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  1. Hi Mike,

    Sorry to bother you, but where in PL do I find the area that I place the M in Rule, which I currently have sent for gaming.



    1. baxterbj


      Hi Mike,

      I'm finding that the AF at 61, unlimited frames in P3D, limit frames in Nvidia Profile Inspector to 29.5, FSPS set from 20-30, Vsync on.

      I am pleasantly surprised at the increase in frames, especially in and around YPJT and YPPH in my state of Western Australia, No blurries and quiet Smooth.

      I have PL set to Xhig0-5 as I cant seem to find the M rule anywhere? (Also I'm not that experienced with PL)

      Thankyou for your Kind help.


      Brian (


    2. Cruachan


      Hi Brian,

      Sorry for the delay in responding.

      Sounds good! Looks like you are making significant headway towards getting the sim to perform the way you would like.

      There is a wealth of information here at Steve Waite's website:

      Process Lasso

      As I mentioned in that post, my current rules for Prepar3D.exe are: XihM5p

      If you refer to Help - View Documentation and under Index select 3. -> 2. Rules column meaning you will see a breakdown:

      X = excluded from ProBalance restraint

      ih = Default I/O priority class: High

      M5 = Memory priority: 5 - Normal

      p = Process will cause the PC to enter a particular Power Profile

      I use the Balanced Power Profile option in Windows which allows the system to return to a Power-saving state (Idle) when no longer under load.

      As with most things, what you chose to implement is really up to you. Prepar3D will trigger a switch to a High performance state without any user interventions so it's quite likely that Rule 'p' is not really required. Doesn't seem to have any negative effects which is why I have not removed it. You could argue that 'ih' and 'M5' are not required either because they represent the default states, but what the heck!

      There are very few hard and fast rules where Prepar3D is concerned as every system and sim setup is different. Sooner or later we all discover that it can take a bit of effort to find what best suits our requirements. This is true especially if you have enhanced the sim with numerous addons and customisations.

      Hope this is of some help to you.




    3. baxterbj



      Thank you for your reply, it’s all beginning to come together.

      I have steered clear of the current path that Ray and Steve were going down as I feared Ray would have a shot at my Australian attempt of the English language, something that we in Aussie have changed to some degree. The Forums certainly take some twists and Turns.

      Thanks again, and I will include Steve Waite’s Site in my favourite list.

      Kind Regards 


  2. Hi Mike,

    Got Xih in Process Lasso, but am brain dead in finding  M5p


    Sorry to be a pain


    Regards Brian

  3. baxterbj

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Thanks Mike, I`ll print out your help and work on it. Thanks so much, I`ll stay in touch Kind Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  4. baxterbj

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Hi Mike I follow yourself and Steve very closely on the forum, for tips and advice. I run three 144hz ASUS monitors, I have them set at 144hz, frames limited to 28.5 in NPI, VSync off and unlimited in P3Dv4.4. I have tried 29FPS locked in P3Dv4.4, all with marginal success. I run a i7-7700K Oc to 4.9 (very Steady), 32gig of Ram, 1080ti GPU. Reading your suggestion above, do I interpret, setting my screens to 120Hz, limited frames to 29.5 in NPI (or not at all use NPI) or just limit Frames in P3D to 30FPS. Do I have VSync on or off? My AF is set at 63. I also use Process lasso, use 0-5 for P3D and 6-7 for my many addons. I'm looking for that magical smoothness, and believe this might just help me. Any advice would be gratefully received, as you feel quiet isolated out in Sim world if it wasn't for People like Yourself and Steve and those also asking Questions. Kimd Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  5. Thanks Paul, No cant find them anywhere? Not on anymore? Regards Brian
  6. baxterbj

    P3D auto loads at System boot-up

    ALT-F4, clean shutdown, works for me Cheers BJ from OZ
  7. Beautiful, simply Beautiful. What a work of ART. Kind Regards BJ from OZ Brian Baxter
  8. baxterbj

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Hi Folks, Believe I have solved my problem, started with a different aircraft, then chose the Diamond, and all is working. It just needed a working aircraft, then doing the switch. Cheers Brian BJ from OZ
  9. baxterbj

