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  1. I’m a supporter of Ai Aircraft Traffic, it is really annoying that I have heaps of traffic showing up on FSTRAMP, you just don’t see anything in the sky around you. I’m a low and slow, love flying around country airports and would really appreciate Ai Traffic. When I was a P3d enthusiast, it was marvellous to immerse yourself in the airport sounds of other aircraft, and see the airports alive with traffic. My oceans are full of shipping making the reality and immersion very pleasurable. I absolutely love MSFS, all I really want now is to fill the skies with Ai. Regards Brian BJ from Oz
  2. Cheers and Thanks, Regards Brian, BJ from Oz
  3. Anyone know when it’s due in Western Australia?
  4. Hi Team, Have just finished installing MSFS update. Co-pilot acknowledges me when I ask what my call sign is but cannot communicate with ATC in Sim as yet? I was Flying Asobo Cessna Float Plane, I will reinstall MCE. Regards BRIAN BJ from OZ
  5. Hi Greg, Yes I have the same problem, the Link for is not working? Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  6. Hi Gerald, I have MCE V 2.9.00 and the latest MSFS 2020 (1.13.16) and I cannot get MCE to use Native ATC. ATC not responding, Co-pilot acknowledges me, but no interactions with MSFS 2020. Regards Brian (BJ from OZ)
  7. Thanks MarkDH, I’ll try without the P3dv5 configuration tool from HoneyComb and just try throughout P3dv5. Ill look for any manuals as it only had small booklets? Kind Regards Brian(BJ from Oz)
  8. Can’t agree, more with all the arguments of support. I plugged in my Alpha and Bravo and went straight into MSFS, It was fantastic, working straight off the bat, I’m simply someone who enjoys touring the world in my GA aircraft, and don’t read much into the 1 degree, 10 degrees, I just love the enjoyment of escaping reality and being in the world of Simulation. What does pee me off is the lack of support for P3dv5, by Honeycomb. Over the years, my investment into P3d, have been enormous, the amount of scenery and aircraft I have purchased, borders on ridiculous, can I get my Honeycombs to work straight of the bat in P3d, NO!!!!, and my age and health defies me the ability to watch all these great people producing videos of support, they just go straight over my head. Without support, I’m truly going to have to part ways with P3d, simply because, this wonderful Yoke and Throttle have me sold, I love them, but if HoneyComb, won’t or can’t support this fantastic Flight Simulation as well as MSFS, then they don’t leave some of us older generation with much choice. HoneyComb, Ultra Fantastic yoke and throttle, please support all versions your hardware works in. Rant Rant. Kind Regards Brian (BJ from Oz)
  9. Hi Fellow Simmers, I have both the Yoke and throttle, both setup perfect in MSFS automatically. But age is upon me and my brain cannot seem to fathom out how to set it up in P3Dv5. Can someone point me in the right direction to either a ready made profile for both Throttle and Yoke, or send me off to a video of how to set them up, Please? Appreciate any advice or any help. Kind Regards Brian (BJ from OZ)
  10. Welcome HiFi, I am a ASCA and ASP3D user and have been with you for many years through all the P3d changes. Your support and professionalism is second to none, I still use P3d and enjoy very much your weather engine. I also now a MSFS convert, and can only say, welcome aboard, the current cloud system really needs an injection of HiFi. Kind Regards Brian (BJ from OZ)
  11. Thanks to the wonderful work of Ben, I'm back up and running MCE in both P3d and MSFS. I take my hat off to both Ben and Gerald, I've been using MCE since 2012, and could not fly without it. The support from MCE has to be the best in the Flight Simulation Industry, it doesn't matter what your problem might be, they never have once stopped helping me. Take a bow Guys, your product is the greatest and your support is fantastic. My problem was unique, but Ben read through all of my 5 emails a day, and nailed it. Not once did he stop looking for ways and ideas, until he resolved my Issue. Technically I have No idea what what was done, I know I have a New MCE.EXE file that has it working in both Sims. BRAVO ZULU Thank you again MCE. I have No affiliation with this product and am not paid for my comments, but I know if you give this program a shot, the support is continuously there, as it has been for me for 8 years. It is a must have. Kind Regards BRIAN (BJ from OZ)
  12. I had MCE working fine in MSFS prior to latest update, now when I start MCE, with Aircraft ready on the Runway, MCE just drops off, disappears. I am emailing (Ben and Gerald) the Guys from MCE, but is anyone else experiencing similar problems? Kind Regards Brian (BJ from OZ)
  13. Thank you, That has eliminated the purple, great news. How do I now get Cloud shadows, aircraft shadows on the ground. That would be the icing on the cake. Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  14. Thanks JuliANh, I’ll certainly give that a try, and let you know. Regards Brian BJ from OZ
  15. Hi, MrBitstFlyer, I get beautiful cloud formation from ASCA, set at 2048, and same setting in Envshade, but I also DO NOT get cloud shadows on the ground. I get Ugly purple reflection on all Ai and my aircraft. Also in the VC, I get purple flashes. Anywhere, that the sun shines through clouds, or reflections off water, while flying this purple colour appears. But in saying that, I could be sitting at YPJT, any everything has a purple tinge. Its definitely the shadows, and reflections in the VC, except in purple? My P3dv5 settings are shadows maxed out, but nothing. Frustrated beyond belief!!!!! Regards Brian BJ from OZ
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