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  1. jimh

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Good question. I'm not at all technically qualified, just assumed that we are driving pixels. The Vive Pro has two screens of 1440x1600, or 2880x1600 total. My previous triple monitor setup had a resolution of 3840x1024, so the VP res. lies between the triple monitor and 4k TV for load of pixels. None of the above answers the original question though. 😯 (I just need to decide on some kind of card for my crippled computer!) Jim
  2. jimh

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    Hi, I'd like to second a request for a performance comparison between one 2080ti and two 1080ti in sli. I've been reading this thread with great interest as my 1080ti has just been returned under warranty for a full refund. For a roughly similar outlay I could replace my faulty card with a 2080ti, or go for two 1080tis. My cpu is an 8700k,, o'clocked to 4.9, but I'm into VR and use a Vive Pro which is pretty demanding. Jim
  3. Hi, I have a fresh install of P3D v4.3, and now find the parking brake handle in the VC of my B1900D does not move. The actual brake effect is working properly, but without movement of the handle it is sometimes difficult to know if the brake is applied or not. Anyone else find this? Regards, Jim
  4. jimh

    P3D4 Scenario Aircraft Incomplete?

    Thank you. The problem disappeared in time. Jim
  5. jimh

    P3D4 Scenario Aircraft Incomplete?

    Thanks, Guys. I did purchase the P3D4 version of the NGX from PMDG, and it is not part of the default flight which is just as LM provided. I have seen this anomaly before, but only with freeware aircraft. I'd just like everything to be just so for my first venture with PMDG. Regards, Jim
  6. Hi, I'm completely new to PMDG and the 737ngx. When, in P3D4, I select the aircraft to begin tutorial 1, the revolving 737 is incomplete, showing the interior in both sides. Is this likely to cause me a problem and if so what should I do? I've carried out a repair of the 737-NGX installation but no change. Thanks, Jim
  7. jimh

    Question on Jersey Airport

    Glad you sussed it out, Bob. Jim
  8. jimh

    Question on Jersey Airport

    Hi Bob, With me there is no hill anywhere is sight of EGJJ runway. I normally use UK2000 which is ok as well. Hope you figger it out. Jim
  9. Wow! Very well thought of monitor over here. I checked in Scan Computer's site, £700, but every buyer likes it a lot. Very Good Luck with yours. I went 'way downmarket - 23.8" AOC Ultra-Slim Monitor, IPS Panel, 1920x1080, 4ms, 250 cd/m2, HDMI/VGA, £240 each. Two of these will be here on Tuesday. I'll post a report for what it's worth when I'm up and running Jim.
  10. Thanks, but yours is a bit too pricey for me to set up a two monitor display. I'm hoping to find something acceptable below £400 for two.
  11. Hi, I'd like some advice over choosing a new 24 inch moniitor. I am about to buy a new coffee lake computer, principally for flightsim via an Oculus Rift, but I'm also interested in photography and do some photoshopping. I intend to have a two monitor desktop, so I wouldn't want to make a bad choice of two monitors! I'd also like good value! 😉 Thank you for any suggestions. Jim
  12. Hi Jim, It may not be any help, but I upgraded 4.0-4.1-4.2 using client only, and haven't seen any problems. I usually use FlyInside, but I just tried a short flight in native VR and all went smoothly (a little more clarity than with FlyInside). Jim H.
  13. I haven't noticed that in P3D4.2. I'm using Rift and FlyInside but not FSX. I like to lift off before sunriise and my only complaint is the size of the stars. Jim
  14. jimh

    F50 v1.1 in VR anyone?

    Hi, I see a few problems being reported elsewhere. I fly P3D v4.2 via FlyInside and navigate with the F1 GTN750, The F50 v1.0 worked well for me in VR, as above. The new v1.1 won't work at all for me in the same setup, and even seems to disable access to FlyInside's Menu. I'd just like to know if I'm alone with this problem? Thanks, Jim P.S. I've re-installed the original F50. It works as before.
  15. Thanks, Alex. It's way behind me now. I'm happy with the flying i can do, and delighted to have found LMN, and to be one of your supporters! I'm really surprised I haven't come across LMN long ago. You must do more advertising! Jim