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  1. Jim Young

    P3D CTD after loading at airport.

    I have never seen the green leaf in P3D. Do you have a Family History program running too? Make sure the departure airport (name?) is compatible with your version of P3D. P3D runs great in default mode. Only when you add something you will start to see issues/anomalies.
  2. FCOM's are copyrighted material. We have had to remove several in our Library.
  3. Jim Young

    Delete account

    I respond to all requests sent to AVSIM using our contact us system. I'll send the request to the Forum Administrator if appropriate.
  4. Jim Young

    ISP Usage Caps

    Split from Microsoft Flight Simulator topic.
  5. Jim Young

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    The links work for me but you should embed all images partly for security reasons. We get spammers and others who penetrate our site (but not for long) and they some times post a link to malicious code. The post might tell one to click on the link to see the images. To embed, on OneDrive, you select the file you want to embed and then look up in the menu and you will see "embed". Click on that and you will have a link which you copy and then paste into your post. Instead of seeing the link, the images will appear in your post. We require this for videos too.
  6. Jim Young

    New MS Flight Sim Forum - Index Logo

    I'll put up the one with the white background and see if it looks better.
  7. Jim Young


    LM has several solutions for download their products. There's a download manager and other options. I use the Firefox browser and have never had any issues downloading anything. In fact, I can download up to ten MegaScenery files 2GB each at a time.
  8. Hi Jim, 

    Was just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Hope the treatments are doing well and you are feeling a bit better. :smile:

    Kindest regards,

    Spirit Flyer


  9. Moved from P3D Forum to Bargain's Hunter Shack as OP is considered advertising.
  10. Jim Young

    P3D crashes after choosing an airport

    May we ask what airport you were trying to load other than the default? Make sure the airport addon is compatible with your version of P3D. You might want to reinstall the airport using Admin Privileges.
  11. Jim Young


    P3Dv3 is a 32 bit application and this error occurred a lot using FSX, a 32 bit application. The FSUIPC.dll back then trapped the g3d.dll error and you could see in the FSUIPC log how many times the FSUIPC dll trapped the error so that FSX would not crash. Make sure you have the FSUIPC version for P3Dv3. I believe the trap was still there. Otherwise, there is no fix other than to reinstall Windows, P3D and any addons (which I have done several times when I was using FSX/P3DV3).
  12. Jim Young

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    Dovetail had an issue selling FSW. It was not as wildly popular as one would have thought. Plus, the "beta testers" (the one's who immediately beta test products when first released to be the first to find issues) found too many issues and demanded immediate hot fixes. The hot fixes resulted in even more issues and finally the 2-3 team members, working for Dovetail, decided it was time to call it quits and they did. I personally think they were having issues getting around the Microsoft license for FSX. It definitely was not the threat of MS Flight 2020. In fact, Dovetail, being a company located in Europe, would have had a more difficult time getting knowledge of products being developed in Redmond, Washington. Third party developers and/or beta testers, working with Microsoft to develop add-ons for the product, would likely have violated the MS NDA before the product was first announced (it is hard to keep a secret) and we would have known about it soon after the product was first being developed. Dovetail continues to provide support for FSX-SE and updates where they can. My two-cents.
  13. Jim Young

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    It is the same as the old MS Flight and uses similar aircraft. There were no add-ons so I doubt add-ons will be allowed. Look at the old MS Flight forum here at AVSIM and you should have a good idea what it will be like. From the pictures I have seen on their site, the IconA5 will be back. I just think the major difference will be a worldwide area instead of restricted and additional aircraft. I doubt any of the PMDG aircraft will work.
  14. Jim Young

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    It appears to me, based on the promo video, the simulator is polished and ready for release.
  15. Jim Young

    FSX Crashes in mid-flight.

    Also, see page 10 AVSIM CTD Guide on how to fix any crash in FSX. You can disable the dll.xml which is located in the same folder as fsx.cfg. if you have any Carenado aircraft disable the entries in the dll.xkl.