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  1. Its so annoying to me. I look away for a split second so I wont see it. LOL! Shifting my eyes for a spilt second works great now that am use to it.
  2. What a deal. Wish I would have bought the other 2 days of MayHem?
  3. Realair Duke turbine in P3D. C414 in MSFS now the HJET. Weekends is when I get to fly so I would rather spend that time getting good at flying one plane.
  4. Is there anyway to set LNM to give BARO in inches instead of millibars? Don't see anything in the help files how to.
  5. I see what you saying. I have gui on a 2nd computer.
  6. I use pf3. There’s a list of keys you can use or you can change them. Don’t know how Bob only use 2 keys.
  7. Can this be used with keyboard to respond to atc? No mic.
  8. Does LNM show minimums for approachs? I check procedures in the help file but nothing on this.
  9. I just updated. No setting have been changed. 2.8.10 the parking is grayed out and the runways are white. 2.8.9 when it is run all the colors are there. I checked the airport display lables everything is checked. Any idea what's going on?
  10. Anyone using Tobii with FaceTrack Noir? If so are you able to pause and set curves like Trackir? Not being able to pause to turn and push buttons is difficult. But i like not having to wear headphones or a cap.
  11. Love you videos Les. Am learning the Hjet by flying the v2 manual flight over and over with your video.
  12. It was because I was using the Lite version. Went to the discord and found out. Now got figure out how to get these screens I see in the videos. Thanks Sp.
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