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  1. DChockey08

    Flightbeam KDEN versus KIAD

    Depends on what type of flights you fly, I would say. Both airports are gorgeously designed. KDEN is perfect for those short hops into the mountains and to the west coast with the Q400/NGX/A320. KIAD is a perfect airport for long haul ops. You can fly one of many United routes or have your pick or international routes. If you’re buying the 747-8, FRA-IAD on LH seems appropriate. Denver has the better performance, but that’s more a factor of the surrounding area being rather empty than the quality of the scenery. Personally, I would go with KIAD, just because of how versatile it is with the number of flights you can fly out of there.
  2. DChockey08

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Thta's what I'm saying yes. He's CPU bound for that test, which would explain the 0% improvement.
  3. DChockey08

    Photoscenery Draw area very minimal, rest blurry?

    I think this is a problem with ground textures in general in P3D, just a lot more noticeable with photoscenery. It's especially noticeable at night. At 37,000 feet, below you can clearly see the lights from cities, but in the distance its nothing but darkness. Note that I am not talking about the autogen lights from FTX or BM, but of the light splashes on the textures themselves. You can't see them in the distance because they are all blurry like in this picture the OP uploaded. Compared to, in real life, when flying you can see cities in the distance for hundreds of miles.
  4. DChockey08

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    You must be CPU bound... What % is the 2080 running at?
  5. DChockey08

    Weather at arrival

    I had this problem a while ago. Check your cloud draw distance setting in ASN. I believe anything above 150nm will cause this issue.
  6. DChockey08

    JustSim/Digital Design Brussels EBBR Released

    Or Justsim could just make their AFCAD file editable like pretty much every other developer in the community. The AFCAD file depends so much on the user's traffic data that it requires the ability to be customized. Thank you for reminding me why I usually stick with Aerosoft, Flightbeam and FSDT.
  7. DChockey08

    QW787 worth it w/o FS2Crew?

    It's a fairly automated aircraft, so I don't know why FS2Crew would be a hold-back (other than for the added immersion factor for checklists, ect..) I'd go for it. Fantastic (albeit not study-level) aircraft.
  8. DChockey08

    JustSim/Digital Design Brussels EBBR Released

    That's would be an acceptable response had they actually put any work into gate assignments
  9. DChockey08

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    Default ATC you can select any STAR from the menu. Provided it is in your ADE file as an RNAV transition.
  10. DChockey08

    JustSim/Digital Design Brussels EBBR Released

    if you put ADE in "Approach" mode you can easily see what's wrong. There's two ILS appaoches that point to no runway in particular that are duplicates of the already existing ILS approaches to 01 and 25L. These two approaches can't be deleted or edited so must be excluded using prokey. I can post a screenshot tonight when I log on.
  11. DChockey08

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I have never tried RC so I can't speak to it. Seeing a few videos of it, I wasn't too impressed with the voices so I steered clear. Only PF3 and default (sped up with EVP) have voices that sound good to me... If the voices are too robotic, I lose the immersion factor right away.
  12. DChockey08

    JustSim/Digital Design Brussels EBBR Released

    Well, that's the only way I found to get past the complier error. The issue is there are (for some strange reason) two duplicate stock ILS's which cannot be deleted. They aren't pointed to any runway but have the same name as the other ILS's, thus causing the duplicate ILS error message. The only way I found to get it to compile is to tell ADE to "force ignore" them, which is a payware feature (but there is a trial available for the payware version). I don't know if there is a way to delete stock ILS's.
  13. DChockey08

    JustSim/Digital Design Brussels EBBR Released

    I thought so. But I see AFCAD files for payware airports in the library all the time? Either way, if you guys want to be able to compile the ADE file all you have to do is use the skip compile option user properties for the two dummy ILS files. Like I said, prokey is required but there is a free trial available.
  14. DChockey08

    Current thoughts on ATC programs

    I liked ProATC and used it for a bit, but didn't like the quality of the voices. Way too robotic. I did love how it set up the SIDsSTARs dynamically based on winds. I reverted to PF3 for a while because IMO that has the best sounding voices but the problem with PF3 is 1. It takes way too long to set up and 2. There's no dynamic STAR change, which is kind of weird if you're on a 14 hour flight and you've already decided your STAR prior to departure. Ultimately my favorite default ATC paired with requesting transitions on RNAV approaches which allows you to fly STARs and use ATC. Easiest to set up and quickest to get going. It's a little known feature of FSX/P3D. Everyone says "default ATC doesn't support STARs" but there is a workaround. You can fly an assigned star as long as the ADE file has it configured as an RNAV approach transition and request it when ATC begins to vector you.
  15. DChockey08

    JustSim/Digital Design Brussels EBBR Released

    I was able to get it to compile by using the "Force Skip Compile" on the duplicate ILS inside ADE. Unfortunately you need ADE Prokey to do so. I will post the BGL file here later today if that doesn't break any forum rules? That one you can compile as the duplicate ILS is gone.