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  1. it's a good app, I know. However, I still believe there's space and users for both... Even for more than 2, I'm actually surprised there's not more. It's probably not so trivial to do.
  2. yeah, I also maintain a free (old) app. it's even an open source https://github.com/scelts/gees tricky part is to make it work in-game. and it opens many possibilities (such as replay) which are still not available with the external apps. and to be fair, I got fed up starting 5 exe files before the sim. I tried to reduce one.
  3. Thanks! I too, as an author, have almost no feedback until now (as you noticed), except a chance sim-crash review which is almost certainly not because of the app, but managed to dig me a nice 1 star average hole... I guess it's working well as I get no feedback and there's been now enough downloads to hear about some big issues. It's probably "does what it says" overall feeling at the moment. If you bought it and you like it and it works for you, please write a short review on the simmarket or on the flightsimto, wherever you bought it. Or just send me any problems, or any feedback, I put a public subreddit for this, and also have a support email. Write it here, anywhere :)
  4. it's how the msfs' replay works, you need to click to "record" the camera under "camera track recording", and then you can change the views as much as you like. also using the msfs' drone camera or similar stuff. then you can also replay the new recording with the new camera angles, by changing the camera tracks. it's a bit of fiddling, but it does work nice. once you record it, you can hide stuff and when you replay with the new camera angles then make a video or whatever. I believe this is the intended goal of it.
  5. I made this one to read it from the game, the sim itself outputs the values on the touchdown. It takes into account the runway slope.
  6. Hi, I'll update it in the future and this is on the list. The first month I just want to make sure that everything works for everyone without hiccups. Don't have any reviews, but also no complaints yet, so I guess it works as promised for most of the people.
  7. You're welcome! I think that the most of the "indie" addons are in fact on that website, so good link to have.
  8. Hi People, There's a new in-game map I made, that looks more like the maps you would normally see in the browser. It's as any other VFR map, but the catch is that you don't need any external software etc, it should run in-game like the MS's VFR map. However you can't get it with the 'V' key, you have to find it manually in the top menu. You can get it here: https://flightsim.to/file/3181/fspm-vfr-map
  9. This I still didn't figure out. I would somehow need to read the runway start/end and threshold, but this I think is still not obvious how to do, besides taking the data from somewhere else, which is probably not going to be precise.
  10. Those are the two that actually count anyway. FPM is too much plane dependant. People ask me to rate the landings to get even bonus karma "you good maaan!" when you grease it, besides knowing it, but I'm kind of afraid to do this universally, since it's really plane-dependent. And also have this weird feeling - who am I to judge your landings. Maybe something as you say, with G's and sideslip angle, but people are not gonna like that. In sim everyone goes for the greaser. So what if there's 30kt crosswind, I'm landing sideways. Sideways, but smooth 🙂
  11. So, I updated the app, where I read the landing rate from the MSFS itself. It's a new variable, they introduced it and never documented. I guess it's new because of this runway slope thing. https://github.com/scelts/gees/releases/tag/1.0.0
  12. I answered this quite a bit, and wrote it in the description on the github why it differs. Here, I went a step further with this in testing, and figured out that if we just reuse the code from FSX apps it doesn't show a good landing rate, for the reason that MSFS has sloped runways, and if you land "downhil", the vertical rate will be higher than it should with just querying the vertical speed, and if you land "uphill" as in your case, you'll get lower landing rate with a "simple" algorithm. The error happens even for a small, common slope of 1%. Not even mentioning Courchevel for example. To test it, try the Courchevel landing challenge and check the rates that MSFS calculates and the apps. If the app uses just a vertical speed you'll get positive?? landing rate if you make a good landing. I don't wanna say that if you calculate the landing rate using only the vertical speed you don't really calculate the landing rate, but it is like that.
  13. git? 🙂 If it just doesn't start, my best bet would be that the antivirus has blocked it.
  14. Hi, sorry, I'm not very active here, just posted for the reference (I still get approved by moderator for every comment) 🙂 You run it just by starting the gees.exe file, and in theory it should stay in background and just run when there's a landing. Check the releases if the 0.2.0 is not running well, I made a new update https://github.com/scelts/gees/releases. I'll probably do a bit more updates these days/weeks until it starts working well for everyone.
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