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  1. Hello, I really like the the Auto time acceleration which can help in the long flights. I just have some comments on it: # Is it possible to limit it only to cruise phase? I have noticed that sometimes is enabled during the 'descent' phase and the 'approach' phase which a bit not convenient if I need to reduce the speed. Thanks
  2. I have asked this question yesterday http://forum.avsim.net/topic/418561-fmc-blackscreen-after-switching-the-battery-on/. Now I have downloaded the whole manual in my iPad :wub:
  3. Yeah I thought so by having my own panel state. Thanks for help !
  4. My bad sorry, I am reading it now line by line If that's the case, can we have the 'power ground' connected by default when the first time loading the T7 instead of turning ON the APU first in order to access the PMDG menu in the FMC to connect the power ground? Thanks-
  5. Hello guys, I have a kinda weird issue (or me being stupid!), whenever I start the bird from the cold & dark state and I switch ON the battery to start the single FMC operations, the FMC screen doesn't turn ON and stays black even though there is a power running. Any hits why? :( Thanks!
  6. I hope they will post an update soon otherwise our money gone for nothing :(
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