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  1. Give EZCA a go first. Simply by virtue of Flight 1's return policy. I tried it, found it a bit too complex for these aging brain cells and decided to stick with my old Opus FSI camera system as all I really need from such a programme is the quick select buttons for different views I can set up plus the pretty realistic motion effects that FSI offers. EZCA was returned within the trial period. No hassle and no grief. Flight 1 should be congratulated for that policy.
  2. Covid 20? An upgrade from 19...just like v5 from v4? 😆 Wishes for a speedy recovery!
  3. Although I have been a long time user of the PMDG product line they lost my respect and custom when, some years ago when the US dollar was in free fall, they began charging the same numerical value of their products of US$, in Euros. It didn't last very long since the US currency rallied and they switched back to the greenback. Blatant money grabbing and gouging. People with short memories may not remember this. Stay safe, folks.
  4. Sounds like a layering issue. What other scenery do you have installed, apart from the base P3D stuff? Such as meshes, other landclasses etc? This should give you some pointers as to where to look as a starting point. Cheers.
  5. I started with a clean slate. Old machine, everything was wiped. The sim has never looked or felt as good as this; and I have a ton of extras that, according to conventional wisdom, would bring the system to its knees. Hasn't happened. I can wholeheartedly recommend starting from scratch and paying close attention to installing whatever add-ons you have. Don't rush and install everything at once. Install one, test and then go on to the next. Don't mess with tweaks. A clean and streamlined OS is a must. Cheers!
  6. No issues here. Downloaded and installed a few days ago.
  7. Ciao Raffaele, As others have said you are definitely cpu-limited. So am I, for that matter but I have managed to overclock to 4.2GHz stable and that probably helps. I also have a completely clean installation of Win10 with the bare minimum of non-flightsim related programmes running. As to whether you should buy it or not. That is something that only you can determine. If you are planning an upgrade or a new computer in the near future (possibly preparing for the new MSFS) then yes, go ahead and get the FSL bus. Try it on your current system. If it works to your satisfaction (given the limitations you have) then all is good and with a new machine you will see all the benefits of that more powerful system. I can't stress enough the absolute necessity of a totally clean installation of both Windows and Prepar3d v4. Best of luck!
  8. Have a look at my specs. I run both the 320 and 321. ASP4 and REXSF3D. Mostly fly from / to payware sceneries. At heavy airports like EGLL or KJFK frames vary between 15 and 28 depending on weather (clouds). At lighter airports I see frames between 24 and 34 and whilst in the air and inside the flight deck they can vary between 28 and 40-odd again depending on weather. My settings are not particularly conservative although depending on where I am flying to or from and whether or not I have dedicated or photoscenery applied to those areas my autogen setting vary between None and Low. No road traffic. Minimal airport vehicles. Cloud layers in ASP4 = 5. Even at lower frame rates the most interesting thing I see while flying/taxiing the bus is the smoothness of the sim; and that is more important to me than frames. Cheers!
  9. Another usual error is confusing "pour" for "pore". As in: Wrong: "he poured over the map" Correct: "he pored over the map". This could go on and on ad nauseum 😁
  10. I have to agree with Bob re the cooler choice and PSU. Don't skimp on those. Maybe get yourself a 1440p monitor rather than the 4K one and use the money saved to invest in better cooling and power. edit: You could also save on the full tower expense. Not really necessary unless you're planning massive expansions further on down the line. Cheers!
  11. You'll probably see a general increase in responsiveness from your system and it will appear to run smoother, if that's any sort of description. I've heard people swear by the increase in RAM and others who snort. Never a bad thing though, is? An increase in RAM?
  12. I would absolutely recommend a clean install of both Win 10 and P3D. It's more work but definitely worth it in the end.
  13. You don't have to install it every time. Just start SF3D and it will load your selections.
  14. Try clearing your browser's cache.
  15. That actually reminds me of a t-shirt I have that I am very fond of... https://www.dropbox.com/s/hl1shscxt9tt78l/t-1.png?dl=0
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