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  1. My recommendation is to not use FSUIPC for the yoke or rudder, reset the calibration for your controls to default in Windows, and set the sensitivity to 50% in FSX for your yoke and rudder. It flies very nicely for me following this procedure. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  2. Hey no worries, thank you again for your service to the Level D owners community. :Applause:
  3. Another request for the gauge please. I very much appreciate your efforts and time, and would gladly donate a few dollars if you were setup to receive donations.
  4. Visual references and fingertip touch on the controls. Pick a spot on your lead aircraft and watch it closely to maintain position.
  5. Alternatively you can disable all VATSIM weather in the FSInn settings.
  6. I would wait for the Coolsky DC-9 if you want to make one purchase. It looks like it could be the best "classic" airliner on the market when it is released. Go to their website and scroll down to see a few posts about the aircraft: http://www.coolsky.no/
  7. It leads me to believe that it is something to do with the Feelthere software and the USB drivers as the issue did not occur with any of my other add-ons, which is a very extensive list.
  8. I have two SSD drives, one for Windows and one for FSX. I am happy to report my issue is gone, but it is only after a motherboard change that it finally went away. My MSI board bought the farm, so I changed to an ASUS P67, and the stutters are gone.
  9. Thank you for taking the time to resolve and post this.
  10. It isn't control spiking or uncontrolled movement of the yoke/rudder, it is stuttering of the simulation whenever I move the Saitek yoke or rudder pedals when flying the Feelthere aircraft. Note, there is no drop in the fps when this occurs, and the stutter lasts about a half second and occurs about every 3-5 seconds when some form of input is being sent from the Saitek controls to the simulator. If I don't touch the controls, everything is smooth. There are no actual spikes or issues with the Saitek hardware, and all of my other payware aircraft (20+) do not have this issue. I have pretty much given up on Feelthere products, which isn't a big deal for me. I just wanted a regional jet, so I will wait for the Aerosoft/Digital Aviation CRJ.
  11. Thanks for the heads-up, I will go download it now. Sheepfu, I will give the toe brakes a try as well.EDIT: No luck with either option unfortunately.
  12. Unfortunately disabling the controls in FSX and setting them up in FSUIPC did not cure the stutters.
  13. I have never had any issue with my other add-on aircraft (I have over 20 separate aircraft models) using a combination of FSUIPC/FSX control settings. Infact, to get my PMDG MD-11 auto brakes to function, I had to disable FSUIPC processing of the toe brakes. I will give it a shot though later tonight and try disabling FSX control settings. Thank you for the response, I appreciate it.
  14. Hello,I am experiencing stutters with my Feelthere ERJ v2 and E-jets products whenever I manipulate the controls of my Saitek yoke and rudder pedals. I have recalibrated the controls and I have about a 25% deadzone on the rudders and about 10% on the yoke. I have control spike eliminations set in FSUIPC and the controls are setup in the FSX controllers options. The stuttering does not occur with any of my other aircraft add-ons. Any ideas?
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