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  1. I enjoyed this. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for these gb. Looks like SF mixes hard and soft edge clouds. Can't beat Opus for the DHM.
  3. Built my first i7 7700, evga 1080ti. What temps are you going with the over clocking? I plan to OC when I get everything set up.
  4. No offense here also Pete. Please stop the moving and all is good.
  5. I agree with the others. My first every build pc i7 7700,1080 ti on 4k tv. All I can say is O My My My. Work harder save your cash for that 1080ti.
  6. Opus has the most realistic. IMHO!...But I use Chaseplane it’s ez to use..I go back to opus occasionally for those effects.
  7. Thanks Bill.
  8. I saw a post here from one of the guys at Realair about releasing a installer for the duke. Has anyone heard anything else about it? Thanks.
  9. Well 2 thumbs up for both devs! I aready have PTA when will Envshade be out?
  10. You guys are some of the best devs around Maxime.
  11. Probably to late to return it now but I would run a stress test and post the temps here and see what others simmers say about them. If to high I would let mc check it out. 57c for gpu is cool while p3d is running as Ryan said. It was the cpu that was so hot. Hope it all works good for you.
  12. Bruce I returned the same setup back to microcenter. The card was fine but Temps for the cpu was running 90c to 100c while stress testing it and one of the temps monitors alarm was going off. There was also a rattling fan on the cooler. Temps running P3d was around 80c to 95c. Am no computer pro but after a lot of goggleing I learned temps should not be that hi. I got nervous about my 2700 bucks and return it. That's just to much to pay for a rig that is not optimize. I would get microcenter to check the problems out before the warranty is up. P3d was running so smooth on the 1080ti.
  13. Check the Manuel also..