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  1. kiek

    Simconnect setup problem

    Aha, good thank you! FYI , I have no commercial relationship with RealTraffic, we are completely seperate.
  2. kiek

    New error - please help when able

    Oops, never have seen that error .. What is going on here: PSXseeconTraffic is setting up a TCP/IP server at port 10747. It creates a listener socket to llisten to a client (RealTraffic in this case) that wants to connect. PSXseeconTraffic wants to continue but the listener failed and stops it. Could there be something blocking port 10747? Nico
  3. kiek

    Simconnect setup problem

    No, except you write simconnect.dll, i assume you meant SimConnect.xml. Did you put Simconnect.cfg in the PSXseeconTraffic folder, as indicated in the Manual? I really recommend to try the Beech baron first, your aircraft may cause problems (don't expect that), just to be sure. About redistribution: Please do not do that! I would like users to download my software fro my site. That gives me a better statistics about the number of downloads..
  4. kiek

    Simconnect setup problem

    You should change parked into parked_default otherwise you will run into problems after you have solved your SimConnect problem. It looks like you have not set up SimConnect correctly, study section 2.2 of the Manual carefully. EDIT: and check that you have loaded an aircraft as vehicle, try one of the Beech Baron's first.
  5. kiek

    Simconnect setup problem

    No, it is not... It should start with "Thu Oct 18 16:10:33 2018 (utc)" (or something like that) and so on...
  6. kiek

    Simconnect setup problem

    Could you please post your complete log file, not just part of it. Thank you.
  7. Indeed, remove that livery.
  8. Good to hear you fixed it. Enjoy!
  9. Hi, Since version 11.9 the algorithm has changed. It is now fully random and exact matches first. If no match has been found it will try again with similar types. Generic liveries are no longer used for parked aircraft Nico
  10. Sorry to hear that. I really have no idea... As long as I get no other posts of people with this problem, it looks like an issue with your main PC ...
  11. >EDIT: What about just ignoring planes with no MTL. So you COULD have, Live: xxx, Buffer: xxx, No MTL: xxx <-- just a suggestion. Just put your AI_liveries.txt parameter back to FLAi and it will no longer try to match MTL liveries... Of course it is better to correct your MTL liveries, while some of them are not rightly installed in your simulator leading to creation errors. Do note we are not talking about model mismatching but about object creation problems. That's why after 20 wrong creations PSXseeconTraffic stops because this error is mainly caused by having forget to activate the liveries in the simulator at all. But again, a quick fix is very easy: set your AI_liveries.txt folder to FLAi Edit: or keep your settings and run AILGenerator again pointing to your FLAi folder only. and please do not shout in your post, you've got my programs for free, you know ...
  12. So a firewall issue at your end?
  13. kiek

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    Same here.
  14. It might be an Operating System issue. Are you up to date with Microsoft Updates?
  15. Indeed, and nothing has changed since ...