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  1. speedyTC

    Sky Force 3D abrupt changes

    I hear you but as I mentioned I was already using AS before. You could also wait on the many sales opportunities that become available and get stuff like this at anywhere between 30 and 50% off. REX had a huge 50% blow-out during the Black Friday period and AS was to be had at 30% off as well. Hope you can get it sorted as Wx popping is an immersion killer.
  2. speedyTC

    Sky Force 3D abrupt changes

    The REX team is working on a new Wx engine. The one included with SF3D is not ideal. The Wx popping has been an issue for a long time. Not sure if turning off anything will help. I use the AS engine with the SF3D textures. Works a treat.
  3. speedyTC

    Our Site is not Safe - Now you tell me!

    Quoted poster would benefit from a spell-checker and probably some basic grammar lessons. Sadly, the education system is failing far too many people but, then again, trolldom ruleZ.
  4. speedyTC

    GSX Question

    Using FSX (shhh) and GSX2 with the FSL bus; all the sundry door opening / closing is handled very nicely by GSX. There are a number of bugs to be squashed (for sure), such as crew / pax walking through closed entries and fuel trucks folding on themsleves when refueling and loaders driving through the fuselage (probably AFCAD issues in that particular one) but overall it's nice not having to bother about the doors and cargo holds.
  5. speedyTC

    RTX 2080 installed

    It'll be a completely new build. Keeping the old one for FSX and the newer one will be purely P3D. I'm not hung up on fps, to be honest, as long as the experience is smooth with no noticeable stutters / microstutters. Agonising over VAS is getting tiring 🙂
  6. speedyTC

    RTX 2080 installed

    Interesting thread. I'm planning a much needed new computer and a jump to P3Dv4.x and have an i7-8700K with a RTX2070 card as possible paired candidates. Planning to run on a single 1440p 27" monitor. Slightly confused regarding which would be better. A 1440p @60Hz or a 1080p @144Hz? Budget-constrained too, so please keep that in mind.
  7. speedyTC

    REX Sky Force in a networked setup?

    I don't see why not. If you are asking whether it could interface with ASP4 dynamically (as ASP4 does with ASCA) I really am not sure.
  8. speedyTC

    REX Sky Force in a networked setup?

    G'day Carlo, if you plan on using SF3D for textures only (make sure the built-in Wx engine is disabled) you could install it on your sim PC and make sure you run it first (before firing up ASP4). Then continue running it in minimized mode. Also, make sure ASCA (if you have it) is not active. You can download the SF3D manual from the REX site and it should be able to answer most of your questions. I run SF3D and ASN on my sim PC with no issues whatsoever and enjoy a great Wx experience. Cheers.
  9. Hi, you might want to check out this website. Also, are you using nVidia Inspector? What are your settings there?
  10. speedyTC

    Should I get the FSLABS A320?

    One thing that you'll get with the FSL Bus, Simon, is immersion. Tons of it. From the moment you attach the GPU and power it up. The sounds on this thing are very, very good indeed. It really has spoilt me for pretty much anything else unless I'm in the mood for a long haul jaunt.
  11. speedyTC

    P3dv4 cpu and gpu best match

    And no new stock at all. I'd be leery of used ti's though especially after the decline of the mining saga. Not sure how many "normally used" 1080ti's would be on the market as the new RTX prices are plain silly and people would hold on to old and gold (particularly as ray tracing has not yet been implemented on available software). The performance gain of a 2080ti over a 1080ti does not justify the added expense, in the eyes of most reviewers so far. I've put my build plans on hold for the time being and will wait to see how this mess straightens itself out.
  12. speedyTC

    The Great Orbx Confusion

    Froogle FUD. Please lock this topic. 🔐
  13. Personal opinion. Staying one generation behind, especially where mobo/cpu/gpu are concerned is a good idea. Moore's Law died a while ago so generational changes are incremental rather than game-changing. Of course, maunfacturers push their newest as being the best and something you simply cannot do without (with a corresponding unjustifiably large price hike) but it's all marketing hype. Flightsimming is demanding but not to the point that we can't live with high end components currently being touted as being the cat's whiskers. Besides, I very much doubt that any hardware would be able to run the new platforms with all sliders to the right, heavy scenery and complex weather and aircraft add-ons. If you have deep pockets then by all means go for the bright lights but a careful, considered and tempered decision (especially paying attention to the best compatibility between components) would be the wisest path. I am currently in the market for a much needed new computer so all I am doing here is sharing my mindset rather than offer suggestions. Not much help, I know and all rather superficial but getting into a deep conversation regarding specific harwdare issues such as this is not, to my mind at least, the best idea in the various fora where one gets to "listen" to opinions rather than facts. I'd love to able to afford to pay someone with knowledge and experience to try different hardware combinations and come up with solid alternatives depending on ones budget and performance desires. It's a pipe dream though for many reasons **Just saw Scott's post. Nice read. Thank you!
  14. speedyTC

    New to p3dv4 and wondering something...

    Just as we have a checklist before every flight (in the tubeliners, at least) why not make a personalised checklist for every simming session? That way you'll be sure to never forget anything. **yup, just like Rob suggested
  15. speedyTC

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    Go to this site and under the Miscellaneous window on the right look for Abnormal Procedures. It will download a pdf for you.