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Hi Folks, Just purchased the DA62, WOW!! They say there is never a stupid question, but I have one. I've started the aircraft, had a few test flights, but for the life of me, How do I turn on the ATC. All i get is Radio failure, transponder failure, I've pressed, turned every button, knob known to man, but cannot get my radio to work. Is there a simple guide for dummies, I attempted to look at the manuals, that blew me away. Is there anyone out there that can either give me some simple instructions, or point me in the right direction, Please. Kind Regards Brian (BJ from OZ)
  10. baxterbj

    P3Dv4.4 and Return to Misty Moorings

    Hi Bert, Everything ran perfectly with Client install, so I plucked up the courage and did the Content. It may well be my imagination, but I'm positive I have an increase, although small, in FPS and smoothness. Scenery really looks sharp, especially purchased ORBX. Thanks again, Very Please. I wont be doing Scenery. Kind Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  11. baxterbj

    P3Dv4.4 and Return to Misty Moorings

    Bert, Thank you, Great support. Norm, over at RTMM trouble shooting forum, equally has an extensive comment on this subject of RTMM and P3dv4.4 Kind Regards Brian BJ from OZ (Client coming on)
  12. baxterbj

    P3Dv4.4 and Return to Misty Moorings

    Bryan and Bert, Thank you Both. So I am also assuming, I shouldn't do CONTENT because of EFFECTS and SOUND. Just one more question, as I strongly support the action of Client ONLY, all the way, (Bert, and I follow your topics and answers most days, even your settings) could these CONTENT folders from P3dv4.3 simply be dropped back into those of P3dv4.4, that way all my RTMM sounds and effects would go back in? If you again say NO, then CLIENT it is, as like Bryan, I basically only fly RTMM, this is the most picturesque area in the World i have come across and absolutely love it. I own a great number of ORBX products, but still find myself back in PNW, BC, ALAKSA, mountains, rivers snow, wow what a country. I did serve in California with the Australian Navy on Frigates for 12 months, they had been built in Seattle, I think it was Seattle that wet my appetite. Coming from dry old Western Australia, it is not my scene. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards Brian Baxter BJ from OZ
  13. Hi Folks, Hopefully on AVSIM there are many RTMM followers, and like many of you, I have a huge amount of RTMM scenery installed in P3Dv4.3. All of my RTMM scenery is installed on a external SSD to that of P3D. However my question is: If I follow the procedure, uninstall client, reinstall, uninstall Content, reinstall, uninstall scenery, reinstall. There are many files (ie traffic etc) that had to be placed in Scenery/World/ Scenery, there are effects and sound. (Hope i haven't missed any?????) I have completely made a back up of P3dV4.3, so all my FOLDERS/files are still intact within this copied backup. Can I simply, copy my Scenery/World/Scenery FOLDER, sound FOLDER, effects FOLDER back across to P3DV4.4 and all should be OKAY???????????? Im sorry if this is not a reasonable question, as Im not sure what damage this method, I would do to, P3Dv4.4, if I was to do this? I have posted a similar Topic on the RTMM site and am also waiting on a reply. Kind Regards Brian Baxter BJ from OZ
  14. I have never had V2, but do have entries for V2, V3, V4 ,only V4 points to P3dV4, I've removed the others, but on each reboot they reappear? Thank Willy Regards Brian
  15. Hi Folks, I have just competed a full install of P3Dv4.3 only, as my windows was corrupted. I have reinstalled all my ORBX, no problem. I'm now trying to install my MCE and Marble Black addons, and the computer sees V2 and V4 when installing MCE. When MCE does install it freezes P3D, when uninstalled P3d Works. When installing Marble Black, it does not automatically identify P3Dv4, I have to manually point to it, then it doesn't install correctly. I have further noticed upon going into FTX Central it asks me which version of P3d I have my installations in V2 or V4. Can someone help me please, I have spent over a week reinstalling all of my addon software, only to find something somewhere is corrupt. Ive reinstalled Client and Repaired Content, all for Zip. Kind Regards Brian Baxter (BJ from OZ)