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  1. LM Moving to XPLANE

    Good one
  2. Time to move to 4.2?

    Am very thankful LM gave us the option to go back to a version that works. I also learn back at 2.0 to save a copy of every version. Am testing 4.2 today but 4.0 seems to be the best for me also Doug.
  3. Time to move to 4.2?

    I went to 4.1 but went back to 4.0 because of the blurrys. I may try 4.2 to see if there are any problems on my pc..why not install 4.2 client before a full install? It may be just as good as 4.1. Without a full install..
  4. Flight Grading Program

    No. I haven't seen any flight changes on my Turbine Duke.
  5. Flight Grading Program

    Here's what I use every flight. Been using it for several years and the developer has added some features I requested. And he's very very very active on avsim.
  6. The best its ever been (for me)

    You have kept it simple and only used what you like to fly with. You found that sweet spot.
  7. [Poll] How do you prefer to fly?

    Been flying turbine duke since it first came out for FSX and P3D. I like to pretend I own this aircraft. I have 6 other a/c in the hangar but rarely touch them.
  8. Great pics.Some look like they where taken while plane spotting.You been tweaking hard.
  9. OPUS Camera in P3DV4

    I love chaseplane also. Am glad I bought it.I agree with Dave on chaseplane but I have no problem with my joystick. But am back to opusfsi v5. I miss the DHM effect.Chase planes has those effects but to me it dont respond to the weather better than opus. I stay in the cockpit but sometimes take a peek out the back window. But sometimes I feel like using chaseplane heres a program I used to switch over. You can try it out by installing Opus and then make a copy of cameras.cfg and exe.xml. Rename the copied files to cameras_simplecam.cfg and exe_simplecam.xml The Simplecam option in the app should then become available to switch to Opus. Thanks again for this program Willy.
  10. Just turn weather off in opus setup leave the cameras checked and the cams work fine with AS..There’s a good manual on this at the website.
  11. Thanks Rob just ordered.
  12. Thanks for your tip Mike. Just went and deleted my cfg. And thanks to you other guys for your tips.
  13. I enjoyed this. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for these gb. Looks like SF mixes hard and soft edge clouds. Can't beat Opus for the DHM.