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  1. I couldn't find a good replacement for the Lotussim L-39 from FSX. I think this might be it!
  2. I meant this to be a light-hearted and flippant comment as free scenery was announced the day after I purchased the same. The FlyTampa airport and city are excellent, the MSFS city also looks excellent, and I hope everyone enjoys it. It's Friday, and I'm happy, happy, happy 🥳 Has anyone noticed that in the FT city, the road junctions are controlled by traffic lights? The cars queue up waiting for the lights to change...
  3. Maybe, but it's difficult to tell as hardly anyone is running the same hardware and software, there are thousands of variables. For example I boringly run MSFS on a 1440p single monitor at 60 hz with 50% Vsync. At Ultra settings everything is smooth, even at the busiest airports and the GFX card runs at 50-60% power so the PC stays cool and quiet.
  4. I was buzzing around the scenery most of yesterday evening practicing approaches and holds in the PMDG 737 and didn't notice any problems. I went through the city with the camera and it was so good I got a GTA vibe. I also noticed how the mesh for the mountains has been improved. The new scenery looks great as well, it's amazing what you get for free in MSFS.
  5. I got regular CTD's after installing SU15. What I had forgotten was that I'd also updated Adrenalin which resets my custom fan settings on the GPU. It was only when I played another game and got a CTD that I realised I had a hardware issue, and remembered the driver update. In other words, running another high-performance game or a benchmark will eliminate hardware before starting the MSFS troubleshooting guide.
  6. Oh bum. I bought FlyTampa KLAS and Vegas yesterday, call me mean but I hope this isn't better!
  7. I stopped the 'Game Bar' processes and it broke me out of the cycle. Pic
  8. After re-installing recently due to problem that turned out to be hardware related, I now keep a regular backup of my 'packages' folder on a spare drive. I'll be updating it before installing the new update tonight. I use robocopy to mirror the source and destination folders so it doesn't take too long after the first pass. if you aren't familiar with the 'robocopy' command the syntax is: robocopy <source> <destination> /mir E.g., on my system I use: robocopy "d:\msfs\packages" "f:\packages backup" /mir If the packages folder has been damaged by an update, an uninstallation, or while trying to fix a problem, you can reverse the source and destination folders to restore the packages folder. I would do this at the point the sim asks you to download the mandatory content (close the sim.)
  9. It would be less annoying if these messages weren't displayed in the worst possible screen position. After a perfect 2 hour flight, you are just approaching the flare point and your view is suddenly obscured by a bandwidth message while you pancake onto the runway🙄
  10. Totally agree. I've just got back into simming after a hiatus of 9 years. Trying to run 20 mods in FSX meant 20 fps and CTD's, I'd just discovered the slightly updated Steam version when my PC died, so I moved on to other hobbies. In 2015, Flight had failed and I thought PC gaming and flight simming especially were doomed. As my last sim was FSX, 2020 is an amazing leap in technology and great value for money "out-of-the-box" (it replaced a shelf full of FSX DVD's which cost £ hundreds...) If 2024 makes more profit by drawing a wider audience, then that will benefit everyone.
  11. MSFS has 3 folders, 1. The program folder (Steam, Store, etc.) e.g., \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\MicrosoftFlightSimulator - this is only 2 GB or less and contains no custom or add-on files (I believe..) 2. The user profile folder, e.g., ..\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator - this is not very large and can be easily backed up. 3. The Packages folder - this is the big one that contains all the mandatory content and world upates in the 'Official' folder, and the add-ons in the 'Community' folder. This can be easily transferred to a USB drive in case you want to roll back to 2020. For 2024 I plan on moving the packages folder to temp storage, backing up the user profile folder in case its overwritten and leaving the program folder. If 2024 doesn't work out, I can remove it and put 2020 back quite easily until I'm ready for 2024.
  12. All we need now is a first person mode where you can wander round the scenery and aircraft before taking your seat in the cockpit. Just re-assign the WASD keys and you're set to go 🙂
  13. Manual EN · derekhe/msfs2020-map-enhancement Wiki · GitHub Have you tried the troubleshooting tips in the manual, chapter 8.17 "A rainbow effect appears on the map"?: Do not use DX12, it may cause problems Turn off the Rolling Cache in the game Clear the cache in the application
  14. Did you click 'STOP' on the mod the last time you used it? I'd try re-installing it, start it, stop it, then see what happens before you uninstall it again.
  15. The world in a can, and with reasonably accurate scenery in most areas. You can navigate by following roads and identify buildings like my house and local pub, although it lacks authenticity because it's made out of stone instead of brick, and doesn't have anyone outside vomiting 10 pints of Carling over the pavement. I remember the UK in FSX looked like North Africa and the autogen was unrecognisable. To make the land recognisable, you had to buy expensive photorealistic scenery which murdered performance.
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