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  1. FS2004 does not run with CD#4 from a DVD drive in WIN 10. The solution cannot be discussed on AVSIM's forums.
  2. … just curious about shipping costs... Where are you located? I'm in James Bay District Northern Ontario. thanks bc
  3. CYXR

    problem uninstalling fsx gold edition

    Reinsert the DVD's; starting with the Acceleration and then disk 1 of FSX. (you`ll have options to either remove or repair)
  4. I can't wait for HardAir's Crazy-Drunk Passengers addon (and the freeware wardrobe packs) to use with the default smartphone. It`ll make for great content uploaded to YouTube. bc
  5. Unusually warm weather in Switzerland led to discovery of wreckage. source here: bc
  6. CYXR

    Does anyone remember?

    For sure Steve! I downloaded many of your repaints. Thanks! The heart of simming has always been it's freeware devs. Getting it all to work reasonably was almost as fascinating as enjoying it doing it's thing, eh?! bc
  7. CYXR

    Does anyone remember?

    Wow... Paul Golding... Those were good times indeed. In between fs98 and FS2000, eh?! Oh man... Thanks for your great contributions to this hobby. ben
  8. CYXR

    who stole the plane

    Hearsay is not valid evidence to form a diagnosis of substance abuse. There is presently no evidence that the victim was disinhibited by ethanol abuse. And at this stage there is no evidence regarding the state of mind of the deceased. Recordings posted on social media outside a chain of custody are not evidence. They can be tampered with and weaponized; for civil liability insurance purposes in this instance. The evidence in this matter is in the sole custody of the investigators who are involved in finding, analysing and interpreting it. Let's hope that this investigation will help all who are involved in aviation to avoid such tragedies in the future. ben
  9. At this early stage, the focus of this tragedy should be on the families and loved ones of the victims of this crash, on first responders who will have the difficult and delicate task in the coming hours of recovering the remains of the victims and on air crash investigators of this event. Let's hope that they will be able to understand and prevent it's causes from reoccurring again. bc
  10. CYXR

    Congratulations SpaceX !!

    It does appear that they lost the center core rocket. It's nevertheless one of those successful failure types of Apollo 13 events where all the goals weren't achieved but everything turned out for the better in the end. Going always was the easy part of just about everything. Coming back is the tricky part. Mars. I won't be alive to see it; but I've witnessed so many great aeronautical events during my lifetime... more than I could ever have dreamed of - and I'm fine with knowing that I'll die with the knowledge that it's where we're going. These two Falcon 9s landing together today; that was a very pretty thing to behold. Very very pretty little things landing together indeed. To all involved and in particular to Mr. Elon Musk; sincere congratulations!
  11. Perhaps you should search using the keyword default
  12. Dave Hoeffgen reworked the CRJ-700`s VC; see this thread:
  13. Le projet est de Mario Noriega mais bien d'autres y ont contribué voir ici: HJG Contributors: Mark Cranston "Aerofoto": Testing & suggestions Michael Monce: Testing & Flight model refinements Benoit Plamondon: JT8-D15 Sound Pack Documentation: Benoit Gaurant (Flight manuals) Eric Pucciarelli & Adrien Pertat (research paper) Benson´s 727 site: (engine data) Various Web Aerodynamics: Mark Drela & Harold Youngren, MIT (AVL: Athena Vortex-Lattice) USAF, & Bill Galbraith of Holy Cows Inc. (DATCOM & DATCOM+) Dr. Martin Hepperle (JavaFoil) Flight simulator Developing: Yves Guillaume ("Flight Dynamics in Microsoft Flight Simulator") Roy Holmes ("FS Thrust vs Altitude calculations Version 2") William Ortis ("FS9 unlimited Export System") Jerry Beckwith ("Flight Model Workbook") Gregory Abbey (JT-8D research for FS Application (Allegheny 727) Flight Simulator add-ons Pete Dowson (FSUIPC) Douglas S. Dowson (DSD XML sound gauge ad the DSD XML Config gauge) Rob Barendregt for (RCBP XML GPWS gauge) David Marshall & Wolfgang Allers (3D People library, used for pilot figures) Martin Wright (DXTBMP) ben
  14. CYXR

    Speaking of Customer Service...WestJet wins again

    Well WestJet's employees couldn't unscrew the pooch last summer, eh? see here: ben
  15. According to Mr. Trump who sold his Boeing stock last June; it`s too expensive. read about it here: bc