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  1. Hi Folks, Have just installed FreeMeshX as per guide, below all Airports and FTX. I have disable FTX Holgermesh for P3Dv4 Australia. I use ORBX Australia. I am also using OZx for Australia which adds a few local landmarks. But what I have around YPJT (Jandakot Western Australia) is buildings that have been pushed up with the elevations, on one edge of the elevation the building sits okay, whilst half of the building sits in midair because of the elevation. None of this is at the airport, its the buildings close by, to YPJT with the elevations from FreeMeshX. Any idea, where I should put FreeMeshX in my scenery list to have a stable normal elevated scenery? Brian (BJ from OZ)
  2. Steve, Thank you so much for getting back to me, I’ll try the new settings tomorrow. I feel the 29.5 on the NPI, and 30 on the Sim is close, as it’s very smooth no stutters, but I’ll set the limit of 28.5 on the NPI and 29 on P3d slider. Thanks again Brian
  3. SteveW, I have set mine as per your quote, it looks and feels great. My monitors are Gaming 144Hz, do I need to reduce the frequency down, if it feels and looks smooth? My Monitors will only go down to 50Hz. Brian
  4. Hi Steve, I see you are extremely busy and in great demand, any advice on my post from yesterday, or do you need more information? Kind Regards Brian
  5. Hi SteveW, Some advice Please? I'm Brian, I'm running P3dV4.1, with a lot of ORBX, MCE, AS4, ASCA, Chase Plane, PTA and ENVTEX, UTlive. Hyper threading on, AM 244, Process Lasso. I have P3d to run from Core 2 to 7, and all the add-on`s to run from 0 to 1. My frame rate is set to 36. Most settings are high, Vsync=On My system is i7 7700K OC to 4.6, GPU GeForce GTX 1080 TI (Minimal OC), 32 gig of 3200 DDR4 ram. I run three Asus ROG Strix 27" curved gaming screens 144Hz, with a small 60Hz screen for my map. My fps on average out of YPPH are 24 and drop to 17 until I have cleared the city and airport then they go up to 34. Just prior to actually Vertical speed and taking off, when MCE states V1, I get a small freeze, throughout most flights I get small stutters, nothing too dramatic, no blurriness. Is there anything I should be doing differently in NVidia Inspector, or with my settings to avoid these stutters, or increase fps or smoothness Regards Brian Baxter (BJ from OZ)
  6. Thanks Gerard, Will Try V10, Top work, have enjoyed all previous versions. Link was working earlier today, I didn't have a problem downloading. Brian BJ from OZ
  7. Thanks Gerard, Great work. Brian (BJ from OZ)
  8. Gerard Thank You, That is what I do, I set your Preset in PTA and have the same settings as a configuration in SimStarterNG. But I feel I've reached a point with your preset, that Ill just set all the scenario's that start up in SimStarterNG with your V5, as it is the best by far. In-fact i don't know why I'm using SimStarterNG as i always choose your Preset configuration from within it. At least now i know I'm doing the right thing. Again, Thankyou, this is not a subject you can bring up with any Tom , Dick or Harry and expect them to be able to give you a hand. Really appreciated. Brian (BJ from OZ)
  9. Hi Gerard, Using your Version V5, fantastic, have splurged again, and purchased UTL, that installed and is working well. Preset V5 is really good. But I have a question. It doesn't relate to your PTA Preset but it does to all of them, if a Simmer is using Aerosoft SimStarterNG, of which I use. I did email Matt at Sim Tweaks, but I guess he is pretty busy. 1. I install your Preset with PTA 2.60, then in SimStarterNG, I set up my lighting and ACSA using the same settings as per your PTA. 2. If I decide to use another flight, but prefer your setting as per V5, in SimStarterNG I then can select your configuration. 3. Am I correct in, my initial PTA Preset must be set to that of what I want to use prior to starting SimStarterNG, and in SimStarterNG, I must use the corresponding PTA configuration matching the PTA preset originally set. I'm guessing if I used a different PTA preset in 2.60, and used you settings in SimStarterNG, I would get some pretty messed up textures and lighting. They say the only stupid question, is the one you don't ask? I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track, as my textures and lighting are magnificent, so I'm sorry to be so long winded. Brian (BJ from OZ)
  10. Just Purchased UTL, from Flight1 site, installed faultlessly and works a treat, in P3dv4.1. Plenty of Ai, may even have to reduce it down, but very happy, worked out at about $62 OZ dollars from USD. Brian (BJ from OZ)
  11. Just Purchased and installed, faultless. Brian (BJ from OZ)
  12. Have just installed TEP into P3Dv4.1, Absolutely Magnificent, what a work of ART. Thankyou Aimé Brian (BJ from OZ)
  13. Gerard, Thanks again for another magnificent Preset, I've only been using your version 4, so am looking forward to what V5 brings. I don't know how you can improve on perfection? I just downloaded and am using the Terra Emergence Project, in conjunction with your PTA preset 4 it has the WOW factor, cant wait to try Preset V5. Thanks in Anticipation. Brian BJ from OZ
  14. Gerard, Loving version V4, the textures are fantastic, I've tried most Presets that are about, and had different Presets for Different Countries. But having just flown with your Version 4, in New Zealand out of Dunedin and Australia out of Jandakot, I've got to say that this is right on the mark. I'm using three, Curved ROG STRIX 27" Monitors at 144htz, with a 1080TI GPU and a i7-7700K at 4.6OC, 32Gig of RAM, and it just looks terrific. Cheers Buddy Brian BJ from OZ
  15. Gerald Thanks, I became a bit of a storm chaser, using ASP4 to search for storms. Found storms in Brazil, discovered Lightning, but could barely hear thunder or lightning. Altered sounds, increasing Environment, and lowering the rest, I also put another sound card in so as to improve the sounds. Cheers Thanks Brian (BJ fro OZ)