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  1. I have just downloaded and installed. I got "stuck" on the authentication code and realised firefox was preventing "pop ups" from PMDG. Authorised the pop ups and ran smoothly after that.
  2. I heard Sim Update X is going to revert MSFS to FSX.
  3. The fact he reached the cockpit, I wonder whether his first officer reported him? If not, there's something else wrong here...
  4. Great analogy.I'll also be waiting for the 737-800. Was never interested in other variants! (BTW my thirst has been partially quenched thanks to FBW! So I will remain hydrated during the next few weeks with a few extra $$$ in my wallet!).
  5. Yes agree with the discount side! I always wondered if that's why PMDG are releasing the 737-700 first, In the knowledge that a lot of customers with the NGXU discount would not be able to wait for the discounted 737-800 but would buy the full price 737-700 regardless? I believe if the 738 was released first, the discount would then apply, and not so much interest at a later stage for the other variants when they are released. A good sales strategy! Regards, Peter Webber.
  6. Hi...my addons are installed using the addon xml method. So I've always used the complete uninstall/re-install method using the LM guide. My addons are not affected and the result is a clean install...if your addons are installed in the root directory, then this would require re-installation of your addons which would be time consuming. Regards.
  7. These days, I wouldn't go <1000W with a PSU..that can be the source of many issues..
  8. Exactly my question too! So if I set the volumetric cloud slider full left, I understand the sim will use ASCA textures which will be modified by ASP3D.
  9. @Rob_Ainscough, Rob, fantastic pics!
  10. Thanks for the feedback. I always found hyperthreading did not "play well" with P3D on my rig...
  11. My CPU is a 7700K. I find P3D stutters with hyperthreading enabled..I disable it when using P3D and enable it for MSFS.
  12. In 2050, planes will be a thing of the past! We will be teleporting!
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