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  1. I had a nice flight this morning along the Olympic Peninsula in the C172. I enjoyed flying over an area that I have visited several times and always look forward to seeing. Frame rates were in the low 40's on the High preset using my 9 year old 2500K@4.5 and my 1660 Super video card. Not exactly high end hardware but a great experience. Maybe as I get older I stress less about a perfect sim and just enjoy myself. Very glad I purchased it.
  2. I turned it off within hours of installing for the same reason.
  3. Al, This has been very helpful. I do have questions about max landing weight. How did you use the FMC to figure this out? Also, the MLW values are different in your text files and the PFPX screenshot. For example, the B736-M text file is 128,928 and the screenshot is 120,500. Your post and files have made this so much easier. Thanks again! Greg Moore
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