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  1. I usually have 2 hours open a week for a flight... considering flight planning/taxiout and everything else taking time I have just enough time to take-off, climb to cruise, teleport to TOC using map mode (I have a method for doing so in the PMDG) and then descend and land. Realistic? Heck no. But I also work full-time and have other responsibilities. I could do shorter routes, but I like to fly routes that I know in real life and have flown before as a passenger (SFO-SYD, for example), so it is what it is. It helps that I fly offline.
  2. Watching the "storms" video, I am blown away by the weather... This is looking sensational.
  3. do you have any night lighting enhancement products installed? Those have caused significant stutters/pauses for me.
  4. As simbol said, this sounds typical of aircraft not having a [radio] section in their respective cfg files. Not sure about the rest of those issues though..
  5. Slow loading scenery usually has less to do with your CPU/GPU and more to do with your FFTF setting. Your FFTF setting is too low and thus your system is not dedicating enough resources to loading in scenery.
  6. AVSIM community: we want a simulator, not a video game! also AVSIM community: what about a passenger mode where you can chose your seat at the aircraft will fly itself automatically and flight attendants that ask you your choice of drink when coming down the aisle.
  7. I believe the "airport is currently IFR" is triggered for visibility conditions under 3 NM. You could also try requesting an approach which has a transition attached to it... Then ATC would clear you to the transition waypoint and you could follow your STAR all the way to the waypoint at at that point be cleared for the approach and told to contact Tower. It's the easy little known workaround to fly STAR's using default ATC.
  8. I don't think we're making a big enough deal out of the fact that seasons are confirmed to not be in MSFS at release... Picture landing in in CYUL during an intense snow storm on live weather only to burst through the lower layer of clouds to reveal...….trees in their summer green with no snow on the ground. What?
  9. you could just go to your model folder and disable the external model. I run a FDS Jetmax and used to do that with the PMDG 777 to save VAS space. You can disable the external model and it will just be like you are flying an invisible aircraft.
  10. Imaginesim KLAX seems quite a long way away considering there have not yet been previews relased. FSDT KLAX is starting to become outdated but it's currently the best KLAX scenery on the market. For KJFK, I own FSDT's version and I am very happy with it. It has a few flaws and is slightly outdated but it's a good scenery. Drzewiecki Design also has a version that is newer, but it's a "lite" version of the scenery and from what I have read FSDT's version of the airport is better...
  11. This isn't even sarcasm it's already a business model for a certain night lighting developer....
  12. That's why it's great that FSDT has a FULL trial mode. If you don't like it, don't buy it then.
  13. It's usually as simple as dropping the config file in the GSX folder and overwriting a few scenery files. As for the dynamic lighting, I may be mistaken but usually you copy over the effect to your effects folder and then import the lighting BGL to your ADE file... At least that's what I've always done. Not sure if that last step is necessary or if you can move the file into your airport scenery folder. Really the lord's work those guys at Inibuilds are doing...and all for free! Shhhhh don't let them know I'd happily pay for the stuff they provide. 🙂
  14. Let's assume for a second that MSFS ends up being the successor to P3D (a huge assumption at this point...) We're still at least a year (if not much more...) out from release. And that's just your vanilla simulator. Assuming it's like FSX/FS2004 at release (i.e. flyable aircraft but nothing near study level), you're looking at another few years on top at minimum for PMDG/FSLabs lever birds to be out for the platform. So at that point, you're buying FSDT's ORD for 1-3 years before moving over to a new platform? That's still a decent investment; and that's assuming everything goes perfectly for MSFS. Even with MSFS on the horizon, I still think this will probably be one of FSDT's best selling scenery products ever. It doesn't matter how long people use it; it matters if they buy it.
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