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  1. That's a good start. I'd suggest running MSFS in Dev mode and taking a look at the execution times of your CPU and GPU to ascertain which takes longer. It might actually be the case that the 3090Ti is faster than the CPU at 4K. In that case, a faster CPU is going to give you more performance. How much, I can't tell. Probably not earth-shatteringly much, since you're already on pretty much the best hardware you can buy, and at 4K the amount the CPU contributes to the overall performance is lower, anyway.
  2. That depends on your GPU and your performance limitations. If you're GPU limited (likely, at 4K), you can expect an improvement of 0 FPS, since your CPU is still going to be bottlenecked by your GPU.
  3. At what resolution are you running the sim? Are you CPU limited or GPU limited? If you are CPU limited, you can throw a mining rig of 3090Ti's at the sim, it's not going to give you a single FPS more. Go into dev mode and look at the timings. If your CPU takes longer for one cycle than your GPU, you are CPU limited. I don't have any performance problems at Aerosoft CGN, with a 10700k and a 3070 at 1080p. But that's because I have online traffic turned off and use reasonable settings for Terrain LOD. These hammer the CPU In MSFS. In general, unless your at 4k or in VR, the GPU is just not the bottleneck in MSFS. It's all CPU bound. So...no, a 3090Ti will not make any difference if that's the case.
  4. I believe you mean the electric fuel pumps. A 737 can be operated perfectly well without electric fuel pumps, the engines are gravity fed.
  5. I think Ryan meant that the top image is of a real PC12, wheras the bottom image is from MSFS.
  6. 10700k, 3070, 1080p, absolutely no problems at Gaya LOWW.
  7. It does, but any settings you change ingame are not persistent anymore, just for the current session. That's the downside.
  8. This thread is from March 18, there is no update. Maybe don't resurrect old threads with "XXX updated" in the title!
  9. I think that might just refer to the custom KNS-80 AP they've modelled. It seems that lateral navigation with the PMS or the GTNXi is possible.
  10. You can just delete the SID/STAR from the route field in Simbrief before generating the FP.
  11. Really anything with an installer I tend to keep in the Community folder directly. Avoids issues with config saving or livery installation (PMDG), and most importantly, makes updating much simpler.
  12. With the PMDG 737 and the Fenix having arrived in MSFS and the iniBuilds A310 getting announced, the AFL King Air is really the only plane still making me think about getting XP12. The thought of them bringing it to MSFS, combined with the TDS...oooooh boy!
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