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  1. Is there not a UTL Forum?
  2. FT EHAM and Aerosoft EDDF plus PSXseeconTraffic and RealTraffic because these airports have lots of real live traffic, also at the ground taxiing (in normal days...). Have flown EHAM - EDDF numerous times at Vatsim. It is a nice short flight for in the evening after dinner.
  3. OP was looking for realistic traffic ... 😉 It is quite indeed, mostly cargo planes. But still intersting. Yesterday for instance there was an aircrfat from Vietnam at EHAM. Normally they do not fly at EHAM but it was picking up stranded residents (at EDDF, EHAM and Charles de Gaulle airport).
  4. With the liveries of UTL2, yes. Do not run UTL2.
  5. Hi Ben, There is also the option to fly with real live traffic: PSXseeconTrafic (PSXT). There are now two data providers available, Real Traffic (payware) and ADS-B Live (free of charge). See the Quick Start Guide. Nico
  6. To be safe, put all your add-on airports in a seperate folder and then let PPG process that folder after you have processed FSX. There is no need to remove any stock airport files, and you beter don't. furthermore: don't know, sorry
  7. The problem with your proposal is that gate numbers in the AFCAD file are not always the same as the ones in real live. This may lead to confusion between PSXT and the user.
  8. Delete any LSZH.xml from your parked_updates folder first.
  9. The parked or real live aircraft at that gate will disappear automatically just before you touch it with your aircraft if Collision avoid. ground: User X (Live or Parked) is checked.
  10. It will cost a lot of (leased) IT, which is expensive. Thats one of the reasons RT is payware.
  11. RT still supports time shift up to 7 days in the past.
  12. Try another airport, EDDF should be fine
  13. Do you see traffic in the RT radar window?
  14. Accelerated sim rates and Live Traffic do not work together well, you should not do that.
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