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  1. The best flight platform in my opinion is P3DV4.1 as this is basically an upgraded version of FSX only it is a 64-bit application instead of a 32-bit application. Members were having issues with 32-bit applications as they were always running out of memory (not RAM but virtual memory). Microsoft Operating Systems only give applications up to 4GB's of Virtual Address Memory (VAS). When the 4GB's is used up, the simulator crashes. With P3DV4, that type of crash is eliminated and there are literally hundreds of addons that worked in FSX that now work in P3DV4. X-Plane 11 is difficult because it does not do anything automatically like in FSX or P3D. They do not even have a default startup configuration and you have to go through all of the various configurations to set up your application before you can fly. You have to configure your throttle and controller, setup what buttons do what, when, and where (and how). If you want to install more default scenery, you go to the X-Plane site and run their installer again and you can then add more scenery. I'm not sure why they made it complicated but I consider myself very computer literate and it has been a very difficult experience for me. With P3DV4, you install it, activate it, go to the setup screen, select your aircraft and where you want to take off from and go fly. The learning experience is much quicker. Lockheed Martin is continually working on updating P3D. I strongly recommend you visit the Prepar3D Forum here at AVSIM and read through some of the topics. You can also visit our screenshot and video forum and many have screenshots of the various simulators and many have some excellent videos of their flights in mostly P3D. We have an excellent hardware forum where members discuss the various computer platforms that work the best with any simulator. The system you mentioned in your topic would work very good with P3D or any of the simulators. My system specs are in my signature and what I like about the i7 7700K is the fact it is already at 4.2GHz without doing anything. If you go into the BIOS at startup and select Optimized Defaults, it will automatically overclock your system to 4.5GHz and that's plenty fast for any of the current simulators. Going above 4.5GHz cause instabilities and I do not recommend it unless you are a computer expert. In regards to memory (RAM), I recommend 16GB's. There is a lot of fantastic and very realistic scenery for P3D (or FSX). FS Dreamteam (FSDT) has some excellent and very realistic airports in Hawaii. Megascenery.com has some very photo real scenery for Hawaii and here in the USA. In California, I use Orbx/FTX Northern and Southern California scenery. FSDT and FlightBeam have some very accurate renditions of KLAX, KSFO, KPSP, the Catalina Islands, and KSAN to name a few. I also like flying in the Pacific Northwest with all of the mountains and very scenic areas and you can get that from Orbx/FTX. You can Google FTX/Orbx, FSDT, FlightBeam, etc., and go to their websites. The realism is truly outstanding (and getting better). Hope this helps and thanks for joining AVSIM! Best regards, Jim
  2. I guess so. In any case there's an update on their site.
  3. FSX-MS

    Yes, look at page 4.20.2 of the Flight Crew Operations Manual (FCOM) Vol. 2. FCOM is provided with your aircraft purchase in the PMDG Ops Center. The aircraft does not have to be in level flight though. Just make sure you do not have your hands on the controls when you engage it (FCOM - Autopilot Engagement Criteria). Only one AP can be engaged at a given time unless the APP is engaged. I usually engage it soon after raising the gear and the aircraft appears to be stable. There's really no regulation that states when the AP is engaged after you takeoff. Jim
  4. This was just a hotfix to release what they had fixed so far. They will put out another hotfix later or maybe release the final update. Although I had a small issue with the speedbrake, I blame it on being a rookie, a pilot wannabee. I'm learning. It was just released this month and still overly excited by the fact I can start it up from cold and dark. I don't monitor fuel as I have unlimited fuel turned on but heard there was still an issue with that. I don't think there will be any other 757's released for P3DV4 or at least I have not heard of any rumors of any so you can wait until they have one of the 9.99 sales (which probably would not include this product for a few years) or get it now and start enjoying it or burning up the AVSIM forums with "issues". Best regards, Jim
  5. Topic locked because the OP did not check his facts first. Just kidding about the reason though. Members can post anything in these forums and no one has the right to tell a fellow member to check his facts before you post. That's what the forums are all about. A member posts something and someone will provide the facts or the information they have learned about a product. A forum is a discussion to learn the facts or more about a product, gauge, aircraft, scenery, module, configuration, etc., etc. Please stay out of the conversation if you have nothing to contribute.
  6. I have it installed in P3DV4.1 and it works great! It was already installed as I had FSX (boxed) installed but I do recall having issues with it originally with trees and stuff on Runway 11 but it's gone now. Once installed in FSX I opened up the Lorby_Si Addon Organizer and added the KSTL_FSX_Terrain\Scenery first and then added KSTL_FSX\Scenery second (Terrain must be lower in priority). I then went into Other addons and added KSTL_FSX_TERRAIN\Texture and KSTL_FSX\Texture components. On the Taxi2Gate site they do have an update for the Runway 11 ILS. Good luck!
  7. Topic locked as it cannot go any further than this w/o violating our Terms of Service.
  8. If you get a crash while flying around a military base, come visit me in the AVSIM CTD Forum.
  9. xp11

