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  1. Thanks Gerard, That certainly makes my virtual cockpits much more visible. Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  2. Hi Gerard, I'm using your all month package, as my PTA of choice, I have ASP4, ASCA, ENVTEX, P3DV4.2, in windows 10. The outside scenery is fantastic, This is on three ASUS ROG 144Hz monitors in wide view. My only question, and I'm not sure wether I'm asking the right person, my Virtual Cockpits are quiet dark and dull. I say this as I recently purchased the Milviz 310R, the Virtual Cockpit is very dark, but with the internal lights turned on its great, but I also purchased the F1 KingAir 200!!! The Virtual Cockpit in this is very Dull, dark and even with all the cockpit lights on during the day, has a very Dark view. In General, most of my Virtual Cockpits are on the Dark side? I have addressed this on the Flight 1 forums, but one of the moderators showed a screenshot of his cockpit during day light hours and its great. So is there any adjustments I can make in your All Year PTA settings that might lighten up my Virtual Cockpits? Dynamic Lighting is off in P3dV4. Failing this, would you have any other advice, that may brighten, lighten up my day virtual cockpits? Regards Brian BJ from OZ Ps: Keep up the great work, it makes Flight Simulation an absolute pleasure.
  3. All Good, working fine, don't know what I did, another install and I have rain on the radar. Thanks everyone Brian
  4. monica6211, Am loving the aircraft, when you view the screen shots on the Milviz site the Weather Radar is working, as you say, it must be a 4.2 problem. I get the test screen up but when I turn the dial to WX, I get a small red line in the centre which disappears and then there is only the range markings with nothing else. I'm guessing we will be advised of any update? Brian
  5. Thanks Rob, Appreciated, have installed the 310R several times, thought the problem was my end. Regards Brian
  6. Hi Folks, I'm currently waiting for Registration to the Milviz Forums, but they appear very busy with the C310R release and I don't have a reply as yet. My problem is the Weather Radar does not work in the 310R, I have installed the 310R, three times, exactly per instructions. On the support page after working through, it tells me the radar requires, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x64). I downloaded such and tried to install same, but because I already have, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2017 versions installed, it tells me I already have the program installed and I must uninstall, to install 2015. Can anyone offer some advice please as I don't want uninstall a version and find something else in P3dv4.2, Windows 10, wont work? Its a fantastic aircraft, now I just want the weather radar and I'm all set. Kind regards Brian BJ from OZ
  7. Thanks,No everything working, except the digital clock on the yoke. With the Avionics Master on all I get is a dot showing what mode I'm in, but cant get timer or clock to illuminate. Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  8. Hi Folks, Yes Flight 1 forums are not very helpful, and there is not a lot of support to minor questions. I have downloaded the F1_Kingair B200 for P3Dv4, and for the life of me, i cannot get the digital clock/ Timer to work in the yoke. I have followed the manual, but nothing. Can someone tell me if they know wether I'm doing something wrong, or do i have a faulty download. I've been all over the Flight 1 forum and there is nothing, and not a lot of help. Great aircraft though. Brian BJ from OZ
  9. baxterbj

    Not able to access ATC in P3Dv4.2

    Thanks Guys, I have no idea what I did, I messed with cfg`s and rebuilt, have no idea what actually fixed it, but its up and running, like you say, until next time. Kind Regards Brian, BJ from OZ
  10. baxterbj

    Not able to access ATC in P3Dv4.2

    Thanks, Ill give that a try Brian
  11. Hi folks, P3dv4.2 has been working fine. Today I updated FSUIPC5 version 5.124 and then did the update for ASP4 Open Beta Update 022818* with P3D v4.2 compatibility 6633*. I don't know wether it is related to my problem, but the ATC is greyed out and cannot be accessed, I have made no other changes. In the Extreme Prototype Learjet 25, I turn on the electrics but now it makes no difference, No ATC. In the Cera Cim AS365, I hit shift-1, activate ready to fly, does not respond, so once again no ATC. Any idea on what I should do? Brian BJ from OZ
  12. baxterbj

    P4AO 1.27 not working with P3Dv4.2 update

    Hi Oliver I deleted P3DV4AddonOrganizer.exe_Url_a5pn3oaryjy2gl3kszytbhl2jttipq5v. All Good, back up and working, there was a windows update today, so you are spot on. Thank you for your great support. Kind Regards Brian
  13. I have just updated P3Dv4.1 to P3dv4.2 and my P4AO 1.27 will not open. I installed an old version 1.08 and it opens, except i get the Utlive encoding error Anyone else having a problem? Regards Brian
  14. Thanks Oliver, Its all a little over my head, so I have placed the paths for the aircraft from out side P3D, manually into MCE cfgPath, and set the MCE ini with NOScan=1 and they work. If I set the NoScan=0, it scans on each P3d Boot and dumps them. So this is my work around the problem. Ben from MCE states that the latest MCE has been set up so as this is work around is not required, but without it my system just cant pick up the aircraft outside of P3D. So really its just my system, I use SimStarterNG, could it be that, who knows. Its just a little frustrating that everything is working except I have to have this work around in place. I'm really not confident and knowledgeable enough to try the simobjects method with P4AO, but I thank you for all your advice. Anything else you may think of would be appreciated. Kind Regards Brian
  15. Hi Oliver, I run MCE, and ever since I reinstalled P3Dv4 and MCE, MCE wont recognise aircraft installed outside of P3D, in the Documents folder. So I have to manually enter them into MCE cfgPath, and make another entry into the MCE ini file, so as it doesn't scan for aircraft each time i run P3D, as it dumps those outside of P3D. Having emailed Ben at MCE Extensively he states my entries in my add-ons.cfg Programdata is why I am having the issue. Back in December 15, I had 6 entries in the cfg folder, like SODE, ENVTEX,Orbx ObjectFlow 2, Godzone, RealNZdunedin,VLC_libraries, utLive and another i cant remember. But since a fresh install of everything, all i have is SODE, that's why I'm asking if a fresh client install might fix the add-ons.cfg Kind Regards Brian