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  1. MarkW

    Congratulations to Bob Scott!

    Will there be some sort of announcement from Avsim regarding the Board appointments. I think the Board is going from two members previously to now 6 and perhaps more. I suspect 2 was not enough and this is a bit of right sizing but would be good to get confirmation. Congrats to all who have been appointed.
  2. I tried this yesterday and switched back and forth between windowed and full screen mode multiple times (using P3D menu and keyboard shortcut keys) but could not duplicate this issue. Everything worked fine for me. Please note I am using P3D v4.3 and the latest version of FlyTheMaddogX.
  3. I had the same problem after the first try at updating the P3D 4.3 client. Followed Gerard's steps and all fixed now. thanks.
  4. MarkW

    MaddogX working in 4.3?

    Dave, The patch included in the latest installer on Simmarket? I didn't realize that we needed to download the patch from the forum link and instead redownloaded and installed the full unstaller from where I purchased.
  5. MarkW

    Get yer Jugs out...

    Ah ok. From the title I thought perhaps Ryanair was removing washrooms from their aircraft.
  6. I wonder what developers will do with upgrades and pricing on v5? It will be 64 bit so you would think most of the addons will work with a bit of tweaking. I would really hate to have to re-buy everything again for the third time.
  7. Hey thanks. I think I own this for FSX and will check if there is an upgrade path.
  8. I love default airports for landings....great framerates, no stutters and the runway looks the same....after that I agree its awful but hey at least the approach and landing was enjoyable. I just with REX would release Airport Enhancement for P3D.
  9. No its not static traffic, just too much of it. Really odd part is it is only at some airports. Its at EGLL and EGKK (both UK2000) but not at KSFO (Flightbeam) or EHAM (default). I think I need to reinstall MT6 because this seems like some weird traffic BGL issue.
  10. I can't get it to work at night.....the lights are pure white and washed out.
  11. So I have MyTraffic6 and usually move the slider up and down depending on what is going on while on Vatsim (busy airport = 0, alone in the middle of nowhere add some traffic). All of a sudden I cannot get the traffic level to go to zero, even with the P3D slider at zero I see AI traffic on the ground at all airports. Any ideas of what is going on? by the way I did check the CFG and it also shows zero.
  12. I have never had this issue, maybe something else is going on here? Are you able to upload your presets to the server and then find them again to save you all the time? I don't really use this feature but might save you the problem.
  13. MarkW

    Quality Wings 787

    I didn't really do anything but it worked and also the QNH dial works as well. So does CMD to turn on the A/P.
  14. MarkW

    Quality Wings 787

    So just put in a default module and we should be able to change SPD, Heading, Alt ?
  15. MarkW

    747-8 price $ 325,000,000.00

    Wow he had the case anyone is wondering it was not me.