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  1. Curious what you folks thoughts are on the available packages that add cabin/crew sounds and functions to MSFS. I've found Self Loading Cargo, PACX, and FS Cabin Crew, but no idea what the quality is for those. Anyone try those or something else?
  2. Well, thank you for mentioning it as I had no idea that was required. I've pulled down both world updates now and will give it a looksee.
  3. Is that true? When those updates were released I did get a large download when MSFS checks for updates at load time. Did that not include the USA updates as well?
  4. I would suggest going to their Discord site. Lots of good information there. https://discord.gg/Fa6w2xK
  5. Yeah, my wife has a bustling garden going right now too, she's none too happy about this.
  6. I'll be interested to hear how this turns out for you. I had this same issue all the way through alpha/beta testing and it never got resolved for me. It's one of the reasons I haven't bought the release version yet.
  7. The readme file said start at 10 for AIG so that's what I set mine at, but I haven't tried it yet.
  8. No issues then? I stopped short when it asked for the v5 folder during the install.
  9. Some of them, but not all. For example right now I see China Southern as an "update", but it is Winter 2016 schedules. These all show up under "available online", then on the "updates" tab.
  10. Is it me or have there suddenly been an influx of older schedules popping up in the "updates" tab?
  11. Perhaps you are right, I'm being a bit snippy today. My apologies.
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