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  1. What?!...😢 Now i feel a little bit like i felt when my vet told me to better let my ill Tomcat passing away...😢 Yeah i understand this. Maybe a challenge for future to get this working and take a look on what´s the difference to the former versions. As Jeehell FMGS performs within the SIM like other complex aircrafts with the exception that no gauges or other cockpitpanels are appear or perform IN the SIM itself. The actions that taking place in the FMGS (in my case on separate PC´s via network) injecting and updating the systems- and parameter status and inputs via Simconnect into P3D. And i found something interesting. When my MCE-FO was told to handle the radios and tuned in different freq. in the COM, the COM implemented in Jeehell was NOT updated, of course and i didn´t exspected this. But with monitoring and call-outs enabled MCE performed well and was able the read out the correct speedbugs for V1, Vr, positive climb etc. I guess, because those parameters are read out from the SIM. MCE even had the ability to read the correct altitudes out of the SIM to give those to the ATC like "Hannover radar, good evening, LH123 out of eleventhousend" which was correct at that time. Now in the new version MCE says always a wrong altitude like "out of 2500" when i just passed FL 180 at a descent. For me it seems that there is a change how MCE read those Parameters out of the SIM. I will play around a little bit more with these new "issues" before i go back to a former version and even try to tell my FO that i don´t want him to constantly repeat the state of the ILS System. Maybe he just think i haven´t heard him well, or that i can´t get enough to hear his nice sweet voice singing a song of the Glideslope state. 😜 reg. Bernd
  2. Hi Gerald, i know, but you asked me in another thread (about an annoying pong sound) to raise any complaints about the new update in this thread, and you know we Germans are examined to do what we are told to do.😋 Anyway, those issues are happen unexpected to me too, because i´am using MCE for long time on any flight in exactly the same environment without those weird behavior. The issue 1 i could live with at least, but i thought it´s may be something to know, because it´s new to me and happend never before unless i installed the new version. Much more strange is the issue 2 and 3 because this is very annoying and this also happens to my MCE the very first time after using the latest update and never before. I´am using only JEEHELL FMGS which uses the Project Airbus A32x as aircraft and flightmodel, because i´am using a A320 homecockpit and P3D is only the visual engine. I´am not using any aircraft specific flows or else within MCE, except my own Checklist because i don´t need flows. The job for my MCE-FO is only to handle all the ATC stuff in conjunction with PF3 and read down the checklists, while i´am the PF. This worked perfectly in the past unless i updated to the actual version. And i´am using TTS Cereproc voices for the FO. And so my own a logical conclusion is, that there is something different in the new version which maybe wasn´t meant to be different. 😉
  3. Gerald, i really hate to say this, but i have several issues with the latest update. 1. I can´t hear my FO responding for several times. I start up MCE, as Admin of Course, i´ve said "you have the Radios" and FO responds "Ok, will handle the Radio from now on" and then suddenly if i ask "request atc clearance" FO said "sure, you ca...…..." and then silence. The FO is still there, because when i say "Departure checklist", for instance, FO doesn´t respond verbaly but in the MCE window title i can see the green text "checklist reading in Progress". It´s not an Audio issue only, because if i tell the FO he shall request whatever from ATC, i can´t hear the FO and atc (PF3) isn´t responding. I Need to Restart MCE and then my FO is back. 2. at final Approach my FO constantly repeat "localizer alive, glideslope alive, glideslope captured…..localizer alive, glideslope alive, glideslope captured….localizer alive, glideslope alive, glideslope captured...localizer alive, glideslope alive, glideslope captured". until we touch the runway. Very Anoying. 3. several weird callouts are made, like "Transition altitude" at an FL150. I´ve set in MCE 5000 ft. for Transition as ususal in Germany. Seems my FO think we´re in the united states.
  4. I am using orbx too, and after i updated P3D i do Always a file verification via FTX central after that for all ORBX scenery i´am using. This Scans the ORBX files, Downloads the Right files and install them into P3D again. With this method i have no issues with ORBX. reg.
  5. I wouldn´t need an update option where you click "update now" and everything runs automatic. Just only an information on the startup screen of MCE that there is a new(er) version available would help. The procedure of updating could be left as is now. As i´ve seen in the threat from RALF9636 you have done some adjustments and improvements. Of course i´ll let you know if i notice issues. The main issue for me is still the latter of the FO in backreading the ATC instruction given by PF3 with TTS voices. There must be a way to get this improved.
  6. in my opinion, the best Approach in this matter would be to have a much deeper look into TTS-voice an the allready existing Technology in W10. There are many many Voices that could be used with regional Accent. i.ex. if you use a spanish cereproc tts-voice reading english, you´ll get it with a spanish Accent. The ATC app could just add some synthezysing for random Radio and athmospheric interference live when the speech is created. That would give a wide range of possibilities and not a mandatory Need to reinvent the Wheel.
  7. wouldn´t it be an Option to build an update check into MCE?
