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  1. The rendering of MSFS is one of the bigest advantage. The exposure of the shot in case of light look so incredible real. If you don´t look at the streets, which look like they are a filminglocation of "The Walking Dead", it could be right out of a real image.
  2. Eric, did I say anything about it? I don´t think so. But you resumed that HiFi isn´t prioritizing the development for P3D, because they working more on MSFS, which just can´t be the case. I know what Damian said, but actually it doesn´t seem to be in fact, as MS has no plans yet to open the SDK for weather. I think the reason for actual lack of development everywhere is that much of all the people are on hollidays?
  3. I would not count on this, because in the ToDo- listing of the MSFS-team, there is a wishlisting which is called "open Weather-system for 3rd-party devs, But it´s "not planned" so far.
  4. the most important concensus is apart from small "bugs" the fact from Fighter Guy: You know, Gerald, there´s not much to claim about MCE anyway.
  5. hmm, i have set the maximum visibility in ASP3D to 200 as recommended by some users who had too much haze, but maybe the less amount of haze is also effected by ENVSHADE.
  6. Yes, but it was in the past only when i´ve asked the FO to "request taxi". There was never an initiated request at me by the FO before and that´s what annoys me. Even if it´s new implemented in PF3 the new phrase for the "push & start" clearance, which introduced the "...report when ready to taxi" would not mean, that the FO would ever have to request or report ready for taxi, unless the Captain allows to do so or tells the FO to do it anyway, so there wouldn´t be a demand for beeing asked by the FO for taxi request. The Captain orders this at the time it´s needed. This even doesn´t explain why the FO doesn´t confirm the taxi instructions given by ATC anymore, if i ordered him before "request taxi" as usual. I have to answer his own request for allowance to request taxi by "yes", and why he´s then requesting taxi again, even if he did that already on my order, he readback the instructions to ground. I would prefer, to get the FO NOT even requesting this, because there is absolute no reason why he should and it doesn´t work well, but destroys the immersion, (at least the part that i´am the Boss in the flightdeck) 🤔
  7. Hello Frank, that was before i´ve found the way how o post screenshots here. Meanwhile i´ve posted them here in this thread and you have seen them already.
  8. It does work, if EA is ON but Volumetric clouds are off (slider to far left)
  9. Hi Gerald, much appreciated. So, if the anyoing asking by the FO for taxi, as i mentioned in No. 1 isn´t a new feature, do you have an idea what could cause this bahavior?
  10. yeah, same experience here with ENVTEX Clouds + ASCA + AS. The combination of EA with legacy clouds gives best results at present state.
  11. [General options] FSVersion=Prepar3D PreventDownloadsOnApproach=1 SendImmediatelyToSystemTray=1 AutomaticDownloads=1 [Cloud options] MaximumCloudTurbulencePercent=70 MaximumCloudIcingPercent=70 MinimumCloudDrawDistance=90 HighDetailCBs=1 CloudMotionEffect=0 MaximumCloudDrawDistance=180 P3DLowCloudOffset=491 [Visibility options] EnableWingFadeEffect=0 MaximumUpperVisibilitySM=200 [Audio options] ApplicationSounds=0 PlayWindShearAuralAlert=0 [Sim text message options] ShowFlightPlanMessages=0 ShowASCAMessages=0 ShowWeatherUpdateMessages=0 [Simulator depiction options] VolumetricCloudsConfigDetailPreference=0
  12. well, it´s changes the setting in the aircraft.cfg of each AI Simobject (aircraft). Can´t harm AIG itself. I´am using UTLive for traffic and have no issues noticed so far.
  13. Affirmative! EA=ON, Vol.clouds=off, live-weather is activated. (i always use actual realtime and live weather). My seetings for ENVTEX is shown on one of my screenshots. I use full dynamic 24h sky setting for ENVTEX+ASCA. I don´t know if this influences the sky colors but for sure the cloudtextures from ENVTEX are used in combination with those of ASCA in a quite good mix. ENVSHADE seems to influence the cloud brightness which looks quite realistic especially at evening twilight.
  14. Hi Gerald, since the last big update of PF3 a couple of months ago i still have some strange issues in MCE/PF3 left i´ve never had before. 1. my FO doesn´t read back taxi instructions anymore as he used to before. Instead he asks after pushback something weird like "sorry, i missed that, is it right? ready for taxi?" That´s anoying because usually after pushback i order the flight controls check which is done by FO as exspected so far, after that, before we request taxi instructions, we go thru the "after start checklist" and then i ask my FO to request taxi. Now he´s keep asking me between those strikt procedure flow this annoying question for taxi in most cases right after pushback is finished. I answer this "no" to keep on the flow items. Then, when i´am ready i ask my FO for "request taxi" as i did all the time before. He then requests taxi instructions as usual and after PF3 has given instructions the FO does NOT read back the instructions anymore. Instead somewhere while we already start taxiing he comes up again with "sorry, i missed that, is it right? ready for taxi?". If i say "yes" he´s reqest taxi again, but without further instructions by PF3 he instantly readback the already given instructions. This is all weird and i´am quite unhappy with this strange "new" behavior of MCE. 2. It still happen very frequently that the initial contact to another center, departure or approach doesn´t establish between MCE and PF3. At least once on every single leg with MCE/PF3 it happens that FO is tuning correctly to the next frequency and comes up with "Munich radar, Eurowings 1998 as filed" but after some seconds PF3 starts asking "traffic at FL300, squawking 1234, contact Munich radar on 124,35". Usually MCE needs to repeat the initial contact 3 or 4 times unless PF3 is answering correct "Eurowings 1998, roger". I can´t say if it´s an MCE issue or PF3. 3. If PF3 is warning about other traffic while in flight, MCE-FO always answered these by "Munich radar, thank you for traffic information, that´s very helpful" or something like this. This doesn´t happen anymore. All in all it seems things got worse since latest updates of PF3 and MCE, at least in P3D, but i´am still in hope it will getting back to the reliable status it has before. I´am using - P3D 5.2 HF1 - MCE 2.9.3 - PF3 V.3.10.50 P.S. I have also noticed, that in P3D, once MCE is started, MCE seems to switch on somehow the red information text with longitude and latitude and FPS etc. which is always switched off in my setting. I havent´t found a setting within MCE to avoid these infotext switched to on. Beside this, MCE also opens automaticly the GSX simconnect window after MCE is ready to go. Weird too, because this also didn´t happen all the time before.
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