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  1. I have the PMDG 700 and the Fenix A320. I think the Fenix is great but I have to say the 20 years of development experience from PMDG shines through with the incredible look of the aircraft along with great performance. I guess areas of the plane that are lower texture are not as important to me....I can't recall the last time I looked at the cabin although I sometimes set up some wing views. With the list of upcoming releases not really to my level of interest I think that buying the -800 will be something I will consider. I know it makes very little difference from the flight deck but I do love simulating a real world flight with the right airframe, flightplan, gate, timing etc.
  2. Airbus landing gear will not retract above 250 knots so you may need to slow down to get them retracted.
  3. So funny, its been nothing but Westjet 737's for Canadian controller over the past 2 weeks. I guess the NOTAM will go out to switch it all over to Air Canada airbuses.
  4. Kind of glad I am out for a previous commitment tonight and will miss the initial craziness. Will put down my CC tomorrow or Saturday. Have fun everyone, good times are here with MSFS!!!
  5. Decrease thrust (repeat when held) works using FSUIPC at a programmed button. I am sure it will work as well on default MSFS button setup. This is with the Honeycomb throttle. Its not perfect because the reversers work even without pulling the reverse levers. I have not figured out how to use these on the PMDG.
  6. Navigraph is a payware application with all of these charts. Alternatively most countries in Europe have their aviation charts available for free on their AIP site. Its a bit of a pain to find and use them but they are all there.
  7. So much of Flight Sim is the hype machine and fear of missing out. If you stick with what you know you will fly it can really cut down the costs. I know I mostly fly airliners but do occasionally like to fly GA...so I have just 1 GA plane, the Constellation. Took a lot to resist the 310 but I know I will not fly it much if at all.
  8. At least the investment in MSFS is less. You really don't have to worry about mesh, landclass, city and airport scenery, weather, cameras, etc....maybe just add a few of your key airports. You are basically just left with aircraft and they are for the most part much cheaper in MSFS.
  9. I use mine as the second computer linked via FSUIPC and WIDEFS. Runs weather, charts, simbrief, Vatspy, checklists, etc, etc. Works great.
  10. I look at it like any other hobby where there comes a point for a big upgrade. New golf clubs, new bike, etc. all set you back big time and the old stuff is essentially garbage. But anyone in a hobby goes through these type of changes over time. I guess in flight sim the big one is the new computer build and once in a long while a new sim comes along.
  11. How could Naples get better, it was amazing before flying over the city to the offset ILS. Wow!
  12. If people have complaints to make, the clunky setup of the Maddog between their limited EFB and the windows program needed to configure the aircraft, the poor textures and then the price, i would say it deserves criticism and these are the reasons I skipped out. The PMDG 737 is incredible and I am very happy with the purchase. I also like flying the bus and will for sure be getting the Phoenix as well.
  13. Bryan, I really hope the new FS2Crew versions for the PMDG 737 (and any other aircraft) will have the ability to allow users to move back to an earlier flow or checklist if needed. Currently with the FBW version I find the program constantly jumps ahead...especially as the clock hits zero and you call for the before start checklist it jumps to After start checklist. Once it jumps ahead to "After start checklist" you are essentially done and there is no going back. Thanks!
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