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  1. Not sure if this will help or not. I assign views to the number keys and then also use the hat switch and a zoom button to refine the views. Works great this way and I hav copied the method in MSFS.
  2. I noticed that as well but did not have an issue probably because I was doing short flights so the aircraft was not that heavy. I noticed controlling on Vatsim recently that quite a few CRJ pilots were calling me to amend their cruse to a lower altitude because they could not achieve the filed alt.
  3. Andrew, Just a question, has this issue been logged with Asobo? Is there anything you want us in the community to do, maybe we can upvote so it gets on their list of action items?
  4. Yes, I use them both in P3D v5 and MSFS. Using with PMDG, FSLabs, Leonardo and in MSFS the CRJ and Flybywire A320. For the Airbus I only use the yoke as a tiller because I have a Thrustmaster T.1600 for the sidestick.
  5. I just made this switch from a 20 year old CH Products Yoke and Throttle to the Alpha and Bravo. My CH products were wearing out, very loose throttle quad handles and I found I could not control aircraft in MSFS with the yoke due to the pots being worn out. I am very pleased with the Honeycomb, so smooth and solid. Only a bit of a PITA to set up, I guess because I hadn't had to do any setup for years so had to figure it all out but working now and really good.
  6. I use the number pad for custom views. I actually purchased a separate USB numberpad just for this purpose.
  7. One of the best things about watching the TdF besides the cycling is the amazing views of the country, particularly the castles and estates.
  8. I think this is normal for these throttles. I never noticed this before but just checked mine and yes if you change directions, there is about 1 or 2 mm of travel before the lever "catches" and starts to move smoothly again. This is more noticeable if you move very slowly.
  9. Thanks for the information Andrew. I understand and hopefully you will get this information fed to FSUIPC soon.
  10. This is true for sure but creates another problem. PMDG is not setup to support 100 times the current user base. They may want to keep it smaller with a higher price so they can still support their customers.
  11. they just sent out a note saying supply shortages for parts will delay production further. Have you tried Googling local electronic stores? I was able to find one at Best Buy in Canada quite by surprise and they had a few in stock.
  12. Its up to PMDG to decide. They are clearly not choosing the lite option so they must think the full priced and full version makes more sense. Even if it is less financially beneficial part of their reason must be that they deliver the full sim experience and are positioned differently in the market to others. I am sure they are not concerned at all about how long it takes, they know the sales will be there once they deliver product.
  13. I think you have to enter the code in the comm screen and also turn the knob that is below on the center console. Maybe others can confirm.
  14. I think the problem with this approach for PMDG is the effectiveness of getting those lite sales to upgrade to the full version. Lets say they sell 100,000 versions of a 737 lite for $60. It does the basics very well but no failures and no link to their upcoming Global Flight Ops. Now wait 6 months or a year and they release the full version and ask for another $80. I would bet that a lot of the original purchasers of the lite version will not upgrade. Alternatively if they release the full version for $139 they may not get 100,000 copies sold but they are still better off if they get a portion of those sales at full price.
  15. Are all custom cockpit views tied to the aircraft. I had previously set up really nice interior views tied to a separate USB numberpad but now none work in the CRJ. Second question, is there a way to set these up using CTL+ATL+NUM but recall them just with the numberpad rather than having to also press ATL + ?
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