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  1. Curious to see what this brings. Up until now, we've only seen shader utilities than barely touch enhanced atmospherics. Most settings only work with EA completely off. Really hope Envplus is able to tweak a lof of EA parameters. If so, day-one buy for me.
  2. If the video linked above is for real on the response from LM, then I don't think this is v6.
  3. Given that the v6 beta was leaked, I think it’s safe to assume v6 is coming sooner rather than later. Remains to be seen if this leak is or isn’t v6. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world for v6 to come out with some good upgrades to scenery depiction, weather, etc and then have this “new sim” come out later on. However, if this is v6 and it comes with a new engine and completely changes the core of the sim itself, it’s hard to call that still “P3D” even if that’s what Lockheed do end up calling it.
  4. Ultimately if this is a completely new sim, with no backwards compatibility, I can't see this as a great development. If developers are going to have to make significant changes to products, and most people are using MSFS and not P3Dv6, then we have a problem. Ultimately, we have to hope that this change miraculously requires only minor updates to add-ons to be used and that the core of the sim stays the same because what keeps most of us using P3D isn't really the sim, it's all the stuff that can be added to it that isn't possible with MSFS, and sadly looks like it will never be possible. One things to remember: everyone predicted the move to P3Dv4 and 64 bit would break every single add-on and everything would need to be rebuilt from scratch, when in reality it proved to be a lot more painless than originally thought.
  5. One has to wonder about backwards compatibility and that means this might be (a la MSFS) waiting a long time before having the necessary tools (activesky, AI traffic models, decent airport scenery, etc) to make the switch. The other thing I really hope is improved is TrueSky. The fact that it's a static representation of weather is still a huge dealbreaker for some of us. Exciting times ahead but lots of questions to be answered.
  6. There was never anything wrong with P3D. Increase your FFTF to dedicate more PC resources to scenery loading and your problem will be fixed.
  7. It's that time of year in the United States. With Black Friday just a few days away, I figured it may be good to start a thread with all the sales going on for P3D products. For starters, FSDT just announced 40% off for their products through Dec 1. I might go pick up CYVR which I've almost bought seven times now. https://www.fsdreamteam.com/forum/index.php/topic,28486.msg185997.html#msg185997
  8. Have you tried messing with the "Auto-Exposure" setting? I find that night is too dark with it turned off but when I turn the setting on I'm satisfied.
  9. Thankfully, Froogle left all his videos up on YouTube even after retiring. can’t recommend him enough he was my favorite content producer for FS. His tutorials of the original airbuses will get you up in the air. just search airbus frooglesim on YouTube.
  10. I don’t think there’s a question that will lead to more or a consensus from the P3D community. Active Sky all the way.
  11. Came here to talk about how I understood PMDG's business decision, but seeing the posts of what RR is sending people on his forum....oh my goodness. This guy reminds me of that scene in The Office "Ok I want a copy of it on my desk before the end of the day or you will receive one FULL DISADULATION!" This man certainly has an original idea of how to run a company and treat customers.
  12. Ok please take my money now. this is game-changing.
  13. No it's certatinly possible. I did it myself. I don't have PTA installed anymore because I'm on v5 but the options should be on aircraft brightness in the lighting section. That's for adjusting the lighting so that the lighting matches the PBR lighting. Not making them actually PBR with reflections.
  14. Does this mean the application will allow the user to select which runways are in use for takeoff/landing?
  15. Your difference is probably with PBR vs non-PBR airplanes. PTA does not do anything to change PBR airplanes, as far as I know. So unfortunately not much can be done other than adjusting the non-PBR airplanes so they look the same as the PBR ones through trial and error.
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