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  1. speedyTC

    Good to go with 4.3?

    G'day Paul, from what I've been reading a lot of add-ons are running fine on v4.3 and others are being worked on as we speak. You may have to upgrade to ASP4 from AS16 but that's a free jump. Not sure about MT6 though. You should be good to go, generally. Unless you want to hold off until v5! 😎 Cheers.
  2. Triple digit study level aircraft for our flightsims have become common now. Cut out a couple of dinners eating out and maybe a few less drinks for a week or two and bingo. You've paid for the aircraft of your choice that will keep you occupied and give you a ton of enjoyment for as long as your platform / hardware lasts. 😎
  3. speedyTC

    Always grey clouds AS16, ASCA, REXSF

    Gerard, clouds should render in as conditions require and there really should be no need to spend even more money just to achieve what should be possible "out of the box". I'm not sure if the OP is using ASCA and SkyForce together. That could cause issues? The combination should be AS16 + ASCA or AS16 + SF (with the SF Wx engine turned off).
  4. speedyTC

    My morning ritual and AirDailyX

    You could also try Flightsim.com
  5. speedyTC

    Star Citizen Charges $27,000 to Unlock ships

    Time to think of a new scheme, Chris.
  6. speedyTC

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    G'day Bob, yes, for sure, not all add-ons are working yet but going on Blackbox's stream regarding the FSL A320 in v4.3 he too is saying that the latest LM release has improved performance; and especially if this is with the resources-hungry Bus I'd say that 4.3 is a no-brainer (coming from a guy who's still on FSX!). Apparently even dynamic lighting is kinder on frames. I'm at the tipping point right now and just waiting for approval from the "boss / financial manager".
  7. speedyTC

    Much better performance in P3D V4.3

    Hi Ed, from what I've been reading the consensus is that v4.3 is an improvement on v4.2. Any other comparison would be quite pointless, imho. Cheers!
  8. speedyTC

    Now I only need "IVAO"

    Absolutely gorgeous shot!
  9. speedyTC

    Any good resources for Airport gate information?

    You can simply google "XXXX (ICAO airport code) gates" and either go to the actual airport website or check the Wiki page that pops up. It usually has a thorough description of the airport as well describing the terminals used by the various airlines. If you're looking for particular gates I'm not sure there's anything out there that can provide that information and would gladly like to know about something that does. I'm currently on a KJFK - KMSY hop and the Louis Armstrong site (flymsy/terminals) told me that Concourse C is used for Jetblue (along with a ton of others) and that Concourse A has been closed to the public. Cheers!
  10. speedyTC

    SkyForce 3D and The PMDG B747-400

    When running SkyForce are you disabling the built-in weather engine and only using the AS one?
  11. speedyTC

    GSX Missing as well as some terminals

    Try using the FSDT Update manager. Edit: Ignore. Umberto already responded.
  12. speedyTC

    FSX starts to load but then disappears...

    I've un / re-installed FSX a number of times with no issues. However, they were all "clean" installs i.e. full uninstallation of everything related to FSX first, such as add on scenery, add on aircraft etc. Then an uninstall of FSX through the Windows uninstaller. A formatting of the drive followed that and then the new installation of FSX following Nick's and AVSIM's guides (which specify a very clear and must-adhere-to method which includes multiple restarts of the computer for every installation - FSX, mesh, landclass etc etc). Just a note that my flightsim machine has Win7 Pro 64 as an OS. If that doesn't work take a deep breath and do a clean OS install and go from there. Drastic, I know but it will get rid of any hidden files that may be causing issues. Hope this helps.
  13. speedyTC

    rex sky force 3d and 737pmdg

    You can get Skyforce and run AS16 as your weather engine. The sim will load the SF textures and AS will inject them as needed. Works well for me (in FSX). Just make sure the REX SF weather engine is not active.
  14. If you are on Win 10 it could be possible that the latest update pushed by MS broke something. You could also try posting in the FTX forum.
  15. Eye candy wise FSX can pretty much still hold its own. It's that siren song of 64bits that's pulling me towards P3Dv4 plus the definite trend of add-on devs to cater primarily to the new(er) platform.