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  1. A big “thank-you” for your reply from one of the absolute morons... Best of luck with the future development of PTA
  2. Indeed. When Matt bought Yuri’s work with the intent to sell it to all of us, I’m sure he realized that he would be held to a higher standard than a freeware author. Never the less here we are wondering if this software is even being supported anymore while freeware programs like TomatoShade continue to be improved and updated as soon as new versions of P3D are released. Not impressed.
  3. Hi Pete, You need to wait for Matt to update PTA for compatibility for the latest version of P3D. Unfortunately, based on past experience, this could take a long time. Have you considered using TomatoShade as an alternative to PTA? It has many more features, has already been updated for compatibility to HF2, and it is free!
  4. Yep. I got the same email and I have already completed the survey.
  5. I would also like to ask for a couple of additional years to play with it after it's released... Gotta' say, I'm excited about this!
  6. Thanks! Nobody could withstand a styrofoam boulder like the Gorn...
  7. Hey Scott, I am seeing exactly the same thing that you are in the same location - I didn't even realize I had the problem until I saw your post. For what ever reason, I am unable to register over at the FT forums, so I was unable to report this in the thread that you started. Only difference I see between my setup and yours is that I use UTX2 NA instead of Vector. Please report back if you figure it out. I will do the same. Thanks, Dave
  8. v4.4 running with an average of 43.2 FPS and temps fluctuating in around the 40-50 degree C mark. v4.5 running with an average of 35.6 FPS and no signifiacant difference in temps. Sitting on runway, CPU is loaded to about 45% and showing no signs of throttling down. RAM using 7.6 of 16GB. GPU loaded to about 40% and using 4 of 8 GB of VRAM.
  9. Didn't notice. I'll reinstall the 4.5 client and report back.
  10. Not that this helps with 4.5, but I can confirm using my own benchmark scenario, that I saw a drop from the mid 40’s to the mid 30’s after the update to 4.5. I uninstalled the 4.5 client and reinstalled the 4.4 client and immediately saw the frame-rates return to normal, with all settings and add-ons the same. (Note that I had updated the 4.5 client and content only. When returning to 4.4 client, I left the 4.5 content installed). My benchmark scenario is using a saved flight at KSEA, then running the latest version of the FSL A320X ( Add-ons that I use in the Seattle area are T2G KSEA, FTX Global, openLC North America, UTX2 USA, UTL, GSX, EZCA 3, and TomatoShade. I am running P3D on an i7 8700K (HT off) @ 5.0, 16G RAM and an RTX 2080 connected to a single ultrawide monitor @ 3440 x 1440. Dave
  11. The new turbulence module effects in conjunction with Active Sky are excellent. Well worth the modest upgrade price. Go get it...
  12. There is now a fix posted on their forum for the missing airlines (Delta. Air Baltic and Air Malta).
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