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  1. Hi. You should head over to the FSElite site. Under "Explore FSElite", you will find the P3Dv5 Hub which lists the compatibility status of all the major addons with P3Dv5 and any issues which may be encountered. Regards.
  2. This may seem a bit strange, but sometimes the display elements (PFD) will not correctly initialise (maps unavailable, etc). If I close out the simulation, and restart, eventually the displays will normalise. This takes up to four attempts sometimes. Maybe "CAR147" can attempt this method. There are times initialisation will not occur correctly..regards. I'm on the "Dev" version.
  3. When I pick up such issues after updating, I completely remove the files from my community folder and install a fresh copy using the installer. Maybe try that.
  4. Have you ever wondered whether we are really here at all?? This idea of our existense is flawed. We perceive this universe based on our limited senses....we can't naturally detect radiation, for example. What else is around us that we have not detected yet? Colors are not what they are..We see colors for what they are not. We all fight over limited resources...countries hoarding vacines, oil rich areas that should have never been there in the 1st place, Dubai, etc .Are we really here, or is this just a dream? The greed in this world....why is there not pleasure for every creature here? Only certain countries and individuals? So are we really here, or is this just a dream? A nightmare?
  5. It continues to amaze me...vessels that have travelled at the speed of light, bent space and time, used wormholes, finding Earth like a grain of sand on an infinite beach, require landing / navigation lights when they arrive?? And mainly visit USA?😆
  6. Yes, my fellow South African Elon Musk has a screw loose (I think). I wonder if he would take the trip to Mars to certify his technology (which is probably not designed by him in the 1st place?) I guess not....adverts out soon!😁
  7. Your team is doing a fantastic job. I'm a Boeing guy, but Airbus is growing on me! Keep it up!
  8. 2018? That's strange. I'm sure the initial v1 release was 2020?
  9. Rather just head over there to your account, and download and ensure installer is at v2.1.
  10. Great scenery and true to life. My files were stored in the "old FSDG shop" and have confirmed the installer is now v2.1. Maybe download the installer from wherever the purchase was made and ensure it is at v2.1. Looking forward to MSFS release and glad they are still supporting their P3D scenery! Regards.
  11. Agree..I think it's about time the forums (fora) need to make it mandatory for their members to post verified signatures and age!
  12. Did you know that somehow, somewhere, there is ALWAYS a bird watching you!? Just take a look around one day...😉
  13. Manual flight? Hand flying? What is that? (Maybe I should change this font color to magenta).
  14. This is caused by a corrupt .dll file. I had the same issue and tracked it down to ASP3D. What you need to do is go to your addons when the sim start up menu launches.Then deselect your addons one by one until the sim starts up normally. I traced my error to an outdated ASP3D version. By de-selecting AS in my addons, the sim would launch normally. Maybe deselect all addons and see if the sim launches. Then re-intoduce them one by one until the sim crashes. Process of elimination! Regards. (I'm assuming you are using the "addon xml method").
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