a MSE product as it was missing 3 downloads. I sent an e-mail to customer support to let them know about the issue and never heard from them immediately. The next day I checked the download again and saw that the file had been repaired and downloaded the three files. A couple of days later, got an e-mail from customer support with a link to the 3 files. For me that was acceptable but know others in this topic would have demanded immediate action. Please try to be as factual as possible with your "demands" in this thread. Making inciting/offensive posts where the owner does not have the opportunity or desire to respond like the post just above this post is not acceptable. Being rude is not acceptable. This is NOT Reddit where anything goes. Be polite and respectful of your fellow community members. The store owners, software developers, and AVSIM will be very happy when you show some respect!
  6. Jim Young

    Qualitywings B787 Rudder Control

    The manual states the rudder does not become aerodynamically effective until approx 60knots. Does it work then?
  7. Jim Young

    Error Upon Attempting to download the installer

    This individual sent AVSIM a request for support and I advised we do not provide support for PMDG products but I also noted that his "key" in the error msg he provided was a "zipped" file. It appears all he has to do is unzip the file he received and he should have the actual key. Of course, going to his account at the Store will also resolve his problem but wondering how he got a zipped key. Best regards, Jim
  8. Jim Young

    Quality wings 787 frequent crash

    I do not with P3DV4.3. Aircraft works flawlessly. I just finished a flight from FSDT KORD to FlightBeam's KIAD (two resource intensive areas), using ASP4 and UTLive and with MSE Illinois and Virginia enabled. No CTD even though most of my P3D settings are set to max. My FSUIPC.log: 106531 G:\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\QualityWings 787-8\Boeing 787-8 GE.air 180688 Loading Complete ... 181360 Aircraft loaded: running normally now ... 181422 User Aircraft ID 1 supplied, now being used 181969 System time = 11/08/2018 12:20:49, Simulator time = 11:18:07 (16:18Z) 181969 Aircraft="QualityWings 787-8 GE QW House" 182953 -------------------- Starting everything now ---------------------- 183047 ASN active function link set 183047 Ready for ActiveSky WX radar with additional data 185641 Weather Mode now = Theme 188719 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 2938016 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 2756 secs = 40.6 fps 2938016 Max AI traffic was 301 aircraft (Deleted 0) 2965563 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Minimum frame rate was 16.0 fps, Maximum was 89.7 fps Average frame rate for running time of 2756 secs = 40.6 fps Maximum AI traffic for session was 301 aircraft What makes you think the QW787 caused the crash? Just because the PMDG 737, 777, and 747 have no issues? I just went through some massive troubleshooting when I had BSOD's when flying the PMDG 777 or 747 but no BSOD when flying the QW787 or CS757. It wasn't the fault of the PMDG 747 or 777. It was my computer. Did you get a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) too? Or did the AppCrashView or Event Viewer state the faulting module was the QW787? There are thousands of users using the QW787 w/o issues. For me, this is probably the best aircraft I have ever purchased. It is so unbelievably smooth and you can see the massive amount of programming the developer had to go through to make this such an awesome aircraft for flight simulation. I always marvel at how well they reproduced the real aircraft and I'm anxious to learn more about the technology inside this aircraft. It boggles the mind!! I love the PMDG 747 and 777 too and they have a great display of technology too. The sound of the engines and the modelling is exceptional. But, right now, I like the QW787. I mean, I really like the QW787!! Here at AVSIM you cannot simply say, "the QW787 caused a CTD. Did this happen to you too? Please help". You have to give us more clues, more details. Crashes are frustrating. I fully understand that as I just went through with days of frustrations with random BSOD's. I am pretty positive I have my issues fixed as I have done two successful flight with the PMDG 777 and QW787 and the flights were w/o incident. It would be great if you could provide more details of your CTD(s). The AVSIM CTD Guide shows you how. If you want to show us the report in the Event Viewer instead, that's detailed in the AVSIM CTD Guide too. If we could see the faulting module, it would give us a clue as to the probable cause but not the solution. Video cards and drivers can cause crashes and so can Windows. There are very few crashes in FSX/P3D that are solved even when given the faulting module and details of the CTD. There are many systems, many configurations of flight simulators and computers. There are thousands of possibilities that caused the crash. Some possible solutions work for many but not everyone. You have to investigate the scene of your CTD. If you do not want to do that, then, simply, I would completely uninstall the aircraft and then reinstall with Admin Privileges (run the installation program as the Administrator). I would rename the P3D.cfg and restart P3D and let the config rebuild to the default settings. I would also make sure you start up P3D with Administrative Privileges. The AVSIM guide tells you how every time you start up P3D. If you use Active Sky weather, you can start that app with Admin Privileges all of the time too. What I'm trying to say is that you did something that thousands of others did not do and now you are having crashes. I hope you can get the software installed properly as the QW787 is one heck of a beautiful aircraft with an abundance of technology that the flight simulation community has been seeking for many years. There is so much to learn! Best regards, Jim
  9. What tweaks does he employ? His fixer 'fixes' the bad Microsoft programming they did for DX10 Preview. Along the way Steve found many other fixes. It fixes clouds, rain, water, and lighting issues too but I do not know of any performance tweaks. Perhaps you are talking about his setting for DX10 AA where you can have 8x CSAA? That can be accomplished with NI too. I have never liked tweaks and I think now that we fully understand things like "Virtual Address Space" and running out of that and getting "Out of Memory" or other errors, we all thought we needed tweaks to fix that. We learned that using the NI to "tweak" our graphics was the best thing but it is not necessary for 64 bit games like P3DV4 or X-Plane. With NI we were able to fix shimmering and other minor anomalies that took away much of our enjoyment of flight simulation. FSX is a very old program that now can use a processor that is at least 10 times better than the one they used to build FSX/Acceleration. Tweaks work well for some if properly employed but every system is different and everyone has different setups and addons. With the default FSX, I can get over 300 fps sitting on the runway at Las Vegas. When I start adding payware, the fps drop dramatically and I can only get 40-50 fps at the same location at Las Vegas. You cannot fix that with a tweak other than a more powerful system and you have to be especially careful now as FSX will run out of virtual address space fast (Microsoft only gave you 4 GB's with Windows) when you install many addons and have a fast processor. It just renders the graphics much faster resulting in eating up the large, eye-candy textures and the virtual address space. For the most enjoyment in flight simulation, you should seriously consider a 64 bit game like P3Dv4 or X-Plane. I believe this is the future. Best regards, Jim
  10. Jim Young

