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  1. I am very satisfied with UTL. I used AIG for a very long time, but with UTL I installed once and never messed with it again...it just works....and very well at that.
  2. Taken from a post on Reddit. Here is v5 with TruSky enabled: That + the performance increase makes v5 an upgrade. Keep in mind this is without Activesky or anything else.
  3. I have literally the exact opposite opinion. lol To me, if you aren't running TruSKy than you are missing out on one of the MAJOR upgrades to P3D. IMO, v5 looks like a slightly brighter, better running v4.5 without it, and nothing more. I can't say it's worth the upgrade cost at all without TruSky enabled. However, with TruSky enabled the sky and clouds look amazing. I still very much feel we need Activesky though for the weather and whatnot.
  4. I have nearly all my sliders full right except for the following (I also run a majority of the Shadow Boxes checked): Tessellation: 1 step down from max Scenery View Distance: 1 step down from max Autogen Density: 1 step down from max Texture Resolution: 2048 (rather than 4096) Settings: 3440x1400 Ultrawide 4xSSAA with 16xAF I'm using 6.6 GB of VRAM over FT EKCH in the Feelthere ERJ V3. Framerate never drops below 40 FPS.
  5. Buying at the Flightbeam website also gives you points towards a future purchase, which add up pretty quickly and can lead to nice discounts.
  6. Hi Ricardo, Maybe my math might be off, but some of the items dont seem to he 40% off. For example, $21.99 to $14.99 isnt 40% off. Just a heads up 😕
  7. It says 40% off on all products, but the prices on all products dont reflect 40% off.....unless my math is off, 40% off $21.99 isnt $14.99.
  8. My son would like a copy of P3D Academic. I will be the one purchasing for him. Can I buy another Academic License and then install it on his PC even though I have already purchased one for myself?We would like to fly shared cockpit in some addons in the future so he will have to have his own License.
  9. Does the WSSS scenery include any area outside the airport? That might be why the textures cause the issue (not sure though).
  10. I am looking at those as well 🙂 Too many sales. LOL
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