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  1. Flight 2469 was a C-54 Skymaster with 44 crew and passengers on it`s way from Anchorage, Alaska to Great Falls, Montana. It never got there and is believed to have crashed in the Yukon wilderness. A very important search and rescue effort; named Operation Mike ensued immediately; involving 7000 men and dozens of aircraft; some of which also crashed during the search. The CBC (being Canada`s national public broadcaster) is streaming a new documentary about this story here: https://gem.cbc.ca/media/skymaster-down/s01. And you can join the Facebook group that continues the search for flight 2469 here: https://www.facebook.com/OperationMike/
  2. Yes that the one. Considering FSX was launched in 2006; and that It took a couple of years to develop it; it`s quite impressive how much fun can be had with it; after all these years.
  3. yeah... the VC is quite the thing; sounds too, a couple of gauges in there are new to me... my shift+1 (his state switch) gives me issues on my setup. My workaround is just to click close it and it's in flight mode. It's no big deal. I've always liked the F27 and freeware in general. A lot of work went into this one and it is definitely one of the great models in the history of this hobby. It flies easy on my 8 year old low end PC.
  4. There`s a lovely F27 in Avsim`s library (and elsewhere). It`s from Benoit Gaurant who`s a very generous and talented creator from France. I loved his Nordatlas work in FS2004. This is V.1. It`s free and a whole lotta work went into it. It's gonna need repaints. Many of 'em. Me, I've got no concept of how he does it, but I sure do enjoy his work!! Thankyou Mr. Gaurant. There are so many big things wrong with our world. The little things like this do it for me.
  5. Germany scrapped the 2 person rule in 2017. So did Canada, my country. I can`t verify for every country for lack of time. In the case of Canada, the rule`s application period had expired and it was not extended. Why the other countries which dropped it probably varies.
  6. And so another mass murder. May they all rest in peace except the killer(s) Let the killer(s) die, forever, alone, in eternity. It is so sad for the loved ones of the innocent who died. Many of them shall never recover from so much inhumanity; and they'll keep falling out of the sky along with the one's they lost.
  7. "I've got a serious situation here," the unidentified passenger said in the audio. "My pilot has gone incoherent, and I have no idea how to fly the airplane." video + ATC here: https://www.wpbf.com/article/florida-pbia-lands-safe-passenger-pilot-private-plane/39957179#
  8. video view from cockpit of S-92 which captured the stage Peter Beck (@Peter_J_Beck) / Twitter scroll down for Rocket Lab`s practice run of last April 25th.
  9. This was Rocket Lab`s - 'There And Back Again' mission which yesterday executed a midair capture by helicopter of it`s first stage rocket as it returned from space using parachutes. The helicopter then dropped it into the ocean at a safe altitude for recovery and re-flight. FF to 52:38 s.
  10. Error has been around for even longer; as you so aptly postdicted. Fortunately, as you R guessing; only the repetition of the past can be predicted.
  11. Yeah. You don't rock the goat.
  12. Wow! - l'avion a fait à peu près n'importe quoi is translated here in English by the plane didn`t respond. That`s not exactly accurate. l'avion a fait à peu près n'importe quoi literally means: the plane did whatever... (i.e. the plane had a mind of it`s own) It`s going to be interesting to find out what happened.
  13. ...and he got jailed for it too... see here: https://www.cityam.com/pilot-jailed-lying-get-british-airways-job/
  14. Not good. ... one of two black boxes from the China Eastern plane that crashed Monday was found in severely damaged condition. The recorder is so damaged that officials are not able to tell whether it is the flight data recorder or the cockpit voice recorder. source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/china-plane-crash-no-survivors-found-march-22-1.6393979
  15. https://twitter.com/hashtag/MU5735?src=hashtag_click This crash involves a China Eastern Airlines737-89P (B-1791) 133 reported lost.
  16. Me too... but in certain jurisdictions addiction is a disability and rehabilitating an employee with substance abuse issues is mandatory before dismissal becomes an option. Factoring in the costs of training a pilot and wrongful dismissal litigation; the preferred option is often to send the pilot to rehab. We live in the age where infinite growth and the multiplication of human rights will have lead us to trust social remedies that will have been too often worse than our social illnesses. Think Exxon Valdez: charged with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment, and piloting a vessel while intoxicated, it`s captain was acquitted...
  17. They didn`t do that. The solution that worked for me is to edit this registry entry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4d36e967-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318} change small caps partmgr to CAPS PartMagr ref here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/fsx-activation/18f51dcc-f6c7-465f-a5a6-4ec34e5c9db2
  18. Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun and Airbus Americas CEO Jeffrey Knittel have called for postponing a planned Jan. 5 rollout of the new technology by AT&T and Verizon Communications. "5G interference could adversely affect the ability of aircraft to safely operate," the executives wrote in a letter to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, adding that this could have "an enormous negative impact on the aviation industry." source: https://www.npr.org/2021/12/21/1066240779/boeing-airbus-5g-wireless-delay-aircraft-safety-concerns video here: https://www.nbc.com/nbc-nightly-news/video/airbus-and-boeing-call-for-pause-on-rollout-of-5g/323589515
  19. The CEO of Salesforce.com Marc Benioff is heavily invested in SpaceX. Benioff also owns Time ( the magazine). Anything that`s good for Musk is good for Benioff. Had Benioff bet his money on Blue Origin, the survey says that Bezos would have made the cover. Had Benioff bet his money on Purina dog food; Lassie would be on the cover. Go ahead: urge me again to not be manipulated by the media...
  20. And a former Mission Integration Engineer at SpaceX says he's a hypocrite. I believe her. Read: At SpaceX, we're told we can change the world. I couldn't, however, stop getting sexually harassed. (lioness.co) The benevolent billionaire theory is in search of a practice. I sincerely believe that journalism had nothing to do with this award. Time's person of the year is perhaps once again as was the case in 1938; the greatest looser of this century.
  21. “certain modifications” to the aircraft design involving both software and hardware changes to the actuator control electronics reflected the company’s “current judgment of global regulators' compliance expectations.” https://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/air-transport/2021-11-14/anticipation-builds-boeing-brings-777x-dubai
  22. - 5% on emissions taking advantage of leading plane`s wake updraft see here:. Airbus completes transatlantic fuel-saving formation flight: Travel Weekly
  23. Johnny May is the first Inuit bush pilot in Nunavik. His work of the past 59 years was vital for his community. He has saved many lives flying in very difficult conditions and he has inspired generations of Inuit children. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/legendary-inuk-bush-pilot-flies-past-aviation-milestone-1.6203604
  24. A bit early but... engine failure; according to witnesses.
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