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  1. Peter Webber

    WSSS (ImagineSim) to FACT (FSDG)

    Great video...My home base! I use FS Global Ultimate mesh to correctly depict Table Mountain..I have a view of the mountain from my lounge...great to see some developers focusing on this part of the world.
  2. I agree. I invested in the Z270 MB / 1080TI / 7700K generation when it was being advertised as the "best ever!", while behind the scenes they were already working on the next iteration of "the best ever!". For flight simulation purposes if your setup works for you, stick with it! Don't be fooled into wanting to be "first in the queue" for every new CPU/GPU that enters the market. I'm still very satisfied with my setup for my simulation requirements. The performance gains these days are negligible.
  3. Peter Webber

    p3d V4 won't open, stuck on splash screen

    This happened to me when I deleted an addon airport but had left the entry in the scenery library. Ensure there is no mismatch between your installed sceneries and entries in the scenery library.
  4. Peter Webber

    [REAL ATC] Several aircraft witness a UFO OVER IRELAND

    No ways. I love my Irish Coffee...but then again only when on leave...😁
  5. Peter Webber

    [REAL ATC] Several aircraft witness a UFO OVER IRELAND

    Great information. I will purchase my fallout shelter now. Do they have them on Amazon? By the way, which planet are you from? In your post, should you not be replacing "They" with "We"?😁
  6. Peter Webber

    [REAL ATC] Several aircraft witness a UFO OVER IRELAND

    😂 My exact thoughts!
  7. Peter Webber

    [REAL ATC] Several aircraft witness a UFO OVER IRELAND

    After watching many UFO documentaries, I've always been curious as to why, after travelling halfway across the Universe and probably through countless wormholes, bending the fabric of time etc, do they have to switch on lights when they arrive on this planet? 😂
  8. Brother, where are you from? A first world country with first world service? It's "stuff like this" which makes me realise how lucky you guys are to have any type of service. In Africa, we are lucky to have any kind of pity when it comes to "service". I am not into "worship", I am just so happy that i get service from any source. Brother, come join me here..PMDG (Kyle) has proven to be the best in costumer service with my PMDG aircraft issues. It's all relative. Come join me here...I will show you a few me who you "worship".?
  9. Peter Webber

    RainMaker effects above 80knots

    Interesting. After some research, I found info that scientists have collected locusts flying at an altitude of approx. 15000ft, flies and butterflies at 20000ft! I hope PMDG factor this in the their "Bug Splat" algorithm!
  10. I would just like to say to Kyle to stop "beating yourself to death". I believe you provide a fantastic service and I'm sure most members of Avsim feel the same way. Keep up the good work and don't feel compelled to change your ways. Regards.
  11. Peter Webber

    Ansiotropic - nVidia CP vs P3Dv4

    So do you leave it set at 16x in sim and additionally set it in NCP?
  12. Peter Webber

    RainMaker effects above 80knots

    And the "Bug Splats" above 80 kts? Will they also be fine tuned? Jokes aside, thanks for the great effects! Adds a huge amount to the immersion of the product.
  13. Peter Webber

    Ansiotropic - nVidia CP vs P3Dv4

    Very interesting observation. I haven't tried this myself (not near my flight sim PC right now) but maybe Rob Ainscough or Steve Waite could investigate. This is their area of expertise.
  14. Peter Webber

    Rainmaker and -400

    Why are we all getting so tense over "Raindrops"? It's the "Bug Splats" I want to see!
  15. Peter Webber

    FSDG Cape Town Released

    Yes, beautiful scenery here. In my company I work with several "American Africans" who decided to leave the States and settle in Cape Town.