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  1. Hopefully the built it with MSFS in mind from the beginning and the transition will be relatively quick...i.e. a few months and not years. Probably a good strategy from FSLabs to bring Concorde to MSFS, they are already lost the Airbus market to Fenix.
  2. Its a shame we can't have a Fenix like A330. I think the Headwind project with FBW is probably better than this. I was on a short flight yesterday from YUL to YYZ on Air Canada's A330. Its just shocking how large this aircraft is when you are used to flying on A320's. The size just never seems to translate to the sim, but still wish we had one.
  3. Meanwhile, @737NG_Driver continues to fly his real 737 manually entering the flight plan in the FMC for each flight.
  4. Anyone used the turbulence slider, what is the recommended setting...default ?
  5. No I have not. I wonder if I can expect SPAD or Axis and Oh's to offer better solutions than FSUIPC. I think all of them use an external program to provide the calibration.
  6. Anyone else have constant issues with the Control assignments in MSFS. On the Fenix A320, I find I can get everything set up perfectly with a custom profile and a few flights later the "reverse axis" checkbox does not work and I have to uncheck it to work, then next flight, it works again and I have to re-check the box. I also find the calibration of the Honeycomb goes out after I have it working perfectly in the Fenix, the next thing you know the idle pulls the throttles into reverse, or the slightest forward movement of the throttle (say 10%) pushes the throttles forward to 55%, kind of challenging when trying to taxi the aircraft in a realistic way. I have tried deleting and moving everything to FSUPC, but no joy. On the PMDG, I can't use the park brake because fully depressing the brake pedals is not enough to allow release of the parking brake. Another MSFS annoyance.
  7. Fixed on my end, started up this morning and back to normal.
  8. I have this problem tonight for the first time ever. Followed the troubleshooting guide but everything is fine. I have to think its on MSFS end and will try another time when it will hopefully be fixed.
  9. Which addon is this? I am using the enhanced EGLL that was included in MSFS Premium Deluxe.
  10. Just flew in to KDEN the other day. Had to do the full throttle climb of the cliff in order to make it to the gate.
  11. I think this is the key. I often replay using flight recorder and if you wait to replay after you are shutdown at the gate then you see the replay but the animations are not correct.
  12. Ray, when you are going to be flying the fastest plane, you need to match it with the fastest CPU and GPU. Hope you get to fly it soon!
  13. Kind of wish this survey asked how many variants you currently own. The way it is set up its difficult to tell.
  14. Lessons learned, not going to buy any 777 until the 300ER is released.
  15. Yes it will give you the full route including SIDS and STARS If flying in North America you can compare to the real world IFR route in Flightaware. Generally Simbrief is very close or exact to the real world route.
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