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  1. audiohavoc

    Sadly, the A2A C172 remain unflyable for me

    My recommendation is to not use FSUIPC for the yoke or rudder, reset the calibration for your controls to default in Windows, and set the sensitivity to 50% in FSX for your yoke and rudder. It flies very nicely for me following this procedure. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  2. audiohavoc

    PMDG 777 vs LevelD 767

    Add to that: - automatic time compression to drastically reduce cruise time for long hauls - winds aloft data can be imported from Active Sky directly to the FMC - a huge amount of customizable airline options that can be changed in real time via the CDU's - ground services, push back, refuelling, loading, and realistic, adjustable ground turnaround procedures all via the CDU's - Incredible textures and modeling inside and out, as expected they are vastly improved when compared to the Level D 767 - service based failures, with adjustable wear rate - automated livery installer - cargo version Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk 4
  3. audiohavoc

    Coolsky DC-9 Post Hype

    It is highly accurate and realistic, even down to circuit breakers and their interaction with various systems, it has failures, a nav simulator that makes finding/tuning stations very simple, checklists, situation states, a load manager, and good flight dynamics. Add in the McPhat HD liveries and virtual cockpits, and you get fantastic looks to go with all the functional features. IMO, it is the best overall steam gauge, jet airliner for FSX at the moment. Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk HD
  4. audiohavoc

    Pro ATC X or Radar Contact

    I know that feeling too well. I work in a fairly technical field, and the "this should be simple/easy/cheap", and "this should just work" comments drive me nuts. If you don't know what you are talking about, or don't have facts to support your claims, be respectful or keep it to yourself. Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk HD
  5. audiohavoc

    FMC freezes on F-PLN INIT Page

    Sigh. A repair as well as a full reinstall did not fix this issue. I dont have the time to troubleshoot this further, and I certainly am not reinstalling FSX :blink:, so sadly my MD-11 is indefinitely out of service. Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk HD
  6. audiohavoc

    Majestic Q400 Cold-Dark Startup

    That's strange, Nuno, because that's exactly what I did successfully. I loaded the Q400 at KDEN, turned off all power and made sure all relevant switches and controls were set to OFF and down, and then saved that situation as a flight. When I load that saved flight, everything is cold and dark, and the loadout is just as it was when the saved flight was created. I can't imagine why that procedure wouldn't work for you. Does it still load like that after closing and restarting FSX? I had the same result as you, but I haven't tried it again yet after restarting FSX. Sent from my GT-N8013 using Tapatalk HD
  7. audiohavoc

    FMC freezes on F-PLN INIT Page

    Sadly I am having the same issue as well. I haven't tried anything as of yet to resolve it. Any answer on this issue so far? I am wondering if this has to do with an AIRAC cycle update by chance? I use Aerosoft's NAVDATAPRO, and I think the latest cycle I have installed is 1304.
  8. audiohavoc

    Any other PMDG-like airliner add-ons?

    The Leonardo MD-80 despite its age stands up very well to the NGX. It even has shared cockpit and the circuit breakers on the overhead are functional. The downside is that it has a bigger hit on performance than the NGX, but again it is a much older product.
  9. Yes, I can confirm the TSS stuff works with the Captain Sim 757.
  10. The Turbine Sound Studios stuff is pretty good, of course the engine sounds are a bit strong in the cockpit.
  11. Hey no worries, thank you again for your service to the Level D owners community. :Applause:
  12. Another request for the gauge please. I very much appreciate your efforts and time, and would gladly donate a few dollars if you were setup to receive donations.
  13. audiohavoc

    PMDG 747-400 IRS alignment help

    Turn the knobs straight to NAV, and if I remember correctly you have to enter the position twice in the 747. The alignment time settings are in the PMDG menu under the "add-ons" section of the menu bar.
  14. audiohavoc

    04MAR12: SP1c Released for full NGX product range.

    You need to keep the original base installer at a minimum because the download link will expire. If you don't back it up and save a copy, then if you ever have to reinstall and your download link is expired, you will have to pay $5 for the extended download service.
  15. audiohavoc

    Project Tupolev Info

    The joystick config as well as disabling your joystick in the FSX controller settings is mandatory. I also noticed that when setting up my Saitek yoke and quadrants in the joystick config app, the app incorrectly reads the button numbers of the joystick (i.e. joystick button 5 shows up as button 4) so I had to play around with the button numbers in the config until it read the button I was pushing.