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  1. I have witness issues like this after WIN10 updates, aswell. For months since V5 HF2 is out i made hours of flying without a single CTD. Then i rember last 2 months there where some Windows updates also for VCruntine and Netframework installed allong with the automatic updates from MS. After that i got regular CTD with several modules like Kernellbase.dll, VCruntime.dll, and terrain.dll etc. After several repair installations of Simconnect, Nvidia Drivers (because Netframeworks relation) and the different VSRuntimes on the System. The CTD´where all gone and i could fly for the last 4 weeks without any issue. Beginning of this week there came several other Windows updates along, and now guess what...again CTD´s. For me it seems, that´s maybe a good idea to reinstall those parts of additional softwaremodules which could be effected by an Update of the OS, like SimConnect, Netframework, VC etc.
  2. This is a known issue of V5 which is LM aware of. They try to fix this with next update. This is related to every transparent SimConnect Window as it´s used by ATC, GSX and some other add-ons. What wondered myself is that my V5 was running always stable without CTD unless some of the last WIN10 updates came along, there where also updates of NETFramework and other stuff updated. From then on i got on every singel flight a VCruntime CTD only at arrival at the gate when GSX tried to call for debording. I tried the following: 1. i de-installed SimConnect and also ASconnect (AktiveSky) 2. i did run a repair installation of every single VCruntime version. 3. I installed SimConnect an ASconnect again. Then the CTD didn´t happen again for the last 150 hours of flying. Then this week, a new Win10 update came along and i have again this VCruntime CTD.🤔
  3. Honestly speaking, in terms of what the topic question was the right answer can only be "...of course it IS the end of P3D 4.5!" Not because of MSFS but, because of P3D V5. It´s the same as you would ask "...does Windows 10 marks the end of Windows 7?". ....ehm...yes, sure! I´am sure that even in years you can have Windows 7 still in use and many people will. As long you don´t want to use application that require WIN 10 architecture you will stay happy. In my opinion several Simulators can exist beside eachother, because the preferences of the individual users are different. On the one side you have the ones for whom an immersive scenery doesn´t matter that much, because their weight is on procedure training and they need correct weather generation, correct navigation facilities and advanced real-life systemed aircrafts. On the other far end you have the ones who love to see as much as possible the "real world" thru their monitor only and like to sightseeing in VFR and recognize what they might have seen in real. And then you have the big crowd between those two, with different tendenzies to one or the other side. I´am still on P3D V5 without using EA. This is, because for me, somehow the performance is much better as it was in 4.5. I´am using a Homecockpit and though 3D-cockpits and even a nice shining aircraft outside doesn´t really matter for me. But because i´am not intend to make procedure training only, but i wan´t to do the job as a real commercial arlinepilot is doing, i like to have also an immersive view out of my cockpit, but honestly it only matters in the area arround the airport and the airport itself, because the rest of the time i´am at 35.000 ft and can´t see single blossoms on the ground anyway. Because usually it rarely happen that the A320 captain turns some rounds over Manhatten in 2.000 feet before he lands at JFK, i´am not interrested in doing such thing either. But i like to see the bunch of Skyscrapers on the horizon which reflecting the sunlight depending on their type of facade too, if i´am following my STAR into JFK. The major part of MSFS for the future seems to be the much more realsitic rendering of sceneryobjects and the whole athmospheric appearance in terms of light and sense. But this can be achieved with TrueSky aswell. At present i have the feeling i would have to dispense too much of specific simcapabilities which matter in case of operating a commercial airliner in the sim if i would use MSFS. I´am hoping that the next successor of V5 will bring EA to the same level as it´s used to be in legacy athmosphere. That would be a major step in terms of immersive appearance.
  4. a MSFS user should NOT accept anything less in terms of visual appearance, very nice. And beside any issues reported with the new one, MSFS is unbeatable in terms of athmospheric appearance, lighting, colours and shading.
  5. The issue in some cases is, that some add-ons need that P3D is started with administrator rights. This is not related to the SIM but on how Microsoft want´s to prevent "WIN 10" from abuse by hostile software. Because the, how MS called it, productivity tools, like the auto-last appin use-start- after login, will not start an app with adminrights, you get into trouble with the "normal" privileged SIM and add-ons. Though you can get rid off all that, because we don´t want to be productive and safety is overrated anyway
  6. Hi Ray, yes i guess that´s it. It looks like a slider. I have posted a link where you can find an english step guide to be sure.
