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  1. I thought a 4K monitor was actually not a performance hit because you could remove AA and any loss on the 4K was gained by removing AA ?
  2. As I created it I will explain. Everything in black is your (the captains) actions. The FO actions are completely ignored on this cheat sheet. The blue is a checklist. You call the checklist by saying the bold title in white. The read response of the checklist you say what is in red.
  3. American and I think Delta are phasing out their MD80's. The time is now to capture the routes so we have them for the future.
  4. Not sure which section you are referring to but "read silently" usually means the FO will do the checklist but not say anything. He/She usually concludes with " ABCD Checklist complete". As for working through the voice list, if you open up the PDF or Excel summary of the Captains only flows, that will guide you through everything and is designed specifically for voice. Hope this helps.
  5. I had the same issue and a few others but managed to fix by deleting the generated files. Go to the main P3D folder, click on "delete generated folders" wait for the black box to close. Restart the sim. you have to re-enter your settings but this fixed it for me (or at least it has appeared to). FSUIPC 5.122
  6. I think I may have fixed it using the advice from Poppet in this thread. I essentially deleted the 3 generated folders and when I ran the sim again it seems to be working normally. Whew!
  7. I reverted back to 5.122 with no change.
  8. So I had a perfectly working good install of P3D v4.1. I had it this way for about a month and then tried to overclock. I have to admit, the overclock was not stable so I reverted back to default. Now I have just upgraded to P3D v4.2 and the sim is badly broken. I just did the client install, updated FSUIPC, rebuilt the CFG and deleted the shaders. I also updated FSL A320 and ran the update for the PMDG 747. Here are my symptoms. - Menu bar items sometimes cannot be selected. If they are, items like FSUIPC sometimes don't open. Click and nothing happens. - In the aircraft menu items (from the FMC) don't work. Can't close doors on A320, PDMG fuel weights don't change. - Aircraft seem to slowly move on the ground with no way to control them. - My Yoke, throttle, pedals don't work. I really don't know what to do. I had it working with the first install of the A320 for a test without issue and then boom things stopped working. I have re-installed the 4.2 client, did not fix. I have reverted back to 4.1, same issue. So, do I have to run a complete reinstall of Prepar3d v4? And if so, for the items that have been installed in the addon folder I created (Using Lorby) is there an easy way to add them back in even with full reinstall? thanks in advance for the help.
  9. Is there a way to turn off the popup menu everytime you start P3D ? Really annoying.
  10. I purchased the old one but never actually spend the time to lear to fly her properly. This time really looking forward to digging in to the details. Great aircraft especially in the old AA livery.
  11. I read in the PMDG post from RSR that some undefined last minute change to P3D v4.2 will impact FS2Crew. Just wondering what the issue is and if it applies to all FS2Crew versions or just the one for the 747 ? I have installed 4.2 but have not had time to test only to notice that the 747 crashed on my system and would not load from the main menu.
  12. When mine expired I just said to myself....sharing sucks and I just got myself my own G5. I am much happier now.
  13. I have started to bump up the voltage and last flight was fine. Will keep testing per the suggestions here.
  14. Thanks. I was running a default chip settings for a month with no issues at all. Once I started to overclock things got wonky. I will try as you suggested.