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  1. Long story short, I went on a mod download bender, and tested hundreds of planes to create my catalog. At first the IRIS F-14 worked fine, I downloaded the Grumman F14 which is also a Dino model. I downloaded the Eurofighter by IRIS as well, and decided to jump into the DC designs F15 and noticed the lights and hud wouldnt turn on, werid, jumped in the eurofighter same thing, jumped in aerosoft F16 same thing, no hud or monitors (MFDs) displaying. Delete, redownload eurofighter, try to recreate, but nothing, all other planes back to normal, EXCEPT the IRIS F-14 tomcat. Which would not display HUD, cabin lights, panel lights, exterior lights, or MFDs (monitors). Okay, so I say you know if I can just swap the interior and/or panels of the Grumman with the IRIS F-14 I'd settle and be happy, nbd. Which is where I need help. STEPS taken so far: 1) not skilled enough to solve the issue out right (no hud, no MFDs, no cabin lights, no panel lights). - Description: When I press L or shift-L the panel lights and/or cabin lights will flicker on for a second and immediately turn back off, like an electrical short. Hud and MFDs completely unresponsive. 2) Swapped model.cfg of the Grumman F14 interior file into the IRIS F14, swapped code. Transferred all panel textures and panel - Results: no interior loaded at all, apparently I can't swap interiors with different exteriors? I assumed since they were both Dino models it might work. 3) Reverted original model.cfg files of the IRIS F14, BUT kept the panel.cfg of the Grumman F14 - Results (lights): IT FIXED THE PANEL LIGHTS AND THE CABIN LIGHTS! YAY -- Adopted the cabin light, exterior lights of the Grumman F14, but kept the red panel lights.. turned out awesome looking TBH - Results: The afterburner effect now turn on when I press "L" for lights 😂 (just visually not sound or thrust) -- Afterburners do NOT turn on when throttle threshold is achieved... but will if I press L - Results: When I flip the Hud, MFDs they now respond, BUT have place holder white box for the HUD, and place holder black boxes for the MFDs... but at least they respond. Day 1 Conclusion: I am stoked I made progress getting the cabin lights to work (and adopted some cool colors in the process). Possible Solutions/Outcomes (what I need help with): Option 1: - since I have placeholders for the Hud and MFDs, its almost as if the original HUD, MFD files for the IRIS are missing, but other than downloading other mod planes, I never altered the IRIS file. -- Replace the HUD and MFDs with new HUDs and MFDs and fix afterburner effect turning on with "L" key --- I believe this is the easiest solution? I know people have put the F18 mod hud in the F14 --- Same with MFDs, I have seen people put GX1000s, beechcraft or boeing MFDs in other planes Option 2: - Complete the conversion of the IRIS F14 to the cockpit OR HUD/MFDs (see option 1). -- I believe it is possible to do a full cockpit swap? or should I just focus on panel swap (option 1)? ----- both cockpits have awesome features, I believe the TACAN works in the Grumman, and with mods works with things like aircraft carriers (glass half full if I can just do a swap). Option 3: - Somehow, someway identify the corrupted file, or rediscover what I am missing? I know for the IRIS- F14, the the panel files are in a cabinet or .cab file. In the Grumman they are individual tiles and textures. Also, I need to fix the afterburners.... -- Redownloading definitely did not help... Option 4: Live with no Hud/MFDs, or delete the plane and move on. -- At the end of the day when I began modding, I only really wanted the Aerosoft F16, I managed to acquire it along with several top notch add ons. Just be happy with what you got. --- In fact, I failed to find two planes in total the F-15 by milviz (well I found it.... but), and the mudhen F15 by iris. So it happens... the F14 does feel a little bird in the hand because it was fully functional when I first downloaded it and it is really well done. The cache 22 is if I would have been around to download these planes in the first place I wouldve cost a lot of money, I am lucky so much payware went freeware to begin with. Please let me know if anybody has a next step I could take, I sincerely appreciate it. -Daniel
  2. Hi there- Im just asking on how can I edit the AFCAD in FSX? I know how to do it in FS9 but not sure of it in FSX. The traffic tools by Lee Swordy is only for 2004 and not for FSX. So, anybody know what program is used to edit them? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You
  3. My request is for Milviz to create a depository like many other top creators have. Possibly license issues, but at the very least, let others continue to enjoy the FSX versions. Honestly I am just looking for the T38A, I can live without the Iris F15, and the Milviz F15, as DC designs has a lot of momentum right now and I wouldn't mind supporting their FSX 32 bit version. Companies like Aerosoft I understand, as they still have a ton of physical products and digital keys being sold for their products, but Milviz FSX is currently vaporware. Thankfully, Iris released his promodel F14, and indiafoxtecho released incredibly former payware --> freeware. I'll probably try the aerosoft version as well, and then call it a day with the DC designs F15. No offense to the talented modders out there, but alot of the freeware doesn't scratch that immersion level. If anyone here is down to do mediafire, DM. Seeing as they are vaporware and converted for free to FS2020. If not, we will all take the plunge into FS2024 together! Until then, I am really enjoying FSX's raw analog feel, no over the top UIs like FS2020.
