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  1. Bryan, the Vatsim SOP is that all aircraft must be squawk mode Charlie while on the ground. There are some locations that don't seem to enforce it....like in the UK for example but as a general rule it is used everywhere.
  2. Ok so it’s not just me. I will post on the orbs forums with pics and see if anything happens.
  3. The mountains south of PANC in P3D v5 are just terrible (note ORBX Global, Landclass installed). they are brown desert mountains with zero snow in May ? Comparing to P3D v4 they are rocky and green with snow caps. Just trying to figure out what is going on here, has anyone else noticed this?
  4. OK thanks, I changed the install location and its working now.
  5. I cannot seem to get LINDA working with my P3D v5 setup. Here is what I have done. - Note I have P3D v4 and v5 installed. P3D v4 is still using FSUIPC5 with LINDA in the Modules folder and is working. I did not want to use FSUIPC6 in v4 because it killed all of my previous FSUIPC settings and axis assignments. 1) I installed FSUIPC6 in a folder I created called "P3D v5 Addons" in the Modules sub folder. 2) Installed LINDA in the Modules folder (in addons) and then copied over just the Aircraft files from P3D v4. the LINDA GUI says everything is perfect, all items are green, Sim connected but the screen still says select aircraft and FLY. On the PMDG747 it shows PMDG 747 in the GUI box, connection is in orange but that is it. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. I think that ORBX products will no longer be needed for general world scenery but for airports that may not be the case. There are many airports that will likely need further detail added from the stock sim released by Microsoft. I suspect that is where they will focus.
  7. I keep getting a message from P3D v5 - "P3D had detected a non sequential layering order in the Scenery library, do you want P3D to attempt to fix? I say Yes and then on next start the message is back again. Any idea how to permanently fix it?
  8. Thanks, I actually decided to follow the guide on the CTD forum and started by updating all of my drivers and BIOS. My BIOS was at version 3 with current at version 16 so hopefully there is some stability issues addressed. My temps were always a little on the high side honestly... more than I would have expected. I need to reset the overclock after the BIOS update and will see how we are doing. I think I might need to eventually reapply the paste and reseat the cooler but I don't have the tools because I had the delid done by someone else. I am sure he just glued down the corners so should be easier to get the lid off without the delid tool but I reallly don't want to make a big mistake here.
  9. I had my 8700K delidded for me about 18 months ago. I have overclocked to 4.8 and have been running without any issues all this time, on liquid cooling with Corsair H115. Recently (somewhat coincidental to the install of P3D v5), I have noticed my temps are running higher ..... cores reaching 80 to 82 C before falling back into the 70's while flying.....and all of a sudden I am getting CTD for P3D v4 which had not crashed once since install. There are several culprits but one is ntdll.dll which I know is suspected of happening with unstable overclock. So my question is this...does the liquid metal degrade over time?.....I sitll have a tube of Arctic Silver so should I take out the CPU, clean and reapply the liquid metal ?
  10. Majestic agree but what about Leonardo Maddog? Its there as well.
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