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  1. The app is not compatible with AVSIM and Tom went to them and told them to update it to make it compatible and they said they would not make any changes. Best regards, Jim
  2. Okay, I think that was the fix, reinstalling P3DV4.
  3. I am not sure how updating Windows 10 Pro solved your problem with changing airports in P3DV4 but if you can change airports now that's good. I do know that whenever you reinstall Windows 10, it may not update your system immediately and they run the updates on a schedule. I am very confused as I thought that when you reinstall Windows, you have to reinstall P3DV4 and all of your addons too. Glad you got it fixed and able to use P3DV4 again. Best regards, Jim
  4. Hi Paul, Tom had many links he did not allow to be used on AVSIM such as Airliners.net (as they came to us and told us it was a copyright infringement for anyone to link from airliners.net and asked us to watch this). All I did was turn that switch on plus many other prohibited links to copyrighted material. When this problem started occurring, I turned the switch off as before. All I can say is that I see your signature fine. I have found that if you hit the F5 key (Refresh) several times, clear your browser cache, and then hit the F5 key again a few times, your images will appear. We will have to investigate why those links Tom had prohibited to be posted on AVSIM caused this problem. Meanwhile, the system is back to where it was before. Best regards, Jim
  5. Hope you can get it reactivated Tony. Good luck!
  6. Split from another topic discussing DD NYC X and DD NY Airports V2. This topic is discussing the differences between DD NYC X vs Aersoft's ManhattanX so is off-topic with the topic discussing DD NYC X and NY Airports V2 so split from that topic so as not to confuse those who wanted to just discuss NYC X and NY Airports V2.
  7. If the WashX add-on is not installed properly, then this could happen. WashX upgraded so that the installer would install the scenery into an add-on.xml as required by P3DV4. If you have the Lorby_Si Addon Manager, open it up and you should see a dark green WashX. Click on Components and you should see a light green WashX with the component "Texture" installed. In the ProgramData/12bPilot/Sode/SimObjects folder you should see several DrzewieckiDesign folders or at least one for KDCA. WashX should not be appearing in the scenery.cfg. If it is there, open up P3D and then go to the World Menu and click on Scenery Library and delete WashX. If you have it installed in the Scenery Library and an add-on.xml, then this could cause a hang and/or crash. I got a lot of AppHangs at KDCA with WashX and this is how I fixed the problem. I still get another crash regularly there but it is called by the Phenom 300 G1000 NavData. This is a problem known by Lockheed and they will fix it when they release V4.1 (they say very soon now). Best regards, Jim
  8. I would go to BDO Aviation and contact them and provide them proof of purchase.
  9. I have no problems on Android too but he's got an I-Pad and I-Phone (ugh!).
  10. That would violate the AVSIM Signature rules if that long but a very good description. You need to report those as we do not catch them all (see report button inside of their post or topic). Thanks.
  11. VCruntime140.dll is part of the Microsoft Visual C++2017 package. Microsoft Visuals are used by developers to make sure their application is installed properly. Within P3Dv4, there are a lot of add-ons so you only have to figure out which application was not installed properly. Of course, you may need Administrative privileges to run P3DV4 and hopefully you have that enabled. You should go back to the time when the errors started occurring and see what was installed around that time. Most likely it is the culprit. If you have an anti-virus or anti-malware program, check in the quarantine folder and make sure nothing is in the folder. These programs find false positives when you install a program or add-on and they want to save you from evil and put the files into quarantine when the files are not viruses or malware but files needed to run your addon or application. So my thoughts are that if your computer is not allowing you access to a file needed to run something needed by P3D, then it will throw this error to let you know something is not installed properly or you didn't have the permission as a user to access a file. A clue is that you were flying successfully for 3 hours and you were flying over such and such addon scenery or airport and your application was trying to render it and you did not have the required permissions. It could be an add-on.xml is not fully installed for a scenery add-on. Finding the cause of a crash is difficult and there is usually no one solution and you have to investigate or completely uninstall P3D and all of your add-ons, run a registry cleaner, and then reinstall P3D and all of your add-ons. This is the reason why I provided some guidance on page 10 of the CTD Guide on how to fix most crashes/freezes in P3DV4. I always rename the p3d.cfg to p3d.cfg.off and restart P3D and let the config rebuild first. Run the same flight and see if you get the same error. If not, then it was an issue with your P3D.cfg.
  12. Hopefully that fixes the problem. Thanks for coming back and telling us how you got it resolved.
  13. I believe I have now fixed the problem. Apologize for any inconvenience.
  14. Now I see all 16 images. Just hit F5 several times for them to reload.
  15. I got 15 of the images to load by hitting F5 (refresh). Not sure what is the issue. If you want, you can upload the missing image(s) and I will edit your OP.