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  1. flyingscampi

    [27FEB15] Latest News/Release Planning Notes, etc

    Is FSX Deluxe supposed to work on Windows 8.1? I had a miserable experience and just as I was about to reluctantly give up on 8.1, FSX SE miraculously appeared and it is smooth and stable without any tampering with FSX.cfg. All my add-ons are working perfectly too (just waiting for NGX). I expect SE will also work, or be modified to work on Windows X.
  2. Like others have said, when using ATC I never specify the SID/STAR in the flight plan. I only program the FMC when Radar Contact announces the departure/arrival runway. RC has options to let you fly your SID/STAR's without interference.
  3. I built a new rig over Christmas with Win 8.1 and I couldn't cope with the amount of CTD's I was getting with FSX Deluxe so I stripped it off my system and started again with SE. As I've changed my core system (i5 4690K from i5 750) I can't compare performance, but I finally have a rig that runs FSX smoothly with all my add-ons. All my add-ons came over with the exception of ASN (nearly at beta), the 737 NGX (waiting for the new installer) and the Reality XP GNS (which I replaced with the GTN). I'm not bothered about the debate whether SE has been, or is going to be improved by DTG, as I'm getting value for money by simply having a sim that runs stably on Win 8.1 with all my add-ons.
  4. flyingscampi

    I don't understand this simulator...

    Your CPU with integrated graphics is going to chug regardless, but what drive have you got in your laptop? If it has the usual 5400rpm SATA drive, replace it with an SSD.
  5. flyingscampi

    2015 Magnetic Variation Data

    Don't thank me, I'm just the messenger
  6. flyingscampi

    2015 Magnetic Variation Data

    I've updated the pinned topic as well, but I've just noticed there is now a 2015 version of the magdec.bgl file available since the 1st Jan. Sorry if this is old news.
  7. flyingscampi

    Magnetic variation updates for FS9 and FSX!

    I've just noticed that since 1st Jan, there has been a 2015 update available for the magdec.bgl file.
  8. Windows 8.1 FSX Deluxe SP2 & PMDG 777 cleanly removed before Steam Edition installed (with Jan update) As suggested by Steve Dra, I too had to run the 3 x SimConnect.msi installers from the SDK folder before I was prompted to activate the 777 (installed from SP1d package).
  9. flyingscampi

    MS Flight vs FSX: it's simple, really

    Sorry DX11 was an assumption, surely MS would take advantage of their own API? Oh wait I remember DX10 in FSX...
  10. flyingscampi

    MS Flight vs FSX: it's simple, really

    Flight is simply taking advantage of DX11 and modern hardware including 6 years of GPU development. If MS would just do the same to the FSX engine and release SP3 I'd be very grateful
  11. flyingscampi


    With DX11, does this mean you'll be able to get improved lighting effects like sunlight and moving shadows inside the cockpit?
  12. flyingscampi

    Enhance your NGX Touchdown sound effect! - Download

    Thanks a lot, I wasn't too keen on the SP1 version.
  13. flyingscampi

    Shade for FSX issue

    Works fine with Rex gex and utx
  14. flyingscampi

    Shade for FSX issue

    From memory, Shade has a button to backup the default FSX textures (as described in the installation instructions) before starting FSX with Shade. You can restore them from Shade as well.Shade does make the cockpit very slightly darker but I actually prefer it. On some other planes, I think the panel looks much better.I'm looking forward to a DX10 or 11 version of FS where the lighting will be more realistic. This early development vid of IL2: Cliffs of Dover demonstrates this nicely:
  15. flyingscampi

    NGX: Cold & Dark to Shutdown Checklist

    Thanks for all the time you must have spent doing this.