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  1. For the Turbo Duke in MSFS if it is RealAir who develop the plane I would pay double..I flew her most of the time for years. I miss my baby..(lol)
  2. Anyway to stop the fading when you look up and down in the cockpit? I guess it would be your eyes adjusting to the light.Thanks.
  3. Show me it tweaks EA haze I'll buy it. I think that would sell reshade. Every video I watch shows with out EA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSIPI-LIMRc&list=WL&index=42 Maybe this will show EA tomorrow.
  4. Please post some pics with EA on. Thanks. TOGA was coming out with a reshade to.
  5. reecemj

    LNM Sqlite

    Been testing it works fine. Just copy over LNM Sqlite and rename.
  6. So I clicked the reset all setting and restart my setting are gone now. Wanting to reset the layout windows. Is there a backup file I can used to restore setting I had before? 😞
  7. Is it possible to use LNM Sqlite by changing the name to navdata-prepar3dV5? Thanks for all the updates!
  8. Anyone know where I can find this file dynamicfriction.lau script? I've search the web and it not in Fsuipc any more. Thanks.
  9. RXP has been great..switch to it in 2018 I think…never look back to f1. Great support but read the manual cause there’s a few things f1 could not do.
  10. I got it remove by doing a reinstall.
  11. Since there is no more updates for F1 GTN 750 (will delete F1)how do I install Rxp without F1? I'll be using RXP in Realair Duke Turbine and Flysimware MU2. Thanks. Cancel Help! I got RXP working.
  12. The uninstaller will not work from the Windows remove program nor the one in the folder. The Gtn stop working with a error message incompatible with 5.3. I click uninstall nothing happens. My rxp was installed over F1 GTN. Need some help with this please. Thanks
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