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  1. Q400 is amazing and very easy on your computer resources. Flies so smooth on my old i2500k. I would also highly recommend getting FS2Crew for this bird as well.
  2. Glad you found it useful.
  3. I think there are like 7 guys who have watched it 25000 times.
  4. It's actually pretty easy to do all jobs yourself. Very busy but really satisfying. You can check out a video I made of it in my sig. It's the KJFK to EGLL video with 631,000 views.
  5. Just sent my email, however, I question the value of this approach. You might gets lots of commitments on email but without a price and delivery date how could a developer possibly know if they will translate into orders at time of release? And second, there may be lots of people who would buy Concorde that don't frequent this site or the FSL Facebook page that miss the entire thing.
  6. Arrival can be a bit of a challenge, here is what I do. For North American flights - get the flightplan from Flightaware as they almost always give the SID and STAR. In Europe and other places in the world it is not so simple and you kind of have to look at a lot of charts to try and find the right one that matches up to your last waypoint on the flightplan. I think if you use something like PFPX it will give you the correct STAR. For arrival runway, you can check Vatspy and see if other aircraft are on arrival and what runway they are least you get direction correct. Alternatively you can check will not always match Vatsim but usually close. I would then just select a runway and be ready to change it if ATC makes an adjustment on your arrival. You can always use the Secondary Flightplan page in PMDG and FSL aircraft (probably others as well) to setup for another runway but I usually just change it on the fly....doesn't take too long. Last tip is to listen ahead. Tune in the Center or Arrival controller and hear what they are assigning for landings...usually you will get the same. Hope this helps.
  7. I always have an audio book and a few hours of podcasts on my phone. I user the ife if there is a good movie and I have a long enough flight to complete it, othwise its audio.
  8. Re: delid. Good to know and you are both getting great overclock with what look to be reasonable temps.
  9. @ahsmatt7 and @tooting - Did either of you delid the 8700 before overclocking ?
  10. Thanks for doing this. Did you try a few scenarios with Dynamic Lights off? I know you tested Dynamic Lights On and then had all lights off on the aircraft but wonder what the performance is like when you just use the Sim with Dynamic lights off and the aircraft lights on? Also would be interested in what happens with some AI turned on. If you have MT6 can you post some number with 10% traffic?
  11. I read he was a pilot since age 16 with over 800 hours. So certainly someone with experience flying. Will be interesting to find out the cause as determined by the investigators. Another Blue Jays fane here. RIP.
  12. Thanks for the reminder. I own lots of their scenery and had forgotten about this.
  13. Have not read anything here on this scenery. How does it perform? Any cool UPS cargo loading features? I was a long time ups va pilot back in the day and thinking about getting this scenery.
  14. If by chance Air Canada made the list then the list is worthless.