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  1. The addon airports scanned are in your airports\my_thirdparty folder. In PSXT/output/info/AirportsScanLog.txt you can see what PSXT has found about KMCI.... Check that first please
  2. The origin-destination info in RT is not always correct. Don't trust that. (this has always been the case since the begining) It may change when the aircraft starts taxiing (if GUID changes is checked in the GUI). It is not related to the double entries you see.
  3. That is not your problem. The liveries that cannot be created by MSFS are AIG liveries ... You let PSXT scan for liveries in Automatic mode, then it is looking for AIG, FSLTL or JustFlight. In you case it has found the AIG package at your PC, but since they cannot be created, MSFS is not aware where they are. Make sure the AIG packaage is either in the Community folder or -if you use AddOnLinker- at another place but linked to the Community folder.
  4. It is the version number that matters 1.0.4 (not the date of the file) , you can find it in the parameters.xml file. However, did you try to delete it so it downloads a fresh file? Again, I have spotted at FlightBeam KSFO yesterday for many hours, but did not see your problem (nice airport by the way) with good traffic. I followed a landing DHL cargo plane that taxied all the way to p507, next to me in my DHL livery 😉 ,
  5. This has been discussed before here, please see the solution in FAQ #12 (11): You need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2022, version 17, architecture x64. It can be downloaded here at Microsoft (scroll down to Download Visual C++ Redistributables). Run VC_redist.x64.exe..
  6. Well I found the bug.... Banking is back in version 7.5.0. Thanks for the heads up!
  7. I was at EDDF yesterday evening (Western European Time), lateral range 100 nm and I got about 360 (!) live aircraft, but no doubles.
  8. @prolixindec Version 7.4.4 is available, please give it a try and post the error message (now in Log.txt). Thank you.
  9. Hi Dana, Thank you for the heads up, the locked problem is fixed in version 7.4.4, now you are able to edit the text box. Note that you could have set the path in C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\<PSXT_P3D or PSXTraffic_p3D>\parameters.xml as well, like this: <parameter name="SIM_INSTALL_PATH" value="D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v6" /> Regards, Nico
  10. Hi, The next version 7.4.4 will not struggle over error 234, but generate a message in the Log.txt what file it tried to download,. Then we know more. Note that is is normal that PSXT restarts if you jump to a different place in the world. However, it should not exit. Nico
  11. I think it is over by now, it was a problem in RT. But to be sure in the next version (7.4.4) I'l add a check upon this and remove the duplicate.
  12. Sorry, but I've no time to watch videos. It is a lot easier for me if you just post your Log.txt, if this still exists (maybe not, try it first)
  13. No I'm not. Everything looks fine overt here, see this from a flight at KSEA: SKW4020 N292SY SKW E75L =1= AIGAIM_Delta Connection Embraer EMB-175 New WL - opb Skywest Airlines Check that you have the necessary liveries installed. Check your input\regcodesAIG\AIG-regcodes.xml file. Maybe it is corrupt? Delete the file, PSXT will download a fresh one at the next start.
  14. Yes it is. One of both callsigsn has a trailing underscore is not it?
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