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  1. RNAV is still INOP in the FBW, as far as I know. This doesn't mean you can't fly RNAV approaches, if you follow the altitude restrictions on the charts, but you will not get (I think?) the "Final App" annunciation in the FMA. They keep pushing updates however and I wouldn't be surprised if the latest one (haven't tested it yet) includes full RNAV capability. Cheers!
  2. I'm on 536.23 and haven't encountered any issue with the driver since installation. I'm not ruling it out, of course. As it's the weekend, RL (wife) takes precedence over sim related issues so I will be trouble shooting first thing on Monday. Once again, many thanks for the input! 👍
  3. It takes me back to the main menu options page (Settings, Controls etc) I'll give that a go. I do use Addons Linker so I'll have to figure out a way around that. Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I hope I don't have to go through the whole uninstall-reinstall dance.
  4. Can someone please tell me what is going on? Completed a flight on Friday. All went well. Fired up the sim this morning and this is what I'm greeted with when I reach the point of choosing my departure airfield. No search option and also no "Fly Now" button nor "Set Time" either. 😒 I tried uninstalling two Windows updates (that parked themselves into Win11 - the day before, I believe(?)) but they seem to be of the type that cannot be uninstalled. https://ibb.co/BtGHf5Q Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. I think that people put far too much emphasis on raw performance. The 40 series is a big jump over the 20s. If you are going to use the card for flight-simming mainly and considering you have a budget limit, the 4060Ti seems like a decent deal as it will offer you the chance to use DLSS3 which practically doubles the framerate in MSFS. I would opt for the 16GB model. The above suggestion is not first-hand experience with the card but gleaned by reading through various reviews. Do your due diligence as these purchases are not cheap. Cheers.
  6. Two screenies: https://ibb.co/rF6wwRN https://ibb.co/W0MzLdw I had just returned from the house chores and almost missed the Wx. In the flightdeck screenie you can just make out the returns on the lower side of the ND and to the left. Second screenie shows the radar off Navigraph. Close match.
  7. Thanks. They may have improved it, perhaps? It seemed pretty accurate.
  8. Wx is showing on the ND in the "updated" B78X. Whut th...?! I was doing a KSFO-KIAD hop. Stepped away from the flight deck for a while to attend to matters pertaining to the house (and to keep in the wife's good graces) and when I got back I was passing north of Denver. To my amazement weather was depicted on the ND in the correct location and was visually confirmed by looking out the window, the drone view and checking real Wx. Have I been doing a Rip Van Winkle all these months??
  9. You're kinda missing the point. Swiss watches are a prestige item; and while the Apple watch is top tier in the realm of smart watches, every Tom, Dick and Harry is wearing one. Not to mention it shackles you to the Apple eco system. As far as the Vision Pro is concerned it's far too early to say. On the other hand, if one can use this headset as a replacement for a TV I can see a definite market for them as filling your vision, central and peripheral, with a screen and at 4K per eye would be a great alternative to a monster 85"+ black box hanging on a wall (along with associated costs). Interesting concept.
  10. Glad to see that Steve and Co have finally been discovered by the community. 👍
  11. Washed out looking sim: Try calibrating the monitor and also play with the nVidia filter settings in the GeForce Experience software. If I am not mistaken you can adjust clarity there as well. A 2K monitor should serve you very well indeed unless there is something wrong with the panel itself. How long have you had it for? Cheers
  12. They did say that work is ongoing on the A330 series for MSFS. No specific data was given, just that it will be an A330.
  13. Hi, I'm no expert but I've done my share of research. It looks good except for the power supply. An 850W is the bare minimum for that system, I would think. You may also want to think about going for a 2TB SSD instead of the 1TB, depending on how many add-ons (scenery, aircraft, airports etc) you plan on getting. 1TB fills up fast! There has been a lot of debate regarding the latest 40-series cards from nVidia. The 4070s haven't received much love from reviewers and the 4080 (which is what I'd be aiming for, budget allowing) is at a higher price point than it should be. The AMD equivalents seem to be offering better value although, and this is a biggie, they do not (yet) offer DLSS 3, which is the major advantage of the nVidia 40series family. This is a tough choice. As for cooling, if you're leaning towards an air cooler go for the beefier ones. Even if you don't overclock the 13700 it can generate a fair amount of heat. Don't worry about "future proofing". There really is no such thing. As for the 4K eventual jump I believe you'll be ok as long as you don't expect to be running MSFS on Ultra with demanding add-on panels. As you can see from my specs I am running a lower spec machine (recently built as my very much older i5-3750K/2TB GTX670 simply could not handle MSFS) than the one you plan on building yet I am very pleased with the performance I am getting from MSFS and my settings in the sim are on the higher side. I am also running P3D and the performance there is beyond excellent. Best of luck with the new machine!
  14. Just keep in mind that FPS isn't the Holy Grail. A balanced machine (both in the hardware department as well as your sim settings) is the best way to go and as long as your performance is smooth you will not have issues due to slightly lower fps rates (unless you are an fps chaser). It's quite subjective. Research is the key especially since you are budget limited just as I was.
  15. ...for LM to consider using this for aircraft and airfield/port modeling for a P3Dv6 release? I'm not sure how, and if, it would also work for scenery design either for low or high altitudes views.
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