  7. Hi Paul, this is the Windows 10 inbuilt functionality that your apps running last are autmatic start after reboot. You can turn it off in Windows 10 settings -> accounts -> logon settings -> there you find a switch which is usually ON for Apps automatic start after logon. You need to turn it off. Hope you can find it because i dot know how these steps are named in english WIN10 because i have the German version. Here is a link where it is explained better https://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/138685-turn-off-automatically-restart-apps-after-sign-windows-10-a.html
  8. Hi Ray, i know all that too. I have to excuse myself to be a german, non native english tounged, fool. Now, after reading the starting post 5 times again i see that i missunderstood the "...it should do so (hold or acquire the selected altitude) regardless of the baro pressure that I set" by not getting into it that he meant the invironmental baro pressure and not the one he has set on the altimeter baro.😏
  9. exactly that´s what my mind is too. Of course i exspect, that if i have tuned the altitude in my autopilot to a certain alt, he will command the ac to climb or descent if the altitude changes on the baro altimeter even if it´s only because i changed the QNH. (Well in my A320 this is not the case, because the ap needs my approval to do so, but that´s just how Airbus handle this...) but i´am quite sure i missed the true meaning of the raised thread, because of lingual discrepancys😔 ...on my side of course
  10. Maybe i got something wrong, but how exactly does the "realworld" autopilot know in which altitude the ac actually is. If this informations doesn´t comes from the altimeter of the ac, which depends on the actual baro setting, from where does the AP get it? Does a Cessna or Beach have an independent radar altimeter?🤔
  11. Because of the reason, that when you have to use MDA or DH and if which one of these when with what figure, is depending on so many different parameters, then on which runway is it connected to: - what kind of approach has to be used: CAT 1, CAT 2, CAT 3 a, b or c - precision or non-precision approach with ILS, RNAV or VOR/LOC etc. - category of the aircraft - company rules if on commercial aircraft etc. it wouldn´t make sense to store those kind of data in FMS. That´s the reason why these data not stored in databases of FM-Systems in commercial airliners and i guess though they are not provided by FMS-Navdatabases only. P.S. on the other hand those data must be there in the FMS-data from Navipgraph and NavdataPro, because i use EFB which is feeded by the FMS-data and it´s able to draw it´s own approach charts including the MDA/DH for the different approaches.🤭
  12. I assume you talk about ASP3D settings I use - 5 cloudlayers - clouddraw distance min = 80 mi, max = 200?? (slider to the far right) - multi layer TS = on The ASCA i have set to full dynamic and i always use real live weather.
  13. I stay on P3D V5 because i´am running an A320 homecockpit with Airbus specific systems which are not compatible with MSFS right now. I have even not tested MSFS yet, because i can wait until it´s out of it´s diapers. But more important for me is that MSFS can proof it´s able to handle Airliners and provide all that Eyecandy without a performance drop, especially with a wide view via 3 beamers each full HD at least. My hope is, that meanwhile LM will make a big step forward with the EA (True Sky) and i wish that they are in touch with the HiFi team to develope an enhanced athmospheric model and weather system. The actual approach by MSFS is very very promising for the future, because of the 3D-photogrammetry scenery, the athmospheric appearence in case of light´s and shading, and the much advanced weather system.
  14. That´s correct. Two major points on that. First, the former NVidia driver had a compatibilty issue with Win 10 on some setups. This should has been solved with the latest driver from NVida. Second part is that with the last 2 or 3 update rounds Microsoft has several NET.Runtime updates implemented. Because of this. it´s a good idea to re-install the SimConnect client becasue it can be corrupted on some setups. The same meaning is for ASConnector if you use AktiveSky. If you use OrbX, it´s also a good idea the run the verify installation option to make sure that no textures are corrupted. At least clear the shader cash and the scenery index is a mandatory routine if you have touched the graphicsettings and/or the scenery
  15. Andrew, of course there are many several reasons for CTD´s depending on the individual setup. I´am using P3D V5 and it was quite stable all the time. But in the last 2- 4 weeks i ran into several CTD´s because of VCRuntime, kernelbase, an others. First of all, there was a known compatibility issue of the NVidia driver in Win 10. With the latest Gameready driver this issue was solved. But there where also some NETRuntime updates in the last 2 or 3 WIN 10 updates and because many add-ons are depending on this runtime i did the following: 1. i de-installed the Simconnect client and re-installed it again to make sure that there are no corrupted files which interfere with NETRuntime. 2. i re-installed AktiveSky an the their FSconnector for the same reason. Result: no CTD`s anymore. Another issue i found is that sometimes the ORBX files can get corrupted. This is mainly noticable if your SIM crash at a specific location. This depends on the general problem of the sim if he can´t load a specific file, which can be a texture in most cases, it will crash with a kernellbase error. With Orbx this can be solved by the veryfy files option in their installer. Another major faulty module is USB. For whatever reason from time to time the USB usability of a PC can get "corrupted" within Win 10. It helps in that case, to disconnect the PC completly from current, wait at least 5 minutes before you connect it again to make sure that the resistors are unloading on the motherboard. Don´t forget to disconnect also any current from USB-devices aswell. Maybe, this can help you to find the culprit and i hope you can even develope these examples above how it´s all connected in a certain invironment. If something isn´t working as it should, but it did allways "before", you must start asking your mind "before what?" "what is different?"
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