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  1. For some years I ahve used VatSim and flown procedures. I took a few months break and when I tried to enter the LUVUM 1 SID none of the terminal fixes (or LUVUM) were visible on the map. Checked CAA SID and they are still used. I know they are not part of FSXSE data base; can anyone tell me where they come from so I can get them back, please? These are (for example EGBB) BBE** ; BBN** etc. Many thanks Mike
  2. Very true Charlie, problem is I have a 770 GPu sat there doing nothing except crash my FSX (or playing golf - I dont know) and cant get an answer. I am sure someone must be able to suss it. Call it desperation...........Apologies for breaking the rules.
  3. Operate W10x64 with 3 x GTX770 GPU. FSXSE. Can anyone tell me how FSX defines the GPU's in the settings? I see Nvidia GTX770.0 to Nvidia GTX770.4. This suggests 5 ports, whilst I have 6 (7 if you count the native graphics port). Its the same in the .CFG. I have an issue where the same machine ran FS9 with 5 screens of views/panels, but if any FSX view/panel is shifted to the monitors on the #3 GPU the sytems thinks about it a bit, then FSXSE does a CTD with a g2.dll error on appcrash. Is it that for some reason the program is not 'seeing' the #3 GPU (which runs vpilot/vatspy/ anything else fine) and if so, is there a way anyone could tell me how to get it to be recognized by FSX, please? I have gone through the CTD guide and the twaeks guide, but cant see any clue there. Regards, Mike
  4. Thanks Jim, apologies for the delay in replying, been away working at the day job. After applying the unintentional fix above the sim runs fine, but I still have the initial prob that has lasted through FSX (Box)+ windows 7, change to windows 10 and FSXSE. 5 screens running views on 3 GTX770 GPU's. Centre (GPU1), 45 left and right (GPU2) work fine. but whenever I try to shift a view to either of the screens (90 left & right) on GPU3, the sim freezes then CTD. No error shown on AppCrash, I cleared the log and it shows nothing. have tried shifting the GPU's around, with same result. Device mgr says GPU3 is working ok and driver up to date. Scannow shows no corrupt files. Chkdsc shows no bad sectors. Running Task manager and shifting the view shows no usage on the #3 GPU NVidia support say its the app (surprise that!) However having never had steam before, there is a full copy of FSX in steam 'common', but also a full copy of FSX on the same drive under the title of FSX. Should there be 2 copies of FSX, or just the steam one? Regards, Mike
  5. This might help someone. I do not wish to devalue all the hard work and knowledge that has gone into the two CTD docs and no doubt they are extremely useful. I applied all the recommendations in both the Avsim CTD guides and got the same result; CTD from the 'flynow' button. 'Access violation' faulting module API.dll. This appeared to relate to memory (VAS) issue, so went through all the system checks, [scannow/chkdisk etc] and it showed healthy system. I sorted this purely by accident and any implication that this results from more knowledge than that required to be able to turn the thing on and off is incidental and unintentional. After 20 hours of frustration this is what I did: 1. Opened steam and logged in 2. Opened FSXSE and went to settings, being angry checked the DX10 preview then 'Fly now' just to see what would happen. I got a black screen and eggtimer. 3. Went to select ctrl/alt/del to get task manager see if it was running or not responding and pressed alt/ent instead. Got a small black screen (windowed). 4. Shut FSXSE 5. Opened FSXSE again, went to settings, unchecked DX10 preview. 6. Pressed 'Fly now' and the sim loaded up and ran - perfectly - in windowed mode at 86-ish fps. 7. Took a deep breath and pressed alt/entr and it opened into full screen, but at about 26-35 fps. The sim now opens in windowed mode and runs ok when switched to full screen..
  6. Hello acev, sorry for the delay in replying I have been away. I use(d) 2 seperate PC (PC1 runs FS and 4 screens of panels, PC2 runs FS and 5 screens of views) linked with a cross over network cable and Wideview and FSUIPC. Its worked well for about 8 years with really good FPS. But took advice and upgraded to windows 10 pro and FSXSE, since which time its been a bale of trouble! such is life.......
