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  1. In all honesty, I think REX weather seems better than AS in v5.1, at least for the time being. It looks better amd seems more accurate, imo.
  2. EA is system intensive? I haven't really noticed a difference performance wise with EA On/Off. Where do you see the difference?
  3. I can't wait for the CRJ. I've spent thousands and thousands of dollars on P3D and even after all that it can't touch the visible immersion of MSFS. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy P3D for what it is, but what it isn't is in any way shape or form as good looking as MSFS, even with a tremendous amount of addons. Roll on MSFS improvements!
  4. Now that I'm looking at the pics on FSElite and other places more closely, the release product doesn't even look like the same thing shown in the marketing material. 😕
  5. Pretty underwhelmed, tbh. But to each their own I suppose. Model/Texture issues Low res VC Higher VRAM usage than the FSL $85 I expected more, honestly. 8 models is fine and all unless it's just the same issues on each model 8x over, which it is.
  6. Can't seem to get to the store any longer. http://store.x-plane.org/
  7. It also uses more VRAM than the FSLabs. So far, I give this one a PASS. Any way to get a refund from Just Flight?
  8. VC Upper/lower. Looks low res/compressed texture wide, IMO:
  9. My point spot on. Attention to detail, IMO, is a big thing...especially at the $85 price point.
  10. More pics showing night lighting: ***These pics don't show the flood lights (Obviously)
  11. The Modeling work is very good, the texture work is poor, IMO. I notice a lack of attention to detail. These may be little niggles, but it represents how things were done/not done. Here's an example: 1. There is hardly any visible external glass texture on the cockpit windows....yet it is present on the passenger windows and landing light housings. 2. It's a PSA livery with no "Smile". PSA was known specifically for it's "Smile" liveries. There needs to be consistency for $85.
  12. REX Sky Force weather seems to work better than AS for me in V5. Granted I havent tried RC3 for AS as of yet. It just...well, looks better and seems more accurate. 😕
  13. FSDT *Edit* You already bought it. Lol
  14. I've never noticed the refresh rate for the displays being low in the QW787. It's my favorite addon. 🙂
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