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  1. Hey Gerald, honestly it was more or less not serious meant, i would exspect you have everything done already. But, of course you are prepared as usual having somthing in the bag. I would appreciate to test a beta fix, especially for the "focus thing". I´ll sent oyu an e-mail later from my private account. Thank you for your support.
  2. Hi Gerald, in your last post you mentioned it (the issues with PF3 latest version and autofocus) will be looked at within a couple of weeks. Actually 2 complete weeks went by already, Her Majesty Elizabeth II was brought to her last rest, 😪 and King Charles III has taken over business already. What else now require your attention, other as to bright up our P3D days where everyone else treat us P3D users as we would be in the same condition as Elizabeth II.??? Do you have any news or even a patch for us already?? 🥺
  3. first i suggest to check, if the aigmanager is activated in the add-ons. If you have Lorbys add-on manager it´s an easy task to re-activate it.
  4. Me myself i have a mixture of scenery using scenery.cfg and other which use xml. My loading time is still acceptable and i have not planned to move everything to one or the other corner. In my opinion it could turn out as a bad idea, to move everything to the legacy scenery.cfg method. This new file structures with xml were introduced when MS it was needed to cope with the new file structures of Windows 7 and 10. This could give a hint, that this will be more and more the way to go, because Windows is setting the rules at those points. This would mean, at least you would have to swim against the current constantly, by ignoring this. On the other hand i think performance issues like loading times, stutters or things like this, which depend on the more complex file stuctures, will step into the background over the time because of much more faster hardware like PCIe 5.0 SSD´s, Motherboards and the next generation of MT-CPU´s (Intel 13th gen. CPU´s i. ex.) whose threads are dedicated to exact increase the speed of the file loading, caching and handling. There is no general "right or wrong". It really depends on your setup and preferences. If you don´t own a more or less High-end PC, it´s may be much more effective not to use the xml method for add-on scenery as a compromise. My own Rig is powerfull, but even not "High-End" compared to the actual hardware. My SIM is running smooth and very stable (i usually sitting in my homecockpit for 6 or 8 hours, flying short and mid-range legs within Europe). Well, it takes about 2 to 3 minutes to fire up the SIM. Imagine what would it be on a PC with an I9-13000 + RTX 4090 + PCIe 5.0 SSD with at least 15.000 MByte read and write per second. At the Moment it seems the xml file structures are getting more and more the "standard" and hardware will catch up to lean the overall latency.
  5. yes, it is noticed and mentioned by other users already, that the xml method of add-on activation slows down the loading of P3D dramatically. Especially the scenery database is impacted. The reason for this may lies in two causes. One is the managing of the scenerylayering of xml layers and legacy layering by the scenery.cfg. The Sim need to go thru all add-on xmls, scanning their parameter and put them into order. The other reason lies in the spreaded data architecture wich follows the Windows structure, where the Program has to look into several different location to find all nessecary piece of data, roaming folder, documents folder, program data folder, root folder and then go into all different folders a scenery contains of (scenery, texture, scripts, etc) For developers this is the true horror, when you need to start the Sim about 30 times a day, wasting your time while waiting for the Sim got loaded.
  6. ...so for all with the frequency dial in issue, it´s a workarround for the time waiting, to manually copy the freq.dat file from PF3/Data into the P3d mainfolder into PF3display folder! This focus solving thing sounds really promising and will be welcome. Thank you!
  7. Hi Gerald, imho the matter that the FO can´t dial the correct frequencies into PF3 since the latest update is an easy one to be solved. At least for Prepar3D. As Fighter Guy mentioned and it´s written in the changelog of PF3, the location of the frequency.dat file of PF3 has changed. See below the extract of the changelog: "CHANGED the location where the PF3_Freqs.dat file is created. This used to be in a folder named PF3_Display which was created inside the main FS folder. However, since the PF3 Display utility no longer requires WideFS when running on a client machine this file is no longer accessed directly. Subsequently, we now create this file in the main PF3\Data folder." I have manually copied the .dat file from the new location in the DataFolder into the PFDisplay folder in the P3D main root folder, where MCE seems to exspect to find it, and this works. The FO is then able to dial all freq. in the correct way as usual if you say i. e. "going to tower" etc. BUT this is just an additional little issue. It doesn´t help in the matter of the non-acceptance of the the initial contact by MCE FO even if the freq. is set as correct and this annoying issue still persists. Sometimes it helps if i click into the active SIM wndow beforehand the FO transmit the request. But sometimes not. It´s hard though to confirm it´s just a matter of lost focus ONLY. But if this issue could be caused by a combination of more than one cause, is there may be a way that the focus would be forced somehow?! And why was this never an issue before MSFS has made all mad.
