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  1. Peter Webber

    City Scene Orlando (ORBX) Released !

    I wish ORBX would get back to their "Global" series development (OLC, etc) not these patches here and there.
  2. Peter Webber

    Good news and bad news for us simmers and pilots

    Thanks for this thread! You saved me a few bucks. I'll hold back on my purchase of the 2080ti until after the galaxy merge!
  3. Peter Webber

    FAOR , Johannesburg O R Tambo

    Agree. As you said, why develop so far and then abort the project? I see they have updated their page with new pictures. Hopefully we also get ORBX OLC Africa next month as advertised in their forum.
  4. Peter Webber

    FAOR , Johannesburg O R Tambo

    A bit "jittery" there maybe? 🤣 Metaphors aside, be patient. I'm also looking forward to the release. Don't judge all your expectations on a Facebook page going offline.
  5. Remember, the "New Year" ends 31 December 2019. Expect the release to be anytime before then.😁
  6. Lucky you. I had the Sinclair ZX81 at that time (1982). But still have my C64 with FS2! (1986 I think).
  7. After waking up and reading the "tail end" of this post, I believe I may be correct in assuming there is a lot of FUI going on here? 😂. Guys, chill! Happy New Year.
  8. Logically, you can only answer to #2 OR #3. Not both. So I don't know how this has worked so far. But a great idea. I've been very interested in the 2080ti.
  9. Peter Webber

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Still have my working C64 and subLogic flight simulator (I think FS2). Takes over 10 minutes to load up though from the cassette deck!
  10. Peter Webber

    Future FS Expo's.

    Yes, but think "outside of the box".😉
  11. Peter Webber

    Future FS Expo's.

    Understand...but we host huge sporting events (world cup rugby, soccer, etc) and those plane ticket prices don't prevent arrivals from the north...😉 anyway just putting it out there...but I totally understand your point.
  12. Peter Webber

    Future FS Expo's.

    Good day. I was wondering whether there would be future consideration to run FS Expo's outside of the routine countries (USA, UK, etc) and to maybe host one year in the southern Africa area? We in South Africa have a first world conference center in Cape Town (CTICC) with beautiful views and venues in the area and the exchange rate is very favorable. And we have a large flight sim community in South Africa. Just a thought. It would be great to see all the great developers here (I believe PMDG have South Africans on their team). Regards.
  13. Very funny! LOL. I think in that era, windows were just something you look through, and not very clearly at that time!🤣
  14. Peter Webber

    747 glowing yoke P3D v4

    Naughty boy!😆 Are you sure you should be advertising this? 🙉 Is your vehicle still under warranty?😉