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  1. I have just loaded my C172 with the G1000, looking at my screens they are both really dark to the point that I can only just see them,can anyone please explain how to get back to the normal screens please. JM
  2. I’m guessing this is a nonstarter I tend to ffly MSFS now But I’ve got a lot of software for FSX and would occasionally like to return to it However I had not put it on my new PC and now I’ve tried seems the install disc now corrupt I don’t suppose there’s any way of downloading it online and then inputting your serial key? my new PC doesn’t have a DVD player and I tried a portable one and it just won’t work 🥲
  3. Quite recently i have installed precipitfx 777 immersion into FSX. However as soon as i loaded in one of the the presets provided by them in the fsx weather presets, nothing seems to happen when i spool up the engine or take off. All that is visible is the engine jet wash effect in the rain and the vortices in rainy and snowy presets but no engine or wing condensation. i have steves DX10 fixer installed and supposedly it converted these effects ( in the convert all effects drop down box ) yet there is no change. And after reading a few other forums it was something to do with installing the latest version of FSUIPC yet even after installing that there is no change. Also i dont know if fsuipc has something that controls particle effects or things like that because the fsuipc menu isnt opening in the fsx addon drop down menu so im afraid i'm at a dead end here.
  4. I have been trying all the solutions on all the forums that i Found, neither of them worked, i have been the entire week trying to fix it, all my simconnects,vcredist,the FS9 dll and the aircraft files are properlly installed, i just want to know what is happening here and if there is any way to solve it
  5. ****SOLVED for default 737-800**** The following worked for me and i hope it works for everyone. Change the following lines in aircraft.cfg file under the [autopilot] section - nav_proportional_control=12.00 nav_integrator_control=0.25 change these to nav_proportional_control=20.00 nav_integrator_control=0.00 These values gave me the most stable result just like the PMDG 737-800. Try tweaking these values to make them work as per your interest. Have a nice day all!
  6. Hi All, I' not sure if this is the forum to write this. If it's not, I apologize in advance. I posted in another forum topic, and not sure if it was appropriate. I purchased MyTraffic Professional 6.0a last week from another site, and have had NOTHING but issues with it. I can't get any answers in another forum, so I'm desperate here. I've installed and un-installed this product 6 times. My issue is that in the FSX\Aircraft folder, it is empty. There are supposed to be over 35,000 aircraft in it.I tried to install a couple of A/C by copying and pasting, however, when I click on the .air installer, I get an error message stating that the Installer package is damaged.What I can determine from a checklist the Developer has, there is supposed to be a second installation, that NEVER took place.I do have aircraft on the ground with the proper liveriesat airports, but NO AI aircraft in the FSX\Aircraft folder. I also use vPILOT to connect to VATSIM. It only scans the aircraft that are in the sim objects\airplanes folder. Has ANYONE else had issues like this? If so, what is the solution? I've un-installed MANY programs that could interfere with it. AN older asystem, but still works great! System Stats: Win7 FSX with Acceration and SP2 Intel(R) Core. i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40Ghz 16.0GB Ram 64 bit OS I look so foward to your help. Thank you in advence, Dennis
  7. Good evening to everyone, some years ago (2012) I have bough the retail disc version of "Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Deluxe Edition)". I have used it since then and everything works fine on my pc. Unfortunately, I need to reinstall it on my pc but an error occurs during the installation procedure. In particular, error 1305 stating that some files are not found in the DVD number 2. Do you know a way to receive a replacement of such disk? Or maybe download the online version to be activated with the product key (which I have). I hope some of you can help me in solving this issue. Best regards, Matteo
  8. I had like 25+ Repaints in the default 737 but one they just... dissapeared I tried to reinstall FSX but nothing came out... What do I do?
  9. Hi mates, I have just re-installed FSX and resolved some graphic issues. The sim is still good and immersive in my view 🙂 Whilst I learnt to fly airliners (PMDG 777) on FSX circa 2013, I have decided to limit the planes in my hangar: RealAir Scout and SF-260. Maybe I will re-install later the A2A C172 but no more. Regarding sceneries I have elected: Fly Tampa St Marteen and Grenadines, and FSAddon Tongass Fjords X. So definitely VFR and Bush Flying oriented. I reinstalled also Aerosoft Maldives X - The Malé Atolls, but it is not at the same level as the the other so I might end-up uninstalling it. I have considered to buy some other 'flight zones' - Aerosoft African Airstrip Adventures and Antarctica X - but finally refrained because of bad user feedback (African Airstrip) or by fear to get bored quickly (Antartica X). What planes and sceneries do you use?
  10. Hi mates, I have P3D 4.5 but by nostalgia and love of the RealAir Scout, FlyTampa Grenadines and FSAddon Tongass Fjords X, I have re-installed FSX and do still enjoy bush flying in the sim 🙂 The issue I have is that after some flying time or after having used several times the menu, it does not display anymore (but still working with keyboard shortcuts, eg. CTRL+C) OR there is a black screen (but no Crash To Desktop). And when the menu works and I try to load another aircraft or airport, I get some graphics oddities (panel or scenery, see screenshot below). My system: Windows 10, i5 4670k 4.3 Ghz, GTX 1080, RAM 32 Gb. I have read the forum, searched on Gooogle and already tried: - Installed the sim on C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ - Acceleration installed - Main sim and Acceleration registered successfully thanks to the 'PartMgr' trick - Installed latest NVIDIA drivers - Run As Admin - Run in compatibility mode Windows 7, Vista, etc. - Remove fsx folder from antivirus scanning - DX10 Preview ticked and unticked - Fullscreen/Windowed - ALT+ENTER - Delete/Rebuild FSX.cfg - Installed UIAutomationCore.dll in the root of FSX folder It is a fresh install and the only addons I have are: RealAir Scout, FlyTampa Grenadines and FSAddon Tongass Fjords X, FSUIPC, ChasePlane I don't know what else I can do? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Hi, I made a new test airport with ADE 165 to use in FSX. The airport loads and appears on the airport list at start up. However when trying to uninstall the airport by removing all reference to the airport BGL files ect. the airport still appears on the airport list at start up. Is there a way to remove all references to the airport to prevent it showing in the airport list at start up I have done a machine wide search on my computer using the airport name but now matches are found. Any help welcome, Regards, DGB
  12. Hello everyone, I'm a new player to FSX and I am wondering if the auto raising of the landing gear is a feature of the planes that came with the sim and if I somehow can disable it in settings ?
