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  1. BAW27 EGLL-VHHH route

    James, If you are a big BA fan then consider joining BAV (British Airways Virtual). Current BA routes are available from this virtual airline. The only other option is to use a flight planning tool like PFPX or simbrief to generate a route that is probably reasonably close for simming.
  2. I am having all kinds of issues with this combination of chip and board...particularly when it comes to overclock. 1) All of my attempts at overclocking have failed....very unstable P3D. I have reverted back to stock....which I am ok with. 2) But even at stock settings, by cpu clock speed on core 1 (or zero, not sure), I cannot get the chip to overclock to 4.7 as it is supposed to. It is stuck at 4.3. Just wondering if you have this combination could you share your settings? Thanks.
  3. Precip was described as PL - is that ice pellets? and AS could not read it or have in their definitions?
  4. By the way, I live here and the weather depicted by Activesky today was terrible. It was freezing rain and ice pellets but AS depicted fog and no precip. No sure why.
  5. I have this problem as well but its in general with P3D v4.2 on all aircraft. I don't think this is specific to MaddogX.
  6. F1 King Air G1000 problem

    OK will give it a try.
  7. F1 King Air G1000 problem

    Well I did manage to get the keyboard panel to work by moving around with the FMS + and - buttons plus the roll on my mouse. It is just awkward to work with until you are used to it I guess. If you have any suggestions on how you work it I am all ears.. I have activated the leg but for some reason cannot get NAV to work on the AP.
  8. F1 King Air G1000 problem

    I am using the knob to scroll through letters and numbers, however, what I would really like to do is use the keyboard on the panel.
  9. I am going through the manual on how to enter a flightplan and can do so using the FMS knob but it just does not work if I try to use the keyboard on the GCU477 (I assume that is the attached keyboard which you can bring up with shift+4) nor can I get the computer keyboard to work with Scroll Lock. I have gone into the P3D menu and deleted the scroll lock setting to ATC. Any ideas?
  10. Yes it is and great app. I started off with PSXseecon which is also great but once the price of the data went up I was out and this is a great alternative.
  11. I got the Corsair Obsidian Series 750D mostly because my first build had the same case in an older model. Honestly its far too big, way over the top for P3D. I would seriously suggest a smaller case that someone here has recommended unless you plan to add all kinds of extra's which are really not needed for FS computers.
  12. Where are the v1.2 manuals. I only see v1.1 from December 2017 in the folder and online. thanks.
  13. Simmarket False Identify Purchase Please Help!

    These things can happen but the banks (particularly in Canada where they are highly regulated) generally are very good about covering the fraudulent charges.
  14. I have uploaded my Excel spreadsheet Captains Only flows and checklists for Fly the Maddog X with FS2Crew version 1.3 to the Avsim library , link below. The spreadsheet contains a different tab for various aircraft and is a great tool to use on a second screen when working with FS2Crew. Aircraft included are: Fly the Maddog X PMDG 747 QOTSII (SOP 1 and 2) PMDG 777 PMDG NGX (Reboot SOP versions 1, 2 and 3) Aerosoft Airbus Majestic Q400