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  1. MarkW

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    OK got it. I have not experienced crashes from using Autosave and i think Pete has chimed in here many times to dispute this suggestion. The only problem wtih Autosave is that when writing all of the variable to the save file you can get a slight pause in the sim which is why I only have it save every 15 min.
  2. MarkW

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    Jim, I am not sure what real world piloting has to do with it. Having your computer crash due to a software issue is not real world piloting either, but its nice to have a saved scenario from the last 10 or 15 minutes to be able to load up and continue your flight.
  3. MarkW

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    I have not tested it but I an interested to do so and find out what happens when FSUIPC autosave (or the new free one now available) saves the flight and restart it. I may not be that much work to get it back in the case of crash during the middle of a long haul flight.
  4. MarkW

    GSX: Open Door 2

    You can also install LINDA and the new library addon that automatically opens and closes the doors for all GSX services. See the LINDA forum on Avsim.
  5. MarkW

    jet for low end pc?

    If it's p3d v3 get the level d 767. Old but great on frames. Flies beautifully and study level sim.
  6. MarkW

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    Jim, I noticed with the new update you can load fuel and pax/cargo from the EFB and it dynamically changed in the aircraft. Major improvement.
  7. MarkW

    Derated Take Off Options

    PMDG has said (or others have said, I am not sure) that the cost of the data is $400k per year or something of that scale. So its not available. Here's my suggestion....Assumed temp 65. TO1, CLB 2. You mostly make it on all runways over 8000ft, at elevation below 2000 ft and no big mountains in front of you. Fun times!
  8. I think he gave me a little tube of the Kryonaut for the IHS to Cooler. Not sure but whatever it was things are working.
  9. No he used the right one, I just called it the wrong thing. It was Conductonaut liquid metal.
  10. So one of the nice things of living in a big city like Toronto is you can get someone else to delid your CPU. Found a guy to do it for $40, used Kryonaut. I watched him the entire time and honestly there is no way i would do a better job and he was using the latest Rockit Tool 88 that I was about to buy. I saved some $$$ and got it done. Temps are nice a low now and I am working on my overclock which is kind of stable at 4.8 and 1.32 volts. LLC is bringing it down to 1.30 when running P3D. Temps are in the low 40's. I just need to confirm things are perfectly stable and them may try for higher.
  11. MarkW

    Some impressions from my ferry flight

    Thanks for the detailed engine management instructions. Looking forward to trying it out.
  12. MarkW

    Some impressions from my ferry flight

    Great trip. Is there any chance you would write a short post outline of your engine management technique. I have never really come to grips with flying her fully manually and inevitably end up killing an engine or two. Thanks
  13. I would have thought this was a job best suited for the 787. Does anyone know if the 787-8 or 787-9 can fly this distance?
  14. What do you guys use for the thermal paste between the IHS and the cooler. I have a Corsair H115i which i think has a copper plate on it.