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    Retired military after 26 years of service including serving with the US Marine Corps during the Korean War, the US Air Force in Vietnam, and as an Air Force weather forecaster assigned to a US Army armored cavalry regiment.

    My wife and I have 4 children, three grand children, and four great grandchildren.

    Am a rated commercial pilot with about 400 hours of flying time mostly in Piper Cherokees and a Piper Aztec. Had to give it up when my medical was pulled because of glaucoma.

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  1. If I never existed would I care? Noel
  2. You mean like the British and the Dutch and the Spanish and the Portuguese and the French and the Germans having as many colonies outside of Europe as possible? Exploiting those planets and moons as we exploited earth by taking as much as we can and then leaving them when there is nothing more for the taking? Noel
  3. Yes, everyone dies one day but most of us don't do it intentionally. As we age we know it's coming and we prepare fore it. Same with those who die of disease and other causes. And many of us have DNR certificates on our persons so if we are terminal we choose not to linger on with tubes in our veins. We expect death. We risk it in recreational activities like driving race cars and flying small aircraft and hang-gliders and sky-diving. But that is not the same thing as extinction. More species that inhabited the earth are extinct than are currently living. And many that are living now are close to extinction. Some due to nature and some due to man's destroying their environments. The Great Barrier Reef corals are becoming extinct due to warming seas. I don't look at mankind as superior to the other animals we share this planet with just because we are happen to be more intelligent. We all forage for food be it vegetation in a mountain meadow or a super market. We all breed the same way. We all breath oxygen for the same reasons. The great apes are more intelligent than meercats. So do the great apes deserve to live more than meercats? I don't see the extinction of our species as something terrible. And I don't subscribe to the idea that a chosen few are selected to carry on the species when 99.9% of us are left behind to face extinction. Noel
  4. Well, isn't that the natural order of things? Every living ends up becoming extinct. Why not earthlings? As for the colony on Mars. Who are we trying to save from extinction? The scientists and engineers? What about the 99.9% of the people who don't have advanced degrees in science and engineering? Are you going to leave behind the Burger King and Dominos Pizza people? Taxi drivers? Newspaper reporters? Automobile mechanics? Carpenters? Undertakers? Brick Layers? Tailors? Sales people? Gardeners and landscapers? Ordinary plumbers and electricians? All the retired people over 65? People like myself who never went to college and have no degrees? Are you planning for the survival of the elite in the scientific field? Everything else that I have enumerated the last paragraph to be replaced by robots and automatons and 3D printers and deemed to be unproductive in the Mars community left behind for extinction? Noel
  5. They had better have some super birth control programs and pills in the interim. Noel
  6. I agree. How many different Grand Canyons can you enjoy? My son lived in Flagstaff for years and got sick of going to the Grand Canyon when friends and relatives arrived wanted him to take them there. Would yu like to live by the seashore all your life without going somewhere else? Or even the same city? Travel and tourism is a prime recreation for so many of us. Who is going to open a travel agency on Mars? On the other hand children born and raised in the same unchanging environment might not know the difference. There's always books to read a chess to play. Noel
  7. That only counts for first class rail travel. Noel
  8. I would have posted this on the AVSIM Orbx forum but I couldn't find it. I am persona-non-grata on the Orbx forum itself and can only post on the Limited User's forum which is not regularly monitored. I have already installed the boldface items in P3Dv5. BASE Pack Buildings HD TerraFlora2 Trees HD Vector OpenLC Africa OpenLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal OpenLC Europe OpenLC Mesh South America OpenLC North America OpenLC South America Now do I install both OpenLC Africa AND OpenLC Africa Mesh and Photoreal or just one or the other? Ditto South America. Noel
  9. I've been thinking about this. Every weekend I have been publishing my bird pictures here. I could post one of my stories once a week instead if you like. Noel
  10. Well, Dave, I'll admit my horse is kinda high, but not as high as some. Arrogance? Yep, I am somewhat arrogant from time to time. But there does come a time when a certain degree of political confrontation gets to a point where the moderators close a topic. This was one of those times. We could see it coming. Martin reminded us of that fact and I could have been hijacking the thread he started. My high horse and arrogant nature does that to me sometimes. So in deference to Martin I surrender. And if it will make you happier I'll concede and say, "You win." Noel
  11. I have the data to back up my claim David but we don't want tis thread locked because of political conflict so I choose not to answer your reply. Let it go. Noel
  12. I don't think AVSIM is a venue for anything not flight related. However when I posted this story here a couple of weeks ago I responded to someone who wanted the entire collection that if he would PM his e-mail address I would e-mail him the entire collection on PDF. That offer still stands for anyone who's interested. Noel
  13. Yes, I do recall that TV series. But Irene Dunn in the original movie was so moving. She was nominated for an Academy Award for best actress and several others were nominated for supporting roles. I had one minor problem with the movie. I grew up on Larkin Street, and that was not Larkin Street where they lived in the movie. I've walked Larking Street from end to end and there are no steep hills on it like the one in the movie. They were correct about the Hyde Street cable car though. Hyde street was a block up from Larkin Street and I rode on that cable car countless times. Noel
  14. Some people have admitted to faking footprints and leaving them for others to find. Noel
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