  13. Hello. i noticed that in some fsx missions, like blind flight up the channel. as soon as it takes off, the atc never says anything. yet in the videos of others the atc always contacts you to give you the bows. the fact is that two years ago when I played it it was fine and now nothing happens. what can it be? Best wishes
  14. So, I installed this new Scenery for MMMX since this airport is not very good by default, the first two times I loaded it everything seemed to be fine, but then this started happening and i don't know why,i think it could be because the default airport generation is colliding with it but i don't know much about it, can someone help me? I don't know if this is the correct way to post this since i am new to this forum Also Sorry for the bad english
  15. I have yet to be accepted by topcat forums and its been 2 days thats why i'm posting on this. My TOPCAT keeps giving me this error message when i go to try and update the weather inside topcat. (could not connect to weather server, check your interneg connection). I have a perfect connection and everything is online. My topcat works through PFPX also
  16. Apparently, this is the first AS365 post on the FXS forum. I feel like I'm in a vast minority of people that have purchased this helicopter for FXS. I just installed the aircraft and find that the manual fuel control levers, their associated manual starter buttons and governor warning lights appear to be not modeled. The strange thing is that I see youtube videos (probably made under P3D) where these elements are clickable and can be manipulated via the mouse. When I pass my mouse over these levers, nothing happens, as if they are not modeled. Has anyone else used this heli under FSX? I have presented this question to Cera Sim support.... not yet answered.... Thank you
  17. I'm having a problem with display of aircraft in FSX. I recently found it necessary to replace my old laptop, so I bought a Dell Inspiron 16 model 7610. In order to have aircraft display properly, I need to keep bouncing between Preview DirectX 10 on or off. Some airplanes display perfectly and others will show only a shadow on the ground or only some parts of the plane or the plane will show as completely white, devoid of any texture. Has anybody other than me had or is having this problem? DirectX should be backwards compatible. It's possible that I need to change the video card settings, but don't have any idea where to start. The specs of my system are:Dell Inspiron 16 model 7610Windows 11 Home 64-bitNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPUDisplay Mem= 6MbSystem Mem-32MbVersion of DirectX is 12 UltimateI have considered switching to MSFS2020, but I like the variety of aircraft available in FSX, also, I have a sizeable investment in scenery and besides, the learning curve for MSFS is a bit steep for the 81 year old brain. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks
  18. I was flying a G1000 flight lesson with multiple VOR's but the only VOR listed on the waypoint page is the first VOR and nothing more. The FPL on the PFD has the waypoiny list. The lesson wants you to go the MFD and scroll down and choose the next VOR frequency but it is not listed. The first part of the flight is GPS then it asks to switch to NAV mode upon selecting the frequency of the VOR but its not listed. It's the G1000 flight lesson from the book MS Flight Training for real pilots. I follow this lesson to a T but my display is different. What am I ding wrong? Thx.
  19. Hey all, This was a really great forum chock full of freeware Thai airports, unfortunately the URL doesn't resolve anymore. Does someone know if it'll be back, or have a copy of some of the sceneries they used to have in their forum? Lots of small domestic Thai airports that were fun to fly in and out of and looked fine. Long shot I guess but figured I'd ask.
  20. Hi all I want to remove a particular sound from my aircrafts cockpit I have a full scale MD500e cockpit and have assigned real switches to control various functions One switch I have turns on the battery, but in the real MD when turning on the battery there is no noise I have removed the battery Sound file from the folder and in the sound cfg removed the lines that pertain to the battery sound but when restart my flight and switch on the battery I still get the battery noise. Not sure what I have missed ? Regards Rhys
  21. Within my FSX sim objects I have many aircraft that I never use. Can someone let me know how to delete these aircraft from FSX. I apologise if the answer is obvious. Michael
  22. Can anyone help me? I installed Nepal Deluxe Scenery. All the landscape turned into water. Nepal DeLux Scenery I removed, but the water remained everywhere. I inserted a new texture.cfg file, but everything is the same. What else can I do? Thanks for the help.
  23. Hello All, I have run into a small problem when using my Garmin 530 in my Dornier Do228 (FSX). Understandably there seems to be isolated instances of some of the Garmin 530 data now being clearly out of date. For example EGMD (Lydd) now has 2 ILS 'equipped' runways (5 and 23) yet Garmin's 530 RWY 5 has no ILS at all - RWY 23 is OK Excuse my ignorance on the subject but is it possible to update the 530's database ? Or failing that is it possible to swap the 530 for a more up to date GPS ? Of course if neither is possible then it certainly is not the end of the world ! Has anyone any thoughts on this ? Thanks. Mike
  24. when I climb with the a300 and set a a/th and then that I want to climb to 32,000 ft and then when I choose vs it just climbs till it stalls, what am i doing wrong? what vs should I have ? (I have autopilot on)
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