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  1. Turn them all on and make adjustments. They work fine in the Beta.
  2. Same systems specs Noell. How did you guys get it setup? I have follow Islandsimpilot vids since the first DLSS. But this one 3.7.0 with 552.12 wont work for me. Even tried other drivers. This file is for the 40 series card? (nvngx_dlssg.dll) Its download from the Techpowerup.com. And this one for the 30 series? (nvngx_dlss.dll) Its in the DLSStweaks file. Or are both of these in your content folder? Am confuse. Thanks for your help.
  3. Works fine here I guess. Addons have a yellow ring around them. Others not highlighted . But it would be nice only addons show on map.
  4. Am curious why you say that?
  5. Are you gents using dlss and framegen with this app?
  6. You get paid for time flown. Thats the penalty. Example 3 hr flight increase 2x you get paid for 1 and a half hr. I use this app. https://flightsim.to/file/176/fs-simrate-bandit It talks to me. LOL
  7. Would like to try this on my Samsung. Is there a tutorial?
  8. Ok thanks? I didn’t see that post at the website. I use fshud every flight.
  9. https://www.simforums.com/forums/version-1-3-development-what-to-expect_topic65391.html . Old news posted March 2023. Guess FS hud just getting around to adding some of those features. But the vectoring and separation will be nice.
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