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  1. I do too and my account shows all of the MS products I own. Just do not lose your ID or passwords or their computers (robots) will be extremely nasty with you and immediately ban you and even a Microsoft tech cannot fix it (I know as it happened to me).
  2. I had the similar issues a couple of months ago. Using P3D and it suddenly shutdowns the system. But, at least it showed a BSOD (which did not help). Turned out to be one module out of 4 that went bad with the system RAM. Found the offending one, removed it, and no more problems since.
  3. Jim Young

    Mixing and matching....

    Not sure why anyone tags a post anymore. The Google/Bing engines are so powerful. For instance, some are tagging a topic with P3DV4, Carenado, Phenom 300, etc., and then has the same key words in the topic title and/or body of the topic. Since we must keep the topic prefixes related to a simulator (as many members got very upset as they wanted a forum for P3D Screenshots, XP11 Screenshots, FS9 Screenshots, etc., because they hated to be surprised with suddenly looking at an XP11 image which "wasted their time". With the luxury of Prefixes all one needs to do is click on P3D and he/she will see every screenshot of P3D. They now do not have to get all upset if they accidentally open an XP11 screenshot somewhere as they hate to look at them. Now, AVSIM has solved this crisis by coming up with the Prefix (actually it was just Top who solved it). Someday soon (I've been working on it for a couple of years now) we are going to install a new Prefix program where I can provide you a list of the various simulators. When you click on the title, a list of each simulator will be shown and you must select one of them before your topic/images can be published. I am currently working hard with the CEO and senior staff to make this happen! Once it does, then members should place some information in their topic about the images. Maybe some information about the aircraft they used, the scenery in the image(s), and maybe even some info about the weather program if applicable (mostly you have been very good at this). Members from around the world want to see screenshots and videos of what some of the products that come with simulators as add-ons look like. It might get them excited to purchase the product or try to replicate the image. I was wondering the same thing the other day. Hope all is well with him. Perhaps someone should send a PM? His images were some of the best and his contributions will be sorely missed. Best regards, Jim
  4. You are correct. Steve's DX10 Fixer fixes most of the issues with DX10 that Microsoft could not fix because the team of developers were released by Microsoft. So, no further development. This is what Steve's DX10 Fixer does too. Buy Steve's DX10 Fixer. AVSIM hosts the official support forum for this product. Hope you enjoy your visits at AVSIM. Best regards, Jim
  5. Jim Young


    Thinking about splitting the twitch tv comments to a new topic. We have seemed to have gotten away from the OP.
  6. Jim Young

    CTD 0xc0000374 error

    The faulting module should be ntdll.dll or stackhash. There are no known fixes for this crash. One fixed it by disabling his AI program. There are so many possibilities you could be looking for an answer for a long time or never find a solution. You will probably have to reset Windows and reinstall P3DV4 and all of your add-ons. Some have fixed it by lowering the overclock and lowering their p3d and video card settings. Laptops are not the best system to run P3DV4. The AVSIM CTD Guide has more suggestions.
  7. Jim Young


  8. Jim Young

    New build for P3D

    Okay Ken. Should have looked at your system specs in your signature first. Thanks for the explanation.
  9. Jim Young

    New build for P3D

    Where did you get the info there was no HT? My ASUS BIOS has it enabled by default and I have to go in and make sure it is disabled. If you want the blurries, turn on HT. If you do not want blurries, turn it off. I was amazed when I turned of HT. Good choice. I'm amazed with this CPU. Have 4 - 5 MegaSceneries enabled at one time plus all of the Drzewiecki Design photosceneries, ASP4, and UTLive at 80% and get 40-70 fps with no blurries. I think most of the current CPU's can handle almost anything thrown at it by FSX/P3DV4 and X-Plane. What I'm worried about now is the developers see the performance improvements and throw in even more eye-candy bringing our systems down again and in wait for an even better CPU/video card. I heard HT would be eliminated by Intel - https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/07/leaked-benchmarks-show-intel-is-dropping-hyperthreading-from-i7-chips/
  10. The AVSIM CTD Guide, starting on page 32, provides some suggestions to fix.
  11. Jim Young

    FSX CTD windows 10 64bit

    These "fixes" are in the AVSIM CTD Guide. Some work for many, some do not work at all. Glad you are having no problems though!
  12. Jim Young

    Scenery cfg Missing

    Something is seriously wrong as the scenery cfg is rebuilt at startup with the default.
  13. Jim Young

    Wanted, New FSX Plane

    You might be interested in the 12-hour $12 sale topic in our Bargain Hunter's Forum too.
  14. Jim Young

    Captain Sim -12 Hour Sale

    You beat me to it Carl!
  15. Jim Young

    Wanted, New FSX Plane

    Forgot to add... if you purchase the QW787 through Flight One, you can get your money back after 30 days if not satisfied. So a win-win situation.