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  1. Well this is welcome news....especially the inclusion of add-on xml manager. There was some question from the developer if he was actually going to include this feature. I wonder how well it will work vs. the Lorby program. I think I would still use Lorby to actually add the scenery, aircraft, etc. but continue to use Simstarter to set the scenario. I am also questioning now the need for it as there is no OOM issue so turning off scenery is less of a concern although I would imagine at highly condensed areas (EGLL/EGKK, CYYZ,CYTZ and New York, etc.) that turning off the unused airport scenery will probably improve framerates. Also, does anyone know what the makerunways is used for in SimStarter....I need to run through the process of using this program and getting ORBX to recognize my addon airports so they are not underground.
  2. Wow that is amazing. thanks.
  3. Ok but might be a few days as I am away.
  4. I think Chaseplane is causing a crash of the sim (it just disappears with no trace in AppCrashView) with the DC-6. Every time I fly I get a CTD but today I turned off CP and had no problems. Is this something you could look into? thanks.
  5. Does anyone have some basic guidelines for engine management. I should add that I see all the power charts in the POH, however, not yet ready for that level of detail/study. So far I have: 1) Takeoff - Set MP to 30. 2) Full Power - MP 50, RPM full 3) Climb - MP 40 , RPM 25 4) Cruise - MP 35, RPM 23 5) Descent MP 26, RPM 22 Move the cowl flaps as needed and use carb heat when going through clouds. Is this about right? First time trying on my own and I killed all the engines because I stayed at MP 40 for too long (I think).
  6. Gps to gps and ap to localizer. Details in the first tutorial.
  7. During this brief period since P3D v4 was released PMDG have to stood out head and shoulders above every other developer when it comes to communication. Others could learn a lot from PMDG in this regard. Well done.
  8. They already said it would cost something but the amount has not been determined.
  9. Just double check that the software you are running on the networked computer is WideFS and not FSWide. the latter is something that expands screen real estate to another computer. WideFS is what allows communication through FSUIPC between networked computers. Also for WideFS you need an additional purchased registration to the registered version of FSUIPC.
  10. There must be a conflict somewhere. Have you disabled controllers in the P3D menu? you need to do this so FSUIPC can take over.
  11. Are you sure engine 1 is axis throttle 1 set and not axis throttle set?
  12. You can assign to each axis. You just assigned all to one. Look for axis throttle 1 set etc. You just use the axis rpm set as there is only one rpm axis. I tied mine to the joystick on my yoke.
  13. Its not supported but not at all a no no. If you set them up correctly there is absolutely no issue that I have found. Quoting from another thread: Only one thing is important - DON'T calibrate the inputs in FSUIPC, and You can NOT use: "Send direct for FSUIPC Calibration" But use instead: "Send to FS as normal Axis" - assign Throttles to: "Axis Throttle (N) Set", which according to the FSUIPC developer Peter Dowson does exact the same as using the P3D Controller assigments, but gives You the option to use seperate setups for different aircraft.
  14. Well first of all I am glad that FSUIPC is not the common denominator. Not the first time Chaseplane has cause a problem, particularly with a newly released aircraft. Hopefully this gets looked at an corrected soon.
  15. So just to try an narrow this down. 1) Have you setup your throttle and rpm axis with FSUIPC? (I have). 2) Are you using Chaseplane. 3) Using LINDA (I doubt this is a problem, there isn't even a module for the DC6 yet) Those are about the only things that stand out as possibilities. I don't think its scenery because no crashes in the same places with the 747, 777 and 737 (I like to test with ORBX PNW and FSDT Vancouver).