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  1. Thank goodness for those first two bullets! Glad to see LM was listening to us. Looking forward to installing and testing.
  2. Have they (LM, not Hifi) fixed the dawn/dusk lighting issues? That’s the only thing keeping me on v5
  3. Just to be clear, because I think it’s poorly explained in that “status airports not working” disclaimer: You can still create your own profiles for static cameras at airports in v5. What is missing is the auto-generated static cameras (ex: Gate 100 KSFO camera)
  4. Fair. Well here’s hoping it’s something’s that’s possible to address. I’m staying on v5 until that is settled.
  5. Has anyone seen LM acknowledge the issue of dark dawn/dusk? Would really hope to see that fixed. Makes the sim unusable at those times. I’ve seen a lot of people being it up, including on the P3D official forums, but nothing from LM.
  6. I just purchased v6 and while the day/night transition is different, there is one moment that makes it unusable: At dusk, after sunset while the sky is still light, the ground and aircraft are almost completely pitch black... Things become better when the sky becomes completely dark. But there’s this 30 minute period where the sim looks horrible between sunset and pitch-black. Has anyone noticed this and/or found a solution? This is default, no REX or active sky or post processing effects enabled. Changing brightness setting etc has no effect.
  7. Did anyone ever figure this out? This is my biggest pet peeve with v6 right now. Why would LM take away a customization feature like that.
  8. Just gave it a try this morning. Unfortunately, activating the app causes P3D to be unable to load to the main menu. @fs1 I understand if you're not developing the app anymore, but on the off chance you decide to make it P3Dv6 compatible, let me know if there's anything I can do to help/test.
  9. Regardless of how it compares to other sims, I’m just over the moon that the terrible TrueSky depiction from v5 is fixed. That was always the biggest drawback in v5. Haven’t had time to install v6 and AS, but seeing all the videos and screenshots has me so excited. Under the radar too has been cloud dynamic lighting which looks incredible. I’m sure all the screenshots I’ve seen have been with the sliders all the way to the right, but word not allowed if those aren’t incredible looking. Here’s a question I’m not sure if anyone can answer, my assumption was always that the old legacy cloud system was heavily CPU dependent. My understanding is that the new clouds are very heavy on the GPU, so does that mean the new clouds are easier on the CPU than the legacy clouds? I would hope so. I’m always so heavily CPU bound and have room to spare on the GPU.
  10. Are you moving around/zooming in on the map in the flight planner? I found there was a bug that would cause the sim to hang while it waited for the detailed map imagery to load on the map in v4/v5.
  11. You do realize the final version will be released eventually right? You still have that option. some of us are glad with the “early access” release. It allows us to use it in v6 sooner, even though it is not a final release. does not change anything for you if you just wish to wait for the final version. Just pretend the open beta doesn’t exist.
  12. I don’t think anyone who still uses P3D would argue that P3D as a stand-alone entity is sufficient in 2023. And yes you’re paying money for a beta version and I get why some people have problems with that. However, a lot of us still using P3D use it because the product being discussed here (AS) offers something that is (currently) not offered in MSFS (stock or add-on) and that’s historical weather. And yes, when you use P3D in 2023, you have accept that it’s going to cost money to add-on to it. But some of us are willing to do so because it’s how we get that feature in a flight simulator in 2023. If historical weather is “lipstick on a pig” to you all, then I’m just going to have to disagree there. It’s one of the most essential features of a flight simulator. (I’m stating that as an opinion, not fact).
  13. “Hey, look, there are no purchases in the P3D market, so it makes sense that all the developers moved to other sims” -developer releases something for P3D- “what do you mean it isn’t FREE?!”
  14. I don’t think this actually confirms what we want it to. The way I am reading what he is saying is that the weather changes as you fly along, but that doesn’t answer whether different weather is visible from a distance or if it just changes when you get near it. That was already present in v5 with activesky, but not by default. It’s great that in-sim shows two different weather stations, but can it show two different weather patterns at once? If I’m flying over Washington DC, which has sunny skies, but Baltimore has a thunderstorm parked over it, will I see it in the distance? Or will it show clear skies all the way to the horizon, and when I finally get close to Baltimore, the weather will update and I’ll be randomly in a thunderstorm out to the horizon.
  15. Biggest question is does this version allow for localized weather systems with the new atmospheric engine/clouds turned on.
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