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  1. slait

    Best Addon Terrain for V4.4?

    Curious, what autogen add-ons are you referring to? This is some of what keeps me from photoscenery... autogen and seasonal textures.
  2. slait

    external frame rate limiter

    I use RivaTuner to lock my frames. I've yet to figure out if it is beneficial or not. lol
  3. Flightbeam airports are without a doubt my favorites, and worth every penny. Highly recommended.
  4. Thanks so much for your efforts, and your willingness to share it with us. It's appreciated.
  5. slait

    PTA vs EvShade

    Precisely what I like about it. I own PTA as well and really did not want to make a hobby within a hobby trying to get things to look good. Envshade is set it and forget it and I really like it.
  6. It doesn't of course, and I would never intentionally disrespect anyone even as a customer, but as a proprietor of goods I would personally strive to be the bigger person in those tough situations. "Rise above it" as my boss used to tell me, be the bigger person and don't feel like you need to sink to the level of whomever may be less than productive in a given conversation. It's not easy sometimes, but it's the right thing to do as someone whom represents your company. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. 👍
  7. Hmm, seems like complaining is a bit unfair with some folks here. Some are simply asking questions or stating what seems to be an issue. If I talked to customers like that I likely would not be in front of them for very long. I understand these questions can be frustrating, but like it or not you are interfacing with folks that paid for a product which should garner at least a false representation of appreciation.
  8. I don't, no. Also, part of my pre-flight checklist is to disable Windows defender. I don't have any other A/V running. Temps are good, never above 70C in P3D. I would love to do that, which used to be through nVidia inspector, but that has recently started crashing the sim with those DX errors. I just pulled down Riva Tuner Statistics Server based on some other readings and I may give that a try to limit framerates. The internal limiter always comes at a hefty performance cost. I haven't yet, no, though the interesting thing is it seems to be fine for most of the flight, but be very prevalent on the ground at the destination airport. From landing through shutdown is where it gets really bad. Everything up to that point is quite good.
  9. Hey all, Thought I would make a post about this issue in case anyone has some suggestions for me. I've recently upgraded my system to something pretty solid (details below), and overall the performance is great when I start, but by the time I reach my destination the sim has deteriorated into studdering every few seconds, with good frame rates in between. In other words it seems to perform well, then pause, then catch up again, then pause, then catch up. It does this every two seconds or so through the rest of taxiing, parking, etc. I'm not quite sure where to go with it. Things I've tried: Renamed and rebuilt the p3d.cfg file Cleared the shader cache and reapplied ENVTEX Reset any and all tweaks to my hardware (overclocking) to default, and ultimately reapplied when it made no difference Tried locking frames in nVidia inspector, then rolled back when I started getting those DX errors Adjusted various in sim settings with no change one way or the other My new system: Intel i7-8700k Over clocked to 4.9ghz 32GB Gskill RAM at 3200mhz Samsung 970EVO NVMe boot drive OCZ SSD P3D drive Nvidia 1070 8GB video card 4k monitor I'm at a loss as to what is causing this. Any thoughts from the experts?
  10. slait

    fsl 319 released

    For me it's half, but that doesn't seem to be the case for everyone. I'm convinced there is a problem somewhere, but have not found a solution yet.
  11. slait

    Prepar3D v4.3 has been released

    For me as well, though installing is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Using just the install as the basis for supporting the theory that re-installing Windows is no big deal is like saying buying a house is super easy because it only took a few minute to put in an offer. After the install there are drivers to deal with, software to reinstall, settings to redo for numerous applications, and oh yeah, all of one's flight sim apparel. So, for me I reserve a new Windows install for when I have new hardware to go with it. Otherwise it's not really worth the "total time" investment.
  12. slait

    Which version of KSEA/KJFK/KMIA is better?

    From what I can tell the DD version of KSEA does not support dynamic lighting is that true? I'm still debating over DD or T2G...
  13. slait

    P3Dv4 Saved Flights

    Right now, crashes spell the end of the flight as there is no way to recover without a save, and it sounds like even with a save only select aircraft will recover. Sadly crashes are not always so straight forward in resolving, and there are often multiple factors causing separate issues, not one causing them all. Sometimes it's from switching views, sometimes it is some specific scenery, sometimes it's an AI problem, etc. It can get to them point where you are troubleshooting more than flying, which is the point I got to under v3 and I ultimately walked away entirely until v4 came out. Crashes stopped for a good time, but they are starting to rear their head again.
  14. slait

    P3Dv4 Saved Flights

    Ok, sounds like PMDG had it figured out then. What about the others?