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  1. kiek

    81. Am i missing something?

    Error 81 normally means that the AI aircraft in the AI_liveries.xml file that you are using are not installed or not activated in your Simulator... Since you are not using the default AI_liveries.xml setting I assume you know what you are doing 😉 So the question is, is your FLAi package activated in P3Dv4, and corresponds D:\Desktop\Traffic_Live\FLAi\AI_liveries.xml with that package? EDIT: Activation of AI aircraft in P3Dv4 can be done in the classical way via an entry in C:\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3D v4\Simobjects.cfg or via the new (preferred way) with an add-on.xml file. Nico
  2. You're right. I have uploaded it to the wrong sub folder. Sorry, please try again.
  3. Added to current version 3.2, just re-download. Nico
  4. That's wrong! The 64 bit version is for P3D v4.4 only! See my website, "and a 64 bit version for Prepar3D v4.4" And see the Manual at page 6: PSXseeconTraffic64.exe is the 64bit application to be used with Prepar3D v4.4+ only. ..... Please read the documentatiuon before posting your questions.
  5. Could you post the log file, PSXseeconTraffic.log. It is in the PSXseeconTraffic folder.
  6. Error 81 means that your AI aircraft in P3D are not correctly installed, see the Manual, error 81 or the FAQ.... Did you install the FLAi package?
  7. I see, but you are a minority, most users do not report that's why I suspect a setup problem at your end.
  8. That's normal. After at least 30 seconds you may expect the first live aircraft... Sometimes a bit longer but normally no longer then say 40 seconds. Maybe you should move to another airport and check it over there.
  9. Don't think that will help. It looks like you have a wrong SimConnect setup. Note that for the 64 bit version and running at one PC, you should not do anything with simconnect files...
  10. Are you sure you are looking good? First you will see RealTraffic connected, then you will see that RT starts to produce traffic based on the user aircraft position given to it bij PSXT. And .... then .... the buffering in PSXT starts. The buffer is 30 seconds wide. After 30 seconds you may expect the first live aircraft (see also the Manual sections 1.2 and 5.1.2)
  11. Are you sure you have completely installed P3Dv4.4? The 64 bit version is for P3Dv4.4 only ...
  12. Did you try the 32 bit version too?
  13. That is normal, RT will start producing data after it has got the position of the user aircraft from PSXT. Hence PSXT has to be connected to P3Dv4 first. The exception in gf_connectToSim is of course not normal. What is the vehicle you have loaded in P3D? Is this your first try or has it worked before?
  14. Available in new version 3.2
  15. Yes I can. AILGenerator will only format an aircraft.cfg file it there are no other errors with that file. So check the errors generated by AILGenerator.