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    Retired military after 26 years of service including serving with the US Marine Corps during the Korean War, the US Air Force in Vietnam, and as an Air Force weather forecaster assigned to a US Army armored cavalry regiment.

    My wife and I have 4 children, three grand children, and four great grandchildren.

    Am a rated commercial pilot with about 400 hours of flying time mostly in Piper Cherokees and a Piper Aztec. Had to give it up when my medical was pulled because of glaucoma.

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  1. It could be aliens visited our planet eons ago as higher forms of life were evolving. Perhaps we are an experiment. They put some of their DNA in the higher form of primates to see what intelligent life forms would evolve and what they would do with the planet. Of all the life forms on earth mankind doesn't seem to have a niche. The other forms of life all have a habitat but we had no natural habitat and had to make it for ourselves by stealing habitat from the natural creatures and expanding to eventually populate the world with ourselves and build cities and develop technology. We have crowded the natural animals out, deforested much of the planet, developed technology without thought of what it might do to the environment, and took what we could from the planet without giving anything back. We are at a point now where we are looking to colonize other worlds to save a sample of mankind to start over again. UFOs might be just observers of our petri dish planet. How they get here puzzles us because we have not yet understood the physics of real space travel that allows them to travel here in a reasonable amount of time to observe the experiment. Or maybe I'm all wet. Noel
  2. I like that. I wonder how old papa pilot is now. Noel
  3. birdguy


    Last night I watched part of a Bigfoot program. They have been searching for them for years but have yet to find anything but large footprints and very suspect footage of a Bigfoot loping through the bush. I have been giving this some thought and perhaps the Bigfeet are immortal since no bodies or skeletons of them have ever been found that confirm their existence. Noel
  4. Since our sun and planet are far out toward the edge of the galaxy why would they come way out here? Wouldn't their explorations be nearer to the center of galaxy were there are more stars and planets to explore? Unless they found us by accident and decided to send missionaries and start pineapple plantations. Noel
  5. https://www.airandspaceforces.com/air-force-first-electric-air-taxi-delivered/ Noel
  6. Thanks John for a clear and authoritative answer. Noel
  7. Is there any formula or rules for the length of landing gear struts? I know the Corsair had gull wings to lengthen the landing gear because of it's large propeller. But what determines the length of a landing gear strut? Noel
  8. As an aside Dean Martin's son was a fighter pilot in the California Air National Guard (or Air Force Reserve?) and lost his life when the F-4 he was flying crashed. Noel
  9. Thanks guys, I'll look into that. I found an FSX/P3D version and downloaded it. It looks pretty good. Noel
  10. Branson Missouri (KBBG) is missing from P3Dv4. Noel
  11. You'd think a craft that can travel light years through interstellar space would have GPS to get around Earth with. Noel
  12. In 1964 it's said a UFO actually landed on the runway at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico. It's said two beings emerged and spoke to two US Air Force officers and then the beings got back in and the UFO took off again. It was allegedly one of three UFOS that were buzzing around the base that morning but only the one landed. You can Google the encounter(s) and alleged film of the incident on Google. Holloman Air Force Base borders on White Sands where the first nuclear bomb was detonated. Noel
  13. The first rule in aviation...FLY THE AIRPLANE! As a pilot sitting in the left seat that's what you're there for. When I was still flying here in Roswell there was a tragic accident involving a student pilot who had recently soloed. She was on her second or third solo flight when she took a camera with her to photograph her house from the air. She spun in into an empty lot just behind her house. She left a husband and young son. Noel
  14. My daughter Bridget has been a runner all her life. She met her goal of running her 25th marathon by her 50th birthday. Lately she's been running ultras, 30 to 50 miles. She's training for her last marathon to be run on the 30th of this month. It will be her 60th to celebrate her 60th birthday in December. She is going to continue running but giving up the competition running. She says her body just can't take it any more. She began running with me when I was running to keep in shape for the national guard and she was in high school. She never stopped. Yeah, I'm a pretty proud dad. Noel
  15. I have always used a right hand stick. I'm what they call semi-ambidextrous. I write with my right hand but throw a ball with my left hand. I can eat with either hand but usually use my left. The right hand stick and left hand throttle (Saitek X-52) are what I have been using ever since it came out. Most of us who came to Earth from the Gamma Quadrant are semi-ambidextrous. Noel
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