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  1. Hi Edoardo, Available in VMRGenerator version 9.1 Cheers, Nico
  2. This has been discussed (lengthly) before. See this thread at the top of this forum, starting from page 65. In summary: It's all about economics indeed, but quite the opposite of what you think ... Everybody makes its own decision, no problem. Discussion closed. Nico
  3. Just FYI: The floor altitude is alt above sea level, not above ground. So add the altitude of your airport if you want to be that precise (100 feet above ground). Nico
  4. Hi, Will put that idea at my (long) to-do list ... Note that even if a gate is occupied, you can continue... As soon as the parked aircraft is wihin a few meters it wil disappear (if Collision avoidance at the ground is selected). Regards, Nico
  5. What we can say is that PSXseeconTraffic + RealTraffic generates real time, real life traffic contrary to UTL. It does not come with AI liveries indeed. However, it works with almost any AI package available, for instance with the liveries from UTL Nico
  6. You can always 'tick' "avoid collions in the air" in the User Interface, then live aircraft will disappear if you get too close, so they do not bother you. However, except for very busy airports such as Heathrow and Frankfurt (here in Europe) I have no problems taking position in the landing queues. Nico
  7. You can go back 48 hours. Nico
  8. Hi Derek, That is strange while I did not change anything with respect to connecting to the flight simulator.... I am not not at home, so you are on your own for a while ;-) Nico
  9. Hi MachTwo, Personally I do not recommend to mix real live traffic with other AI traffic.... At my home airport (EHAM) live traffic at the ground is available and so I do not feel the need for it. However, there are airports with a different transponder policy. Therefore - and because you were not the first that has asked for it- I have add a hidden parameter FLOOR_ALTITUDE with default value -1000 to version 8.11 (see the Manual section 5.16.1) This parameter defines an altitude in feet. Below this altitude live aircraft will be suppressed. With the default value there will be no suppression but if you would specify: FLOOR_ALTITUDE=4000 All live aircraft below 4000 feet will be suppressed, thus leaving airports and runways free of live traffic. Note that this does not block the parking of static aircraft at gates. Have fun! Nico
  10. Hi Philippe, Aha, thank you for that valuable observation. Nico
  11. ad A) that is caused by AI aircraft that are not compatible with P3Dv4, it has nothing to do with PSXseeconTraffic. You should install better AI aircraft (from FAIB or FSPXAI for instance) ad B) No, you only re-install the P3D v4 Client. First uninstall your current client and then install the P3D v4.1 client and activate on-line. Takes no more then 10 minutes.
  12. The 64 bit versions only work with P3D v4.1
  13. Hi Philippe, VMRGenerator is not excluding Stock aircraft. However, most of them siimply do not comply to the VMRgenerator requirements for being recognised as AI aircraft for vPilot. That's why you get these (what you call strange) reports ... Note that the Atc_model= line is expected to be in the [General] section of the aircraft.cfg file (not in a [fltsim.x] section). Maybe that helps you a bit further... Nico
  14. Yeah but that's not all, you are only shown at that website if you have checked "inject own aircraft".
  15. HI, You are scanning the wrong folder... SimObjects\Airplanes is a folder with Flyable aircraft. VMRGenerator is about AI aircraft. Normally they are (and should be) installed in a folder different from Airplanes. Nico