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  1. Barnes

    Removing Tomato Shade

    Sorry, not sure what else to suggest - worked for me...
  2. Barnes

    Removing Tomato Shade

    Open DynamicReflectionMaker.exe (it will still work) and choose any aircraft that you had updated previously. Hit the "Restore" button in the top right corner and your aircraft model will be converted back to its original format.
  3. Barnes

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    John - It’s actually quite pretty once you slap TomatoShade and one of your paints on it...
  4. First day purchase! Looking forward to this one. Bert Pieke has had nothing but good things to say about the beta version of this aircraft, so that's the only review that I need to see...
  5. Barnes

    P3D V4 freezing in London

    Are you using any UK2000 sceneries near by, such as Gatwick? There have been some reports of SODE causing the delays you are describing in the London area. Even if you don’t have any UK2000 sceneries installed, try disabling SODE if it is used by any other sceneries in the area (not sure about Aerosoft) to see if that is your issue.
  6. Hi John, I was under the impression that P3D is not capable of true full screen mode. Perhaps somebody can correct me if I’m wrong? Dave
  7. Barnes


    Shez, Your KORD AFCAD is amazing! Thanks for your hard work. Can't wait to see the final product. Regards, Dave
  8. Some folks have reported similar issues in the London area due to interactions with local add on airports using SODE. If you are using any area airport scenery that uses SODE, try disabling that and see if the issue goes away.
  9. Barnes

    LM Officially announces event tomorrow

    Don't think so. For the time being they are working to get the FSX version out before they complete and test the P3D version.
  10. Barnes

    P3d V4 freezing at London

    Glad to hear it worked.
  11. Barnes

    P3d V4 freezing at London

    Do you use UK2000 airport scenery? If so, there is an issue reported on their forums with the SODE safedock systems at Gatwick and Heathrow causing freezing similar to what you are reporting. Try turning off the safedocks for these airports and see if that helps.
  12. Barnes

    Prepar3D 4.1 about to be released?

    Once released, it will be available from your account at LM. Installation instructions are linked below. See here
  13. Barnes

    Prepar3D 4.1 about to be released?

    Then you're good to go...
  14. Barnes

    Prepar3D 4.1 about to be released?

    Yes. If you already own 4.0