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  1. GSalden please give your setting for clouds and others in envdir? Thanks.
  2. Look out JFK those wait till MSFS 2020 come out folks will be here soon. Get v5 and have some fun!
  3. What cause RC to warp the plane out to sea? And how can it be stop.Just started today. Thanks for your help.
  4. Who makes that little plane you flying? Looks great for sightseeing.
  5. When flying with EA enable and setting sliders I remind myself EA is in beta.
  6. Why is Simmarket slow on the update? v4 still listed in my account.
  7. What did you do to get it working? Mines parts of panel missing, throttle jitters. How did you install it?
  8. Turbo Aero commander is that working for you? If you have it.
  9. I did for a while.Then I flip to F1. Screaming "Taws system ok" and "500". Why rxp don't scream that?
  10. I need a step by step guide with the why and hows of what am doing.
  11. I got some Justsim I would love to install but I just can't warp my brain around the xml method. Maybe I need to stop having a shot of bourbon when am trying to study Lorby Si’s Addon Organizer method.
  12. Can MSI show the memory like v5 in GB. Like this 3.0/9.2 GB. Or please explain MEM numbers that MSI use. Thanks.
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