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  1. FSX-MS

    Isn't that how Orbx turns things on/off when you go to the Control Panel for a scenery? Sounds like you have something turned off. When you turn it on, the XXX's will go away and be replaced with .bgl's.
  2. It is surprising but, in the pinned topic where I found the fix for the StackHash 0374 exception, I was completely shocked too that my settings were too high. I have an i7 7700K OC'd at 4.5GHz with a GTX 1080TI and the world's fastest NVMe M2 SSD (one for C drive and one for my P3D drive) and the world's fastest memory sims so one would think I could move the sliders all the way to the right when flying the PMDG 747 over Orbx SoCal with ASP4. Might work on several flights but not always. In my case, I could replicate the crash by using the old P3D.cfg and then the default P3D.cfg.
  3. Whether renamed .off or .orig does not matter. In both cases, the mytrafficmil.bgl file has been effectively renamed and will not work. Instead of lowering your settings, I recommend just renaming the p3d.cfg to p3d.cfg.off. Then, when you restart p3d, a new one will be rebuilt with default settings. Don't change anything in the config. Just do what you were doing when you got your StackHash above. If it does not reoccur, then it is most likely a high setting in the p3D.cfg. If you tried a tweak in the p3d.cfg, like the AffinityMask tweak, then that could have been the cause too. All you are trying to do is figure out what caused the StackHash and, if you do not see it anymore, then okay, it was a problem with the P3D.cfg. If you still get the StackHash, then you know it had nothing to do with your p3d.cfg. You need to look elsewhere. Maybe a high setting in REX or ASP4 or lots of photoscenery enabled at one time. But, I can almost guarantee it is an issue with a setting in the P3D.cfg.
  4. You might try to disable fullscreen optimizations. Go to FSX.exe, right click and select Properties. Click on the compatibility tab. Look down to the bottom and click on Disable fullscreen optimizations. This is a new option I'm seeing with the latest Windows updates. Those who have P3D can do the same.
  5. Thanks Oliver. Great info. Will have to check it out when I get back to my desktop. Best regards, Jim
  6. Yes it's important that you not run the make runways inside the data section of proatc or you will probably have two airports in your database. Thanks to Oliver for his info about running Pete's program but I am missing runways unless I convert using your program first.
  7. The solution to your StackHash 0374 is in the pinned topic in this forum.
  8. CTD

    There are many who do not have REX installed and are still having an issue going from full screen to Windowed mode and vice-versa. What sim were you running? XP11? Wonder what your faulting module was? G3D.dll?
  9. I think you need to download the AVSIM FSX Configuration Guide (see link in my signature). The FSX.cfg is located in a hidden folder and so is the dll.xml in the same folder. You should delete or rename the dll.xml to dll.xml.off or just delete the whole folder. The dll.xml is not a default file, so, if you uninstalled and deleted this hidden folder and the hidden folder in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX, and then reinstalled FSX, you would not have files that do not belong in your installation. Once you uninstall, you delete the hidden folders as they will not be deleted when you uninstall FSX. You could also do a repair of FSX by deleting the hidden folders, running the FSX Setup program, and selecting repair. It will repair your installation. Now FSX should start and you will then want in install Acceleration. Not your fault as Microsoft made the uninstall of FSX miserable for everyone. The installers of today, 10 years later, work better but too late for FSX.
  10. Yes. But you would have to do this anyway. This is just a couple more steps. Hopefully someday someone will have a program to automate the process. I think, if Oliver at Lorby_Si added something to show where your P3DV4 or v3 is located, then all we would need to do is click on MakeRunways in his excellent program and it would go to the directory and execute the program.
  11. You didn't read all of the manual. Open up Backup/Restore in the Addon Organizer. Go all the way down to "Export library for external tool" (that's the make runways program). Click on that and follow the directions. I have over 63,000 runways.
  12. FSX-MS

    Special effects turned on?
  13. Make sure you go into Windows Update and check for updates even though it says it just checked a few hours ago. It lies.
  14. The only solution I found was at the following link - https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-performance/windows-10-settings-system-crashing/2bb30179-9d5a-4cea-8475-2823321b1916 (going back to a previous version of Windows 10 and updating again). Perhaps your display drivers require updating?