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  1. Just wondering if you are referring to the DX12 issue with missing airport/runway/taxiway textures here. I don’t want to jinx anything but I haven’t seen this problem since the latest beta dropped and I cleared my DX cache. Has anyone else noticed the same?
  2. Thanks for this tip. Tried it and I like it - Makes things more predictable when dancing on the pedals.
  3. Was that by any chance yesterday morning? I was seeing the same and also thought that it was the new drivers, but it turned out to be a server problem with MS. Once that was cleared up the sim ran fine with the new drivers.
  4. I am already completely satisfied with the existing version of the Fenix A320 and would have had no regrets for my purchase even if there had been no further updates. Performance improvements and updates to the A320 model will be icing on the cake. While I am personally not particularly interested in the A319/A321 models, I will be happily buying them to support Aamir, Dave and the gang.
  5. It can be permanently saved under Options/General Options/Camera/Freelook Speed or Freelook Momentum.
  6. Any motherboard that I have used has always adjusted voltage automatically based on the XMP profile.
  7. I used NOD32 for many years and was very happy with it. Two years ago however, I retired and looked at my expenses to see where I could cut back a bit. Decided to let my NOD32 licence slip and give Windows Defender a try. So far, I have been equally happy with it.
  8. I do own the Origami version and agree 100%. Both sceneries have their strong points, but I prefer Mkvy's freeware version and find it to be superior.
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