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  1. Hi again J J, I should have asked if anyone had successfully used Rob's gauge in P3Dv5 VR. I'm brand new to P3D5 and just discovering how popups appear in a huge size, right in centre of the windshield in VR. I couldn't find how to move its position, and resizing it seemed to move it further into the distance, where the wretched white blob of a mouse cursor had no effect on the gauge. If anyone knows how to properly manage popups in P3D5VR, I'd love to share their knowledge! Regards, Jim Edit: Apologies. I suddenly realise this message is 'way off topic.
  2. Thanks, J J. I'll give it a try. Regards, Jim
  3. Hi Rob, Your version 6.1 always worked well for me in all versions of P3D4. I've recently installed P3D5 and now getting to grips with it. Will your new version be suitable for P3D5? Best Wishes, Jim H.
  4. Hi, I apologise for butting into this topic. Simba's mention of using charts etc. in VR perked my interest, although I'm equally interested in VR performance in P3D. I'm currently using FlyInside to run P3D v4.4, and mainly want to keep seeing, in my Vive Pro headset, 2D windows of the F1 GTN750, a Groundhandling Gauge, and the readout from PF3 ATC. FlyInside has served me well ever since the launch of Rift1 but seems unlikely to have further updates. I'd like to fly P3D independently in VR, but don't want to lose the smooth experience I presently have, and the 2D windows I mentioned are important to me.. I'd be really glad of advice which would allow me to keep up with LM's progress. My system: i7 8700k o'clocked to 5.0Mhz and GF RTX 2080ti Regards, Jim P.S. I just noticed my sig is now my No.2 System.
  5. I've recently replaced my Rift CV1 with a Valve Index. Noticeable improvement in clarity, wider FOV, sweet spot acceptable, a few godrays sometimes, comfortable for me personally. GoodLLuck, Jim
  6. Thanks very much, Guys. I've now followed your instructions Kand, and the Throttle's response seems much smoother with the dead zones apparently gone. My Throttle is just under one year old having replaced an earlier CH Pro Throttle which seemed to die of old age. I would like to keep it as I would miss its collection of programmable buttons. I think I can now do just that. Thanks once again. Regards, Jim
  7. Thanks, Fritz. I never thought to do that. I've calibrated in Windows now. I'll do some testing later and let you know the result. Jim
  8. Hi, I'm tempted to buy a new Throttle. My present CH Pro Throttle, calibrated via FSUIPC, has a response which is far from linear. I haven't been able to construct a curve which will eliminate dead areas at either end of its travel. I would very much like to have a throttle with a smooth continuous response throughout its movement. I fly mostly twin turboprops and a 737. I'd really appreciate some advice about achieving accurate throttle control. I already have a Thrustmaster Warthog Stick and MFG Crosswind pedals. Regards, Jim H.
  9. I can back up Ted's advice. I fly the PMDG 737ngx, using the Vive Pro with no problems in P3D4. I do use Flyinside, and can bring documents into the flightdeck from my desktop. I have an overclocked 8700k and a 1080ti. Good Luick, Jim
  10. Good question. I'm not at all technically qualified, just assumed that we are driving pixels. The Vive Pro has two screens of 1440x1600, or 2880x1600 total. My previous triple monitor setup had a resolution of 3840x1024, so the VP res. lies between the triple monitor and 4k TV for load of pixels. None of the above answers the original question though. 😯 (I just need to decide on some kind of card for my crippled computer!) Jim
  11. Hi, I'd like to second a request for a performance comparison between one 2080ti and two 1080ti in sli. I've been reading this thread with great interest as my 1080ti has just been returned under warranty for a full refund. For a roughly similar outlay I could replace my faulty card with a 2080ti, or go for two 1080tis. My cpu is an 8700k,, o'clocked to 4.9, but I'm into VR and use a Vive Pro which is pretty demanding. Jim
  12. Hi, I have a fresh install of P3D v4.3, and now find the parking brake handle in the VC of my B1900D does not move. The actual brake effect is working properly, but without movement of the handle it is sometimes difficult to know if the brake is applied or not. Anyone else find this? Regards, Jim
  13. Thank you. The problem disappeared in time. Jim
  14. Thanks, Guys. I did purchase the P3D4 version of the NGX from PMDG, and it is not part of the default flight which is just as LM provided. I have seen this anomaly before, but only with freeware aircraft. I'd just like everything to be just so for my first venture with PMDG. Regards, Jim
  15. Hi, I'm completely new to PMDG and the 737ngx. When, in P3D4, I select the aircraft to begin tutorial 1, the revolving 737 is incomplete, showing the interior in both sides. Is this likely to cause me a problem and if so what should I do? I've carried out a repair of the 737-NGX installation but no change. Thanks, Jim
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