  7. Thank you Charlie, my mistake, thought it was in the CTD section, apologies Mike
  8. G'Day I am running: PC2 INTEL SKT1150 MoBo Intel core i5 4670K 4x3.4Ghz 6MB 2xWD 500GB SATA SAMSUNG 8GB DDRiii 1600 3 x NVIDIA GTX770 GPU to 5 screens Windows 10 pro installed last week FXSSE loaded last week no add-ons I installed FSXSE on my other machinePC1) last week and it runs nicely. I installed the same copy to PC2 last week and shut the other machine down after 65mins of running FSXSE. I have applied all the NVI settings as per the avsim guide and tried to apply the changes to the FSX Config file, but some of the items in the guide (ie [TERRAIN]) are not showing in the CFG document. All the resolutions match desktop and sim and its set to 30fps. I noticed that when I first started FSXSE on PC1 there was a long(ish) initial setup routine, but not on PC2. PC2 will open FSXSE via the steam app to the point where I selct 'fly now' on the default trike and then get a black screen with egg timer then CTD. Both PC's ran FS2004 and FSX (Box). I also went through the 'get rid of FSX' rouine in regedit etc. The short version of AppCrashView says its an access violation and the fault module is API.dll, but it might as well be greek to me! Any ideas please gents? APPCRashView says:
  9. Thanks for your input Vortex681, I ran the 2 PCs networked and had the sim (FS9) on both. would I be able to install FSXSE on both from a single licence and would I need to work wideview and FSIUPC? Regards
  10. ASUS Intel SKT1150 MoBo Intel core i54670K 4x3.4GHz 6MB Cache 2x WD500GB SATAlll 7200rpm HDD (C has opsys on it 395/500 free; D has only Sims on it 450/500 free) Windows 7 pro x64 3x Nvidia GTX770 gpus driving 5 screens, all 22” DVI monitors with same resolution, matched in FSX Nvidia driver 442.19 and DX11 Centre view GPU 1 (top) 45 left & right views GPU 2 (middle) 90 left & right views GPU 3 (bottom) G’Day, hope all the info above helps? This is an old system but was quite ‘high end’ and has been running FS9 without any issues. It forms the ‘outside views’ part of my sim, with a slightly less spec computer operating 4 screens of panels; networked with Widescreen and FSUIPC. Both sims are loaded into their own files ie no Programsx86! As there seems to be no VATSIM or much else for FS9 anymore, thought I would (at last ) shift to FSX. My internet is very slow (live in the sticks so its not fibre) so I cant go steam. I uninstalled FS9 (including reg) and loaded FSX Gold boxed +accelerator and registered/activated it. Started FSX and instantly got CTD with ‘fatal error’. Error log gave a ‘g2d.dll’ error message. Downloaded avsim CTD and FSX settings help guides and read them. Updated Nvidia drivers. Went through the setup/tweak list in avsim guide. When I start FSX about 15 seconds after ‘FSX’ blurb page appears, GPU 2 & 3 drop out, monitors show ‘no signal’ blank screen and monitor standby light, they will not recover until re-start pc. FSX continues to run on GPU1 at good fps. Cant find any error messages that refer to GPU stopping (have tried alt/enter; no response). Isolated the FSX config and let it create a new one. Same same. So I reinstalled FS9 (which has run faultlessly on this PC for 9 years) and it ran as per usual, except when I shut it down, then GPU1 & 3 give same error as 2 & 3 in FSX. Having done same as above the lower spec PC runs FSX easily, 3 screens in VC and 45fps (I chop it back to 30 though). Any ideas gents, help would be most appreciated. Feel I am missing something obvious but cant put a finger on it. Head really starting to hurt……….. Anyone seen this before please? Regards, Mike King
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