  8. hi Gerald, unfortunetly it´s seem to be the same for P3D. I don´t have MSFS and it never was installed on my Sim, but my FO has big problems to get in contact with atc. It wouldn´t be a big issue so far, but it comes to be a real annoying issue if this happen when you was just advised to contact approach while decending with just 1000 ft left to reach the given step altitude. If it then takes up to 5 times of initial contact unless you get approach, you have already passed miles the point where pf3 would give final decent and rw instructions and will not give them anymore. This disrupt the whole approach into a mess.
  9. ...looks like P3D 5.3 with EA and volumetric clouds set to on...😉
  10. hi Fellows, exactly this behavior by MCE i have already mentioned months ago. Indeed it´s related to updates of PF3 and/or MCE, for sure. But in my case all the mess started exactly at the time when pf3 and MCE where updated for MSFS compartibility. For me it seems, that the new MSFS capability messed up the functionality within p3d, as it is the case for other well working add-ons for P3D unless MSFS functionslity get´s added.. I would not blame MCE for the mess, because in my opinion it´s caused by changes of Pf3 for MSFS, where it seems the handling of the interface changed something unvovered yet. There are several other features lost since then, like that the FO reacts to traffic head-ups while in cruise. I have given up on hope this will be work again for P3D again as it was before MSFS. Since then i´am just live with the annoying constantly ignore the contact by PF3 atc on EVERY flight. Gerald, i don´t think that lost focus is the cause, because for months now i allways refocus P3D by click into the window, before my FO transmit his request. This doesn´t help. But i´ve noticed, that sometimes, after the initial contact with atc has failed for 3-5 times and i have hit the zero key myself several times, that the FO-function of Pf3 itself get´s activated instead of MCE. But i have disabled this feature in PF3. After the PF3-FO established the contact with ATC, the voice used by the atc station has changed aswell. Very weird. PS: I don´t have MSFS, nor it´s ever installed on my SIM yet.
  11. Well, Ray, i´am sure the NDA can´t prohibit updates on your own products, as long your not loosing a word about an upcoming "non-announced-oficially" updates of P3D. 😉😛
  12. In fact we all know, the most reliable sign of an upcoming new update for P3D will be, when simbol points us to a nessecary update for FSReborn. 😉
  13. BerndB


    exactly! In fact most of the CTD´s are based just on very little access violations which are handled very strictly by Windows in Program termination.
  14. BerndB


    Gary, are you sure really? What was about Windows updates, because it was "Patchday". I suspect that many CTD´s rootcause base on WIndows itself. I can´t remember that i ever had a CTD in times of Windows 98 or XP. Sometimes there where bluescreens but very rare. Since MS introduced in Windows 7 a new architecture with user based settings, and the new roaming profiles etc. we started to get familar with those CTD´s. Most of them are caused by access violation on different MS components. This is driven by the security settings MS is setting for their system components. Especially the NET.Framework is involved in many CTD´s. The reason is just, that Windows is much too sensitive and paranoyic MS in case a program isn´t strictly following the security rules set in diffenrent tools and system data which are used by third party developers. If there is just something suspecious in the eyes of the WIndows system, a program just get terminated. A good strategy in case of CTD´s is not to panic and re-install GPU-drivers, P3D, add-ons etc. immediatly and increase the mess. Better be patient and wait and try to use the SIM as usual. Only after a while, when CTD´s happen very frequently, the cause should be investigated very carefully. The last ever thing to do, is to re-install drivers, or P3D nor add-ons, as long you can´t say for sure their files are corrupted somehow.
  15. more or less, yes! Bear in mind, that the number of pixel-information is dramatically increased by running 4k x 3 screens. This consumes most of the render power of the system. If you use a single display at a resolution by 3.840x2160, there are 8.294.400 single pixel which needs to be feed with color and contrast information for every single frame rendered in realtime. These Pixels get data for the colormix they have to show up plus the parameters of grayscale between black and white for the contrast. Talking about 3 screens at 4K resolution need 24.883.200 pixels rendered for each single frame. At 30 FPS this would mean the CPU and the GPU have to compute for 746.496.000 Pixel every single second. (well, in fact not always "every" single pixel is rendered for a frame, but that´s a different story) If you consume the same amount of pixel just on one single ultra wide screen, you would need more or less the same power as for 3 screens. Makes sense?! You need to find the balance which works best for you compared between high resolution and high graphic settings. At least as long we have no more boosters by software, like DLSS, DirectX12 or even more powerfull CPU´s and GPU´s. Maybe the RTX 4000 will bring us a step further again.
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