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  1. Well there is always room for improvement. However, maybe the banking in the previous version was too steep? I have flown a lot and airliners normally fly straight after takeoff, at least until passing 2000ft agl. That's more comfortable for the passengers too 😉 The data in RT is coming from the aircraft, so they are the real life position... I could try to smooth them a little, or use published heading and bank only when landing (for the crabbing effect)
  2. No, Fenix is incompatible 😉 I mean all other aircraft and support programs work with PSXT. I cannot change anything, but I am of course willing to help by telling them the SimConnect data PSXT provides.
  3. Yes, a problem in the model. Not responding correctly to SimConnect commands. This is outside my scope unfortunatly.
  4. Hi Dirk, Thanks for your info. It looks like a bug. I am on vacation (Terschelling) and have no access to my computer. Will look into it after June 4th. Regards, Nico
  5. Thank you Vidar! I am on vacation and will add it to PSXT after June 4th. Nico
  6. Yes thx. The log file is described in Manual section 11.1 Please use the spoiler function next time to hide large blocks of text: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/609916-how-to-hide-contents-in-this-forum-spoiler/ Nico
  7. I know, I'm a P3D user from the start. Btw, I have moved all these addons to D:\Addons and adapted the add-on.xml files. That way I could easily update P3D from v3 to v4 to v5. And because I used the addon.xml method PSXT is able to find them automatically. Could you post your Log.txt instead of parameters.xml?
  8. Yes but that list will become quite large. Note that you don't need to add the ones that do not fly anymore... It would be better if I put it in dbase.xml, because it is not user specific, assuming it is legal to grap data from that site.
  9. Interesting, but do note that there is an alternative way of defining specials. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/618009-msfs-sharing-of-aigm-regcode-id-files/ All liveries that have just one registration code in the files in that thread are treated as special. The files were added to psxt_msfs and are used automatically if AIG is checked in the UI. So there may be a considerable overlap, although psxt_msfs will sort things out and test for uniqueness.
  10. Correct. Change the B772 line it to the line above, and remove the B788 line.
  11. Reducing the depth will not help. In step 4 psxt searches for a JAL livery that is similar to a 789. In \data\dbase.xml you may find a similar_types section. In there it is defined which types are similar. I guess I have defined B788, B789 and B78Xto be similar. Likewise there will be a definition for the triple 7's. You can solve your "problem " by combining these two lines into 1. Do note that this will hold then for any airline, not just JAL. (and with the next update of psxt you will have to do it again) But maybe a nice solution until these liveries are added to AIG.
  12. I am a P3Dv5 user myself and I do not need to use the stock airports path to find addon airports. It is certainly another problem. It would still be nice if you could post your Log txt...
  13. ? You should not hit the enter button while editing parameters.xml... That note is meant for text boxes in the UI. You do not need a parameter for all. C:\P3Dv5 Addons will do for quite a number.. Could you post your Log.txt please ?
  14. I assume you are using P3D? Do you have add-on airport installed? If not there is no problem. If you have, set a full path (or more paths) to the folder(-s) where they are installed. See the Manual section 5.1.
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