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  1. That's a hardware issue ... either CPU or RAM. I personally would have gone with Intel for a new, AMD will get your more reliable and consistent performance, even Intel have decided to move away from eCores for future CPUs. But I realize that does you no good for current situation ... have you tried using Process Lasso? For benchmark testing Process Lasso can reduce performance results, but for real world flight simulators that use multiple cores it can help with quickly determining optimal assignments ... especially for ChasePlane and AIG and Weather engine. I haven't purchased the Concord from FSLab because they don't offer a P3D V6.x version. But if FSLabs are still forcing modifications to one's prepar3d.cfg you might want to hit them up on that ... A3xx series would modify it. I assume FSLabs have no input on the issue? With that many cores, HT nor SMT will be of any help, just generates more heat and consumes more power.
  2. Since when? AVSIM is heavily regulated on what topics/words can be used which to be fair is their right and the terms members agreed to when signing up. For example, I certainly couldn't use "freedom of expression" to describe what I think your post and confrontational attitude. P3D still my "goto" sim for most flights and definitely not too little late, more like THANK YOU Lockheed Martin.
  3. Are we talking Dark Matter vs. Dark Energy ... Dark Matter pulls and Dark Energy pushes ... hence the desire to see how much Dark Matter exists and what if they're exactly equal ... is that even possible with the conservation of energy? Or maybe Dark Energy IS the conservation of energy?
  4. Probably because the feature was added in P3D V4.4 onwards ... can be managed thru material scripting. I think a few developers implemented, but most didn't because ... drum roll ... not compatible with FSX.
  5. Amen to that ... 🙂 ... even just a little more science would go a long way ... the perception of how things works by the "Internet community" is darn right scary, clear failure of our education system. I believe this site supports polls? Do a science poll, start simple so you can understand the audience here ... like maybe: Is the Earth? 1. Flat 2. Round (ish) Good warmup question so we know what we're dealing with. 🙂
  6. Now why anyone would want to fly the MD series when you can't deploy the thrust reversers all the way (actually you can but you lose all rudder control) is beyond me 🙂 ... if you're really into MD series, suggest the Leonardo variants and use of runway friction utility here: https://secure.simmarket.com/fsps-frictionality-p3d.phtml It's makes landing on wet, ice/snow surface much more realistic.
  7. GSX is not your issue. Some things to try: 1. Validate your CPU is not throttling (cooling issue) 2. Validate your GPU is not throttling (cooling issue) 3. Run DDU and manually install the latest graphics drivers 4. From CMD (run as admin) console window execute "sfc /scannow" if error, run until errors resolved My guess is #3 above will solve it.
  8. Only if some of use (not all) continue to choose a path of ignorance/denial rather than education and understanding. We are more than capable of learning now to transports ourselves off this planet and onto another planet in a self-sustaining space craft ... key being "self sustaining" ... lessons we're still learning perhaps? As much as many of us humans focus on things that don't matter like gender identification, race identification, skin color, partner choice, ceremony, money, etc. ... there are plenty of us humans that can focus on how to sustain the human race and what needs to be done. I'm optimistic.
  9. I don't, my mind remains open ... perhaps that's problem? Facts and Truth decide my swing be it life decisions or political ones ... some are easy to find, others take work (sometimes a lot of work). But being prepared is as fundamental as going thru checklists on aircraft ... your life can depend on it. Hopefully that was careful enough?
  10. It's not that P3D is outdated is that 3rd party developers have NOT updated. LM have no say in what 3rd party elect to do or not do. V6.1 is very much "updated" but still has a few issues that need to be sorted (weird visibility layer and dawn/dusk still needs work). PBR render engine isn't work very well with non-PBR materials and the bloom is just off. MSFS is fine but has issues also, but it just doesn't seem to capture the A to B experience I get from P3D. All aircraft in MSFS I can just jump in and fly and land well with ZERO understanding of the aircraft, weather, and it's systems. Land late and hit the brakes and I still stop. 15 knot tail wind and still land perfectly on the numbers, it's just not difficult to fly any aircraft in MSFS. In P3D I have the MJC Dash 8 ... gotta be on your A game. Also have FSLabs A3xx series, I need to understand the systems. A2A, I need to hit the numbers right or I'm gonna experience failures and damage ... all of this is missing in MSFS. Some guy on YouTube does regular MSFS flights of heavies into airports that can't possibly support a heavy but he successfully lands and stops.
