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  1. Granted, this is from a year ago but still worth a gander...: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5mFI9spp10
  2. speedyTC

    Good realistic addon for weather

    I have the REX SF3D / ASN combination running on my FSX installation and I do get the whiteout effect from time to time. I assume you mean the effect when you look out of the window and see nothing but white (or a very pale light blue in my case)? Or when switching to an outside view the aircraft is obscured?
  3. speedyTC

    3 Days Off - Flying Anywhere Interesting?

    G'day Mark, you could check out http://air-source.us/ Literally thousands of flights to choose from. I used to be a member of a couple of VAs but got tired of the restrictions and same old routings. Air-source solved my problem. Currently planning a Gatwick to Mykonos (EZY8155) hop and after that I will probably do the Denver to Seattle journey (UAL848). These two will both be in the A320 and then I will probably switch to the T7 and explore those possibilities with a relaxing long haul. Cheers!
  4. It will also be interesting to see the kind of price battering the current 10xx series will get after the insanity of the bit mining fiasco (for us simpler folk, at least).
  5. There is an interesting disussion here. If you are planning on spending that much money on your proposed build for FSX I'd seriously consider moving to P3Dv4.x. I am aware that FSX is still goiing strong (I myself still use it) but in all honesty a 32bit platform for today's available add-ons (both scenery and aircraft) doesn't really compute. Your planned machine can easily handle P3D and you'd be assured that development for that platform is ongoing unlike FSX. I plan on moving to P3D as soon as finances allow it. There is also the very real possibility that, even running your proposed hardware with FSX and depending on your settings and complexity of add-ons for it, that your fps may very well tank. The subject of fps and smoothness has been ongoing for years and a powerful system will not guarantee a smooth stutter-free FSX experience. Best of luck!
  6. speedyTC


    Hi, this might help a bit: http://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx.html "Top 10 best" is quite subjective so browse through that site and if nothing interests you than try google search for the areas you are most interested in.
  7. speedyTC

    OPUSV3 for P3DV4?

    Late...and a bit off topic but would very much appreciate it if this question could be answered. As an old OpusFSX user is there a discount path to v5 and is it compatible with FSX (yes, I'm still using the old dinosaur). Cheers.
  8. speedyTC

    Good to go with 4.3?

    G'day Paul, from what I've been reading a lot of add-ons are running fine on v4.3 and others are being worked on as we speak. You may have to upgrade to ASP4 from AS16 but that's a free jump. Not sure about MT6 though. You should be good to go, generally. Unless you want to hold off until v5! 😎 Cheers.
  9. speedyTC

    Always grey clouds AS16, ASCA, REXSF

    Gerard, clouds should render in as conditions require and there really should be no need to spend even more money just to achieve what should be possible "out of the box". I'm not sure if the OP is using ASCA and SkyForce together. That could cause issues? The combination should be AS16 + ASCA or AS16 + SF (with the SF Wx engine turned off).
  10. speedyTC

    My morning ritual and AirDailyX

    You could also try Flightsim.com
  11. speedyTC

    Star Citizen Charges $27,000 to Unlock ships

    Time to think of a new scheme, Chris.
  12. speedyTC

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    G'day Bob, yes, for sure, not all add-ons are working yet but going on Blackbox's stream regarding the FSL A320 in v4.3 he too is saying that the latest LM release has improved performance; and especially if this is with the resources-hungry Bus I'd say that 4.3 is a no-brainer (coming from a guy who's still on FSX!). Apparently even dynamic lighting is kinder on frames. I'm at the tipping point right now and just waiting for approval from the "boss / financial manager".
  13. speedyTC

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    Hi Ed, from what I've been reading the consensus is that v4.3 is an improvement on v4.2. Any other comparison would be quite pointless, imho. Cheers!
  14. speedyTC

    Now I only need "IVAO"

    Absolutely gorgeous shot!