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  1. The 'bad allocation' error points in the direction of a memory (shortage?) problem. As soon as I am home I will investigate this further. Nico
  2. Hi, It is not the AI_liveries.txt that is causing this. AI_liveries.txt is just computer generated file representing the AI liveries that you have installed in you Simulator, or at least the ones you have referenced in VMRGenerator when producing this file. (You cannot use somebody else his file, that will never work, you can ofcourse use somebody else his corrected liveries...) If you do not see the right Live aircraft at your airports, then this is simple cause by the fact that you miss these liveries.... If you do not see the right Parked (static) aircraft at your airports, then this is simply cause by the fact that your ICAO.txt files for you airports do not contain the right airlines codes for each gate. I'd suggest that you select log livery matching, and study the PSXseeconTraffic.log file to see what you are missing. Especially the summary at the end may open your eyes. Regards, Nico
  3. That's correct, Michael. You can either put ai-liveries in one folder or use for each brand (VATSIM, MT6, UTL, FAIB, FSPXAI or what have you ...) a seperate folder and prioritize these in VMRGenerator. Regards Nico
  4. Hi, It is a database within PSXseeconTraffic. You cannot add to it. In the log file you can find a message about how many airports it contains. I will add / correct your airport to / in the next version. Nico
  5. No that's not correct.... At a lot of airports (especially in Europe?) planes do not switch their transponders off on the ground and you will see aircraft starting at a gate, taxiing to the runway and lining up, or vice versa, leaving the landing runway and taxiing to a gate. I get position data of real traffic every 9 seconds (as well for ground traffic as airborne traffic) so a lot of algorithms are (always) needed in PSXseeconTraffic to make the plane go smooth in the right direction with the published groundspeed and to cater for a missing data position. Offcourse sometimes there are errors in the data and then you will 'get garbage in garbage' out..., but mostly it works fine.Try EHAM or EDDF for instance. If I no longer have position data for an aircraft I have to remove it from your sim, no heuristic routines.. Nico
  6. Hi Lorby, If you see LH492 near you, you simply stear towards it and it will disappear automatically as soon as the lateral distance between you and the LH492 becomes less than 3 nm and the vertical distance less then 800 feet. Then you have taken the "spot" of LH492. Nico
  7. Hello Lorby, Suppressing the real world flight is easy to do, but why would you? Then you are on your own ... and you have to listen closely to (several) live ATC channels (if available) for your instructions to push back, taxi and so on. .. If you want to fly a real world flight It is a lot easier to just follow the real world flight! If you come to close to a live aircrfat it wil temporaraly disappear so there are no risks of collisions. Finding a slot in a landing queue is not difficult at all, while A) in a sim you can follow an aircraft at a closer distance, B) not all airports have such busy landing queues, and C) if you come to close to your predecessor or an aircraft behind you is geting to close it wlll disappear. Regards, Nico
  8. Hi Dave, ad 1) That's not correct, PSXseeconTraffic also works over oceans. Just like in the FlightRadar 24 app ad 2) That's correct. However, there are a lot of airports that force transponders to be on while taxing. For instance at EHAM, EKCH, EDDF and KLAX to name a few major airports. Nico
  9. Post your log file please, otherwise I cannot get any ideas ... ;-)
  10. Peculiar. I cannot recreate this situation. If I go to EDDF all workes well. Can you give another airport that causes problems?
  11. Hi, Thx. I will investigate further. Could you in the mean time go back to version 9.11 (again available at my website), and see it that version works without this problem? Nico
  12. PSXseeconTraffic.log You will find it in the PSXseeconTraffic folder. Nico
  13. Hi, Please post the log file of such a session ... Nico
  14. Could you post the log file of that session please ...
  15. I don't know, please ask the developer of RealTraffic ... Nico