  4. I fly around and sometimes I can see a watertower but I would like to know if anyone could make some for me. I have pictures if you would like to make them. If you can let me know. Thank You Lee
  5. Ive installed Spad to get my saitek FIP and AP/multipanel working as the logi drivers were doing my head in. While it is a relief to get them working in not much time at all, 24 euros is a little expensive for what should have been a pretty simple task for logitech. I'm a lazy weekend flier and use the OBS exclusively on the FIP and have no need to reassign any commands on the MP. Can anyone give me a good reason to buy or not to buy Spad? Cheers. Edit, I fly VOR using ILS approaches so it's that gauge with the course/heading, nav flag and glide slope ind, etc. It's a standard issue saitek gauge. A word not allowed one at that.
  6. It used to be fairly easy to log on to Orbx and post a problem but it seems sort of difficult now, at least for me. Have not been there in years. Maybe someone has had this same issue. FSX - Orbx - OLC USA - Indiana pyramids
  7. Hi there! I have a whole bunch of World-of-ai flight plans installed. I come across alot of planes that would be cool to have but not sure how to add them without the use of the world-of-ai installer. Is there a way I can do this? Any help would be very much appreciated. Lee
  8. I noticed an old post of someone searching for a quality mission. I too am in search of them. Let me recommend a little known site, FSXMissionsHangar.com, which has MANY quality missions. Additionally it contains many hints and tutorials on the subject of "mission building". It's pretty much devoted to FSX as we wait for the Mission SDK from ASOBO for FS2020. FYI I recently posted a new mission here entitled UA328, designed around the actual flight wherre an engine was lost on takeoff. The plane ultimately circled around and landed safely wiith all fuel, passengers and cargo... an extraordinary achievement. Check it out and see how you do.
  9. Hi all,Just a note to let you know that my California Classic propliners page has moved to a new location. All the links that have been going bad over the past weeks should now work, and I've spiffed up the main navigation table a bit. Also, the main banner is a "picture postcard" which will change now and then.I would post a redirect page at the old AOL address but one of my problems is that I can't upload things there! So make sure to bookmark the address below.Thanks,-- Tom GibsonCalifornia Classic Propliners: http://www.calclassic.com/Cal Classic Alco Page: http://www.calclassic.com/alco/Freeflight Design Shop: http://www.freeflightdesign.com/ San Diego Model RR Museum: http://www.sdmodelrailroadm.com/Drop by! ___x_x_(")_x_x___
  10. Hi There- I would like to know of what programs a person uses to make airport scenery or scenery in general? I have lots of time on my hands and would like to learn how to design or move objects or make new ones for certain spots at an airports. I have asked many people but to no avail. If someone or some people could let me know how to do it. I have seen many airports that have many things added to them, and the person either mostly adds objects around the airport to make it look better. What program do you need besides ADE do I need or just want for extras?
  11. Hi There fellow simmers! I have some aircraft (AI) that I want to see in the aircraft selection menu mainly to see if a texture shows up or not. I read that there are a few numbers 0,1,and 2 I'm not sure what number it should be for the AI aircraft to show up. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Hey guys, just wondering if anyone can help me on this. As you can see the windows on the HS748 are a little funky. I've tried taking out the glass dds from the texture folder, no change. There is no file in this aircraft that says "reflections" Could this be because I'm running DX10 (with the fixer)? Any clue or help would be appreciated!
