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  1. Peter Webber

    RAAS volume low

    I had a similar issue with ATC applications and it turned out to be a Windows setting. It happens where Windows assumes the apps are telephony and reduces the volume automatically. Try this: Right click on the speaker icon in the system tray. Select "Sounds" and then the "Communications" tab and change "When Windows detects communications activity" from "Reduce volume" to "Do nothing". Regards
  2. Peter Webber

    Too much scenery add-ons?

    I deleted an airport from P3D v4 using the Microsoft programs and features in the control panel. I made the mistake of leaving the entry in the P3D sceneries folder (empty folder) and P3D would hang on the startup screen. I had to re-install the airport, remove the entry from the scenery folder first and then delete the yes, P3D does hang under those circumstances..
  3. Peter Webber

    RAAS 64-bit Professional Addon Missing

    Try re-installing with antivirus completely disabled...i completely removed my antivirus due to these issues and i'm satisfied only using Windows's best to not only exclude, but disable whatever AV you have while re-installing RAAS..
  4. Peter Webber

    B747-8 Beta Program Bug Report- FULL DISCLOSURE

    I am told under good authority there will be a new option added to the PMDG Operations Center to enable the "Bug Splatter" feature and with sliders for: "Bee", "Wasp", "Lady bug", "Fly", "Cricket" to name just a few to enable the "pilot" to adjust the probability of collision with chosen insect.
  5. Peter Webber


    Thanks for all the info! Never too old to learn something new! Will do some research..
  6. Peter Webber


    But why does my IP address become blacklisted when I am definitely not a "spammer"? How do they determine this?
  7. Peter Webber


    Thanks. It's only one forum. It's strange because on that particular forum, I have only ever posted maybe 3 times and my last post was an important fix which was "pinned" by the administrator due to its relevance..I'm sure it must be some kind of error..
  8. Peter Webber


    Good day.. I am a 52 year old guy who frequently posts on Avsim when required. In some forums I'm am getting blocked by an application called "Spamhaus". Is this a virus or a "legit" app? I only ever post advice to other users..It says my IP is this a scam in itself? Regards.
  9. Peter Webber

    Cape Town (FACT) finally getting some FSDG love

    Great news. I have mentioned many times that this area is largely "untapped" in the flight sim community and those developers jumping in first will reap the rewards. Finally, a world is emerging outside of USA, Europe (Is there such place out there?😋).
  10. Peter Webber

    P3d v4.3

    Thanks boet..
  11. Peter Webber

    P3d v4.3

    Agree. I remained with v4.1 since v4.2 caused numerous issues with my already perfect setup. And with v4.3, we will obviously see the v4.2 issues resolved but we must still await the updates from all the other affected developers.
  12. Peter Webber

    Performance issues?

    Hi, Rob. I have always chosen to keep my simulator simple (just ORBX, Hifi, PF3 and PMDG products). After reading this post, I am truly tempted to go further, but it all seems so much more complicated when blending all the various products together. In your professional opinion, does it make a huge change to immersion in my simulation environment to invest in these additional addons? I use P3D v4.1....7700K, 1080Ti...
  13. Peter Webber

    Just for kicks - Guess When P3D 4.3 is released?

    Well there we have it! The fact that Pete is NOT taking a vacation this year means the release will be June 2019..!
  14. Peter Webber

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    Does SWS have their own website? I can only find the link to the Facebook would one purchase the scenery when released?
  15. Peter Webber

    New major african hub scenery - FSDG GOBD

    Looks interesting! My base is also FACT...