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  1. Hi, Just to add a little variety to the conversation, my Reverb G2 has ceased to connect after only around 10 days use. No Mixed Reality entry in Device Manager, Headset not connected in MRP. I've tried every permutation of connections I can think of to no avail. I've replaced it for now with a Vive Pro, and boy is there a difference! ☹️ Now I can see the sweet spot! Jim
  2. Hi, We're all very different. I don't really notice the sweet spot in my G2. Perhaps I move my head more than most. I do have a pair of special glasses I got from VR lens Lab for my original CV1, which I'm using in the G2 until proper conversion lenses arrive, and the maximum IPD adjustment just happens to match my own. I'm just lucky, I guess. Jim
  3. Hi Guys, I've downloaded the latest version of Voice Attack to try it out. I'm not too sure about it, for Windows voice recognition doesn't like my Scots accent much. I've also made the switch to automatic Win+Y, so here goes! Thanks All, Jim
  4. Hi Terry, I can't thank you enough, for you've helped me get a routine which works. I've been practising and practising since your first reply. For me, pressing Win key twice, as you describe, with the headset on, consistently crashes P3D straight out. Very strange that it doesn't work for me! No matter, I now have a routine which seems to work every time. 1. Headset in full view on my desk. 2. Start Mixed Reality Portal. 3. Start P3D5.1 4. Enable VR and SteamVR. 5. Press Win+Y 6. Now put on my G2. 7. Press Recalibrate Origin - HMD 8. Now, at last, I'm at the controls and have a working cursor! Like you, I'm comparing very unfavourably, the difference between using my previous HMD, the Valve Index, with this complex procedure to get going with the Reverb G2. Once at the instruments however, the G2 is definitely in a class of its own. Thanks again, Terry. Jim
  5. Hi Terry, Thanks a million for your helpful reply. At what stage exactly do you press the Windows key twice? I've been pressing it after P3D is in VR. The second press crashes out P3D. Jim
  6. Hi All, I hope you can forgive me for asking such a childish question, but I'm really frustrated over how to get into the the left seat of an aircraft, ReverbG2 on my head, ready for flight. I've come from a Valve Index, where I just donned the headset, chose VR then Steam, and off I went. I have buttons mapped thro' FSUIPC to adjust my eyepoint just right. At the moment I find myself six feet above the aircraft in going into VR, my buttons sometimes work, sometimes not, I have a cursor, sometimes not (I do know Win+Y can be pressed). Maybe I'm getting too old for this hobby. Could someone please list for me the correct sequence of moves in using Windows Mixed Reality Portal, the headset itself, P3D, and of course SteamVR? I'm very embarrassed to have to ask, but I'm fed up with my present hit or miss attempts to simply start the Sim in VR successfully. Your Hopefully, Jim H.
  7. Thanks very much, Paul. I've got sound now. After setting P3D sound as you suggested, I found among the start menu sound choices, "Speakers (Realtek USB2.0 Audio)". That combination did the trick. My G2 is replacing a Valve Index whose installation was simplicity personified, with the required sound choice clearly named for the headset. While I'm not impressed with the installation and startup complications of WMR, the ReverbG2 itself is just amazing for comfort, lightness, and clarity. I'm not even aware of the sweet spot, and definition is 'way ahead of the Valve Index which was pretty good itself. Thanks Again, Jim
  8. Hi, I got my G2 today. i found setup much more difficult than my previous headsets. I'm into P3D via WMR for Steam and have no sound at all. I haven't see anyone else with this complaint, so it may be my fault. The headphones do work in the Mixed Reality Portal. I'd really appreciate if someone could advise. Regards, Jim
  9. Hi, Just another experience with P3Dv5.1. I was happy with v4.5 and curious about v5 I downloaded the full version of P3D5, added Orbx stuff for Europe, added Active Sky and ASCA, plus three aircraft which use the F1 GTN750, and went off to fly. I've no tweaks of any kind, and fly exclusively in VR. I've now flown thousands of miles in P3D5, smooth as silk, and never a problem of any kind. I just thought I'd add a very lucky experience, to show this latest incarnation can be very good indeed. Cheers, Jim Edit: My signature is out of date. It's fixed now.
  10. Hi again J J, I should have asked if anyone had successfully used Rob's gauge in P3Dv5 VR. I'm brand new to P3D5 and just discovering how popups appear in a huge size, right in centre of the windshield in VR. I couldn't find how to move its position, and resizing it seemed to move it further into the distance, where the wretched white blob of a mouse cursor had no effect on the gauge. If anyone knows how to properly manage popups in P3D5VR, I'd love to share their knowledge! Regards, Jim Edit: Apologies. I suddenly realise this message is 'way off topic.
  11. Thanks, J J. I'll give it a try. Regards, Jim
  12. Hi Rob, Your version 6.1 always worked well for me in all versions of P3D4. I've recently installed P3D5 and now getting to grips with it. Will your new version be suitable for P3D5? Best Wishes, Jim H.
  13. Hi, I apologise for butting into this topic. Simba's mention of using charts etc. in VR perked my interest, although I'm equally interested in VR performance in P3D. I'm currently using FlyInside to run P3D v4.4, and mainly want to keep seeing, in my Vive Pro headset, 2D windows of the F1 GTN750, a Groundhandling Gauge, and the readout from PF3 ATC. FlyInside has served me well ever since the launch of Rift1 but seems unlikely to have further updates. I'd like to fly P3D independently in VR, but don't want to lose the smooth experience I presently have, and the 2D windows I mentioned are important to me.. I'd be really glad of advice which would allow me to keep up with LM's progress. My system: i7 8700k o'clocked to 5.0Mhz and GF RTX 2080ti Regards, Jim P.S. I just noticed my sig is now my No.2 System.
  14. I've recently replaced my Rift CV1 with a Valve Index. Noticeable improvement in clarity, wider FOV, sweet spot acceptable, a few godrays sometimes, comfortable for me personally. GoodLLuck, Jim
  15. Thanks very much, Guys. I've now followed your instructions Kand, and the Throttle's response seems much smoother with the dead zones apparently gone. My Throttle is just under one year old having replaced an earlier CH Pro Throttle which seemed to die of old age. I would like to keep it as I would miss its collection of programmable buttons. I think I can now do just that. Thanks once again. Regards, Jim
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