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  1. Actually, as I use Traffic Global, I do hear ATC communicating with those AI planes. Maybe I misunderstood your post. As for the sound issue, whaytt I mean is that I have n interface (call it an external sound card) that all my PC sound goes through, and in FSX settings I select that as my sound device. But many times after I restart FSX it reverts back to the default "Primary Voice" setting. I can still hear engine and cockpit sounds but the ATC commands have no sound. Then I have to go back to seetings and change it. Just an annoying glitch. I try to remember to make the change before starting a flight.
  2. Hi Sweetd31, Honestly, I don't have any experience with Aerosoft scenery, just UTX (which I don't believe is technically "scenery") and Megascenery (which obviouslu is...). ORBX Base Pack (pricy but covers the entire planet) looks considerably better to me than MegaScenery and the individual ORBX sceneries really make a difference. Money is an issue in my case or I'd buy every North America pack they have. My only complaint is that they don't offer my home state, Arizona, for FSX. I'm hoping they will at some point.
  3. First time posting here. Decades of experience with FSX (although I took a break and tried hard to love MSFS2020...too many things regressed instead of progressed there...) Back to FSX! Just bought ORBX sceneries (Base Pack, PNW, and a couple of airports) after trying lots of stuff to make FSX more real and enjoyable. I read LOTS of posts on LOTS of forums. (I'll be posting this on AVSIM as well). I bought Ultimate Terrain X. I bought Megacenery Arizona and California. I downloaded free airport addons. It just wasn't doing it for me. Megascenery added a little realism if I was flying a really high, otherwise it was just lifeless. I wanted better visuals, but something with buildings, trees, etc. A living world! I also tried AI Traffic addons. The only one that worked smoothly and reliably with FSX (Steam Version) was Traffic Global. It took a bit of following instructions in the manual (in other words not super intuitive but easily setup). THAT program really made the airports and sky come alive. Highly recommended!! But I still wanted a better visual environment. So I finally bit the bullet and spent the bucks on ORBX. That gave me everything I wanted. Great scenery, airports, life animation, etc. But when I flew in or out of any mildly busy airport, my FPS wer so low it was almost impossible to enjowy- and landing...forget it! I was really bummed. After all, FSX is decades old and I have a modern computer. FSX ran great before addons. Why couldn't it still run great? I searched forums and found some FSX.cfg tweaks and also recommendations for lowering FSX settings for AI Traffic, ground vehicles, etc. Between the cfg changes and the lowered settings, which lost so little in realism that it wasn't at all detracting, I ended up with such better FPS that I can't believe the difference. I was starting to think that ORBX just was going to kill my FPS in spite of how great it made the FSX world look. So, if anyone using FSX experiiences these performance issues, don't give up. With a few settings and easy text additions to the cfg file, you can have a very smooth running, incrediby improved visual world. What I did: FSX Settings- GRAPHICS Target Frame Rate- Unlimited Filtering- Trilinear Anti-Aliasing- unchecked Bloom and Lens effects- unchecked AIRCRAFT Aircraft Shadows- unchecked SCENERY Level of Detail Raius- Large Mesh Resolution- 38m Tecture Resolution- 60cm Scenery complexity and Autogen density- Dense TRAFFIC Airline density and General aviation density- 46% Airport vehicle density- Low Road Vehicles- 12% FSX.cfg file (located in Users/Your Name/AppData/Roaming/Microsoft/FSX (you may have to select Hidden Folders setting to see AppData...not sure..) Add this at the top of the file: [BUFFERPOOLS] PoolSize=0 Add this underneath "[GRAPHICS]" HIGHMEMFIX=1 Add this under "[Display]" SmallPartRejectRadius=4 I do not know WHY these things work but after trying LOTS of tweaks this one made a HUGE difference in my FPS. ORBX airports like LAX or SEA, which had me getting 10-12 FPS now give me 23-35 FPS ! IMPORTANT!!! Always ackup your cfg file just in case, on your system, this causes issues. Happy Flying Everyone! Pete
  4. To siolve traffic issues,I just added a traffic program- Traffic Global, purchased through Flight 1. It is very nice. I had to figure a few things out that there seemed to be no answers to on forums or by Googling. Did I need to start it before FSX or does it startup automatically when you launch the sim? Etc. But, trial and error answered these questions. Before getting TG, I bought and istalled Ultimate Traffix Live2, which is no longer supported (that was indicated on the purchase page so I accepted that since it was fairly inexpensive and sounded like a great program.) However, it crashed after 10 minutes- every time! It would work beautifully and as soon as I got in the air, boom! crash. Have to restart the sim... I Googled, etc. to no avail. Couldn't find anyone with the exact problem. So I uninstalled it. I asked the seller for a refund but will probably not get it. Oh, well... So Traffic Global is working great. Lots of major airline traffic at the airports and no performance hits that are any worse than normal scenery enhancements. Now the only remaining pain-in-the-word not allowed thing is the fact that , about 50% of the time, when I start FSX, the ATC siound reverts back to the default sound source, Primary device> instead of where I selected- my sound card. It doesn't seem to want to save this setting...weird.
  5. More info- I repaied, through the Steam app, corrupted files and I believe the scenery is working nowe. Howevweer, I have NO traffic at any airports, even major ones like LAX, etc. My traffic is set pretty high in the settings and I have never installed any additional AI traffic (at least not intentionally). So, one problem hopefully fixed and another still baffling me.
  6. Followup to last post- I have Megascenery Arizona for FSX installed and showing active in the Scenery Library. The Grand Canyon (Megascenery website says it is one of the features of the scenery) is very bland, generic, no trees in the area.. When I disable it in the Scenery Library, the default looks MUCH better...trees, detailed terrain. So now I really wonder if the addon scenery that shows as enebled is actually showing.
  7. I have been an Flight Sim user for 50 years, so this is very strange... In FSX-SE. I am pretty sure that KSAN is not a detailed city or airport in FSX, so I installed an addon scenery. (Normal installation, creating a KSAN folder on my external drive and creating a scenery folder inside that, Then putting the file's bgl's in there. Then adding it through the Scenery Liobrary, as I've done for decades (although this is the first time using a separate drive for addon scenery). It now has cruise ships, several hangers, etc. So it worked. I also added several other sceneries... Here's what is strange. After adding another scenery that did not seem to be changing anything, I went back to the scenery library and, as a test, disabled the KSAN scenery (unchecked it) and hit OK . When I loaded up a flight at KSAN, the addon objects were still there. I went back to the Scenery Library and this time deleted KSAN. No change. It still looks like the addon. I was also wondering why I had zero AI traffic at my KTUS addon so I thought maybe the addon had changed something, so I deleted that airport. But KTUS still looks the same. To be honest, I am not sure if what I am seeing at KTUS is FSX default or the addon but if I disable that there is no change...same as KSAN. So I see 2 possibilities. 1- KSAN and the San Diego area is a lot mor detailed than I expected the FSX default KSAN to be, which means the addon isn't showing (even though I got no error messsages when installing it through the Senery Libray). 2- The addon installed but, for some resason, I can't deactivate it (which makes no sense whatsover.) 3- FSX is not recognizizing any of them, even though, when I examine the sceneries in the Scenet Library, they all have the correct location (external drive) and look like they are installed. Somebody help if you can. Pete
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