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  1. After reinstall of all the default sceneries + WU, problem solved. I may try to desinstall WU which I don't use to check, but so far, so good, let's fly Thanks for your help
  2. Thanks, Do you have all the world update installed? I'm reinstalling all the sceneries of the standart version + world update US + world update UK to check if it can be because of that
  3. Hi, As I said, even in vanilla (no mod installed) I still have the problem. The main things is that I've only noticed that the bug is back when flying back to TFFJ. So I can not link it with a change. I've made some cleanup in the installed official scenery. Maybe linked, but it bothers me to reinstall everything maybe for nothing
  4. Yes, that's the default one. v0.1.47. I've tried to delete the rolling cache with no success
  5. The problem had disappeared but came back tonight. Even in vanilla, still no wall below the fences. I've tried to uninstall and install tffj without success. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have the same problem. Have you found the fix?
  7. Hi, A suggestion of improvement. I always changing my settings in LNM to match with my type of flight: - VFR: topo map, Navaids, No Victor or Jetway, Fusion theme - IFR (Day): Victor Airway, Light Map Theme, Fusion Theme - IFR (Night): Victor, Dark Map Theme, Night Theme I was wondering if it would be possible to create a profile function in which you can save your settings (maps details, map theme, windows theme, etc...) and then have button or a menu to access the different profiles? Many thanks Orangina
  8. Hi, Just to be sure, don't you forget to add this line to the PMDG option file: [SDK] EnableDataBroadcast=1 It may fix the wrong display. Orangina
  9. Hi, Would it be possible to implement an auto night mode in LNM? There is a simconnect variable "time of day" which is equal to 1 during the day and 3 during the night. Monitoring this variable could let LNM switch between the night style and the day style. Thanks
  10. Do you have black oil on the engine? like below The Duke is very fragile if you let the temperature (ITT) climb too long. Maybe you have only open the cowl flaps for the left engine. Just try to check if the temperature of the engines are similar before the bang
  11. Same problem here. The only way is to switch the horn off at the upper panel. Do you find a solution?
  12. First, Try to uncheck some shadows cast: Vegetation, building, particules. The difference is visually less important than the FPS drop. If no improvement, try to uncheck some reflection (unrealistic in my point of view): clouds, vegetations and buildings. You can also try to reduce autogen distance one step left. Shouldn't have an influence during the day, but you can uncheck dynamic lighting to test. Go step by step to try to identify the guilty setting. Do you have FSUIPC installed? If yes, is it the lastest version (which is known to freeze P3D) or do you have autosave enabled. If so, try to desactive it
  13. Just to explore another possible tips, try to disable cloud shadows. If it helps, try to modify this in prepar3D.cfg: OPAQUE_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=2048 TRANSLUCENT_SHADOW_TEXTURE_SIZE=512 OPAQUE_SHADOW_DRAW_DISTANCE=2000 TRANSLUCENT_SHAD0W_DRAW_DISTANCE=2000 It helps in my case, when my FPS drops down at sunset for example.
  14. How is your effects level set? complexity and distance. Try both at medium. With both low, lighting effects on building is not visible for example. Orangina
  15. Try to save your default situation with a MON A2A aircraft and check if it helps. I had a similar problem with c172 aircraft by default and the texture resolution was decreasing and saved 1023 in the cfg
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