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  1. it and the manual is free to read..all my flights are tracked by this app..
  3. reecemj


    C310 v180301 its not the redux does this version work in p3d 4.3. thanks
  4. reecemj

    Modify p3d ?

    Ok I get it now right click on v4 Academic. Thanks Poppet.
  5. reecemj

    Modify p3d ?

    I do not see repair when I click on uninstall in the control panel. Is modify the word for repair in p3d v4. Using win 10.
  6. reecemj

    Realair Duke v2 Piston in P3D v4

    Hope this is not the total end of realair. T Duke and the Legacy are the only planes I fly. Guess I can never uninstall p3d. Lol.
  7. I agree with Alan. I kept reading wait on the hardware you want to get now. But I never had a powerful pc to run p3d and this would be my first build so I could not wait. Got a 7700 with a 1080 ti and 32 gb of ram last November. Am very happy with what I have. Those with the best hardware and all the addons have to come down from max sometimes.
  8. Yep Top Gun in my book to.
  9. Don’t see sky mix..would like to try it
  10. Thanks for your words of wisdom Skywolf.
  11. These 2 videos from Rob help me reduce my blurry sim. Its not perfect but I had several enjoyable flights around Europe today in the turbine duke. Running 4.3 vsync and triple buf on Target Frame Rate at 33 on 4k set at 30 hz reduce blurries a lot. Am just learning all I can to solve this problem on my pc.
  12. reecemj

    how long is too long ???

    It’s up to the developer to build and market the product to me. My mentality as nothing to do with what the developer creates. The dev creates a engine that’s better than p3d and new addons then I will by it. Gives us the Holy Grail of sims most of us would put p3d on the back shelf.
  13. reecemj

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Thanks Chuck will bookmark for when I move to the big planes😊
  14. Flight plan contains unknown way points comes up in GTN 750. Some of the airports are not in the 750. Can the airports be saved as user way points automatically?