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  1. You should enter the ICAO Airline code that is used in real live. However these codes are not always used consistently, so enter two airlines in atc_parking_codes=SAS,BCY You can also fill in theTail number as registration code. Then you always will have a good match.
  2. Ah, good to hear. Enjoy my program.
  3. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    Yes computers are mysterious beasts. Maybe it is because of a change in weather 😉
  4. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    You could also try a clean install of FSX, although that is a lot of work. You better try some other AI first
  5. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    Try another set of AI aircraft and see if the problem is gone.
  6. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    Check: have you installed the right FLAi package? There are two versions one for FSXP3Dv3 and one for P3Dv4.
  7. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    Yes it should be possible. I run vPilot regularly with live traffic and parked aircraft. But I'm using P3Dv4.3 and I do not use FLAi liveries. It looks to me that vPilot has problems with one of your FLAi liveries. PSXseeconTraffic has nothing to do with it, all it does is placing static aircraft (without any problems as you can see in the log). You better check the vPilot forum for the occurrence of "polygons". EDIT P.S in the new version 11.1 I have fixed the multiple " 08:18:44 3rd party aircraft ( id: 643 ) detected on the ground" messages in the log, now you will see just one..
  8. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    Run PSXseeconTraffic without VATSIM and see if you still have these distortions.
  9. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    You have 3d party aircraft, for instance these: 08:15:08 3rd party aircraft ( id: 643 ) detected on the ground08:15:08 3rd party aircraft DLH2CP ( id: 703 ) detected on the ground08:15:08 3rd party aircraft BMA151B ( id: 700 ) detected on the ground Are you using other AI programs as well? It looks that that anonymous 3d party aircraft with id 643 is causing problems in your Sim. It is not a parked aircraft from PSXseeconTraffic....
  10. kiek

    another idea...

    FlightRadar and RealTraffic are not the same programs... In PSXseeconTraffic planes that switch their ADSB transponder on when they are near a gate will will be positioned at the gate, you can follow that proces by selecting Log position. Also planes that end their flight near a gate will be parked at a gate. You can follow that process by Log Parking. This is all according to real live. So if you start with 0% parked, you will slowly see your airport come to live according to real. The static planes at a gate can be precisely specified with airline and type (manually in the airport.txt file), but there is no relation with the time of the day. >another Little question: is it posible to see the user plane inserted in googlemaps or flightradar? No, in the RealTraffic stream only.
  11. The quick start guide says to use the FLAI Operations center, do not install FLAI manually but let the installer do it. This folder C:\users\appdata\roaming\flai is not good ... The installer will also activate your liveries in FSX, I presume. If you have problems, please ask them in the vPilot forum, there is a thread on FLAI. I am not the developer of FLAI you know. Regards, Nico
  12. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    Tip: search for log in the Manual .... 😉
  13. kiek

    Texture Polygons

    In your log I read: LIVE=0 ***************************** Note *****************************Parked aircraft only mode (no live aircraft!)**************************************************************** If you want live aircraft you have to select Live aircraft in the main window, top line. Try that first Regards, Nico
  14. Hi Duncan, Error 81 is a very clear error. PSXseeconTraffic tries to create a Livery in your Sim based on its title and nothing else. But the title is not known by P3D, so the problem lies in P3D not in PSXseeconTraffic. You really do not need AILGenerator, while PSXseeconTraffic comes already with the AI_liveries.txt file for FLAi. There is really something wrong with the way you installed the FLAI liveries. It looks like your FLAi liveries are not activated. I have activated the FLAI liveries with an addon.xml file. What did you do? Nico
  15. kiek

    AI traffic

    Hello Wim, Good to hear. Enjoy my program! Regards, Nico