  11. It's not about my "lifestyle" it's about the resurrection of a German Regime (that apparently gets censored here) that was embraced by an ex-US-President and supported by a surprising large percent of US population. We seem to be returning to "those times" and like I said, has anyone here actually had their home with your kids present bombed by the can't be name Germain regime? As far as teaching, education is fundamental to a healthy population but some parts of the country seem to think "burning books" is the way to go? Gun violence not a problem, but anything remotely related to sex and it's suddenly a big deal (the hypocrisy is thick on that side of government)? As far as salaries and benefits, that's something you either love to do or find another career path. I wish I had 2-3 months of the year where I didn't work, I'm lucky to get 2 weeks a year and much of the time have to respond late nights until 2am as that's the nature of my work and why I get paid well for it. There are many times where I've thought about working in a coffee shop and coming home leaving my work behind entire, no worries, no concerns. I'm hoping the $400,000+ plus I put into Soc Sec over the years will be there when I come to retire, sure I have my own other investments (401K etc.) but there is a certain segment of the government that wants to either increase the age for retirement or do away with Soc Sec entirely ... which is why I'll NEVER vote for that 1/2 of the government. Lobbyist will do as much as possible to control a market, so no, it's rarely "free" ... take a look at DJI drones, banned (if only guns could banned as quickly) for 2024 unless you buy from a single US company Skydio who lobbied to get our government to ban DJI drones because they were made in China. Free market, heck no, maybe circa 1500's we did. Apparently Drones are far more a threat to US citizens than guns even though gun deaths rack up 48,000+ deaths per year and drone (non-Military) deaths rack up ... ZERO. I have no idea if my post is borderline political or not, the goal posts seem to move daily with updates to what can and can't be communicated, so if you need to delete this post go for it because I've given up guessing what is and isn't acceptable to post.
  12. So having a water fountain that said "Whites Only" is a period of time you'd gladly return to? A period where 38 Million people died from a war? My 91 year old mother would disagree with you, but there again, she ran to shelters while her "home" was being bombed by word not allowed Germans (Born in England). Exiting their shelter to see their home, their neighborhood, the smell of beer everywhere in the streets because of the destruction war brings with it ... and today we have word not allowed US citizens proudly being supported? I guess in some ways we have regressed but I'll disagree on gladly returning. My mother (father passed away several years ago) isn't permitted a kitchenette due to the risk of injury or fire but she does have a small bedroom (not shared as most are) and a bathroom. Just like you, they have regular activities where everyone sits around chairs and plays various games. She's been thru "hell and back" (WWII was not a good time) and still managed to raise a family and can still figure out how to be happy and makes the best of every minute of life she has, she's adjusted to her situation, she knows she can't remember, she knows her limits, but she has never ever wanted to go back to the 1940's for any reason. I don't even care that she doesn't remember me most of the time, I only care that she is happy. Males are just as capable at teaching as females.
  13. I wouldn't put too much emphasis on Navigraph survey ... most of their questions seem to be exclusive to MSFS. The only semi-interesting information is that in 2023 is the number of participants declined from prior years. MSFS users getting bored perhaps? Might explain some of the MSFS 2024 push for "missions"?
  14. I don't use or buy FSLabs aircraft these days since they aren't supporting P3D V6.x. But with that said, make sure you enable the "Beta" option in their control center (Run As Admin) and verify you have all the updated versions installed ... especially the FSL Spotlights as that's a key tool for lighting their products. Spotlights has been a tool that has caused issues with GPU drivers in the past, so I suggest you make sure your drivers are up to date. Highly recommend you go the DDU route in OS safe mode manual install of drivers to clear out all old references to nVidia drivers. Do NOT use any special NCP settings, that can cause all kinds of problems (leave as Global Defaults). When you CTD, bring up the OS Event Viewer to ID what crashed and the error code/message.
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