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  1. Very nice setup! (I hope you didn't steal that safety card on the left hand side there!😁)
  2. And so much poverty on "this" planet due to 1st world greed...Musk is from a 3rd world country. What a sly and mischevious person.
  3. Well said...I'm in Africa and I see the deprived communities.. Try bush flying!...even MSFS has no Africa World Updates...
  4. Then again on this planet, which countries have been "looted" for their raw minerals, their populations in starvation, minerals shipped out and stolen, to be able to construct that type of starship? Not pessimistic, just reality, my earth brother....let's 1st learn to live in a sustainable way on THIS planet, and equal resourses for all.....just saying.
  5. First world mentality: "Let's go out and loot, plunder and destroy another planet....". Hope they don't have an equivalent of Africa there.....😉
  6. Ok....I'll have a few beers, then go over this again....😉 Thanks for clarifying.....I think...
  7. I'm still trying to figure out whether JRBarrett and Lucky38i are posting in English? 😂 They lost me after their 1st post!
  8. I don't know where you are located, but the strippers in my area do not have "smooth butts"!
  9. These aliens travel through wormholes, bend space and time to get here. So I always wonder why they need to turn on lights after their arrival into the earth's atmosphere?🤪
  10. Have you ever considered a full re-install of the new version? Since all of my addons are now outside of the sim in my library, it's almost as easy as Client only....full deletion of old version including left over files, and fresh install of new version.
  11. What process are you following to update the Cleint?
  12. This link may help those who are in distress after reading the post... https://www.living-prayers.com/topics/serenity_prayer.html
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