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  1. Thanks, I've added my comment to that thread as well.
  2. Is not working for me. I can't really seem to get any commands to work though the FO does seem to report certain things like when the caution light goes on.
  3. I've been unable to get MCE to work with the Maddog at all and in that aircraft it's really crying out for a crew. Hence my dilemma. I'm considering FS2Crew for that reason.
  4. I'm curious what people think. I have MCE and have had some issues with it and I'm curious what the opinion is on how fs2crew compares. Obviously MCE is the more cost effective, but is there value in the specialized product in few2crew?
  5. slait

    IMAGINESIM ZSPD for P3DV4 is available

    Sounds like they are working on it. "We're sorry to say that at this time the new P3DV4 version is not available for customers that originally purchased at SimMarket. This is because we no longer have access to our SimMarket customer database. However, we are exploring ways of authenticating SimMarket customers through our Operations Center and will make an announcement just as soon as any progress is made."
  6. slait

    Chaseplane (ezdok) question

    I tend to agree. Plus, you see lots of comments about the user interface with ezdok, but frankly I rarely have a need to even pull it up. I set my views for a given aircraft (takes me less than 10 minutes to do) and I never have to change it again.
  7. slait

    New 310R from Milviz

    Hmm, wonder what that lesser discount is going to be...
  8. Thanks, though your presentation could use a little "refining".
  9. I have this same issue. Happens at many different airports, any aircraft, and at various times and angles. Many times as I'm taxiing it will suddenly appear again, and/or disappear. I had this issue in 4.1 as well, but clearly has not gone away in 4.2. I'd also love to hear if anyone has any suggestions.
  10. slait

    P3D v4: AI Traffic Seperation

    Are these a one or the other kind of thing, or should they be used together?
  11. slait

    Black patches 4.2

    Ah, good call! Mine was incorrectly set that way as well. I'll give it a try. Thank you.
  12. slait

    Black patches 4.2

    Same issue here as I was approaching LOWI. I'll give the openLC reinstall a try. Thanks for posting this!
  13. slait

    FSL for V4.2 Tomorrow