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  1. Arklight1

    Fspilotshop Sale

    Tried to buy something yesterday and it kept putting me back at the order info screen. *EDIT* Just tired again. Still doesn't work. Tried Paypal as well, nothing. Awesome. Taking my money elsewhere.
  2. Arklight1

    Dash 8 pro released!

    With my saved up points at JF, I can pick it up for $4. Doesn't really get any more no-brainer than that. LOL
  3. Arklight1

    P3D & 4k

    It would depend on your videocard for the most part. Higher resolution requires more videocard power, but since FS is cpu dependant, you may not see that much of a difference. Turn on DSR in your videocard CP (if you have an Nvidia card) and see if there's a difference.
  4. Arklight1

    Fslabs a320 or Airbus 320 Extended

    The problem is when people ask a question, they often get told to use the search function. When they use the search function and ask a question in an older topic, they get comments about bumping old topics. So, who really cares how old a topic is? If somebody has a question, than the topic is still valid, IMO.
  5. Arklight1

    First DLC soon

    Too much negativity here. Less complex addons draw more users into the genre to get their feet wet.
  6. Arklight1

    Citation II very soon

    I hear ya', but I loves me some business jets. Lol
  7. Arklight1

    Citation II very soon

    Honestly, Twharrel, I could care less if the Citation avionics are exactly like a real world one. It's a sub-$50 add-on for a videogame. I just like flying and have an interest in Business jets...especially ones that look as good as Carenado's.
  8. Arklight1


    FSX:SE does seem to run better than FSX. I am really enjoying it. Not having to mess with DVDs is worth the price of admission alone. Somebody earlier mentioned something along the lines of what people will say if Steam causes CTDS...well, I've had Steam for years and never had a CTD due to its use. As far as Steam running in the background, it has had NO effect on any of the games I have ever played.
  9. Posted on Carenado's Twitter today. Can't wait. Love Citations!
  10. Arklight1

    FSX Steam Released! (80% off sale?)

    $5 lolwut. Yes please.
  11. Arklight1

    Fix list after SP1

    Hey Flyfox, understood, but the pilot figures are too small on Carenado's rendition of this aircraft. Look up some quick pics on the internet and you can see what I'm referring too. I was sort of surprised seeing this error from Carenado (although the pilot figure in the Caravan is also out of scale).
  12. Arklight1

    Fix list after SP1

    The pilot figures seem to be too small. Anybody else notice this?
  13. Arklight1

    Hawker FMS pics up

    Hawker and Citation are day 1 purchases for me. Hopefully they do a Lear someday.
  14. Arklight1

    DSR in XPlane?

    You don't have to change the desktop resolution for DSR to work.
  15. Arklight1

    Who flies the Real Air Lancair Legacy?

    My favorite addon. Wish the pilots arm didn't go out of the left side of the fuselage when doing left climds/banks though. :(