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  1. Already posted in the work in progress thread (sorry, didn't see this one before I posted) but I just wanted to pop in here and congratulate Roman Designs on the release of CYOW. This scenery is incredible and well worth the purchase price. Looking forward to more Canadian airports in the future from this author.
  2. Beautiful airport scenery. Incredible attention to detail. No regrets for making this purchase - well worth it! Thanks for your work.
  3. My addons seem to work okay. Not going to lose sleep over this one.
  4. Thanks for the tip. Just reinstalled 465.89 using this method. We'll see what sort of affect it has on things.
  5. I'm seeing the same. Crossing fingers and hoping that this won't cause a problem. This 17GB (that I thought I already had) is going to take a while - I'm assuming I'll have to download the World Update once this is complete.
  6. I believe that I read somewhere that ship traffic could only be displayed at sea level.
  7. Generally, the sim is much smoother for me in most areas, but the area east of KLAX is still a mess (that was the first thing I tried after the patch). If I fly in that direction (once downtown LA is over my left shoulder at about 8 o’clock) I still get hard stutters to the point that I have to end the flight. So yes, I see the same problem as you. I am thankful for the other perf improvements, but it would be nice to see this fixed.
  8. Thanks for the heads-up. Been looking forward to this.
  9. Generally experiencing very smooth performance with good fps until the stutters set in. At that point the CPU starts to take a beating and the GPU takes a nap while fps drop. After a minute or two, things stabilize and smooth performance returns. This cycle keeps repeating.
  10. Unfortunately, the problem still persists for me after the update too.
  11. Cool. I’ll have to fire up the sim and have another look. I am using the experimental version which is a few hours behind the dev version. Perhaps I wasn’t seeing the latest update.
  12. Yeah. The last update I saw was that the textures are not in yet but reflections have been added to the displays. BTW they look great. Perhaps that is what the OP is seeing.
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