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  1. MarkW

    Vertx DA-62 News

    Thanks for the videos. I notice you gave the release date of Dec 12th. Nice for the weekend!
  2. MarkW

    PFPX 2.0 OUT

    Risen from the dead. Nice surprise...did not check yet if there is a cost.
  3. MarkW

    Vertex website is Live!

    With regard to the Navdata, I have a question. For this type of aircraft, most of the time it will be flying into smaller airports that don't even have SIDS or STARS so does it really matter if things are not 100% up to date. I suppose there might be some approach procedure that is out of date, but most of us can live with this accommodation. I am looking forward to flying it when the release happens (hopefully this weekend).
  4. MarkW

    Can I Sell My Carenado Planes?

    I agree with the two answers above, however, I thought in the EU there are some government regulations that allow such transactions regardless of the policy of the company you purchased from. Not an expert on this so do some research if you live in the EU. Otherwise, chalk it up to experience just like the rest of us have all done with various flight sim purchases over the years.
  5. MarkW

    Vertex website is Live!

    What do you all this the price will be? I would have to think something like $60 or $70 ? I can't imagine it lower and much higher they are getting into PMDG, FSL territory.
  6. Just follow this detailed guide from Poppet. It was written for older versions but the process is the same.
  7. I wonder if LM will actually recommend a full reinstall in their release notes. And if so and we all have to go through the process, is there a guideline somewhere? I have many addons in the Add-Ons folder using the Lorbi tool but I also have a bunch of stuff that auto installs directly that would need to be dealt with....planes are easy but what about Orbx scenery, REX Airport Enhanced, etc.
  8. I have never seen that warning. I just select the PMDG aircraft from the main opening screen and go fly.
  9. MarkW

    C310 Pilot ?

    Yes I watch their videos. I didn't realize they were ATC in RL. Great videos, and easy on the eyes copilot.
  10. MarkW

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    OK makes much more sense now. Enjoy the new computer Ray!!
  11. MarkW

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    Is that correct 5Ghz at 0.70 Volts? My 8700K is at 4.8 with 1.32 volts. Seems very low voltage for the speed but maybe that is normal for this chip.
  12. MarkW

    Vertx DA-62 News

    Understood but it would be nice to be able to bind to keys or in my case the MCP panel so you can turn hardware knob rather than using the mouse.
  13. MarkW

    Vertx DA-62 News

    Ryan, Can you advise if the G1000 turn knobs can be linked to hardware (keyboard, dial, switch, etc.) rather than having to click, click, click ? I always want this feature on a GPS but nobody seems to think about making it available.
  14. What if you have slightly different assignments for each aircraft. The problem I have is importing presets to a similar aircraft. I just purchased the BAe146 and Avro, there are 4 or 5 variations of the same aircraft and after I set up one of them i wanted to import to the others, the camera import is fine but all button and key assignments are gone. Is there any way to import these as well?
  15. MarkW

    Great Britain Aeronautical Charts

    All UK charts available at NATS Using the Aerodome Index is the best way to find the chart you want.