  13. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can be kind to advice me where I can find an accurate AFX (AFCAD) for EGLL V3 FSX. I am looking for one with the correct parking and correct airlines assigned to the correct terminals. Unfortunately, most of my BA traffic are parked all over the place and other airlines are not using the correct terminals. many thanks
  14. Im wondering something. I have previosly Installed AI Traffic files to my FSX in the World/scenery/scenery files and recently deleted them. When trying to re-install the flight plans again, it says that the file exists and do I want to repair. If I click yes, it says "xxxxx" couldn't be found. Any help as to where I could find the files to where they might be? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you much Lee
  15. Hello there, For a couple of moths to years now, I noticed the Milky Way is completely missing. I use the Night Sky HD textures, but even when I put the original textures and stars.bat back nothing pops up. Also rebuilding the FSX.cfg didn't help. I am guessing there is an effect or object missing, but I can't find out which one. FSX itself is running without further issues or errors. The last time I remember to have seen the milky Way in FSX is about 5-6 years ago. Kind Regards,
  16. Hello . Can anyone help me with this problem I use SLC , and I can't use in fullscreen by fsx . I can play only in windowed mode .. please help me . Thank you
  17. Hello again, I really enjoy FSX and also its map (just by opening in the top menu during flight). I managed to choose the map by a certain controller button (yes... I use FSX in controller which is amazing, also for the family). But I would like to know: - is there any way to maximise the size of the map window? perhaps in any cfg? - can I also choose a controller button to close it again? The same buttom for opening the map does not close it. - and are there any other tweaks how the map is opening exactly (mode and so on) ? thank you again very much for your help!
  18. Hello everybody, I am a new FSX user and am really happy with it playing in the family. I also found out how to setup the controller and (mostly!) the graphics so that it does not have small gaps. It works ok. The only thing that is a bit "always the same" are those small narrow oval clouds on the horizon which are always there... I guess FSX users know them good. First I thought those are contrails but I am not so sure. So my questions: - can I disable contrails to remain in the sky anywhere? - if those are normal clouds, is there any option to only see cumulus and cirrus in the very low and fair weather setting? thank you! (I ask this as those narrow clouds remained to be there even after installing REX and some clouds from there)
  19. Hi! I recently bought AS2016 for FSX. And so it happened, I had to reinstall FSX. Since then, I have tried many times to run AS2016 again, and each time the same error "internet connection problem". I cannot write to technical support due to the territorial location, as the HIFI site is blocked by my provider. If anyone has encountered and was able to solve this problem, please share the solution. Thanks!
  20. How do you do an Auto feather test.......TEST Cheers
  21. This is a really old post I know, but it is still like this ! In P3D v4 Pro version..... option for C and D, not working as it should. Really don't get it.
  22. Hello All, I apologize as im new to modding, but i cannot get crop-duster X to work in FSX, I'm following the steps in the installation guide but when it get to the step where you change the aicrafts payload and the fields are supposed to populate, nothing is happening, ive uninstalled and reinstalled and made sure the right folder with the contents is in the right spot, but it still doesnt want to work, I downloaded it off of simmarket so idk if that is part of the problem, but any help you guys could be able to provide would be great, Thank You!
  23. Hi Fellow Simmers!! I just want to ask how a person would texture the default buildings that may have been made for scenery. I have some places that could use texturing and just wondering how I would do that. Please let me know. Any help here would be appreciated. Lee
  24. I'm new to the AVSIM forum but not new to MSFSX. I have been confused/frustrated trying to figure out how to move my downloaded addon scenery freeware folders from my desktop to the MSFSX addon scenery folder where I guess it should actually be. I have added several addon sceneries successfully through the addon scenery library and they work fine. But when I try to move these folders to the MSFSX addon folder within the program they stop working. I tried moving them and then they stop working. But I'd like to move all of these (including some airplane addons as well to where they belong. The airplane addon folders are on my desktop as well and also in the airplane folder and they all work fine as well. I'm just trying to cleanup my desktop. Any help would be so appreciated from any forum members.Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions that may be given. GaryG
  25. Hi Everyone I was hoping I would be able to find a panel icon(arrow) for Groundhandling6 in FSX regards Brian
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