    The OP is in charge of the topic. Everyone should be considerate of his right to post his comments and his image and to control the discussions. It appears to me that some are trying to get the OP into an argument, good or bad, about his topic. Arguing never solves anything and think it is best one not comment unless he or she has something to contribute to the conversation.
  10. We set up this forum several years ago when many members complained about support for CS products and wanted a central forum where all discussions concerning CS products would be in one location and not scattered throughout AVSIM. If topics were posted in the P3D Forum and not moved by a moderator to this forum, they would soon be lost in the pages of P3D. As you can see here, many people are having problems with their CS product, including the CS757. This is a location where you can find all of the issues, good or bad, regarding CS products. There are other reasons for placing the topics here in the CS Support Forum: As you may or may not know, discussions about CS products are usually volatile. The P3D Forum is not the proper place to argue for and against a product. If there are issues, you go to the support forum and discuss them there with the people who are interested in hearing about the issues. Discussing the issues in both the P3D and this forum only creates more confusion as there may be members who want to raise every issue possible regarding the product in the P3D Forum (as more members might visit that forum) and the issues have already been discussed and resolved in this forum. This is a support forum for issues with a CS product. I believe CS is actively working on any issues found and immediately releasing a hotfix before a version update indicates to me they are working hard to please their customer base. CS seems to have turned over a new leaf in that they are more responsive to questions in their forums and the site has dramatically changed with the product description and 'sim ops' where the manuals, updates, banners, tutorials, etc., are all in one location and easily accessible by everyone. There have been complaints too about the price but the price for the FS9 product many, many years ago was $68 for the base package and $23.00 for any expansions. With inflation, the $75.70 price seems to me to be in line with their previous sales (like golf and tennis, this is an expensive hobby). One can wait for several years like the FS9 757 and buy the product for $10 one day. Hope this explains our decision to keep the CS product discussions in one place. Best regards, Jim
  11. PD3

    Suggest checking out the AVSIM CTD Guide (see link in my signature). It has know fixes when the sim crashes while loading. Page 7 has information about looking in the Event Viewer or downloading a program called AppCrashView which might provide further information regarding your crash(es). One clue would be knowing the faulting module that caused the crash (if any). Does this happen with other aircraft or is it just the Dash8? When it crashes, at what percent of the loading does it get to before it crashes?
  12. FSX-MS

    This is what happened to the individuals who put together the tutorial and it might not happen the next time they fly the tutorial. There's a speed restriction at NIRSI (220) and the FMC knows about this restriction. If the FMC sees that you are not going to meet that restriction, it will warn you. Evidently your speed was near 220 knots and you would have no problems meeting this speed restriction so you did not need the warning. If you have weather engaged, sometimes the winds will get behind your aircraft and push it faster that normal. If the winds are coming at you, then the aircraft has no problems slowing down.
  13. With the hotfix installed, I flew from KLAX to KSFO with ASP4. Started cold and dark (well, I had to shutdown everything after it loaded). I tried to follow the tutorial that comes with the sim for starting up the 757 but confusing so found a nice video on YouTube - Successfully got the APU started and programmed the FMC then used GSX for departure. Took off and had no issues. Prior to the hotfix, I was having issues with the aircraft exceeding the speed. No problems this time. On descent, I had to manually slow down the aircraft and use the speed brakes often. It seemed to work better in the past but then I have had flights in the past where I did not need to use the speed brake and the VNAV brought it down normally. Think maybe there might be winds pushing the aircraft from behind when I have issues? Still it should not work that way as I doubt someone flying a real 757 would be constantly turning on/off the speed brake or leveling the flight until the speed comes down (maybe this is part of the game?). Once you get the speed down below 250, it seems to work perfectly and, when you can start lowering the flaps at 240, things are really good. Once on approach to KSFO, I saw no issues whatsoever. It followed the glide slope perfectly. On landing, the reverse thrust did not work even though I had 3 Green and it was setup properly with the speed brake armed, etc. The reverse thrust has worked in the past. I shouldn't have to hit F2. The only issue I saw was an occasional warning that the engine bleed was off on both engines but they were both on. There's a lot more immersion in flying the 757 when you can start up the engines during pushback. Do not use GSX at KSFO. Even though you can see almost a completely empty airport, GSX says all the gates are occupied. Then when it did find a vacancy on the Northside and I warped to the Gate, it placed me on top of a 747. But this is about the 757. Sorry! Jim
  14. If you own a Carenado aircraft, you must have the module, carenavigraphx64.dll loading via the dll.xml located in your the same location as your scenery.cfg. When you open up the folder with the scenery.cfg, you will probably only see dll and not dll.xml. If you do not know how to get to these files, the AVSIM CTD Guide, page 7 will show you how. It requires extra efforts as the folder is hidden and you have to find out how to view it. Best regards, Jim
  15. FSX-MS

    Then you have not captured the glideslope yet. Here's another related topic - For me, it is kind of difficult to see what's happening in your situation without being there in your cockpit as you are trying to land. Personally I only use the APP and not the loc. I thought 'cat' and scianoir had the perfect response but it was not. I suspect there is no answer.