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  1. Hi Vidar, Like I wrote earlier the problem lies in the data stream coming from RealTraffic. For instance here a short logging of the RT data about THY8BK that took off from EHAM about an hour ago. It enters the runway, starts it take off but then it holds and disappears from the sim, a little later it reappears in the air at about 1800 ft above the ground. ... AITFC,4960485,52.3019,4.7348,0,0,1,16,10,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726694 AITFC,4960485,52.3020,4.7358,0,0,1,81,9,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726706 AITFC,4960485,52.3020,4.7363,0,0,1,90,11,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726714 AITFC,4960485,52.3021,4.7373,0,0,1,78,7,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726726 AITFC,4960485,52.3024,4.7374,0,0,1,22,7,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726738 AITFC,4960485,52.3027,4.7374,0,0,1,8,6,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726746 AITFC,4960485,52.3031,4.7375,0,0,1,5,12,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726758 AITFC,4960485,52.3040,4.7375,0,0,1,2,43,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726765 AITFC,4960485,52.3072,4.7378,0,0,1,2,90,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726776 AITFC,4960485,52.3072,4.7378,0,0,1,2,90,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726776 AITFC,4960485,52.3072,4.7378,0,0,1,2,90,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726776 AITFC,4960485,52.3072,4.7378,0,0,1,2,90,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726776 AITFC,4960485,52.3072,4.7378,0,0,1,2,90,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726776 AITFC,4960485,52.3072,4.7378,0,0,1,2,90,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726776 AITFC,4960485,52.3423,4.7456,1525,1216,1,25,154,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726830 AITFC,4960485,52.3571,4.7568,1900,2047,1,22,192,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726850 AITFC,4960485,52.3740,4.7677,2899,3328,1,23,196,THY8BK,A359,TC-LGE,AMS,IST,1620726870 ... There is a gap of about 53 seconds… RT repeats the same position with timestamp 1620726776. PSXT ignores this redundant data of course and after 30 seconds with no new position data it removes the aircraft from the sim… I have reported this to Balthasar, lets hope he can do something about it. Nico
  2. No, I don't think so. I've tried in the past. PSXT traffic is not "ai traffic with a flight plan", but objects that are shifted around.
  3. Aha, you found a bug! Now fixed, please re-install v 22.4 Thx for the "heads up"
  4. "Aircraft became live" so i understand you are talking here about a live aircraft and not a static one. A live aircraft has no "cargo" label in the data stream coming from the Data Provider. Matching will only be good if there is a registration code and your liveries have all these registration codes, or the type of the aircraft is one of the few cargo types or it is a cargo only airline. So if you did not have the registration code of the wanted 767 passenger plane the matching goes by airline and type and then a cargo plane can be the result, as in your example. I could improve it for live aircraft starting at a gate by taking the gate label into account, but that is not yet in PSXT (also not in 22.3...). Seems an interesting addition, allthough it will not help for live aircraft starting in the air or somewhere else at the airport. Will look into that.
  5. Hi Oliver, I don't understand what you mean. Version 22.4 is no different from 22.3 in this rspect... What do you mean with "became (to) live"? Could you be more precise about your findings? Nico
  6. Then they must have disappeared the traffic data stream coming from RT. This is purely bad luck I guess, if you had wait a little longer you'd seen aircraft landing and taking off. I have just visited Heathrow and saw a few planes landing and taking off but there is very little traffic due to the pandemic. Try another airport, for instance Denver (KDEN).
  7. I assume you are referring to the cannot be created messages in the Log.txt file. That's not a PSXT issue. It means that your ai aircraft are not correctly installed in MSFS. MSFS is not aware of these liveries.... See FAQ#14 and FAQ#15 I think you better install the Megapack in its default folder.
  8. No that's not the cause. A lot of IVAO aircraft have this G-BAFM registration code. AILG_MSFS is aware of that and ignores it, so the livery can still be used instead of being rejected for having the same regcode.
  9. That's not possible... Please post your complete Log.txt with Log live matching on. EDIT: For example: CKS204 N745CK AMS->JFK CKS B744 =3= B744CKSBCF The title of the livery, here in bold, is the livery that PSXT asks MSFS to create, nothing else. Maybe you are looking to a landing of a flight that was matched long ago. So be careful with your observations.
  10. Hello, somehow, i have lost on "special option" you gave me someday, to make AILG reading the atc_id variations. By now, my liveries.xml only read the model and repaint but not all the atc_id taht i have been collecting during years. is it possible that i can have that "optional" one?

    i wuold appreciate ytoo much

    thank you!:)

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      thank you very much but...i cant download it. 

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      could tyou help me? and really thanks!! i 

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      thank you very much!!!

      and sorry for writing here. i didnt want to disturb!

  11. Of course mate 😉 BTW: Real Traffic is from Balthasar in Sydney, so if you have problems with RealTraffic you are much closer by then I am.
  12. No technical problems, there is simply no traffic .. Just let it go. Don't know where you live, but take the local clock (of the airports you want to record) into account. To begin with you should not start with the night hours.
  13. "Live Weather"? I think you meant RealTraffic Just FYI (and others) : If you select one airport in Learner it will run until you exit. The duration is only used if you enter more then 1 airport code or * So if you enter KDEN,KJFK and 480 mins, it will switch to KJFK after 480 minutes, and exit another 480 minutes later. If you enter KDEN only you have to watch the time and exit Learner to make a new entry. The bad news is yes you have to do that for every airport you would like to fly to. The good news is that, when covid19 is over, there is much more traffic and learning will go much faster. Unless you can share your airports with others of course. For P3D I have a couple of airports at my site, but of course somebody else in this community may of course set up a site for MSFS too...
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