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  1. I installed Orbx renaming all v6 folders to v5. The addon file does point to the main v5 library. After install renaming v5 to v6. Here is what comes out of it: 2S1: OK 7WA3: OK AYEO: Emo Mission: Black wooden buildings. (S9° 7.34' E148° 2.58') CAC8: No water. CAE3: No water. CAG8: No water. CAX6: No water. CEJ4: OK CEN4: OK EDBH: Buildings mixed with p3d generics. EDCG: OK EDVR: OK ENJA: OK KCGX: (payware) OK KHQM: Okay LIDA: Lack of vegetation in places. LSGK: Buildings mixed with p3d generics. LWSK: OK (Don't forget SODE for p3dv6) YBLN: OK YCUN: Buildings mixed with p3d generics. YLIL: Buildings mixed with p3d generics. YMLT: Buildings mixed with p3d generics. YMUI: Lack of vegetation. YPLC: OK YRC: No water. YRED: Okay I have the impression that the exclude files do not work.
  2. Hi Oliver I use p3dv4.5 last HFix CPX run in administrator mode. In CPX, I can set the eyepoint to current position, but not the zoom value I'm in VCockpit with zoom to 0.70 as writed in manual. I synchronise CPX by Adjust value of the zoom to correspond with the zoom value of P3D I set the zoom in CPX with button out to 0.55. The zoom change also in p3d. When I click the button Set default eyepoint to current position, the zoom value return to 0.30. Can't load the aircraft with the fixed 0.55 value I want. Where is my mystake? Can you help me ? Regards Aimé
  3. Yes. After installed the card on my mother board, I let Windows install generic drivers. After I go to device management and want to update the drivers. It's a Windows10 driver. Nota : I use Windows 10 - new build 2004 installed whith program insider
  4. Coming from an nvidia gtx970 with not enough Vram for the p3d v5, I bought a Radeon RX590 (8Gb of vram against 6 Gb for an nvidia and cheaper - but that's another debate) So here is my feedback After having cleanly cleaned the nvidia drivers and installed the driver offered by windows10 via the device manager for my new card: it turns nickel (I do not take into account the bugs that the LM hotfix will fix - enough has been said) Never happy, I read everywhere on the forums that there is a tool called Adrenaline for ATI, so I install the software ... Apparently, this utility also installs a new version of the drivers. (26.20.150 .... from April 2020) I say to myself, nice, I will be able to pay my card with little onions ... except that ... Without touching anything in the settings, I had lost in P3D the preview of the aircrafts. The small window remained desperately black. I tell myself that it may come from the old shaders that I erase. Nothing works. I hack left to right anti-aliasing (I remember having the same problem with nvidia after a blow from Nvidia profile inspector. Hey no!) Suddenly, back pedaling to the previous version of the drivers provided by Windows (26.20.12028.2 dated 16-08-19) and there, nickel, everything starts again without problem with a substantial gain of fps. Well, if that can help some... Example...
  5. Try a flight in french Alps and flight over the mountain. Let me see a screenshot of the rock texture
  6. Have you installed TEP out p3d ? or in folder scenery/world/texture ? You must restar p3d when you check or unchek addon Are you flying a scenry where TEP is visible ?
  7. I've changed my gtx970 to radeon because vRam issue. I run p3dv5. I try to find a setting trougth the Adrenaline software, because I can't see the aircrafts in the aircraft preview window.
  8. Hi I've just install a rx590 Have you a setting for a better experience ?
  9. Yes, TEP run on P3Dv5 But transparency issue for the trees.
  10. I see by default there are in P3Dv4 a Carenado aircraft (AC11 Commander 114) present in the GA AI List in Live Traffic.
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