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  1. Yes,for sure. I was aware of this and the AFB can also be seen in the simulator. We will provide the towing service 🙂
  2. Check the Downloads & Updates section from the top right corner 3 dots ...
  3. https://flightsim.to/file/20641/ktus-tucson-international-airport It seems to be a quite detailed airport and It is free. Thanks to the developer. Simmers !! You can now fly your old aircraft, for its last flight to Tucson and leave it there at the aircraft boneyard 🙂 Happy Flying !!!
  4. I am not sure what it is with your situation but may be related with that : There is a bug about the render scale. IFor me,there were no night lights of the cities, when the render scale was other than 100. When I make it 100, everything was back visible again. If your render scale is different than 100,give it a try, and see what happens. May help. Happy Flying.
  5. https://flightsim.to/file/3181/fspm-vfr-map In game menu, weather data, teleport, map. Very useful.
  6. Ok, thanks. I was not aware of that. Setting RS to 100 will hit my fps.
  7. Render Scale %70 (for 4K) There was no problem before with this. Is it related with that , you think ? And, it is same with mods in community or without mods.
  8. I just realised that the night lighting of the cities seems to be problematic. There is no road lights or building lights. Only addon buildings or sceneries seem to have lights. Is it just me or any of you noticed the same ? Please see the images. Thanks. https://ibb.co/Kb5f1Dq https://ibb.co/Lv4SY10 They can only be seen when you are very close and just locally, in few meters. There is something wrong. https://ibb.co/vQYkYpy
  9. Yes, you can use TrackIR and the good news is; if you have a webcam, youcan use it as a really good TrackIR. Here is the link on how to do this. https://www.msfsaddons.org/reference/trackir-webcam I am using it and it is really succesfull. (A good solution to avoid buying a new TrackIR) Happy Flying
  10. Personally I was using X to close for almost all the apps including MSFS and I did not face any problems about this for years, yet. Explanations are both correct, maybeit is better to close the sim with a proper way (quit to desktop) but if there is windowed mode and if X(close) was working fine before, I just wanted to keep that.
  11. Yes, space bar is working but I really do not want it to happen unintentially.
  12. In your case, I think you are left in the Dev Mod as you did not save the settings again. Therefore , we are aware that in Dev Mod, Safe Mod is not shown but you lose al the flight logs ,as well. Isn't it the case for you ? Thanks.
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