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  1. Stay below clouds it looks ok but above get the repeat pattern same with Active Sky p3d. Do you get the repeat pattern of clouds? If not what are your settings?
  2. https://www.prepar3d.com/support/refundpolicy/
  3. Lol! So explain to me why not? A couple years from now msfs more stable better visual.It’s just training software for LM right? I only use p3d for now.
  4. When MSFS matures LM could drop P3D for MS...
  5. Why is a TI card a danger zone?
  6. MDFlier on a scale of 1-5 how difficult was this and how much time did it take. What tools did you use? I been thinking about bringing some of the v4 scenery that the dev won't update to v5.1.
  7. Can't see the taxiways. have to zoom in really close. Don't see a adjustment in maps for this. What can be done for this. thanks.
  8. Marcus is this the same one you posted at HiFi forum? Thanks for your help with these ea clouds.
  9. I give up !!!! Going to watch a movie and maybe do v5 later. sigh
  10. reecemj

    My brother...

    My condolence Noel.
  11. I have one for each drive on a network pc. Go to LNM site there is some things LNM can't do yet with MSFS. My screw up you are already here. LOL
  12. When I click on your link there is no form to fill out. Can you give a link to that? Thanks. Ok found it. https://hifisimtech.com/asp3d/
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