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  1. I don’t believe that hissing sounds are included, but there is a very good vibration effect when a boulder hits the aircraft.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! This will be an instant buy for me as I have been missing the ezdok camera effects in MSFS. The effects look quite good in the video.
  3. Actually, in Rob’s announcement above he gives a date of Dec 31, 2024.
  4. Hey Steve - You gonna paint any of these birds once you get a copy, or are you sticking with PMDG for now?
  5. I was also getting this message for no apparent reason this afternoon. Read somewhere to try rebooting my modem - That seemed to work for me. Edit - Never mind. I'm getting the same message once again. Maybe you are right about it being the same reason.
  6. Just read your comment and then realized I had done the same!
  7. I like the app. Works well to keep my purchases updated. Oh well, different strokes.
  8. Anything posted by you guys could never be considered spam!
  9. Well done FBW Team! Thanks, as always for your continuing dedication to the A32NX project.
  10. Just gave the pre-planned pushback feature a try (actually about 10 tries) and it works flawlessly! Many thanks to AmbitiousPilots - Donation inbound.
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