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  1. I've just noticed that since 1st Jan, there has been a 2015 update available for the magdec.bgl file.
  2. For what it's worth, my activation didn't work until I opened TCP port 8888 open OUTBOUND on my firewall.
  3. Microsoft officially withdrew support for Windows 98 last year - nearly 10 years after it's release. If corporates demand Win XP support for the next 10 years then Microsoft will be forced to provide it.I agree with John Cormack and think Microsoft are wrong to only provide DX10 support for Vista. PC gaming development is already under threat from consoles and this can only make things worse.Maybe FSXI will only come out for the XBox, the vast majority of people who buy FSX will probably only buzz around some nice scenery in external view anyway.I had a compelling reason to upgrade to XP from 98, stability. XP was a completely different OS to 98 which evolved from the collaboration between Microsoft and IBM (IBM's version became OS/2, MS's became WinNT).I admit I haven't used Vista yet, but I suspect I won't be using it for some time to come as security is not a compelling reason to upgrade as I know how to keep XP secure and I still use the Windows Classic interface anyway!Eventually Vista will replace XP and I will use it eventually but this will probably be at least a year or two.I bought FSX, messed around with it and shelved it until I can make it look as good as the FS9 with addons I currently use. GE PRO 2 on FS9 makes FSX look rather ugly in my opinion.Craig.
  4. HiThe problem was caused by an incompatibility between RC and an AFCAD file that comes with the Portland scenery.I found the solution here (I swear I searched for Portland before posting!):http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...e=&topic_page=1
  5. A-ha. That's the same problem because I AM using FSBuild! I'll see if I can find anything over at the FSBuild forums. Sorry I blamed RC...Thanks for your very quick response :)
  6. The problem only occurs from airports located within the Portland scenery from http://www.flightscenery.com that I've just installed.I start RC and load the flight plan, start FS9 and setup the flight at a KPDX gate, switch out and start rc and when I return to FS9 the plane has moved to N0.00 W0.00.After a few seconds, FS9 reloads the scenery and puts the plane back where it started but RC has crashed.I've rebuilt the RC scenery database after installing Portland scenery.Any ideas?RC is a great product btw
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