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  1. The readme file said start at 10 for AIG so that's what I set mine at, but I haven't tried it yet.
  2. No issues then? I stopped short when it asked for the v5 folder during the install.
  3. Nice! Wonder if you can use it in v4.
  4. Some of them, but not all. For example right now I see China Southern as an "update", but it is Winter 2016 schedules. These all show up under "available online", then on the "updates" tab.
  5. Is it me or have there suddenly been an influx of older schedules popping up in the "updates" tab?
  6. Perhaps you are right, I'm being a bit snippy today. My apologies.
  7. Lots of over simplification and matter of fact statements being made when they weren't even solicited. I'm aware of PMDG quality, but that wasn't the original question. One I'm regretting now because it was my own stupidity, but I really wasn't asking for a lesson on why the PMDG is 225% better (based on the price).
  8. OMG, sometimes I wonder how I find my way home at night. Thanks for the reply. Perhaps, though tough to compare something that costs $135 to something that costs $60.
  9. Anyone know why the base pack for P3Dv4 is grayed out?
  10. I read through the thread, but didn't see this mentioned. Are there any provisions for preventing an AI aircraft from entering the active during a user short final? Always annoying when AI pulls out onto the active right as I'm landing.
  11. Ok, so two pages on pasting a serial number. How about the scenery itself? Decent?
  12. Update: I'm now remembering why I don't have this new default flight in place with everything shut down. My P3D will not start in subsequent loads. Sits at the splash screen for a couple of minutes and just bails out. Delete the new default flight files in my Documents folder and it fires right up.
  13. Thanks for the responses guys, problem solved. Turns out it is shift + 8 which allows you to select the cold and dark state, along with a few other things. Nice little option that is a shame they don't document in a user guide. Yes indeed! I normally have this in place, but recently deleted them to troubleshoot another issue and just never set up a new default scenario. I did that and everything loaded nice and quiet. Thanks for the reminder.
  14. I'm not finding any information on how a cold and dark state is loaded. Can anyone enlighten me on how this is done?
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