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  1. Hi Matt, It should work if your airport file with the parking positions has PVT as airline code for a GA spot. Could you post the file of the airport that gave strange results here? Then I'll have a look. And please post your PSXseeconTraffic.log too (from the PSXseeconTraffic folder),that gives me info about your AI aircraft. Nico
  2. just thank you

    Well finally there is one, see my just created Donate page ... Nico
  3. Hi Steven, In 4.3 yes, but this morning (night for you I guess ) I have developed version 5.0: A stock (or default) airport, in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Scenery (or in FSX equivalent …), will not overwrite an add-on airport. An add-on airport will overwrite a stock airport. This holds as well within a folder search as during a complete run. In your case, an add_on airports within ...\Prepar3D v4, such as ...\Prepar3D v4\Fly Tampa will be save, and need no extra listing. The order of folders is also irrelevant, you may as well specify: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 D:\AddOns as D:\AddOns C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 You no longer have to worry about all that, quite easy Nico
  4. No, that is not necessary, use the save button to save your path(-s), and push restore to get them back. rgrds, Nico BTW: how often do you do a global search? Once for the default airports will do. And then you focus on your add-ons.
  5. Hi, That is already possible: 1.Clean the parked folder of ParkPosGenerator. 2. Clean all paths to folders in ParkPosGenerator. 3. Add a path to a newly installed add on airport. 4. Run ParkPosGenerator 5. Copy the airport.txt file for your add on to the parked folder of PSXseeconTraffic. Nico
  6. KCGX-Meigs Field

    Nice story. >if it's listed as Destination airport in PSXseeconTraffic, then it would populate with parked aircraft - would that work? Yes that will work and also if you start from there you will see parked aircraft. Regards, Nico
  7. KCGX-Meigs Field

    Added to version 9.32. I thought that Meigs airfield was closed in 2003? Will there be any live traffic in RealTraffic (except for flying over)? Nico
  8. Right Computer for Prepar3D v4

    This should be Windows 10 64 bit, P3Dv4's preferred Operating System.
  9. First impressions

    That's not normal. Could it be that at your laptop you have programs blocking/interupting PSXseeconTraffic? Are you sure that aircraft start to stutter and that these stutters are not related to your weather program or scenery? That will be fixed if you download the latest from my web site, or run ParkPosGenerator version 4.1. Is not a big problem, those positions are fuel stations, so not real parking positions, they miss aircraft types, but again fixed in version 4.1
  10. First impressions

    Do you see all these lines about 3rd party aircraft...? Are you using other AI traffic programs at the same time? If so, please switch that off and try again. Also check Manual section 4.1: "Make sure the Airline Traffic density and General aviation traffic density is set at 0%." Nico
  11. First impressions

    Hi, Please post your PSXseeconTraffic.log file here (you can find it in the PSXeeconTraffic folder), so I can check if something is wrong. and what Airport.txt file (KSFO.txt in folder parked) are you using for KSFO? If you have a KSFO airport addon installed, you need to run the ParkPosGenerator to get a file with the lat/lon coördinates of your gates. and read the disclaimer section of the Manual. Although most of the times you should see traffic behave normally. Nico
  12. Hi, There is no need to while, in the mean time you can use the 32 bit version PSXseeconTraffic.exe. That works with FSX, P3Dv2.5, P3Dv3, P3Dv4.1 and P3Dv4.2.... BTW I have no problems with 4.2. Nico
  13. AI commands

    I'd suggest you take a look at PSXseeconTraffic + RealTraffic. Nico
  14. New ICAO to upgrade

    Added to the existing version 10.2, just re-download.
  15. New ICAO to upgrade

    Some smaller airlines only have a two character IATA code. But for FlyBondi I was wrong, its ICAO code is FBD, I'll add it.. EDIT: available in VMRGenerator 10.2