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  1. I'm as excited as anyone to see a new producer getting ready to release an add-on of this calibre, especially for a brand new platform such as MSFS. Don't get me wrong. FSL have 5 variants and 2 engine choices while working on the Neo (I think?). Granted they've been working on their versions a lot longer and for an established P3D platform so they have the advantage there. As for the circuit breakers, yes, amazing detail, but how often do we, as sim pilots, pull breakers at all? Neither do real-life pilots for that matter. But, it does speak volumes for the simulation depth of the Fenix offering and I can't wait to get my hands on it. Just waiting for the stratospheric hardware prices to drop a bit so that I can build a new machine that can handle all the new offerings.
  2. The OP is on 4K. That resolution is hugely taxing on any system.
  3. Run a Virtual Machine and test it. Easy. Curiosity is great but isn't this a bit premature? We have a half-baked sim and a not-quite-ready new OS.
  4. ORBX's Cityscape Sydney looks very nice indeed but it would probably cause my machine to commit hara-kiri. Until I can build a new rig this one goes on my bucket list. Nice shots of my home town 👍👍
  5. I noticed that you have the 6600K running at stock? Might be worth a an overclock. Not extreme but try for a higher clock. Also, why is bathymetry enabled? Try turning off bloom. That might help a bit as well. I have a far less capable machine as you can see in my sig but I have no real issues with frames or smoothness. I guess it's also about what you are expecting. At heavy payware scenery with the FSLabs I get between 12-16fps in the cockpit. Outside views see the frames jump into the mid to high 20s. That is a worst case scenario. However, frames are just part of the story. If the smoothness is good then, for me, frames don't really matter too much.
  6. 5950X and 3090 for flightsimming? Overkill, IMO. But, yeah, if cost is no object go for them.They'll hold you over for a couple of years (says the guy with the i5-3570K and the GTX670 😂...) Enjoy the performance!
  7. In a perfect world with perfect infrastructure autonomous vehicles would probably become a staple. In our current reality, however, think Chaos Theory and Murpy's Law combined. Not pretty. As for the future, well, anything goes, really. I'm old enough to remember Dick Tracey and the phone-on-a-wrist and thinking how cool would that be but impossible, yet here we are in just a few decades. Regarding the AI conundrum, "Kill the driver or the kids" I'd suggest that a human being in control in that kind of situation would not be much better than a dumb algorithm flipping an imaginary coin. I think that we are currently in a situation of "six of one and half a dozen of the other".
  8. Hi Ian, Very interesting indeed. This new AMD resurgence is certainly making it hard to reach a decision, hardware wise. That Intel based rig I was carefully building on pcPartPicker is being strongly challenged by the 5600X and even though the 10700KF can hit 5.0GHz it's looking like the hugely improved IPC of the AMD chip is more than making up for that deficit. Thanks for the heads up, mate. Cheers!
  9. G'day Ian, Wondering how the 5600 tests are going in the sims. Have a great weekend!
  10. Now that AS has been brought up to speed with P3Dv5 I'm wondering what ASP3D + EA looks like compared to ASP3D + REX Skyforce3D.
  11. Stirring the pot, are you, Ray? 😁 Seriously though...that IS interesting. I will have to look into that as well. Cheers!
  12. The acid test will definitely be the sims. But, yeah, first things first and keeping the Boss happy is right up there!
  13. Thank you, Ian. Looking forward to your findings!
  14. Planning on a new build for my current P3Dv4.5 installation, a probable v5 in the near future and, depending on TPDs (for decent tubeliners), possibly an MSFS investment somewhere down the road. Budget constraints are an unfortunate reality and there is no way I can stretch the wife's good will to a 5900X / 10900K or even a 5800X. So I am left pondering and vacillating between the AMD 5600 and the i7 10700KF. The graphics will be most likely handled by the 6800XT (simply because of the included 16GB DDR6). I've been reading about how good the 5600 is turning out to be but going purely on the 6/12 (cores/threads) configuration would there be a possible downside regarding the above-mentioned sims? Hoping you could share some knowledge and thoughts. Cheers!
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