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  1. go to the discord under important info, lots of stuff including great tutorials, all you need is there https://discord.gg/dpAJG6Cb
  2. Hello also have the same CPU but a 3080 TI, just wondering what resolution you are running as im on 4K and thinking about the 4090 TI
  3. My main outcome was that when I could finally log in it thought this was a brand new install and defaulted everything
  4. Most of the issues may well be due to the ms store don't know as I have never used the steam version,thanks all many good replies here and of course the usual reply you are all idiots from one,lol wouldn't be avsim with that
  5. right so we are to blame if the insert cd message comes up out of the blue and then the sim completely resets to default
  6. funny it goes great for months then out of no where issues, its annoying when the cloud controller data gets wiped also
  7. This program can be a real POS at times, i get the no cd error on start up and next reboot the sim defaults and wipes out all of my control assignments in SIM, I just could not be bothered re doing them all, why must they make these things so complicated could have at least implemented a controller backup
  8. I can confirm this is working for me, my process below run MSFS 2020 once in start xmapsy Check IP address of android device that has Ozrunway which in my case is an oppo phone and make sure its correct in xmapsy start up Oz runway and wait for the location to be sent from MSFS, it does say its getting xplane coordinates but thats normal The message format i use in Xmapsy is use xplane simulator format as cant get it working with GL 90 also on the xmapsy setup screen i connect via FSUIPC not auto when i go to external devices in Ozrunway i used to see the connected device and the data connection but on this new version i do not but still working re the greyed out setting in Xmapsy have you unticked broadcast to all devices in current subnet i can send you my Xmapsy settings and Ozrunway settings if you cant get it working not sure how to insert them here but i can send to your email
  9. just checking this now, i have been using this for 12 months but have not used recently
  10. the developer is such a nice guy and has a passion for his product, I would like to see him charge a bit more as he really deserves it
  11. this new site is word not allowede
  12. Does anything need to be installed in the Sim for AU or just the base update will install the latest AU, thanks
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