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    Retired military after 26 years of service including serving with the US Marine Corps during the Korean War, the US Air Force in Vietnam, and as an Air Force weather forecaster assigned to a US Army armored cavalry regiment.

    My wife and I have 4 children, three grand children, and a great grandson.

    Am a rated commercial pilot with about 400 hours of flying time mostly in Piper Cherokees and a Piper Aztec. Had to give it up when my medical was pulled because of glaucoma.

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  1. birdguy

    Airport advice

    I just installed Flightzone02 KPDX in FS2004 yesterday. Quite well done. I needed some static military aircraft for an FS2004 project I am working on and there aren't many available in the static objects llibraries. But I discovered SAAM2. A wonderful tool that converts flyable aircraft into static aircraft in minutes.. I think it works in FSX and P3D also. Noel
  2. birdguy

    New Toy...

    They have many ai aircraft installers for P3D and I have some. But none for the over 60 Air Force Bases, Naval Air Stations, Army Air Field, and Marine Corps Air Station sceneries for North America. Noel
  3. birdguy

    New Toy...

    Well, it's definitely not just as good as FSX or P3D. But it does have it's charm. It has many more aircraft to fly and it provides those who like military aviation with a wealth of military ai and air force and naval bases to fly out of. John Stinstrom provides many base sceneries for MAIW. My all time favorite 'I feel the need for speed' is the Section 8 F-86. A marvelous aircraft to fly and I have a soft spot in my heart for it because it was the first aircraft I worked on when I joined the Air Force. If the entire MAIW ai aircraft, flight plans, and military bases were available for either FSX or P3D I would go there. But it doesn't, although there are some conversions. For the things FS2004 provides that P3D doesn't it's a nice companion. Noel
  4. birdguy

    New Toy...

    After spending the last couple weeks installing all the MAIW sceneries and AI for North America including Mexico and the Caribbean on FS2004 I am having quite a time exploring it all. Oh, P3Dv4 still occupies the SSD and is frequently flown, but with the reinstall of FS2004 on my standard hard drive and all the MAIW stuff it's hard to resist flying those military aircraft out of the Air Force and Navy bases that abound even with the lack of Orbx eye candy and Pilot's mesh. It presents a very nice alternative and performance wise matches P3D on a computer with specs that weren't available when I was flying FS2004 in the old days. Next I will be collecting all the WOAI airliner flights to add to it. Noel
  5. birdguy

    FS2004 Clipboard

    Is there a way to make the clipboard larger? I am using the Ranainside sectional charts on it and it would help if I could increase the size of the clipboard. Noel
  6. birdguy

    How to hear ATC and radio "faster"?

    During my final flying days I replied 'say again' for almost every transmission. My hearing loss was getting worse and that contributed to the lack of understanding the instruction the first time around. That was almost 20 years ago. I doubt I could hack it today. Jeff, I agree about doctor's prescriptions. But I don't have to read them. I just pray the pharmacist can. Noel
  7. birdguy

    Back to FS9

    Hi Me Love Cookies. Me love cookies too. Especially Oreo Thins, either classic or lemon. I love to put a whole one in my mouth and then raise my tongue to break it half before I chew it down. I have to go to the store in a while. I think I'll get a package. Noel
  8. birdguy

    Back to FS9

    Sue, Highway 30 is a popular route for Texans to take to Ruidoso. Through Roswell it is also 2nf Street. Several times I have seen a black Austin-Healy with Texas plates cruising up 2bd Street. I always admire it. Remember the Auto Crosses and sport car rallies of the 50s? What ever happen to them? And what ever happened to sport cars? My brother had a Triumph and used to drive in Auto Crosses. Back then shopping centers closed on Sunday the Auto Crosses were held in the parking lots. Bygone days! Noel
  9. birdguy

    Back to FS9

    Thank you Ryan. Someday P3D will catchup with military aviation. But how long that will be is anyone's guess. I drive a Toyota Prius, but if I could have an old MG-TD (I once had an MG) or Austin-Healy (I only dreamed of owning one) to tool around in from time to time I'd be delighted. Why do we discard the old for the new? Sometimes the old is worth keeping alongside the new just for fun. If it weren't for all TV those stations that play old sitcoms like M*A*S*H and Andy Griffith I's spend a lot less time being entertained by my TV set. Noel
  10. birdguy

    Back to FS9

    A lot of FSX military aircraft work in P3D too Charlie. The Virtavia C-17 comes to mind. There are several others. But P3D has no infrastructure to support them. No detailed air bases and no military AI. That's what I missed. John, I have everything maxed out on my installation except mipmaps which I brought down to 4 to stop the shimmering. I installed My Traffic and set the traffic to 85% . Taxing down the ramp at KSEA with 3/4th of the gates hosting airliners and a half dozen taxiing for tkeoff my framerate is a steady 60. I'm still in the installation stage. I have it set up and installed My Traffic and FSUIPC3 and little else so far. Looking forward to a week of installing my aircraft and then heading over to MAIW for the air bases and aircraft.
  11. birdguy

    Back to FS9

    No, I'm not giving up P3Dv4. I love it! And two or three times a week I take my Quest Kodiak out for a stroll somewhere in the Orbx world. But the lack of military aviation, aircraft and military AI, for P3D leaves an empty spot in my flight simming world. As a retired Air Force member having worked on or been around everything from F-86s and B-57s to F-4s and F-105s I want the chance to fly them too. So I opened the bottom drawer of my desk and dusted off and installed FS9 which will be the platform for all the wonderful military AI and military air bases available at MAIW. I assume that eventually military aviation will catch up with P3D (in addition to the default fighters they have with no real bases to fly from or ai aircraft to keep them company) but I can't wait that long. Last week, on Christmas day, I turned 85 and I really don't have the patience or time left to wait around for military aviation to catch up with P3D. For those who have read some of my Marine Corps stories here let me clarify. I was a Marine for 4 years before I switched over the Air Force for the next 22. Noel
  12. birdguy

    Some interesting things being developed.

    I have made a couple of GCA approaches when I was going for my commercial rating. One for real when I inadvertently got caught above the overcast one night. I would love to do them in my sim Any idea of whether it will be Manfred's C-47 specific? I would love to have it adaptable to the MAAM DC-3 too. Noel
  13. birdguy

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    Thanks Doug. I'll heck it out. Noel
  14. birdguy

    Interesting Flight

    I decided to start exploring Europe in my Kodiak. This afternoon I took the hour and twenty eight minute flight from Pula (LDPL) to Triengen LSPN. Taking off from Pula you start across the northern arm of the Adriatic Sea. I flew at 8500 feet. You are never out of sight of land. Venice off to the port is clearly visible as you cross the coast of Italy. Climb to 12,500 to cross the Alps. About 20 minutes out of Triengen you can start letting down. Trengen is not that easy to spot. I overflew it on my first approach and had to turn back to find it. Noel
  15. birdguy

    All I Want for Christmas is...

    Relief from telemarketer calls and popup ads on the internet. Oh yeah, world peace would be nice. Noel