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  1. I have been following their Discord closely and also excited about this project, the A220 is an awesome machine and getting ever more popular. These Avionics look awesome and quite far along, I'm hopeful we can see a release this year.
  2. United fly's the MAX from EWR to BOS all the time, sometimes its an NG though. Today for example. https://www.flightaware.com/live/flight/UAL1994/history/20240423/1735Z/KEWR/KBOS
  3. Not to throw a wrench in the mix, but do we think iFly's MAX will beat out PMDG's? At least we have seen some very complete looking interior and exterior screenshots from iFly. Let's face it, if iFly releases their MAX before PMDG's It might very well be the last 737 MAX I buy, Im sure they are are both going to hold their release timelines very close to their chest for the reason stated above. https://fselite.net/content/ifly-shows-off-new-737max-previews-in-msfs/
  4. I did my last one and found myself scratching my head and troubleshooting a few times. Id rather leave it to a professional this time. One of the biggest reasons is I find it very hard to narrow down picking the best MB, CPU AMD vs Intel to match, there's just so many variables and its subjective.
  5. This is the spec list. Keep in mind components are subject to change on future builds. At this time: Motherboard: MSI Pro B650-P WIFI RAM: G.Skill F5-5600J3636C16GX2 GPU: ASUS Dual or MSI Ventus 2X Drive: WD SN580 PSU: PowerSpec 750GSM AIO: Cooler Master ML240L or 240L Core
  6. I'm thinking of upgrading my very outdated underpowered PC, I'm not really inclined to build this one and prefer a pre-built machine. I'm looking at these MicroCenter PowerSpec PC's, the price seems right the only downside I could find was they are using a PowerSpec 750w power supply, everything else seems legit quality MB, CPU, Ram etc. When I look at building myself the cost comes out to about the same. If I were to build my own I may pick a corsair cooler and 850w Power supply, but that's really it and I could always add one later. I like that I can walk into the store not far from me and walk out with have a powerhouse machine ready to go. Does anyone own or have experience with these machines? Below are the systems I'm considering. Which would you pick? https://www.microcenter.com/product/671237/powerspec-g446-gaming-pc https://www.microcenter.com/product/669855/powerspec-g717-gaming-pc-platinum-collection Thanks!
  7. Has anyone else had it just shut down and fall out of the sky yet? Its unflyable for me even after the update. There's a thread in the Ini forum and a few other posts in Discord. I think it could be a WASM or memory issue.
  8. Does anyone know how to change the style of the flight director on the CJ4? Right now I have the cross hair lines but would like the arrow.
  9. So I decided to try Pilot2ATC, Im on the fence on wether I keep using it. One of the biggest reasons is I cant figure out how to setup the Buttckicker with my BT Headset. Maybe you guys can help. I was using a 3.5mm Y connecter with my speakers and buttkicker setup, but I cant use the speakers with the bluetooth headset so, no Buttkicker with ATC. Are you using a head set or external mic and speakers for ATC? Thanks!
  10. David just said its kind of on hold on the Iris discord. "on hold currently. Well, still, in development, but we have a few projects ahead of it"
  11. I was holding out on purchasing the Early Access FSS E175 while they continued dev and worked out some bugs. I heard recently that it was a frame hog so I continued putting the purchase off. Im getting very itchy for a RJ in the fleet. Does anyone have current experience on how its performing and would you recommend getting now or wait for further dev? Is it still buggy and a frame hog? Do we have an official changelog I can view? I'm having a hard time locating it. Thanks!
  12. I have had this issue happen twice now and both times I had to unforntunately do a full reinstall. I would check your windows event viewer app under the start menu, you will find the error you're having there. Step 1. open Event viewer app 2. Go to Windows Logs 3. Go to Application 4. look for an error at the time your started MSFS Post the error and search. Theres not alot a info on this issue but it happens quite a bit if you google it and search the MSFS2020 forum. I think it has to do with the xbox app but I have not found a fix. Even Zendesk was no help. Like you I had 2 trouble free years until this started happening.
  13. I saw that too very exciting news. Unfortunately not many sim heli pilots here. Thier starting to get very good on MSFS.
  14. The windows open and it has an EFB, its already got more features then some fully released pay-ware airliners I can think of.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gBbL9bDBzo&ab_channel=cgaviator
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