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  1. Is anyone else still having trouble with the new version and ATC instructions to the user aircraft? Just landing at EBBR and had my config setup for runways 25L and 25R in use for landings and ATC told me to land on 07R. When trying to change runways the only other one available was 07L...
  2. Easy, because for some reason people felt the need to plan P3D's funeral the day MSFS was announced. I remember all the predictions on this very forum: NG3 will be out on the same day as release Every developer will ONLY support MSFS Every house in the sim will be there and if you zoom in on my cousin's house you can see uncle Bob mowing the front yard 100 fps with the FSLabs A320 in London with full sliders I can only speak for myself that in the months before MSFS was released, I did slow down my addon purchasing for P3D, just in case. I'm sure I'm not the only one. And I think the developers noticed the slowdown. Today, I still have MSFS installed for the odd sight-seeing flight, but P3D is still my simming platform (and will be for a very long time). My purchasing habits with add-ons are certainly no less-aggressive than they were prior to MSFS...($30 add-on airport I'll probably only fly into once? Don't mind if I do...) FSX was out in 2006 and it wasn't until well into the next decade that I switched from FS9 on a permanent basis. And that was for a sim (FS9) that was no longer being updated. P3D is still being updated and alive. MSFS has pushed the benchmark (in terms of visuals, at least) to the next level, though. So I'm curious to see if and how LM responds. P3D is not going anywhere for the time being. Back on topic though: Good on CS for bringing a classic 737 to market. A lot of people were putting their hopes on QWsim to bring out theirs but sadly it wasn't to be. However, I don't think I'll purchase another CS product any time soon. The 757 was a huge disappointment for me. It steered me clear of purchasing the 767 even though they have a monopoly on the 767 in P3D.
  3. To be fair, Chewwy himself has been pretty public about how bad this release has been. Chewwy Twitter Post
  4. Aerosoft will make more money on this than the P3D version because the masses will flock to buy it from the marketplace. Half of these people, I bet, don't even know what ILS means. And this is the problem when you have a platform that is marketed towards the same people playing Fortnight. I don't doubt there will be great addons released for MSFS but there will also be a whole bunch of overpriced flying bricks that we will have to be careful about. Just imagine a marketplace with 500 Abacus-like products to every FSLabs-like product. It's coming.
  5. It's incredible how much I take this tool for granted now. Not having to worry about if ATC is not going to assign some ridiculous runway config and having to deal with the crosswind runway technique. 1/2 flights I fly go in to / out of SFO which has always been my nightmare for runway configs. Can't tell you the number of times I've thought "oh great, AI's landing on 1R and crashing right into the hills." Not anymore.b. Thank you @fs1 I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say you have changed the sim for us.
  6. looking forward to it Federico. Any idea as to the list of changes/fixes?
  7. Yes. However, I have found they only dock when GSX first loads up. So, when you load up at an airport, the GSX jetways will dock to all AI aircraft at stands. However, as aircraft arrive the jetways will not dock. I don't know if this is just a bug on my end or if others have found this too. I've never cared much to look into it anyway. An easy workaround I do is just reload GSX engine after landing before requesting my gate to get all the jetways to connect at the arrival airport. This is just with GSX jetways though, not with SODE jetways.
  8. Not sure if this helps, but I am now finding on departure that I am being assigned to some runways that do not exist (but that are there for the crosswind afcad technique). On departure from KIAD yesterday I had the program set up to use 1C/1R for landings and 30 for departures. ATC asked me to taxi to runway 10 (which is a crosswind technique 10 foot runway). What's more, when I go to request a different runway after getting the assignment. I can't select runway 30. I'll try and take some screenshots later.
  9. You have your answer on both. Envshade will cause roads to be more lit up in the distance. If you don't want it, either restore original shaders or check with the developers. The highway lights cutting off is normal.
  10. Bumping your own topic an hour after posting it? For the contrast: are you using any third-party shaders or default? As for the highway lights cutting off, this is normal. Not all highways (especially rural ones) are lit up in real life and OpenLC renders this perfectly.
  11. 100% agree. Froogle was the best at the preview video. It's a shame he didn't get in on this. Though he's been going through stuff in his personal life that's taken him away from his youtube channel, so I understand. But the previews and reviews he puts out are quality content. Really hope he realizes how appreciated he is in the community and comes back strong.
  12. This is a sort of a lazy analogy. If I watch a football match, I'm watching Ronaldo vs Messi play with the Champions League title on the line. By your analogy, watching streamers like Chewwy is like watching an amateur beer-league football match in suburban Philadelphia. For other streamers (like ranked chess players or the best of the best gamers in the world at games like Starcraft or whatever), I can (almost) understand. Flight Sim streamers (99% of them) have never piloted a 777 so I don't need to spend time watching them slam one into the ground and say "oh man, greased it!"
  13. 100% I never understood why people spend money to watch Chewwy (or others) stream flight sim when they can simply go sim themselves. I will say the one exception to this is when you have a new aircraft that's in beta like this is. Sort of like a preview video. However, this is why I liked Froogle or others who post "preview" videos and not "come watch me fly" videos. Froogle would do a 10-20 minute beta preview with "here's the aircraft, here's what's new. here's some neat features." Always loved that content from him and would have loved it for the -200ER beta. But yeah, the Chewwy steam of people just watching him fly an entire route? No thanks. I watched for 10 mins to just get some visuals of the aircraft and then turned it off.
  14. I've been waiting for a streamer to stream it. Sad Froogle has slowed down his releases (hopefully temporarily). I love his videos and would have loved him walking through the beta.
  15. New screenshots just posted all over the PMDG forum. Looks like the NDA has been lifted. She is a beautiful bird. I can't wait to see what she looks like in the UA battleship gray livery.
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