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  1. I just bought Toronto, took me 90 seconds to download and install a 1.58G scenery. Seems perfectly fine to me.
  2. Perhaps this should be posted on their forums so they can actually hear about it and respond?
  3. I recently learned that when on Steam the Steam overlay has to be turned on to work.
  4. I'll be interested to hear what you think.
  5. What are you looking for? International airports? Small GA airfields?
  6. I picked up the JF Turbo Arrow for a good price. My first time buying anything direct from the marketplace, but it was too good of a deal.
  7. You only need one if it's good. Any good?
  8. You might try the one from Clumsy Geek: https://www.google.com/url?q=https://drive.google.com/file/d/10cAbJhnrZ4C5c6xeRfIDB5YZof9GRAeA/view?usp%3Dsharing&sa=D&source=editors&ust=1648603135570790&usg=AOvVaw09v1nDlJFjnkdPsnBcsvgf
  9. This looks to be a pre-order, were you in on a beta or something? I'm interested to hear your experience with it as I'm debating TrackIR as well.
  10. I installed it as well, though the installation process is fairly tedious. I can't imaging doing that for all models so hopefully something more straight forward will be possible in the future.
  11. Interestingly I had a similar problem, but mine ended up having nothing to do with the Kodiak. I had both the NXI installed from the marketplace and the legacy G1000 still in my community folder. I deleted the legacy G1000 out of the community folder and the NXi loaded properly and the Kodiak started working fine.
  12. Curious what you folks thoughts are on the available packages that add cabin/crew sounds and functions to MSFS. I've found Self Loading Cargo, PACX, and FS Cabin Crew, but no idea what the quality is for those. Anyone try those or something else?
  13. Well, thank you for mentioning it as I had no idea that was required. I've pulled down both world updates now and will give it a looksee.
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