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  1. Nothing additional needed. But, it only works with planes that have that hour counter gauge.
  2. I am just curious : Maybe this patch ruined the moded A320 intentially, for letting 3D party to develope better and payware A320 instead of moded free A320 by the community ? What do you think ? Can this be the reason ?
  3. When I attempt to enter the Manual Cache section, everytime it freezes and need to quit the game. Is there anybody else, havig the same problem ? Thanks
  4. Flying Theston https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrmxNqBCjRpnrMmDQeDMiA Perfect and easy to understand tutorial series for the ones who are interested and new to scenery making in MSFS 2020. It is strongly recommended. Enjoy...
  5. VAM (Virtual Airline Manager) Free and can be used locally. https://virtualairlinesmanager.net/
  6. Yes, it recognizes all of them. AI, multiplayer, Vatsim, etc traffic. And especially, it is good to track the labels of Vatsim traffic there ( because MFS2020 has no labels for Vatsim traffic, yet) You can see the ground traffic and flying traffic separately. Good add-on. And you can use it with MFS2020 + XP11 . (I do not know if P3D is also possible) You can try free from their website.
  7. Hi, Pilot2atc is a really good and ready add-on for atc which is already working with MFS2020 via FSUIPC7. Moving map, speech recognition, flight planning, regional atc controllers accent,etc. are the key functions. You can try it for freee, as well. Happy flying.
  8. Few colleges also shared this scenery via dropbox. But I am wondering, where is the original Asobo source for this ? I could not see it, or neither we were informed. Where was it announced ? (In order to trace others and updates?) Thanks for the info.
  9. We found a decent solution...But, it only works with planes that have that hour counter gauge, at the moment.
  10. Pilot2atc has speech recognition, flight planner, moving map, regional atc voice, etc, etc. A very good addon.
  11. Pilot2atc is another very handy software that is already working with MSFS2020 via FSUIPS7. I strongly recommend.
  12. No , you can not. But in order to organize the content of this folder, you can rename the addons with their category name ; such as livery,scenery,aircraft,utulity, etc. (do not leave any space between the chracters of the names) Hope this helps. And , if you want to use addon manager, you can use ModMan https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3309551/
  13. Yes, it seems large freewares make sim to load a bit longer, as I have observed.
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