    My FSX stops in certain sceneries

    Is your video card DX10 compatible?
  11. The AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide has helpful hints too. I am not sure what tweaks you have incorporated into FSX-SE. AVSIM recommends none if you have a i7 PC. Tweaks are for those duo-core systems when FSX was first released. For instance, the Bufferpool tweak can cause all kinds of anomalies if not properly employed and it all depends on the addons. The addons that use the most resources probably will not render or will have difficulties. I assume you are also using Steve's DX10 Fixer. That is the best tweak you can install with FSX-SE. It actually fixes most of the anomalies in FSX with DX10 Preview enabled.
  12. Jim Young

    Logbook no longer works.

    AVSIM Library has a Logbook Repair Tool.
  13. Back in my FSX/DX10 days I used FlightSimTools Addon Converter X - http://www.flightsimtools.com/adconvx/. It does not convert the textures permanently but on the fly. When you finish your FSX session, the FS9 addon textures will still be in the DX9 format.
  14. Jim Young

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    When you jump to another waypoint, you will also have to go into ProATC/X and go to the Menu and make a request to ATC to go directly to [the next waypoint in the list of waypoints] just like you would do if you missed a waypoint.
  15. Jim Young

    Can't reinstall MFSX on my computer with WIN 10

    If you are getting error messages when trying to reinstall, the following topic might provide some assistance - https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/540097-fsx-error-1722-and-1603-what-is-the-solution/. FSX will work on Windows 10.