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  1. Yes it can help but I suspect it's more because you are a great pilot friend
  2. This guys stuff is great especially for VR
  3. Yes I'll agree I'm not hard core Sim because of so many limitations I just use it to fly routes and practise procedures before flying for real
  4. Same here at least as good as a Sim plane can be
  5. Yes for sure that's what saved him the fact he had an I instrument rating otherwise he would have been toast, I had a similar experience at about 70 hours straight into IMC with no IFR rating but luckily it was calm and I didn't loose control but it was scary and was totally a case of get there it's and to top it off i landed with little to no fuel, so when it happens it compounds. These days I have 400 hours and am very cautious and have learnt many valuable lessons from my poor airman ship decisions of the past
  6. Very impressive attitude for a pilot to have and I'm sure valuable lessons were learnt from that flight, I have done some really stupid this in a plane but I learnt a hell of a lot and that makes me a very competent and cautious pilot today, thank you for sharing this you may have just saved somebody's life Wayne
  7. Hi all I have been looking for something so I can bring pdf, moving map and take notes in VR, tried the below and I'm pretty happy with it. They are added to the top bar and when undocked and moved around in the virtual cockpit I saw no FPS drop. I don't find the moving map useful as it's to hard to see on my quest but there are better options for map https://www.rafaelsantos.es/web/index.php Thanks wayne
  8. i had them also and put it down the background processes, I use alacrity app now and close all apps and services down whilst I run the sim then when finished it starts everything back up. I suspect it was most likely anti virus so make sure you disable that as well whilst simming Wayne
  9. I suppose it could be possible, some on smarter then me may hopefully chime in,I really miss that feature also
  10. I don't think this is possible you would at least have to load a saved flight from the world map
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