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  1. This can happen if your simulator time and date is not current. Check your simulator time and date when you set up your flight in the scenario screen. Generally set your scenario time and date to match Windows time and date. Regards.
  2. You forgot to mention AIG is up to date, i.e. AIG AI plans are using up to date ICAO codes (payware offerings are still using outdated codes - FAJS, FADN, etc).
  3. Hi! Just to inform you the "auto update" worked sucessfully now from my side. Thanks for the great product.
  4. Same here. Auto Update not working right now.
  5. I'm not a coding expert, but in my laymans understanding of the situation, I believe P3D is an extremely complex piece of software, and with a new version, there has to be a starting point for release. I think it's great to be released to the general public, with or without bugs. The more users, the more bugs will be identified and the software will become more " polished" in a quicker time frame....PMDG is constantly issuing bug fixes and improvements simply because there are so many users. Beta testers can never identify every fault. That's impossible. We are very fortunate to have experts such as Rob within our forums to put this subject into perspective. Regards.
  6. Psychological pricing. It's $100!
  7. Ok. My installation of v5 is still vanilla. Taking it step by step!
  8. Yes, that's the only change I make. Prevents those momentary black textures when panning around.
  9. You messed that one up. It's Start_With_Tweaks = 0
  10. Hi. Great review. Might have missed it on your video clip, but what scenery addons have you managed to install so far? Regards.
  11. Feedback: Yes, an issue on their side. They have updated their AFX.bgl file. All good now.
  12. Thank you ! Will inform them. Just wanted to get my facts straight first. Regards.
  13. Yes, I have done that with the latest version, and with Lorby aswell...the runways are swapped in this new scenery even after running MakeRunways. So I think there is an error in their scenery. It is not a default P3D v4 runway....(FALE). Any ideas? I think there could be an error with the developers scenery files.
  14. Good day, I was wondering how does FS2 Crew RAAS identify the approaching runway in the airport scenery, i.e.what data does it gather from the simulator? The reason I am asking it that I have just purchased an addon airport from a scenery developer and RAAS is announcing the the opposite runways. When on runway 24, RAAS announces runway 06, and vice-versa, It only at that developers airport. If I know it is an issue with the developer's scenery, I can notify them. Regards.
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