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  1. I still need some more testers.... It will only take you max half an hour.
  2. It is in the data base, and defined as similar type to E135 and E145
  3. Yes I have beta tested the Level-D 757, but it never materialised :-[
  4. Yes, do you want to test it? See the first thread here.
  5. Hi guys, Who wants to test my new PSXTraffic program with prefilled learned airports? You must run it in a new installation folder next to you current PSXT version. It will not do any harm. The focus is on third party airports and parking of static aircraft. In the handling of live aircraft nothing has changed. Conditions: you have MSFS or P3D v4+ you have to run PSXTraffic and RT at the same machine as the Sim you have installed at least 10 third party airports. If you want to join, mail me at leveld757 at gmail, and I'll mail you the version with instructions in the coming week. Regards, Nico
  6. Thus is not QNH or delay related. Probably a too low groundspeed in RT combined with an incorrect vs. I will look into this when i am back and implement an extra heuristic to force the aircraft to takeoff in these weird circumstances.
  7. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/634380-new-fs-dreamteam-kiah/?do=findComment&comment=4966223 Hi Vidar, That's strange because the P3D and MSFS versions are exactly the same. But anyway, I am on vacation now and when I am back everything related to this will change. See my post in another thread lately. The special mechanism is no longer needed in my new PSXTraffic program.
  8. It knows about 100 publishers but if you have an addon from an unknown publisher it will not be recognised. That you should report and I will add the publisher. However, starting from June 5th everything will change with a completely new PSXTraffic version. So please wait till that In the mean time, assuming you have pushed the airports button to let PSXT generate airport files for your new addon airports, just copy these airport files from thirdparty_airports to updated_airports. Thats all.
  9. No, there are other better options. Static planes do not need a simconnect position update at each frame so they are much less stressful for Simconnect then live aircraft. It is therefore better to reduce the lateral range to 8 nm when on the ground at an airport. But even better is to reduce the number of objects created by other programs then PSXT,. Or, the easiest way, to not set all your sliders at Ultra and to reduce your Lod.
  10. No, not the QNH and Traffic readers, but see 06:44:14 Flight not running. That means that MSFS has frozen. Before that point I can see again that liveries cannot be created. I think that you still have problems with you settings. I recommend to clean all AI related stuff from the Community folder and from your Addon Linker. Then place the aig- and FSLTL- packages outside MSFS and make two new entries in the AddonLinker to these two ai packages. Remove the FSLTL traffic injector and the AIG traffic manager. Just keep the two ai packages with models/liveries.
  11. Check the Log.txt about why it restarted. RT has nothing to do with it.
  12. It does not look right to me .. I do not see a link to FSLTL in the community folder. I see AIG as well placed directly in Community as in AddonLinker.. When using the AddonLinker I would expect you to place AIG and FSLTL in a folder say D:\MSFS Addons\Liveries\aig-.... , and D:\MSFS Addons\Liveries\FSLTL... And then use the addon linker to generate links to these packages in your Community folder.
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