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  1. This has been posted in their forums as well, but last I checked there was no real response from them. Frankly, I'd rather they did nothing. That would be a bit more up front than trying to appear they have a loyalty program when basically they do not.
  2. I posted this in their Discord, but I just want to say how impressed I am with the HJet so far. I had a lovely flight from Queenstown to Auckland and on the way the weather changed pretty significantly and as a result I had to change my approach from an RNAV to a DME/ILS. It allowed me to remove my original approach and add the new, adjusting properly and flying the new approach perfectly. Here is the adjusted flight path and a perfectly tracked DME descent. Speed was also perfectly managed in the new E2.
  3. As does FlightFX and it works well. Once again I posted a question about something in their manual and I got a response from them in less then 5 minutes. I suspect this aversion to Discord is more about adjusting to change than the platform itself.
  4. Yes, though if you recall many complex add-ons didn't play well with that approach. The first thing support for those add-ons would tell you is to load the aircraft fresh without loading another first.
  5. Hmm, I used Discord yesterday for an issue I had and Bryan was available and responded in minutes. I understand the frustration when you have technical issues, but coming in guns blazing does not serve you well if you are looking for assistance. Did you attempt to use Discord to ask your question? Did you send a question through the form on their website?
  6. I broke down and did this too and now it is working normally again. I also realized I still had the AIG model folders installed as well so I removed them and my performance returned to normal. Gotta love this hobby!
  7. To each their own. Something will bother one person while another it doesn't, much like just about anything in life. Fortunately we all have options to do something about the things that bother us personally, even if it isn't an issue for someone else.
  8. Last night I flew into Cologne and actually had quite a bit of traffic, but my performance dropped from 50 to 18. Not very enjoyable. Anyone tried simple traffic? Does it perform better?
  9. This link isn't working for me, I'm not sure if it is for anyone else?
  10. Interestingly about two hours later the update showed up in the Marketplace. She is a beautiful bird that's for sure.
  11. I've been noticing the same thing lately. The window shows it is managing planes somewhere, but the airports are empty. In playing with the available settings I noticed "parked aircraft" was set to 0 and if I change that to 5 it will load in 5 parked aircraft, but so far I'm not seeing any departing/arriving aircraft. I thought it was just because I've been flying in and out of smaller airports.
  12. It won't let me update in the operations center, but it did tell me one was pending. It says it will be updated via the marketplace.
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