  8. Indeed Gerald, this is exactly the situation how it apears. I´ve updated to the latest build and voilà, no "poing" anymore. I´ve tested it with having MCE already running at that moment when i connect the PF3-FP to the SIM and again by starting MCE afterwards. Both situations the SIM stayed quiet. I´am happy now and thank you very much for the quick help. reg. Bernd
  9. Hi, usually i have PF3 in use together with MCE wich works great so far. I have just a little issue with an anoying sound that´s played on every keypress while in flight. The sound is the same, that is played on some keypress in the GUI of PF3, though i think it´s related to PF3 rather then MCE. Everything works normal like , setup the flightplan, load into PF3 connect to P3D, but once i´ve connected PF3-ATC to P3D having MCE loaded, from then on every time i press a key on the P3D PC i get to hear that "pong" is played. No matter which key (s-key for the views, .-for the brakes etc.) As far i have tested it only happens when MCE is already loaded in P3D at that time when i connect the PF3 to the SIM. (PF3 application is already running). If i connect the PF3 FP to P3D without MCE is running and start MCE after PF3 connection, there is no "pong" played. Has anyone an idea what could cause this issue? I´ve raised the same thread in PF3 forum because both apps can be responsible. reg. Bernd
  10. Well, it´s only fair to compare "new" not "used" Price. The TM HOTAS is sold here in Germany for arround 375,- EUR. That´s what i´ve compared when i was Looking for a flightstick. Maybe you could find a used VIRPIL on eBay some day. for 50. 😉
  11. I did yesterday and he answered today. Negative. The pics where made of the FS9 model which worked in FSX with a little trick, but not in P3D.
  12. That´s sadly true. I´ve researched a lot about the "Sharky" of the A32x, because i´am using Jeehell FMGS wich relies on the PA Airbus. I´ve figured out, that the former PA-Team dissolved after they builded the models with sharklets for FS9 and evolved the normal FS9 models into FSX. And those left "normal" ones for FSX are the only ones working in P3D. I think the last active guy who is still available via FB and AVSIM is Stephan Bree who´s still doing repaints for the PA-A32x. But, accidently i´ve seen some pics of the A320 in P3D from CaptPero, who uses Jeehell aswell, and what i´ve seen his model has sharklets. He mentioned that Stephan has made a repaint especiellay for him, and it could be that Stephan has added the sharklets for him to the model. I had no time yet to ask Peter if this is the case and if so, i would get in contact with Stephan. reg. Bernd
  13. Well then, yes, i agree this is and Advantage compared to PF3. Yes, i have to agree again. And that´s exactly how i´am handling this usually. At least i have the Advantage that i flying most within Germany or Europe. And the SID and STARS are less complex compared to USA or Canada. Though i´am usually using only the Name of the Start-intersection of a STAR in PF3 which is most likely connected to the direction from where you come into the area (north, east, south )rather then to a specific runway at most airports in Germany. On top of this, because of the short distances we have in Germany, in reallife the pilots know the destination runway already in 90 % of the cases before take-off from Departure or very shortly after take-off. Because of emissioncontrols and -restrictions most of the Airports aren´t vary the landingrunways so often and within a flighttime of just 40 minutes even from Munich to Hamburg, the conditions aren´t changing dramaticly at Destination. But anyway, the thread was started with the Question to the ones who use PF3 and because i´am using it, i felt to give an answer. In telling my experience with PF3. But i will take a Closer look onto Pilot2Atc in the future. But then i have to talk to ATC all the time because my MCE CoPi can´t take this over because of missing interface between both. And thats also non-realistic as well. Usually the PM talks to ATC and the PF handles the Aircraft. My MCE uses the TTS-Voices from Cereproc and yes, indeed, they Sound absolutely naturally. It could be, that Deltaair gets now more confused then before starting this thread...LOL 😁
  14. Indeed, you´re Right. For me the voicecontrol feature of those two wasn´t important because i already found MCE and decided to got with this aproach, because i was also desperate for a Co-Pilot reading checklists and handles all the ATC comms as PM while i´am flying the plane as PF. So i control via voice the CoPi from MCE and he controls all actions needed for PF3. That was what i was looking for to put an end of figuring out that i have "again" forgotten to switch on the strobes once i´am on cruise 😉 AND have all the ATC chattering around... That was a Little (very Little, but existing) minus for Pilot2Atc and VOX in my choice for PF3. Because i´ve read an review where all those ATC addons ex. RC4 where tested and explained and there was mentioned that the voice-synth. sounds more robotic compared to the pre-recorded Voices in PF3. Because i remembered the very good natural Sound of the voicesets from ProFlight2000 i pointed to PF3. Honestly i have to say that the soundsets of PF2000 where better and much more different than in PF3. But it´s ok Overall. Well, i would say it depends. I agree if you fly most GA or executive, where the correct SID and STARS handling from ATC does Play a biger role and ATC has to give more instructions. But because i´am "flying" only Commercial Jetliner Airbus A32x for Lufthansa and Eurowings it´s not so important. PF3 ATC tells me i. ex. "...continue your Approach via NOLGO23 for runway 23 at pilots descretion, contact Tower when established…" and that´s very close to what an airliner Crew is given in the real world. This is because all nessecary legdata are computed and controled by the FMGS and ATC knows and exspect this. from Airliners and ATPL´s. And though i don´t Need more orders from ATC then the Name of the STAR or SID. P.S. The like i´ve given to you Pete, is meant as spare for my obeisance to the master of the masters. I´am in FlightSimulation since 1992 and i´ am using FSUIPC since the very first days when Enrico came around with "Schiratti Commander". Allways impressed how you did all this and it´s likely compareable with the Invention of the Internet, you opened the MSFS and builded the "interface" to make all this possible what makes the SIM "as real as it gets" until today. Very Kind Regards Bernd
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