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  1. Same issue here as I was approaching LOWI. I'll give the openLC reinstall a try. Thanks for posting this!
  2. I have presets that now throw a few errors when applying which is probably related to what GSalden is referring to. That's one of the bummers here is that every time a version jump is made not only does PTA need an update, but many of the presets do as well.
  3. Yeah, the instructions say you don't need to remove the old first, but I should know better. I'll give that a shot, thanks.
  4. I get an error when trying to uncheck anything in the configurator after the update. Anyone else?
  5. I use it on all my flights as well, but there is a caveat. I run in 4k which allows me to run my AA setting at 2xmsaa without introducing any jaggies or causing performance hits from the dynamic lighting. I love it personally.
  6. Haha! Touche! Guess I need to make a trip down there and see for myself. I'm flying to Helsinki later today, perhaps something from there?
  7. Cool thread everyone, thanks!
  8. I could use the 600-700's, and I do own the FSX version. If only I could stack the 50% upgrade and 30% sales promotions together. :)
  9. And to counter that, easily one of my favorite planes at the moment and I spent a month coming to terms with the cost of entry. Yes, it's expensive, but so far I think it's fantastic.
  10. I had the exact same issue, along with disappearing clouds, and was never able to find the root cause. An uninstall and reinstall of the P3Dv4 client resolved it ultimately, but I'm not sure how to avoid it in the future.
  11. Are they providing a public location to track the funds raised for this charity?
  12. You guys and your logic and facts. Puts a real damper on a good rant. :)
  13. It's a great bird!
  14. I'm willing to uninstall and reinstall the the client, but even if it fixed it what keeps it from happening again? It would be nice to know what is happening so it can be fixed and prevented in the future.