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  1. Glad they are helpful. I always had trouble with FS2Crew having printed out all kinds of pages but found that these flows make it easy for me and I use them with every FS2Crew flight. I have them on a second computer/screen and they are designed to take up only have the screen real estate so you have space for online charts next to the them.
  2. Here is the link to the Avsim library.
  3. I have uploaded my Captains only flows for the 747 QOTSII in both SOP1 and SOP2 to the Avsim library. Should be available tomorrow for download. These flows are all you need to get going with FS2Crew and I use them on every flight. They have been thoroughly tested in dozens of flights over the past number of months. As a bonus the spreadsheet also includes the Captains flows for the NGX SOP 1,2,3, the Majestic Q400, PMDG 777 and Aerosoft Airbus. I will post the library link here once I have it. Enjoy.
  4. I have a few but one of the ones I really like is Anchorage to Ontario. UPS route in the MD11 or 747. Reasonable time and really enjoyable departure over the mountains of Alaska plus a difficult approach into KONT on the Ziggy arrival where slowing down is a challenge and a half. Another one I always have enjoyed is British Airways EGLL - LIRF.
  5. No did not try it was just wondering if the data is available for a lower cost.
  6. Is there no way to find another data source that is cheaper or free? I see that Lorby-SI has a similar program using live traffic and his data source is free.
  7. Thanks, I would have thought this was something you could change on the flight deck and not a custom option.
  8. Is there a way to declutter the MFD to remove the available landing airports? I can't find any switch/button nor a reference in the manuals. Also, I have followed exactly the FSUIPC setup in the manuals and for some reason my throttles will not go into reverse and they only move forward about half way. I had them working with a different FSUIPC setup to at least get full throttle but still not reverse. How have others configured ? In trying to fix during a flight I accidentally shut down the engines....but on the bright side I can confirm the RAM turbine works and the sound it produces is really loud !
  9. Yeah that would help. Cessna 310.
  10. I installed the latest version into P3D v4 without issue, except I cannot get the props into feather. I have things working through FSUIPC and wondered if anyone can share their FSUIPC setup. I am using Send Direct to FSUIPC Calibration and then calibrating each individual prop through the full range.
  11. Ah, makes sense now. Anyway its a minor issue and thankfully fixed. I have to say the Aerosoft CRJ is really quite a nice aircraft, very well done and great for simming when you just want a short hop.
  12. Cool does something like that get missed in testing.
  13. Just working my way through the tutorial now, how do you turn off the Nav marker ident sounds? I have all of the volumes turned down but it keeps beeping on both NAV radios. thanks and apologies if this was already answered....I have not had time to read all 23 pages of this thread.
  14. Seems like work, I have become so used to the PMDG OC and Orbx Central I think i would rather wait for official release and then click one button to make it work.
  15. So its not the overall best, just the best at $19.95. I don't have X-Plane but I can relate when you get little extra sounds in some creaking really adds something to the sim.